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(19) Ignis’ pick up lines.

Noctis: It was funny at first, but it’s getting out of hand, Gladio. You should probably stop walking around shirtless.
Gladio: Why? I’m fresh and comfy like this.
Prompto: I mean, not that I agree with Noct, but…it’s Altissia and people stare.
Gladio: There’s no shirt that’s worthy of my body.
Noctis: There’s none you like?
Gladio: None that looks greater on me than my body does on its own.
Ignis: …
Ignis: You know what do would look great on you, though?
Noctis: Ignis, no.
Ignis: Me.
Gladio: Ignis yes.

Can I ask why they changed Sun’s eyes from dark grey to blue?

Like, why do we now have a total of three main male characters with both blonde hair and blue eyes? Its just super unnecessary and inconsistent.

I mean think about it, eye colours have purpose.

Tai’s eyes are blue because they contrasted with Raven’s red eyes making Yang’s lilac eyes. Very symbolic.

Jaune’s eyes are blue because obvious parallel to Taiyang and that his appearance was supposed to remind Qrow of Tai while he was hallucinating.

Sun’s eyes were dark grey because they were meant to contrast against Blake’s amber eyes. Now they’re blue, they don’t hold any symbolism purpose anymore and that kinda disappoints me.

Whatever, I’ll probably get over it.

all this new short haired ladybug art has got me like *heart eyes*

🎶 you raise me uuuuup 🎶