Please, help me, this is very important to me!😔

Ok, so today at high school, I had to do a presentation about a topic our teacher made us choose. One of those topics was “Same sex couples”, which I really like it, so I chose this one, and my presentation started. I used photos of men kissing each others and girls happily married, and I explained all of the sexualities that exist. All of them. I was explaining what being agender means, but suddenly, the teacher interrupted me. She’s an old Catholic homophobic woman who said that being agender wasn’t real. I tried to explain her what that meant once more, as all of my classmates already understood it and thought it was ok, but she said that she’s going to make my mark lower because I used some “disturbing” and “violent” pics without asking her in the first place, and that my presentation was very boring and that agender people didn’t exist at all. Please, I need your help. I can’t get a low mark on this subject, I worked very hard in my presentation. And it’s so unfair that she doesn’t support my point of view, which is the same as everyone in my class. I can’t get a lower mark. I need to have this mark so I can study what I want. Please, if you think this is unfair, and you think I deserve to have the grade I deserve, reblog this. I’ll show it to my high school’s principal. I totally support the LGBT community and I don’t want this woman to ruin my future😞

hi i need comfort

hey guys :) I keep on seeing 1989 tour on my feed and they even announced 1989 tour in China and Singapore. So, I got my hopes up that 1989 is also going here in the Philippines. Well, as of now they haven’t announced anything so while waiting I’m saving up my allowance. 

so, during lunch at home I told my parents that they didn’t have to buy me a birthday gift on december. They can just give me their budget so I can add them to my savings. And my Dad told that it’s okay for them to give me the money but I’m NOT ALLOWED to spend it on P19,000 ($420) just for one night to meet taylorswift when my dad told me this i seriously cried on the dinner table and it’s “too much” even if we can afford it. He said it’s not “practical”.

so, right now im sobbing in my room and still praying for hope that my parents would change their mind. please reblog this so taylorswift would see. Thank you guys so much. Going through tumblr always makes my day. It’s like these people are the only people that really understands me. I love you guys. and ofcourse taylorswift