• Ryan Murphy:Hi there, wanna an autograph?
  • Me:
  • Ryan Murphy:Wait, Wait. What will you do with this gun? Please put it down.
  • Me:I used to think you were like me; You were attracted to the darkness. But Ryan, you are the darkness.
  • Ryan Murphy:What? No. Please put the gun down.
  • Me:I don't wanna hurt you! Though I do have to kill you.
  • Ryan Murphy:Please, don't do it. I beg you. Why are you doing this?
  • Me:It's simple. You have to pay for what you did, all the pain you've caused; all the sorrow. You ended my OTP.
  • Ryan Murphy:No!
  • Me:Did!
  • Ryan Murphy:I just wanted to change the story. Please, don't do this. I don't wanna die.
  • Me:It's too late for that.
  • Ryan Murphy:No. Don't do this.
  • Me:Goodbye Ryan.
  • Ryan Murphy:NOOOO
  • *Gun shot*
  • Me:Next time. Don't end the most perfect of all OTPs.
  • My friend:You are too obsessed with American Horror Story.
  • Me:You don't know half of it.
  • My friend:You only talk about this show. Do you never get tired of it?
  • Me:Don't asks question you already know the answer to. You are smarter than that.
  • My friend:Jesus. How long will you continue quoting American Horror Story?
  • Me:Forever if I have to.
  • My friend:Stop it. This is annoying.
  • Me:Bullshit.
  • My friend:This show is spoiling you. You should stop watching it.
  • Me:GO AWAY.

crying.. omg :(