When straight people who are really uneducated about LGBTQIAP+ issues try to be supportive but just keep fucking up

Stop saying “homos.” Stop saying “the gays.” Stop saying “transgendereds.” Stop arguing that Dumbledore and the jock from Paranoman are awesome representations in media. Stop acting like shipping Destiel makes you a great ally. Stop acting like marriage equality is the only issue that matters. Stop using gay as an umbrella term for all LGBTQIAP+ people. Stop saying the A in LGBTQIAP+ stands for allies. Just….just…


You aren’t helping.  

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Makoto accidentally finds Haru's sketchbooks. They're all full of MakoRin drawings. At first, cute ones, like them holding hands or Mako kissing Rin's cheek - drawings that seem they have been done when Haru was a kid too. Looking at newer sketchbooks, he finds more detailed ones, like Makoto coming out of the pool or Rin removing his shirt until there's nothing more than really detailed MakoRin porn.