Because gmm is longer now it definitely means randl have to be open with more things. I’ve been thinking about it and getting myself so excited! More screen time = more things to do. And they must know that they can’t do the same things 22 minutes everyday. They and us would get bored. So, just brainstorming, here’s some things i think and hope are in the new and improved GMM. Feel free to add on to the list.

-More characters! Old and new ones! Rabbit Lightning, GGMoms, maybe Raindrop and Ryder?

-More outside or MythEnt things. Even if its in the parking lot, its at least randl in natural light. Which is always a good things!

-More storytime/casual conversation. With all that time they must occasionally just sit and talk. (Regardless if they bring back GGMore)

-Songs!!! Maybe another Songs For When segment?

-They said there probably wasn’t gonna be another Backup Plan segment, but something similar. Randl going somewhere once a week and doing something.

-More guest! (Personally hoping for Shane Dawson and Jenna Marbles tbh)

-This is a long shot but maybe a MythEnt tour??

-More Jade and Barbara!

my dash is not fun anymore so if you’re a louie who loves louis to the end of the earth and believes he is a worldwide treasure that should only recieve love and compliments and basically the entire world but you also love harry and larry and niall and liam and think one direction forever changed the music industry but also love the solo efforts of each of them! and you don’t post about stunts (and respect the fact that both Louis and Harry are closeted non straight males), please reblog this so we can be friends and mutuals so i can have a pure dash filled with louis and harry and larry and one direction love (and minimal to 0 stunt talk!). thank you

When straight people who are really uneducated about LGBTQIAP+ issues try to be supportive but just keep fucking up

Stop saying “homos.” Stop saying “the gays.” Stop saying “transgendereds.” Stop arguing that Dumbledore and the jock from Paranoman are awesome representations in media. Stop acting like shipping Destiel makes you a great ally. Stop acting like marriage equality is the only issue that matters. Stop using gay as an umbrella term for all LGBTQIAP+ people. Stop saying the A in LGBTQIAP+ stands for allies. Just….just…


You aren’t helping.  

mutsukx  asked:

what are your fave hq rare pair fics??

There is a beautiful BOKUOI fanfic (yeah BOKUTO x OIKAWA) and really worth reading it, but it’s in Spanish!

Glitter Freezer By Weise   (*˘︶˘*)♡*

It’s a really beautiful story, I cried with this fucking story!!!  I’m in love with this rare couple because this fanfic!
It is perfect, the characters are so IC you really feel that these are the real charas! You can feel that Oikawa is Oikawa, Bokuto is Bokuto… and the secondary charas play an important role in the story, not as in other fanfics where they are just filler charas. The narrative is good and orthography too! I loved everything about this fanfic!

But I suffer because here in Tumblr nobody has thought about this couple! NO BOKUOI HERE MY FRIENDS… WHYYYYY?!?!?!?!
And if you think about it, they fit very well with each other! I need more people who love this couple! MORE BOKUOI PLSSSSS

I recommend you to read this fanfic, if you speak Spanish, if you understand Spanish! JUST DO IT!!! PLEASE READ THIS BOKUOI FANFIC!!


// Single Dad AU

“Shh, it’s alright. M’right here.” Cas tried to soothe the child in his arms as he shifted back and forth on the balls of his feet.

The small infant had been crying for the past hour, and he knew that the other people waiting for the bus weren’t so pleased with the racket. They stood as a group, waiting by the side of the road as the rain dribbled down upon them. Cas had taken off his jacket and wrapped it around like a blanket to keep the child warm and dry. However the wailing had not subsided.

“What’s the matter, love?” His rough voice somehow sounded softer whenever he addressed the infant.