Your Chance (Bucky Barnes x Reader)

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word Count: 1, 625

Genre: Romance/Fluff

Request: Bucky x reader where the reader is the new computer engineer for Tony and she lives in the Stark Tower. Weeks later, she has a secret crush on Bucky, but she was afraid to even talk to him because she is very shy and has a lot of insecurities, especially with her body. But all ends well. FLUFF EVERYWHERE PLEASE

A/N: Ask for fluff, and fluff you shall receive. I told myself this wasn’t too cliché but it really is. (I’m sorry but fluffy Bucky does it to me) I hope this does your idea justice. This is also unedited, so any mistakes I will fix up tomorrow. Requests are closed as of now! Happy reading!

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Living in the Avengers tower had its negatives- Tony completely overworking you, dealing with rude rich people and always lacking sleep due to the overwhelming loudness of it all. With all the negatives came many more positives- forming an unlikely friendship with Bruce Banner and Tony, learning more than you bargained for, and, developing the biggest crush in the world for a metal armed assassin.

Yes, you were completely smitten for Bucky Barnes, yet you’d never even spoken properly to the man.

You had spoken in passing, you’d be tinkering with a computer alongside Tony or helping Bruce out in the lab, and he’d come in, ask a few questions and leave. Very rarely did you speak about anything unrelated to technology. The first normal conversation was Last Wednesday when your paths crossed during breakfast and you had an in depth conversation about his arm and his time in the 40’s. Before leaving he asked if you could do it again. You hadn’t spoken to him since.

That was until you were sitting in the lab with Bruce and Tony, somewhat spinning around on a chair as him and Tony worked on their recent project regarding nuclear physics. Usually when you had no work to do and Tony was in a good mood, the three of you would sit down there, listen to Tony’s terrible music and discuss anything and everything.

“Is Pepper coming to the party tonight Tony?” You asked, bringing your spinning to halt.

“Afraid not,” Tony responded, moving away from the glass projected screen. “Does that mean you’ll accompany me?”

“I mean, I suppose I could,” You sighed, your eyes rolling at him.

“Brilliant, you’re wearing that red dress right?” Tony asked.

It was the dress he had gifted you for your birthday a few months ago, he knew you wasn’t into flashy and revealing things because you was very insecure. You had told Bruce and Tony in one of your rare ‘deep’ conversations and Tony was very understanding about it all. Of course Bruce was too, and ever since they had always looked out for you at large gatherings because that was where you always felt most uncomfortable.

You nodded your head at Tony slightly. As you was about to answer properly Steve and Bucky walked in, looking around at each of you. Steve held a file in his hand and waved it at Tony.

“Here’s that file you wanted, Hill found it in an old cabinet. We’re still unsure as to why it wasn’t uploaded electronically, so Y/N, if you get time can you do that?” Steve said, he handed the file over to you and smiled.

Steve walked over to where Tony and Bruce was standing and began a quiet conversation, you assumed it was about the recent Hydra base they had discovered and when they was planning on attacking- Tony had told you all about it. While you were flicking through the file a very shy looking Bucky had walked over to you, his hands tucked behind his back.

“Barnes,” You nodded, lifting your head up and offering a smile. You weren’t meaning to be so blunt with him but you were still unsure around Bucky; he made you feel all tingly when he looked at you and extremely self conscious. He didn’t mean to of course, but you preferred to admire him from afar rather than have him staring at you like he was in that moment.

“Will you be at the party tonight?” He mumbled, his blue eyes staring at his boot clad feet. “I was hoping we might be able to properly talk.”

Before you could answer him, Steve was already bidding you all goodbyes and leaving, Bucky trailing behind him.

Your crimson nails gripped onto Tony’s arm as he walked you to the room where the party was being held. It was a formal party for a change, women would wear ball gowns, and men were required to wear suits. You were unsure on what the party was actually for, but you knew everyone was attending; even Thor was going to be coming.

Feeling your long red dress tickling your ankles, you lifted it slightly in fear of tripping in your heels. You were sure Tony could sense your uneasiness as he placed his hand over yours on his arm. He paused outside of the entrance for a moment, turning his head towards you.

“Right let’s breathe for a second,” He said, inhaling deeply. “Look, we’re good right? You look great, I obviously look great. We’re going to walk in there and dazzle them all so, Y/N, stop stressing, Bucky is going to lose his mind when he sees you.”

“W-what do you mean, Bucky, I-“

“Oh come on Y/N, I’m your best friend, I may be old but I have eyes, and not to make you self conscious or anything, but you go really red when you talk to him,” Tony smirked at you.

You sighed at him before entering the room, your grasp tight around his arm again, his fingers drumming against his leg. The glow of lights twinkled in your eyes as you surveyed the room above the stairs. As you slowly descended, you realised that a lot of people were looking at you and Tony, all of them your colleagues and all dressed in a way you’d never seen them before.

You shut your eyes for a second; reminding yourself that you looked good and that you had nothing to worry about. Tony walked you over to Bruce and Steve who were standing at the illuminated bar. Miniscule lights were draped across the shelves, a radiance surrounding the bottles of liquor. Tony was ordering your drinks as Steve was grinning at you.

“You look lovely tonight Y/N,” Steve remarked, his elbow leaning on the wood of the bar. Bruce nodded along with him, his eyes crinkling in a smile.

“I agree,” Said a voice from behind you. In an instant you were able to recognise it. You turned your body around to Bucky who was rocking on his heels.

Tony walked towards you and placed your drink in your hand. He embraced you in a hug and whispered, “This is your chance, kiddo, you got this. I’ll be over by the balcony if you need me.” He then released you and walked away, Bruce and Steve following.

“Seems that everyone has left us,” You concluded, earning a short chuckle from Bucky.

He ran his human hand through his unruly hair, pushing it behind his ears. “Seems that they have,” He answered, the shadows of the lights reflecting onto his face.

He looked like a different man dressed in a suit- a thin tie dangled from his neck and a fitted blazer hid his cybernetic arm from view. “You look dashing tonight,” You spoke gently, lifting your glass to your painted lips.

“You look wonderful too, Y/N.” He began, his breathing staggering, “Rather than standing around, would you like to dance?”

You nodded curtly and accepted his hand. Couples littered the polished floor, all dancing to a slower jazz song that was playing. He attached his metal arm around your waist, holding you as if you would break. Your arm wrapped lightly around his neck and your small hand clasped perfectly in his.

“I’m sorry I haven’t been speaking to you lately,” Bucky mumbled, his eyes boring into yours. “I just got scared.”

You tilted your head at him, your eyebrows furrowed. “Scared?”

He smiled at you before he turned you around, “Scared of what I was feeling.”

“And what was that?” You whispered back, your breathing becoming heavy, the heat had already began rising to your cheeks before you realised it was happening.

“You look cute when you blush,” Bucky grinned, his hand brushing against your cheek softly. He twirled you again before you could say anything back to him.

You danced to the rest of the song in a comfortable silence, the music filling your ears and Bucky’s grin never leaving his face. “You know, I used to be the best dancer back in the 40s,”

You laughed at him, throwing your head back, “Since when was I dancing with my grandpa?”

“What’s wrong, too scared you won’t be able to keep up with a 99 year old?” He joked, his eyes glittering behind his thick eyelashes. You giggled again, bringing your hand towards the stubble across his jaw.

You blinked quickly, as you felt his hand touch your arm. You stood like that for a few moments, both swaying to the song being played and staring at each other.

“I was feeling electric,” Bucky started, “I felt like a balloon being inflated and lifting off of the ground. It was as if all I could think about was making you laugh or causing your cheeks to get red.”

You inhaled deeply, realising what he was talking about, the blush creeping back into your face. “And Y/N, I don’t want that feeling to ever stop, and I’ve stupidly been telling myself it’s nothing but I can’t ignore it anymore, you make me feel the best I’ve ever felt.”

Lifting your hand towards him, your fingers traced along his jaw, the stubble scratching your fingers, his eyes began closing and you were leaning your face in. He brushed his nose against yours, before placing his rough lips against yours slowly. His hand was pressed to your cheek as your lips moved in sync. Numbness engulfed you as the kiss lasted not a moment too long, yet not long enough.

Bucky pulled away, his lips grazing against your own as he beamed at you. He dropped his hand, picking yours up in the process and holding it to his solid chest, “Not much of a grandpa now huh?”

Pack Mom - Part 11

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Request 1//  Derek and Y/n lets Liam babysit Talia and he’s nervous so she gives him a list to do with her. Once they come home from a movie they see Liam playing with her

Request 2//  Part 11 to pack mom where the pack find out that not only does Liam call the reader mom but he now calls Derek dad and they’re slightly weirded out and obviously Stiles is the one to say something against it but then Derek gets super protective over Liam saying he’s part of the family and later that night the couple surprise Liam with adoption papers wanting to make it official and Derek even tells him if he wants to change his last name to hale please

A/N// Sorry, But This Part Is A Bit Longer Than The Other Parts But I Hope You Don’t Mind

Part 1 Part 2  Part 3  Part 4 Part 5  Part 6 Part 7 Part 8  Part 9 Part 10 Part 11 Part 12  Part 13  Part 14

Well, I don’t believe that Liam didn’t know anything about looking after a baby because he was so good at it. When he and Talia were both together they were both laughing, smiling and having fun. Talia might only be 7 months old but I would always catch Liam reading books to her and play with toys to keep her entertained. But the one thing he has never done is look after Talia alone, Derek or I have been with him. So we had to put him to the test. Derek and I had the best Idea how we could do that too. When Liam was out one night having a games night around Masons house and Talia was fast asleep tucked into bed, we talked about adopting Liam. 

We both thought it was a great Idea he was part of the family and we both saw him as our son, so why not make it official. So we wanted to surprise him, so we planned for him to look after Talia for a few hours on his own and we would lie and tell him we would be going to the movies, but we were actually going to get the adoption forms.

The only problem was that we could have to get permission from his parents and they would have to sign the adoption forms. We had no idea of what they were going to say, but we kept our fingers crossed and hoped for the best.

We planned to go out around 6 pm so, in the meantime, the pack was around, just chilling out. The pack arrived around 11 o’clock, and as soon as Lydia stepped through the door she was straight over to Talia and picking her up cuddling her. Everyone took a seat and were chatting and having a good laugh. Everyone was in deep conversation when Liam came out of his room.

“Mom, Where’s Dad?” He asked making the room go silent. I could have heard a pin drop. 

“He’s in the kitchen, sweetie” Liam looked around the room, while everyone just stared at him. He just gave me a nod in return and went to find Derek. No one said a word, they just stared at each other,  not only that he called me mom but shocked that now Liam called Derek dad.

Derek and Liam came back into the living room. No one said a word, as they didn’t know what to say. The only noise that could be heard was from Talia. That’s only until Stiles had to say something. Come on it’s Stiles obviously he had to say something.

“Dad? You call Derek Dad? That is so weird!” Stiles exclaimed,  speaking what everyone was speaking. When I looked over at Liam, he was looking down at the floor avoiding eye contact with everyone in the room.

“Yes he does Stiles if you have a problem with that leave, he’s family so if he wants to call me dad, then he can,” Derek said getting super protective over Liam and putting his arm around his shoulder. “So do you have anything else to say?” Derek asked

“Nope,” Stiles said simply not wanting to get on the wrong side of Derek. Nothing else was said about the situation. The pack left around 5 o’clock so Derek and I could get ready to go to the “Movies”. 

When I finished getting ready I went down to Liam as Derek went to get ready. Liam had a nervous look on his face.

“You alright sweetheart?” I asked pulling him into a hug.

“What if something happens when you are out?” Liam said

“Just ring us, but nothing will happen, I have seen you look after your sister so many time and you do a great job of it. She is lucky to have a big brother like you” I told him hugging him tighter. 

“But I’m nervous, I don’t know what to do” Liam informed you.

“Would it make you feel better if I wrote you a list of what to do?” I asked. His smile grew wider and he gave me a nod. I let him go and went to get a piece of paper and a pen. 

   To Do List

 6:00// Keep her entertained

 6:30// Feed her. Food, bowls and spoons are in the cupboard

 7:00// Give her a bath, toys are all in the cupboard. Get everything you need before you put her in the bath. DO NOT LEAVE HER BY HERSELF!

 7:30// Play with her a bit, then get her settled for bed. You know her bottles are, fill it up with her milk and warm it up. MAKE SURE IT ISN’T TO HOT!

 8:00// Bedtime. Her not you

 P.S// You will be fine baby, you have nothing to worry about. Love you. Ring if you need anything.

I handed Liam the piece of paper. 

“I put where everything is in case you forgot where it was, I put till her bedtime but we might be back before that but if not you have everything you need to do” Liam looked up at you and smiled. Derek came downstairs ready to go. 

“Right, Talia is asleep so she will wake up soon, so have fun,“ Derek told Liam walking towards the door. I gave Liam one last hug before I left.

"If you need us just ring, I love you,” I said kissing him on his head.

“Okay I love you too and have fun,” Liam said and we headed out of the door, ready to make Liam officially our son.

Liam’s P.O.V

I was so nervous to look after Talia by myself. But before I could think of anything else I heard her crying. I went to her room and picked her up out of her crib. As soon as I did that she stopped. I rocked her a bit then I went downstairs and looked at the list what mom left me. “Keep her entertained” . I got out all her toys and placed them on the floor and I sat down with her. I loved her laughter so much. It was the cutest thing ever. We played with puzzles and teddy’s. 

It turned 6:30 and ready to feed Talia. I picked her up off the floor and took her into the kitchen and sat her in her high chair and got her some food. I sat down in front of her and started feeding her. She was defiantly a messy eat. Talia got it everywhere. She definitely needed a bath. So that is the thing I did next. 

When I read the list, mom told me not to leave her alone, so before I ran the bath, I got everything she would need and took her into the bathroom. I ran the bath and grabbed all her toys. I took all her clothes of ready to bath her. I made sure the bath wasn’t to hot then placed her in. She loved the bubbles so much. I gave her all her toys and kneeled down next to the bath not taking my eyes off her. She started splashing and getting water and bubbles everywhere.

“What do you think you are doing?” I said sweetly, causing her to laugh. I let her play with her toys for around 10  minutes they I got her washed then got her out and wrapped her in her pink fluffy towel. I got her dressed and took her back downstairs.

Y/N’s P.O.V

We had the adoption papers in our hands. We just need Liam’s parents to sign them. And that is where we are headed right now. When we pulled up outside I began to get really nervous. Derek grabbed my hand.

“Stop worrying, they will probably do it anyway, when have they ever called to see if he was okay? He as lived with us for over a year now” He told me, and it was true they never called to check on him.

I knocked on the door and Liam’s mom answered. 

“What do you two want?” She asked sounding rude

“We want to ask you something,” I told her

“Go ahead then,” She said sound annoyed. I couldn’t get the words out, but before I could say anything Derek spoke.

“We want you to sigh these papers" 

"What are they?” She asked snatching them off him.

“Adoption papers, We want to adopt Liam,” Derek told her.

“You want to adopt that little brat, the one who ruined this family because of his anger, go ahead I will be happy to sign them” How dare she talk about Liam like that. She hasn’t even spoke to him in ages. His anger has got a lot better. Derek could sense my anger and told me to go and wait in the car, and that is what I did. I couldn’t listen to her talk about my baby like that.

I watched her hand the papers back and practically slam the door into his face. He got into the car looking shocked.

“Did she sign them?” I question

“Yep, he is officially our son,” Derek told me. I hug him so tight, I couldn’t wait to tell Liam.

Getting Home//

When we got home we walked into the loft and Liam was sat with Talia on his knee, she was drinking her Milk and he was reading a book to her. 

“Hey, sweetie did everything go okay,” I asked kissing his head.

“Yeah she was good as gold,” He told me

“Come here princess,” Derek said and took Talia to bed. I wanted to wait till Derek to tell Liam.

I sat on the sofa and pulled Liam into my lap and hugged him tight. 

“So she was good?” I asked

“Yeah she was, we had fun, I fed her and she is such a messy eater,” Liam told me laughing. 

“Glad you had fun sweetie,” I said, then Derek came downstairs.

“I’m going to go bed and leave you to alone,” Liam told us, but I pulled him back into my lap.

“Liam we have something to tell you,” Derek said.

“Have I done something wrong?” Liam asked 

“No, Liam, we didn’t go to the movies tonight,” I said, earning a confused look.

“Where did you go?” He questioned. Derek handed him the papers. He opened them up and his smile grew wider and wider.

“Ar…Are they real?” Liam asked with his eyes filling up with tears

“Yeah they are, Liam you are officially our son now,” I told him with tears in my eyes. Liam didn’t know what to say he just hugged me then got up and hugged Derek.

“Thank you. Thank you so much. This is the best surprise ever” We ended up having a big family hug.

“And Liam if you want to you change your surname to Hale, only if you want to, You don’t have to,” Derek asked

“Liam Hale, I like it”

Part 12?

Embarrassment (Derek Hale Imagine)

Request: could you write an imagine where the reader is Derek’s gf and one day they’re at the loft and things get really hot and steamy between them and as they’re about to get it on, the pack walks in on them and derek is annoyed and snaps at them and the reader is a little embarrassed bc Liam sees and he’s blushing too bc he sees the reader as his mom and she tries to change the subject to make it less awkward but the guys are howling and cheering and she face palms and derek asks them to leave please

A/n: I kinda changed it ALSO REQUEST ARE CLOSED! but I hope you like it!

I think everyone once in a while goes through an embarrassing  moment, but this. This might be the worse day of my life. And let me tell you what happened.

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Anonymous said:Can you make another Rosalie Hale where she asks her mate about her past but her mate was abused by her adopted guy and what she experienced was so horrible it’s like Isaac Lahey from teen wolf but worser and Rosalie had tears in her eyes please

A/N: Yes of course, sweetie. I usually stray from these types of imagines, but I’ll do something different for a change. Thank you for requesting and I hope this is what you were looking for, anon. Please enjoy! By the way, it’s really really long!

Not my gif. Gif credit goes to the amazing creators!

Imagine: Rosalie asking you, - her mate-, about your past and when you tell her, it chokes her up.


Rosalie’s gorgeous golden ochre eyes glued themselves to you. “So tell me something, sweetie,” she begins, causing you to look up at her, your own gorgeous yellow ochre eyes meeting hers. “What was your past like? You’ve never spoken about it for the whole time in our immortal lives. It’s been so long. Surely you are dying to tell someone.” Rosalie prods a little nosily and you knew that this was going to come up some time soon since Rosalie always asked you about it.

“There’s nothing to know. It was a life almost like yours but maybe worse.” you shrug, getting up and turning your back to Rosalie.

“Well then, why won’t you tell me?” her irate tone doesn’t surprise you any more. You’d grown so used to her mood swings it no longer effected you.

“Because,” you says slowly, turning around to face her. “My life was hell and Carlisle turned me for another reason. We lived in the same time period but on different corners of the world. Can’t you just leave it at that, Rosalie?” you beg her.

“I’ll just ask Carlisle, then.” she lifts her nose up like she had smelt something disgusting as her eyes icily settled on yours.

“You know what? Fine. Take a seat. You’ll be here for a long time and grab a box of tissues because it’s a big old sob story.” you snap.

“Don’t humour me with tissues. I won’t cry, and besides you know we don’t have tears.” Rosalie sits on the edge of the bed the two of you shared, ironically. “I know you don’t like getting emotional but maybe it will help us connect further.” she carries on.

“Like we need to get any closer, Rosalie.” you sigh, leaning against the wall on the other end of the room. “I don’t talk about this simply because it makes me go bitter.” you start.

“You already are bitter in a sarcastic manner.” Rosalie smiles wryly at you. You roll your eyes.

“If you want to hear it then quit with the commentating, tuts.” you warn her and she smirks, glad that she’s having her way.


You take a deep breath before you speak, facing the large window. You didn’t want Rosalie to see you weaken before her. “I lived in a foster home most of my life and we all know what foster homes were like back in those times. I was there until I was about seven, simply because my biological parents died in a house fire.” you breathe out. “I don’t want to tell you what happened in the foster home, though you could guess. All the children were treated the same.” you shudder from the memories flooding into your brain right that moment. “When I was seven this rich couple adopted me and I thought I was saved.” you turn around, making jazz hands.

“What happened next?” Rosalie furrows her eyebrows.

“They treated me like a mule, Rosalie. What do you think? They had children and I became their slave.” you spit out bitterly. “Do you know what it’s like to get beaten to a pulp and still expected to clean a mansion from top to bottom?” you laugh out, but you’re crying with no tears. “One day, the day that Carlisle found me,which was my nineteenth birthday,” you break because you hated feeling vulnerable and Rosalie could see that. “My adopted father drank too much that night and I think you can guess what happened next, Rose.” your tone is like poison pelting her chest.

“I want to hear you say what happened. To let it out.” she encourages you with a ginger smile.

“I was working too slow for his taste, apparently. And with a broken arm it’s hard to clean silver fast without not doing it properly.” you laugh nervously. “the adopted mother wasn’t so bad, had a soft spot for me but she never stopped him. That beating left me worse than a pulp you know? He just threw me in the back yard with the dogs, leaving me to bleed out for hours.” you clench your jaw, swallowing thickly. “When it got dark and the lights were out, Carlisle found me because of my blood, the dogs were huddled around me to keep me warm. I miss those dogs.” your lower lips quivers as your body starts shaking. Rosalie’s expression saddens, imagining what you went through. “He turned me and I took the longest out of everyone to change. Carlisle thought that maybe it was because of all the injuries I’d endured, but I made it.” you grin, holding out your hands and twirling.

Before Rosalie could utter a word you continued. “Carlisle begged me not to go back, but I did. I scared them until they were begging for me to leave them alive. But what good did that do?” you slam your back on the wall, slightly indenting it as you slide down it, knowing everyone in the home could hear your story. “I killed them. Even the younger children.” you shake your head. “I became a monster over night. I-I became what I was scared to become. Him.” and now you’re blubbering up a storm, curled. “The children weren’t innocent either you know? They did mean things to me, horrible things. No one ever stood up for me or liked me there apart from my adopted mother. she wasn’t so bad…” you shake your head. “I left the dogs alone, though, made sure they were okay.” you were getting off track from the trauma.

“She begged me to leave him alive, but I grew impatient and impulsive. I snapped her neck like a twig…” you shake your head. “She didn’t even deserve it. But then I saw him, him crying and begging and pleading like I used to and I had power and I bit into him, slaughtered him like a pig, Rose.” you tug on yourhair. “I never got over that so I ran away from Carlisle but he followed me with Esme.” you shake your head. “I was a ripper and I preyed on innocent people and that made me bitter. That’s why I am the way that I am, why I’m bitter and sarcastic and can’t take things seriously. If we ever die and there’s a chance we get to Heaven, Rose. God won’t forgive me for all the killing I did. Hell’s my home.” you shrug, laughing a little.

That’s when you looked up to see what Rosalie’s expression was like. It was torn and agonisingly hurt. Her ochre eyes did not meet yours whatsoever as she sniffled, swallowing thickly. “And now I’ve made you cry.” you throw your hands up.

“No,” she shakes her head. “Not you. Them. How could they have done something like that to you or all people?” Rosalie inquires. “When I met yo, you were so cheery and I adored you from the moment I saw you. I noticed your bitterness and I related, because I get bitter like that…” she shakes her head. “We’re so alike it’s frightening. But I’ve always loved you as you are, with all your flaws and all of your perfections. Your past changes nothing of the love that I feel and have for you, (Y/N). It’s only deepened it. I have hope for you, you know? You’re going to change this world with your amazing gift of helping others in situations like your own. You’re a miracle.” she grins at you and you imagined tears running down her face. She would be beautiful even if she cried.

You never said anything as she crouched before you, pulling you forward and caressing you into her arms. “I love you, (Y/N).”

“I love you too, Rosalie.” you breathe in her scent from her golden blonde wavy hair.

“And I promise that you’ll never have to go through such a situation as that ever again.” she promises you and you hoped that she’s right.

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questions I have about things that happen at my job they didn’t tell me about in training
  • what to do when a customer hands you a frog and walks away
  • what to do when someone puts their feet on the counter
  • how to catch a mouse
  • what do you do after you catch the mouse
  • can mice bite through rubber gloves 
  • what do you do when you cut yourself on the candy display
  • i dont want to go to first aid I feel stupid
  • what to do when you work in merchandise and your supervisor sends you to food
  • can they even do that
  • what to do when you get you hand caught in a slinky
  • what to do when you get a slinky caught on your shoe
  • what to do when you get your hand and shoe caught on a slinky
  • can i burn the minion backpack in the stockroom 
  • please
  • a thirty year old man just asked me to prom what do i do
  • can i call security because im lonely 
How would Btob kiss you

How would BTOB kiss you? Like pull the waist or something like that XD with gifs pretty please

I really hope you like it…!
‘Cause god it was awkward to look at all those kissing gifs (When i should find a fitting gif)
I swear some of those gifs i saw was taken from a porn video or something…


He would be very sweet and gentle and most of the times he would give you forehead kisses

Those kisses with tons of skinships where you are as close to each other as possible 

He would give you some funny and weird kisses 

This sweetie pie would be so sweet and he wouldn’t be able to stop smiling

He is a cute kisser.
You know he would kiss you like hoe you see all those cute couple kisses

Even though he doesn’t like skinships that much i think that he is a very possessive person and will kiss you so that you and everbody else knows you are his

He will hold a bit back and be a bit shy but his kisses will stil be loving

//Credit to gif owners//

ships that are actually cute af

it’s friday and im bored and yeah… let’s do ships!

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what you’ll get:

  • ship
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  • pickup line he used on you
  • where he took you on your first date
  • his nickname/pet name for you
  • 3 movies you watch together on movie night while you cuddle on the couch and throw popcorn at each other and feed each other ice cream
  • 5 songs you guys sing and dance to around the house in your pajamas on rainy days
  • who’s more cuddly
  • who gives better hugs
  • who gives more kisses
  • who says ily more


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no notes i cry

Accidents and Awkward Dinners

Requested - Can I request a one shot where stiles gets the reader pregnant and they have to tell his dad. Fluff please

A/N: Right, I’m sorry to the Anon who requested this that it took so long to write - I’ve been a little busy. So yeah, hope you guys enjoy it :)

      Pacing. That was all I could do. I was either running my hands worriedly through my hair or else wringing my hands in front of me, trying to distract my attention. But, despite how hard I tried, I couldn’t stop thinking about the little plus sign I’d seen a few hours earlier.
      ‘Knock knock,’ I heard Stiles say at the door.
      I jumped, putting my hands awkwardly behind my back. I don’t exactly know why I did it, I had nothing physical to hide, but the worry that crossed Stiles’ face made my breathing hitch slightly.
      ‘Hey,’ he said softly, moving into his room so as to pull me into a tight hug. ‘What is it?’ He began to rub small circles on my back as I nuzzled my head into his shoulder.
      I gulped slightly. Stiles had enough on his plate with all the supernatural stuff. I didn’t really want to add to his list of worries. But… but what else could I do? I pulled away slightly, chewing the inside of my lip as I looked up at him. His arms were still around my back, keeping me close to him.

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a list of larry AUs i need
  • a star trek au
  • big brother au PLEASE
  • a supernatural au
  • an au where one is the prince of england and the other is the son of the president of the us and they meet and fall in love
  • a wild west type au
  • peter pan/captain hook 
  • anything magical realism plz
  • something totally nerdy and science-y idk
  • lilo as late night talk show hosts where harry is a guest and louis ignores liam the whole time and flirts with harry cause WOW
  • rise of the guardians?? louis is 100% jack frost ok 

and listen.. I’m not talking about like 10k short stuff.. only long 40k-100k stuff will satisfy oh my god i am so needy why can’t i write? 😩 

Open Seat

anon: Please omg please do the “we’re literally the only two who ride this bus maybe we should carpool or makeout or something” with Luke please please
a/n: hehe this was fun! thanks! requests are always open

You rode the city bus everyday to school. And you were usually alone. Except last week a tall broad blonde boy about your age got on and sat right up at the front.

Once at the terminal you both got off and back on separate busses. Everyday last week you would try and get a better glimpse at the boy who wore a hood and always had headphones one.

This week you decided that you would just give up and listen to your own music. you barely even noticed the boy getting on until he was sitting right next to you. Shocked you looked up into his icy blue eyes that were smiling down at you.

You pulled out your headphones just in time to hear him say “you mind if I take this seat?” He had a lovely accent that just made you melt. “sure…” you stammered back.

“I figured, ya know, we’re the only ones on this bus…might as well get to know each other?” he asked. “Yeah I guess…” you answered back taking both headphones out and storing them in your pocket.

“Luke” he said holding out his hand.

“Y/N” you said shaking his hand. 

Everyday that week you would wait for Luke to get on the bus and sit next to you. You talked everyday on the bus, getting to know each other, and really starting to like him. After two weeks of talking you started wanting to spend even more time with Luke, wondering about him during the day, day dreaming in classes. 

One day, Luke was running late to the bus, almost missing it entirely. Huffing from running to the stop he slouched down beside you.

“Be on time!” you nagged at him, nudging your arm against his.

“Why? you miss me or something?” He asked.

“Yes” you whispered back, looking between his eyes and his lips.

He leaned in just enough for you to feel his breath on your cheek.

“Good” he said just before crashing his lips into yours, melding your faces together. Hands were everywhere on each others bodies trying to get as close as possible to deepen the kiss. Neither of you knew where or when you were until the bus made a final stop and the driver announce you were at the terminal. Luke got up before you and headed to the door. 

“We should do that again sometime, princess” he said stepping off, leaving you breathless and wanting more. 

(Love Is Like A) Heat Wave - A Butterfly Bog Fic

Beating the heat in Dark Forest


In Which It’s Too Hot For These Two To Do Anything But Tease Each Other. In All Senses Of the Term.


Fairies: Hard to Kill and Harder to Please

A common misconception was that fairies loved Spring. Spring with all it’s color and fragrance, with its rebirth of the earth around them. With the amount of festivals held to herald in the season perhaps it wasn’t an unfounded belief. And in part, it was true. Fairies did love spring.

But not half so much as fairies loved summer. The clear skies and long days, the sun at its height bathing everything in warmth. There was a festiveness to summer, an expounding of their energy to what felt like endless days. If folk thought spring was one party after another for the fairy kingdom, then summer was one single party, unstopping. A constant celebration of life and color and daylight.

Yes, all fairies loved summer. For most it was their favorite time of the year. To this Princess Marianne was no exception.

There were, however, limits.

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Request-Hey if you do make another part or maybe just in your next fic can you somehow incorporate Charlie…. I have lots of Charlie feels right now :( please please

A/N- Okay this has a lot less Charlie than I thought it would. BUT don’t worry I cut it off there because there is soo much more I need to write so I’ll make a second part with more Charlie in it. I apologize for the lack of Charlie in this one.. Tell me what you think! x)

Sam x Familiar!reader

Word Count-2127

Part 2

‘They made it sound like it was easy.’ You thought ‘I’ve been walking for ages now. Where the hell am I anyways?’ you stop and look around. Yup. You were completely lost. ‘Damn it!’ was the last thing you thought before a car slightly rammed you and your consciousness faded.

“We’re not keeping that thing!” you heard someone yell.

“Come on Dean. You hit her.” You heard another voice.

You slowly open your eyes and see two blurry silhouettes. They seemed to be arguing what with all the yelling. Your vision gradually becoming clearer you finally see two men. One was tall with longish hair. The other was tall but not as tall as the first and had shorter hair.

“Oh so now it’s my fault. It walked right into baby.” The shorter one yelled angrily.

The taller one turned to look at you. His eyes were sad and sympathetic. “We can’t just throw her out Dean. She’s injured.” He said.

The one you assumed to be Dean turned to look at you. He let out a frustrated sigh and ruffled his hair. “Fine! Only until it gets better, but I’m not letting that thing into my baby.” The taller one smiled and thanked him.

‘It? Her? Wait were they talking about you? No! I can’t stay here!’ you thought. You tried to stand so you could leave only to feel a surge of pain shoot through your arm causing you to whimper.

“Hey-Hey. It’s okay. You shouldn’t stand, your paw is injured. Don’t worry I’ll take care of you until you’re all patched up.”

You look at his warm honest eyes. You nod. You could always leave at night. You lay your head back down, disappointed. As much as you like being in your dog form, you don’t like staying in it for long periods of time. You hear his phone ring and he answers it.

“Hey Charlie… No hunts so far… Yeah sure… Oh and there’s a-“ he paused and looked at you “Well you’ll see when you get here.” He said with a smile and hung up. “Wait til you meet Charlie. She won’t be here for a few days.” He says while petting you. He stood “I’ll be right back” and left the room.

‘Hunt?’ you thought. ‘Did he just say hunt? Are these guys hunters? Great! Just my luck.’ Now you really have to leave. You have to figure out a way to transform into something without being seen. Most animals were out of the picture. Your arm was injured. In the end you decided to stay until your arm got better or enough so that you would be able to leave. You stare in the direction the man had left, he was taking rather long. You fell asleep before he returned.

You wake up to the smell of something delicious. You raise your head. You look around in the unfamiliar room and remember you were hit by a car. You look down to your paw and try to move it. Which you find was a bad idea when you feel the sting. You wanted to go check what that amazing smell was and forced yourself to stand on three legs. Following the smell you find the kitchen where Dean was. He was cooking? ‘This guy cooks?’ you thought.

He turned to set a plate down and was startled to find you there. “What do you want?” he asked you. You whimper ‘I want whatever it is that you’re cooking!” you whimper again. If he understood what you were whimpering about he didn’t say. “Sam!” he yelled.

You hear footsteps rushing over. “What is it?”

“The dog wants something and if it’s what I think it is the answer is no.” he says narrowing his eyes at you.

“You hungry?” Sam asked. You bark yes, hoping he understands. “Well guess I should go buy dog food.” He says to Dean. ‘No!!!’ you yell inside your head. ‘I want what Dean made! Ugh. How the hell am I supposed to communicate?’ You start whining. “What’s wrong? Don’t want dog food?” ‘Like hell I do!’ you bark and growl. “Then what do we feed you?” he asked.
‘Aw come on! Seriously?’ you look towards Dean, pleading him with your eyes, whimpering some more.

“Noo. No.” he tells you. You continue your unsightly begging.

“Dean, come on.” Sam said. Seeing as his brother wasn’t budging he sighed. “Here I’ll give you half of mine.” He walks over to the plate grabbed a knife that was nearby and cut it in half. He set the plate with your half on the floor. You take a bite and damn was it delicious. It was so good that you finished it with another two bites. “Was it good?” Sam asked.

“Of course it is! I made it. We just need some pie” Dean said.

Sam rolled his eyes “I was talking to her.” Dean made an ‘Oh’ face and continues to eat his food.

‘Hell yeah it was! Thank you’ you bark happily. You look at Dean thinking, ‘Your cooking is amazing.’ You nuzzle your head against both their legs in attempt to convey your thoughts. Then turn to walk away the best you can until you feel a pair or strong arms lift you. ‘Shit man you scared me’ you yell in your head. ‘Put me down. I can walk.’ You squirm in his arms.

“Whoa- Hey. Calm down. I’m not going to hurt you. I’m taking care of you until you feel better remember.” He walked into a room and set you down on a bed. “You can sleep here with me.” He said as he grabbed some cloths. He began changing his cloths, right there, in front of you. Which probably wouldn’t matter if you were just some dog.

You looked away, not before catching the slightest glimpse of his toned body. If you were in your human form you would surely be blushing. You close your eyes to find his image in your head. The sympathetic face when he tried to convince Dean to let you stay. His smile when you were allowed. His body. The way his hand felt as he pet you. Gentle, caring, and happy. He carried you to his room and let you lay on his bed. Then you catch yourself. ‘No. Not this. Y/N you can’t be crushing on him on the first day! No. NO. He’s only nice to you because he thinks you’re a dog. He’s a hunter for christ sakes!’ you shake your head. He turned off the lights and went to bed with you, whispering a goodnight.

When you woke up Sam was gone. You somehow managed to get down from the bed and went looking for him. You checked several rooms before you found a huge garage. Dean was working on his car, but Sam was nowhere to be seen. You tried not being disappointed and walk over to Dean.

He noticed you and sighed in annoyance. “Look Sam’s not here, he just left. No go somewhere else.” You tilt your head. “He went on a supply run. He’ll be back in- And I’m talking to a damn dog. Now I’ve gone crazy.”

This was your chance. You could leave, change into human, and LEAVE. You walked out of the garage and slowly climbed the stairs to the exit. Being a dog didn’t help you open the door. You look behind you making sure no one is there and change into your human self. You were hit by fresh air when you open the door. You take it all in as you close the door behind you. Your arm still hurt and you try not moving it. You walked towards town. “If I leave now Sam would probably get worried and come looking. I should probably leave when I heal.” You say half logically half not wanting to leave. “Well if Dean is going to put up with me than I should probably get him something. Oh! I can get him a pie. He wanted one yesterday.”

Walking after a long walk you arrived. Just as you were going to go to the diner for the pie you spot a small bookstore. On impulse you go there first. You look around. It seemed empty. Walking up the first bookshelf you see. Brushing your free hand against the spines of the books. You let yourself get lost in the moment, not noticing where you were going, and bump right into someone.

“You like books huh.” He said. Your heart dropped. You recognized the voice and look up to confirm. It was Sam. “You okay?”

Your eyes were wide for a second. “Uh… I’m-I’m fine… Sorry I bumped into you.” you look away hoping he doesn’t recognize you. “I’ll uh just go now.” You say slowly walking away. You rush out of the bookstore and went towards the diner. You stare out the windows of the diners. Waiting to see Sam leave, which he did a couple minutes later. You sighed in relief as he you saw him head back towards his home. You order the pie and walk back to Sam, erm, to his house.

Standing right in front of the entrance to the bunker you change into your dog self. Holding the bag with the pie with your mouth. Realizing too late that you hadn’t opened the door, you scratch and howl hoping they heard you.

It wasn’t long after when Sam came to open the door. “There you are! Where did you go?” He lifted you up and took you down the stairs. “Dean!” He yelled. “I found her.” Dean came into the room.

“Where the hell did you go?” he yelled. You walked over to him and set the bag in front of him. “What is it?” he questioned grabbing the bagging and looking inside. When he saw what was inside “No.” he said in disbelief. “Did- you? How?” He brings out the pie to show Sam. Dean goes into the kitchen to cut you a piece of pie. He comes back and sets the plate in front of you. Both you and Sam were surprised at Dean’s gesture. Dean didn’t say much about it though. You happily ate the piece of pie.

The next two days were calm and relaxing. You didn’t do much, but were with Sam the whole time. You were so comfortable living there with them that you pretended you were still hurt. So you wouldn’t go. So you would be separated from Sam. Though you never admitted it to yourself, you were crushing on Sam, crushing on him hard. It was a weird feeling you pushed away whenever you looked at him.

Sam came into the room you were in, “Hey, guess what? Charlie will be here in a couple of hours!” he said enthusiastically. “But late. We’ll be sleeping.” He added. You yawned, it was pretty late already. He smiled. God did you love that smile. “Alright. Let’s go to sleep then. You’ll meet her in the morning.” He petted you one last time before turning off the lights and going to sleep.

You woke up a couple of hours later. You were thirsty. Still lazy from sleep you turn in your human form without realizing. You exit Sam’s room and go to the kitchen dragging your feet. You served yourself some water, drank it, and were returning to the room. Before entering again you change back into a dog.

“What the hell?” you heard. A female voice.

You turn to see a red headed female staring at you in shock. You change into a human. “Uh… Charlie right?” you whisper. She nods jaw still hung open. You grab her arm and lead her to the library. “Hi. It’s nice to finally meet you.” you say still in a hushed voice. “I’m Y/N.”

“Are you the ‘you’ll see when you get here’ Sam was talking about?” she asked mimicking your whispers.

“Uh- kinda? Well see, they don’t exactly know I can change into a human.” You say scratching your cheek.

She looked confused. “What are you?”

“I’m a familiar.” you stated. “Dean hit me with his car while I was a dog, and-and uh” you paused, your cheeks feeling warm. “Sam… He uh- took me in.”

Charlie seeing your blush smirked, playfully pushed your shoulder. “You totally have a crush on Sam!”

“What?” you exclaim, then quickly clasp your hands over your mouth. “N-No I don’t.” you whisper. She gives you a look. “Plus even if I did… I can’t do anything about it. They’re hunters… AND he thinks I’m a dog.”

“Oh right.” she paused and started thinking. ”Hmmm… Oh I’ve got an idea.”

Hope you like it! x)