I applied for a manager job at my archdiocese’s digital media department that I’m mega unqualified for but heck why not try!
And I told my old youth minister (who now has a fancy job at the archdiocese) and she said they may also be hiring team members, not just the manager!
Working for the archdiocese would be an absolute dream come true. It would be the most ideal situation and an incredible opportunity. Please keep me in your prayers!

Looking for a Home

hi guys, if anyone in the Bremerton/Silverdale/Gorst, WA area are interested in a cat, please message me! a close friend of mine is moving and isnt able to take his cat Lucy with him.

Lucy is a little over a year old, very sweet and chatty, and is very comfortable around other cats and dogs. If you can’t rehome her, then please signal boost this!