Aladdin better come back so that he and Emma can be best friends while Jasmine joins Killian and Belle’s book club

and David rants about Aladdin being a bad influence on Emma

while Killian is more concerned about Aladdin being a bad influence on Henry

(telling David this does not have the intended effect of reassuring him, for some reason)

and then Aladdin meets Liam 2.0 one day when Liam is visiting the Swan-Jones house and that is just bad news because those two together are a terrible influence on Henry

but it’s okay because Killian and Emma keep their (sort of) little brothers in check by undoing every prank they try to pull and stealing back everything they try to steal because you can’t play a player and they make quite a team

and when Elsa visits, Emma takes her and Aladdin out for lunch and they talk about magic and saving people and the power of true love, and Emma and Al tell Elsa what life is like as a thief, and yes.


Jared on Alessandro Michele’s instagram, 05-12-2016

I lost the count on how many times I died and came back to life… this man kills me with each new appearance!!

Tom Holland Imagine

Imagine having an interview with Tom and you were making surprise calls to your fans.

“Hello?” Tom started to tap the microphone, making you giggle.

The headphones were placed upon your head one ear was off, the other one was on. Tom had the same style as you were, as you sat there, you could hear the heavy breathing of the fan you were calling.

“Helloooo?” Tom sang into the microphone.

“Is this Tom and Y/N?!” The fan finally spoke.

“Yeah, it is.” You smile, looking over at Tom.

“This isn’t real! No way!” She squeals.

“Sorry love, but it is real.” Tom smirks at you.

The fan lowers her phone and she screams really loud, you could still hear it. It was pretty loud, but not deafening loud. As she continued to scream with joy, you look over at Tom who already had his eyes on you. You two burst into laughter, he puts his hands over the microphone and leans towards you.

“I’m guessing she’s pretty excited to be talking to you.” Tom winks.

“Me? She’s speaking to spiderman right now. Maybe she’s happy she’s speaking with him.” You reply.

Tom uncovers the microphone and starts to call the girl back in. As she comes back onto the phone she tells you two her name and you two start to chat with her. She let out her fangirl and just started to rant on how much she loved you two.

“Your movie together is so amazing! I literally cried whenever it showed you two on scene! Can I ask you a question?” She asks.

“Shoot.” You say, getting ready to listen.

“Do you two love each other off screen? Because on screen is sure looks like it.” She says, hearing a faint giggle in the background.

You glance over at Tom and he looks at you. His whole face was turning into a shade of red, he sank into his chair and let out a big sigh. He starts to play with his fingers and continues to glance towards you. You look at him and blush really hard, your face was heating up pretty hot.

“I guess we do.” Tom replies, sitting back up.

The fan lowers the phone once again but this time it sounded like there was more than one person in the room. They started to scream with joy, you smiled at Tom and he returned the smile.

“O-T-P O-T-P!!” They started to cheer.

You bursted into laughter once again and looked at Tom who was still bright red. After they cheered they continued to chat with you than you told them goodbye and hung up the phone. You never really thought of Tom as more than a best friend, but that fan made you open your eyes. And realize how amazing Tom is.

A&E: We believe that women can save themselves. Really… We think women can kick all the butt they want and are powerful and inspirational! I want young girls to watch this and be amazed at what women can do. Our women aren’t damsels in distress. Emma is our own disney princess. She’s special… Our creation. We believe love will truly make you strong. 

Belle: Raised by a loving mother and father. A princess. Very privileged. Sacrificed her freedom to save her family and Kingdom, fought Rumple with everything she had, tried to stop him from hurting perfect strangers because of what she believed in. Never compromised her beliefs. 

Snow: Grew up with a loving father. Had a loving mother. Very privileged and wealthy. Learned to adapt or die in a second and lived in the forest to escape her evil stepmother. Learned archery. Fought to help people.  

Jasmine: Raised wealthy as a princess, privileged and not exposed to the world. Goes to fight for her Kingdom and tries to get other people to help. Fought for what she believed in. Doesn’t back down, isn’t afraid. 

Abigail: Raised as a princess, privileged life, tried to do her duty for her kingdom, but had been fighting and trying to get the man she loved back.

Ariel: A princess, was a mermaid raised under the sea. Went after the human man she fell in love with in a second with reckless abandon. Fought hard for what she wanted. Suffered for it and still found him anyway.

Emma, raised as a princess and the daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming: Tra la la la la. Pretty flowers. Oh no… My parents are dead. Whoops! Isn’t my hair and makeup pretty? What is a “belief” or a “fight”. Love is “strength”? No… Love made me this soft marshmallow who won’t actually do anything for those she loves… Ah. I love daisies. 

A&E: Like we said… We love our Queen Regina and women are only strong if Regina allows them to be. Regina is strength. We like the idea that “strength” means “evil and pain” when it comes to Regina and we had this character (reads smudged writing on hand) Ella Smart lying around so we kind of wanted to use her to show that you won’t be willing to fight for love unless an Evil Sorceress ruins your life and tries to murder and curse you. You see this way… The Evil is what’s best… Our precious Evil Psycho can get all the praise she deserves not just from us, but the characters as well. It makes sense. It does.


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blacklist bian does stuff if you don’t wanna see this


Okay, so I have to do this thing for p.e. where I have to come up with different workouts that you can do with stuff you have at home (like doing curls with sack of potatoes, dips on a chair, etc.) and I’m drawing a blank. Anyone have any ideas? I would be eternally grateful. ❤

literally freaking the fuck out. and crying. and this has been the most stressful week of my life. it just got worse 2 seconds ago.

my entire project got erased. like…. gone. vanished. all of my adobe programs crashed at the same time and when i re-opened them all, they were not there. the files i had saved aren’t even saved anymore. what. the. actual. fuck.

i had a month to do this project and it’s due as my final on wednesday.

i cant. i just cant

How I want Sara & Snart's reunion to go

[dramatic fight scenes in the episode over, Sara walks onto the Waverider, sees Snart is back]
Sara: [blinks] Huh. You’re… Not dead?
Snart: Apparently not, no.
Sara: Resurrection. Cool. [finger guns]
Anyway, so Dahrk got away. Anyone got any bright ideas on tracking him down?