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To anyone in America who has the ability to vote, please please PLEASE go vote for Hilary. There are so many of us around the world who cannot vote and are powerless to stop Trump from becoming president of the world and we need you to do the right thing. It is one thing to reblog a funny Trump meme but the reality is that by voting Hilary, you will be saving lives. That may sound dramatic but I can almost guarantee it. There is really no knowing what Trump will do - start a new war, send people back to countries where they will die, implement stupid policies that will have huge effects on people in so many other countries (along with the people who are already suffering within the United States). Tbh I don’t really care about Hilary, I just know that the world cannot afford to have Trump in power.


So it’s PFW and we are sure to get TORLIE and maybe other unexpected *cringe* candids of karlie

SO!!! A friendly reminder that Karlie posted THIS from HERE only a few weeks ago and if this isn’t a lyric from TS6 i will buy you ALL a drink!

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Okay, so I don’t want to overreact or anything but someone I follow and who follows me just abruptly deleted their Deviantart account. They just left the message, “Goodbye everyone.” So yeah, I’m a little (very) worried about them. Their DA url was Thaliafox and I don’t know if maybe they just had to leave DA for some reason or if they’re planning something much more drastic, in which case their life could be at stake. I don’t know if they had any other social media accounts but if anyone knows her personally or otherwise is able to contact her please PLEASE make sure she’s all right. If you don’t know her, please pray and/or spread the word. She’s such a kind person and deserves all the love and attention in the world… If she’s hurting emotionally and is in turn planning to hurt herself physically, it would break my heart.

Since you’re watching GBBO, have an american monstrosity. Firstly, it is a pie calzone. Okay. It is covered in donut glaze. Except it is sweeter and there is more of it. Third, the package says “real fruit filling” like it is special. Which…. it is… but still. Wtf. Fourth, it is so sweet I’m getting sick. Yesterday I ate 30 pieces of halloween chocolate just fine. Fifth, I can’t pronounce a good chunk of the ingredients. Wtf is niacin, thiamin mononitrate… i dont even know.

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hopefully this is the last one of these i have to make, but just in case, i’m tagging them all as “financial struggles”. you can always unfollow or blacklist the tag.

sorry for clogging up your dashes. i really really am. i need to buy cat food tomorrow for my babies. i’m currently crying, i feel like such a bad cat mom for being unable to do this for them. my car insurance and gas and medical stuff can all wait, just, please, help me feed my babies. they don’t deserve to go hungry. 

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even a dollar helps. please. 


Hey guys! Nate is nearing 1 million subs!!! As a tribute to him I am making a video using songs of his and video clips, and I also want to include something from the fans. That’s where you all come in!

I wanna request one thing: send me a quick line, or paragraph of something you would like to say to nate. You can send a picture, or just send me the text and I will put it on a picture in the slideshow. This would be awesome if I could get a lot of people to do this so we can show Nate how much he means to all of us!



I will not be sharing your emails or anything, just what you want to say so PLEASE send me some things! Also reblog this and share it with your friends!!!