Listen Up

Ok so Baz is a bottom and I will fight anyone who says otherwise. I. Will. Fight. You.

A quote, from my very wonderful friend @carryonbydefault *clears throat professionally* “HE’S BEEN WANTING THAT D SINCE 5TH YEAR.”

We are the bottombazquad, thank you and goodnight.

Okay but the animals in Zootopia regarding whales as gods. Sayings like “the whales helped to make this world.” The bigger whales not knowing the common tongue and still only speak in their own language. The smaller whales acting as interpreters to them. Any time an animal sees the whales they consider themselves blessed because they rarely show themselves to others.

Someone join me in this, I have a lot of feelings about it.


So I rewatched the first Avengers and realized my girl Natasha does the EXACT SAME THING with Cap’s shield that Diana does in WW.

“Could use a boost.” “You sure about this?” “Yeah. It’s gonna be fun.”

“Diana! SHIELD!”

So now I want them to be best friends and I want their respective Steves to hang out and get beers for them while they “girl talk” about the most efficient ways to kill the crap out of someone with your bare hands.

anonymous asked:

Who am I? A nervous shy man who's got the biggest crush on you. It's ridiculous how much I like you (Ps I did both the marriage proposal and the boyfriend post)

UHM !>DASF I need to know who you ARE i nEED 

I need y'all to internalize the political climate that’s going on. I need y'all to really take in what the consequences are for not voting for your congressman, your local elections, your governors. This would mean nothing if congress and practically if all the state had not been red. There’s no way this administration would feel so at ease with being so openly bigoted. I need y'all to vote yo. Like for real. Like dead-ass, Go Vote! Not just for the president. For the sake and lives of us, please make time.

I know sometimes it feels like taking hours out of your day to vote is pointless but making sure people have rights is not pointless, making sure your representative cares about your humanity is not pointless. I want y'all to get in the habit of voting. Please, get in the habit of voting; for the sake and lives of all of us.


So, we just got a notice from our apartment manager telling us to get rid of our teeny washing machine because it might cause flooding.  

It hooks up to the sink and basically makes my life easier because I don’t have to lug clothes to the laundromat twice a week and fork over 50 bucks+ to do laundry. It has never leaked or malfunctioned in the entire time we’ve owned it, which is about three years.

This ‘notice’ comes on the tail end of every pipe and faucet in our apartment malfunctioning and our hot water heater leaking all over our hallway and soaking the carpet.  

So clearly, it’s the little washing machine that is the issue.    


I want to move.  But there’s nowhere else we can afford.