Blood, seed and milk.

Of course i was gonna draw a fanart. I always liked original Mad Max movies, so i thought i know on what i’m going, but damn…. DAMN… not even close. Seriously, if you’re still somehow resisting the hype and haven’t see it, just GO. It’s dream come true.

uk traditions - eurovision
  • having a wild party if the uk ever gets to the left side of the scoreboard
  • graham norton’s commentary
  • expecting ireland to give us points
  • repeating “it’s politically corrupt!” three times per minute
  • flying the flag
  • wondering why we spend so much money entering
  • choosing the perfect time to go and make tea
  • eurovision parties with your friends/family
  • getting nul points in 2003
  • new for this year: “if australia beat us”

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No, but I am SO here for asexual Wanda Maximoff (and Vision) in the MCU.

Wanda forming a romantic relationship with Vision and thoroughly enjoying kissing her android boyfriend, but never taking it any further than that.

Vision offering to try shifting his density and/or anatomy if that would please her.

Wanda calmly and clearly explaining that, no, she doesn’t want to have sex, but she’s willing to try if that’s what he wants.

Vision kindly refusing, explaining that the only reason he offered in the first place was because he thought that’s what she wanted.

Wanda being incredibly happy that she doesn’t have to worry about sex ever becoming an issue between them, because she’s not depriving him of anything by being asexual just as he’s not depriving her of anything by being anatomically incapable of having sex.

Wanda and Vision deciding to sleep together… as in actually just sleeping together in the same bed because they enjoy each other’s company, and get comfort from being close.

Vision and Wanda’s relationship being portrayed as a “close friendship” by news media that can’t imagine romantic love without sex.

Wanda continually getting asked by the media, “What does ‘asexual’ even mean? And, if you’re asexual, how are you dating someone?”

Wanda trying to hide her irritation as she repeatedly explains to reporters that, “Being asexual means I don’t feel sexual attraction. And just because I’m asexual, doesn’t mean I’m aromantic.”

All of the Avengers being super chill and supportive about her sexuality and her relationship with Vison.

The Avengers defending both of them whenever the media tries to ignore or erase their sexuality.


I’ll worship like a dog at the shrine of your lies;
                      I’ll tell you my sins and you can sharpen your knife