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Lance begins to dab after victory of every battle. Hunk begins to do it after insistence of Lance. Then it spreads and eventually the entire squad makes it a ritual to dab after every battle. The aliens that they save see this and consider it like a Voltron symbol of freedom and victory so they begin to dab. The rumors spread and it becomes a symbol of freedom against the Garla, resistance groups and aliens dabbing in protest against the Garla and in support of Voltron. The Dab Crusades.

(throws my debit card at dreamworks) Get To It

- Take My Breath Away       , by @realitybetterthanfiction : There is a prestigious school in the British Royal Navy classified as Premier Delta - or as it is known by its flyers, 1D. These select pilots are an elite set of Naval lieutenants who are trained in the skill of aggressive aerial combat. They are instruments of war, trained in times of peace. They are dogfighters, relentless and fearless in their mission to protect their beloved country. From their lofty vantage, they are always watching, waiting, and ready to lay it all on the line.Lt. Harry Styles, call sign Sparrow, is a prodigy when it comes to flying. The owner of an unrivaled Naval pedigree, being a pilot was always written in the stars for Harry. With his trusty RIO, Lt. Niall Horan, Harry has made an unprecedented ascension in the ranks of the Naval aerial combat elite, and has been recruited to the esteemed Premier Delta flight school, carrying on his family’s legacy. What he finds there are unexpected friendships, perilous challenges, and something beyond what he ever thought possible. Because as his father had always told him, before the great Captain Styles went tragically missing in combat, you don’t fall in love with the sky, you fall in love with what keeps you on the ground.

Larry Top Gun AU (153k). Yes i’m gonna talk about it again. This is one of the best fic i read in 2016 so far. YEAH REALLY. Maybe look at the TW before, but OMG, the feels. (and also amazing smut) (power bottom Louis mostly). READ THIS NOW

- somewhere I can rest my soul , by @lourrynavy :   “I’m Louis Tomlinson,” the boy says, holding his hand out. Glancing down at it, Harry starts at the word beautiful written there, just along his pointer finger. It seems someone else knows exactly how stunning Louis is.   Willing himself not to act like a complete and utter prat, Harry takes Louis’ hand in his own and quietly murmurs, “It’s nice to meet you.” Or, the AU where the way your soulmate sees you is tattooed onto your skin.

Larry soulmate AU and X Factor Era (3k) : absolutely cute and fluffy and just *SIGH*. Soulmate AU with tattoos are my weakness. No smut.

- Oh Glory  , by @alivingfire :  Tomlinson looks Liam over, tilting his head. “Are you a swimmer as well?”  “Yeah,” Liam says, a little cautiously. Harry wonders if it’s Tomlinson’s fame or the unimpressed eyebrow that’s making Liam wary. “Distance, I’m doing the 1500m. Harry here’s a sprinter.”  “Ah,” says Tomlinson, turning his glinting eyes back to Harry. “So you’re not an endurance man.” A beat passes, and his grin grows, wide and filthy. “Shame.” Harry Styles is Team Great Britain’s newest swimmer, and has spent his whole life training for this moment, a chance at the gold medal in the Rio 2016 Olympics. All his training, hard work, and dedication to no distractions is tested when he’s assigned to the same Rio apartment as Louis Tomlinson, British gymnast and Harry’s childhood crush.

Larry Olympics AU (21k) : I want 100k of this thank you ! I’m still screaming about the smut, just saying. (bottom Harry).

- I’m always tired but never of you , by @lalalaartje : Shall we go, then?” Harry asked, surprising Louis a bit with the invitation, though not at all unpleasantly. “What does your Lonely Planet suggest?” Louis grinned, grabbing the travel guide from his back pocket and started reading out loud, Harry chuckling at the stupid jokes he threw in between. He quite liked the other guy, even if they just met and likely had nothing in common but their motherland. After a while of playing pretentious tour guide, Harry leaned over his shoulder while they were waiting to cross the street, his long curly hair tickling Louis’ cheek. “That seems like a nice place,” he pointed at a picture of a small, secluded square. “Let’s start there.” Harry is a photographer on his way to a summer course in Paris. Louis is a almost paediatric resident on his way home after a month of backpacking through Europe. They meet after their train is stranded in a foreign city. All they have is one night before they each leave for their own destination, so they decide to make the most of it. Or the Before Sunrise adaptation that somehow decided to be a hospital fic with doctor!Louis who pines after photographer!Harry who is currently at the other side of the North Sea.

Larry AU (30k) : starting like a Before Sunset adaptation (if you haven’t seen the movie, don’t talk to me anymore), then progressing in an angsty fic (read the tags for TW, but warning for very stressed Louis and alcoholism). Barely smutty. Very nice.

- Come As You Are  , by AFangirlFantasy   : “Mr. Tomlinson, You have been cordially invited to Holmes Chapel Comprehensive School’s, Class of 2006 Tenth Year Reunion.” or highschool reunion au where Harry is Niall’s flatmate, Zayn and Liam are married, and Louis is just trying to find his way back home.

Larry High School Reunion AU (12k) : “long time no see” fic, nice ! So smut at all. (also side past Elounor)

- love and kickin’ , by @camiii :  When Nick looks up in direction of the pitch he nearly chokes on his mouthful of coffee.  The Arsenal player standing behind the sideline, ball in his hands and number 28 splayed across his back, is fit. Really fit.   In all honesty Nick can only see him from behind, but the first thing he notices is a quite spectacular bum and nicely muscled thighs and, well, football might have its redeeming aspects after all. Or the fic where Nick has no interest in football but is dragged to a football match, Louis is the Arsenal player that catches his attention, and maybe there are some redeeming qualities to the game after all.

Tomlinshaw AU (60k) : it’s been a long time without a good Tomlinshaw fic ! Absolutely not ansgty , amazing smut, and so much fluff! I love it !

- keep them in your mason jars (i’ve come home) , by @since-he-was-eighteen :  “I saw them there and I wanted to know what they were. I thought they were maybe tea lights or something but there’s things written on them. Like middle school and other happy things. Do you collect things?”  “Memories,” Louis blurts out, hand so tight on Harry’s shoulder his fingers could bruise into him. But he needs something to hold onto in fear he may fall over and pass out if he doesn’t. “I collect memories.”  But the silence between them is unsettling. As each cold second passes, the thought of Harry shouting out loud that he’s a freak is doubling. The thought of Harry running away and never coming back to him again is tripling.  Until Harry speaks. “You have fifty mason jars sitting outside with memories inside them?”or the high school au where louis believes he can hold memories inside mason jars to last a lifetime, and harry holds both louis and his unique tradition deep in his heart. otherwise known as the mason jar fic.

Larry high school AU (84k) : very beautiful story, angsty (very depressed Louis, TW), a lot of pinning, great smut (bottom louis). The slow pace is really amazing and not so commun in fics.

- to kill the mess we’ve made  , by @paynner : And when he’s finally standing, Liam fussing over him, rubbing his hand at the red mark blooming on Harry’s forehead, does Harry learn two things:One, he wasn’t actually hit that hard, and Tommo–or Louis, rather–is just as pretty when Harry is staring at him head-on and,Two, Louis is the Adidas model he’s going to be working with on today’s photo shoot.(or: AU where Harry and Louis are both models, and they decide being friends-with-benefits is a great idea. It isn’t.)

Larry Models friends with benefits AU (42k) : amazing smut (bottom Louis) and angsty (of course).

@ Zarkon's throne room
  • General:Sir, we've recovered another... 'Message' from the Paladins.
  • Zarkon:Hmm. Is it in code?
  • General:Just like the others before it. Only once again, the code has appears to have been changed. Our top cryptographers have been descrambling it all morning, and part of the message has been cracked although the overall meaning is still unclear.
  • Zarkon:Read it to me.
  • General:What we received this morning was more of an image than anything. It was multiple pictures, all with the same central figure and caption. Depicted was a green... Thing.
  • Zarkon:A 'thing?'
  • General:A-apologies, sir. Allow me to be more clear. The 'thing' in question was analyzed by our cultural experts. They believe it to be a digitally rendered version of an Earth amphibian called a frog. It's riding a unicycle.
  • Zarkon:What was the caption?
  • General:It was the same statement every time: "Here comes dat boi!"
  • Zarkon:Most disturbing... Haggar, you worked with the Champion when he was with us. Did he ever utter about a 'boi?'
  • Haggar:No, my lord. He never spoke about 'dat boi.'
  • Zarkon:These Paladins grow more clever with each day. It appears the children have finally started to grow.
  • Zarkon:I want the galaxy scanned; find the planets with lifeforms that most closely resemble 'dat boi' and alert the ground troops. Perhaps the Paladins were trying to send the message that they were on their way to help.
  • General:At once, sir.
Help Clara Survive Transphobic Abuse in Venezuela
Hey! My name is Clara and I’m a 24-year-old, Black trans woman living in Venezuela. I’ve been passionate about drawing and painting since I can remember. And if I’m lucky enough, I’d love to go back to school and study paleoanthropology. I began transitioning in secret three years ago.

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please help my cat

so as you might have seen a few days ago i made an update on my commission post saying that one of our cat fell ill and we don’t know the cause

for a few days it seemed he only had a bad tooth that needed to be removed but today’s blood test said otherwise

either a bacteria or a parasite is attacking his blood

he’ll need antibioticum and all kinds of injection daily

the vet fortunately knows of our situation and never asks for the full price but even with lowered prices it’s difficult for us to pay for everything. me and my sister already used up almost all of our money and my father is not exactly willing to pay for vet stuff in general.

as you might know i do commissions:

you can find my COMMISSION PRICE LIST here

i provided examples of my work in the post but also feel free to check out my deviantart gallery and my art tag!

if you have something else in mind that is not listed on the commission post don’t be afraid to ask me about it

my paypal is:

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unfortunately i recently hurt my wrist and cannot work right now, so please if you do commission me, pay the full price first. i will not forget nor abandon your commission, but i desperately need the money and cannot wait until my wrist fully heals.

signal boosts are also much much appreciated

But imagine a ToG prequel though: where we get to learn about bastard-born Brannon finding favor with Mala Light-Bringer, and his eventual, frantic escape with and hiding of the Wyrdkeys. The warrior Athril’s fight against the creature in the lake, his fierce loyalty to his dearest friend, and his tragic love for a dark queen who ultimately couldn’t choose him. When Maeve was governed by her greed for power but also torn by her deep affection for the warrior who dared to love her. The first Valg war and how they were contained. Heck it can even be much later: about one Evalin Ashryver, who dared to defy the Fae queen Maeve and ran away with Rhoe Galathynius. Her unexpected, fast friendship with Lady Marion, who in turn loved and was loved by the Lord of Perranth, Cal Lochan, who constantly dirtied up his clothes just to have a reason to seek Marion out–just, I need all these stories, okay Sarah, okay

  • Spark:Before you get any gay ideas, I don't bottom.
  • Blanche, shocked and horrified:But he has the ass of an extreme uke!

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