well if pink diamond is off-color….

perhaps she was the one infatuated with jasper……

listen up y’all

if you want a female-led and dominated show with badass women, wayward sisters is what you’re looking for.

yes it IS a spin-off of supernatural, but whether or not you enjoy supernatural, this show is going to be incredible. just look at this lovely ALL GIRL lead cast.

each of these women have come from different backgrounds and walks of life to become a family.

patience (far left) is a psychic who has just discovered her abilities that were passed down from her grandmother and fled from her father who doesn’t want her to accept or use those abilities.

claire (2nd to the left) is a hunter who’s parents are both deceased (her father’s body has been taken over by castiel—an angel)

kaia (purple in the middle) is a dreamwalker who can open doors to other deminsions like how freaking amazing is that

donna (brown coat in the middle) is probably the most “normal” of the bunch, but she’s a cop and a hunter and provides much needed comic relief

jody (2nd to the right) is also a cop whose son died and later returned as a zombie and killed her husband as well and she in-turn became a hunter

and alex (far right) was kidnapped by vampires and turn into a vampire herself—fortunately she was cured so now she’s an ex-vamp

jody (with the help of donna) has taken in all of these girls who needed a home when there was nowhere else for them to go. they have made their own family. the wayward sisters.

now here’s the catch—the pilot for this show is a backdoor pilot in this week’s episode of supernatural, this thursday, january 18th at 8:00pm.

even if you’ve never watched supernatural or have no interest in it, PLEASE watch it just this once. this episode needs to have high ratings in order for wayward sisters to be officially picked up by the network. if you have any interest at all in watching an amazing female-led show, please watch the backdoor pilot! if nothing else, turn on the cw as background noise during that time.

there’s a lot of (ridiculous) negativity being spread about this show within the supernatural fandom. so we need to make as much noise as possible to get this show off the ground and give it the chance it deserves!!

Say what you will about Fallout 4, but at least Todd let me sprint in that game, unlike New Vegas, where the only speed is “light jog”

which would be fine except for the fact that when I’m being chased by a centaur, God’s mistake, I would prefer to move at a quicker pace than the middle aged women that speed walk in my neighborhood at 6 am