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And she’ll promise you more than the garden of Eden
Then she’ll carelessly cut you and laugh while you’re bleeding
But she’ll bring out the best and the worst you can be
Blame it all on yourself ‘cause she’s always a woman to me
—  Billy Joel~

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idk if this has been done but how about mc lyric pranking the rfa+v+saeran? can be sfw or nsfw!

Saeran: Little Did You Know by Alex and Sierra 

You: Little did you know...

Saeran: Don’t tell me you ate my ice cream. 

You: How I’m breaking while you fall asleep, Little did you know… 

Saeran: Muffin, what are you talking about? Tell me, please remember no secrets between us 

You: Im still haunted by the memories…. Little did you know I’m trying to pick myself up piece by piece…

Saeran: Look I know I don’t deserve you okay but please tell me how can I help you because (y/n) you helped me pick up my pieces please babe please let me know how to help you… your scaring me…

You: Underneath it all, I’m held captive by the hole inside, Ive been holding back for the fear that you might change your mind…. 

Saeran: Please.. don’t tell my.. my biggest fear is coming true… please.. noo.. lets talk about this when I get home… please..

You: Im ready to forgive you but forgetting is a harder fight 



Saeran: @$#%! HDFGJQN GD^!*@ 

Jumin: Ego by Beyonce 

You: Aw, baby, how you doing? You know I’m gonna cut right to the chase, huh? Some women were made But me, myself? I like to think that I was created For a special purpose, You know? What’s more special than YOU? You feel me?

Jumin: Continue Kitten

You: It’s on, baby let’s get lost, You don’t need to call in to work ‘cause you’re the boss, For real, want you to show me how you feel, I consider myself lucky, that’s a big deal, Why

You: Well, you got the key to my heart, But you ain’t gonna need it, I’d rather you open up my body, And show me secrets you didn’t know was inside, No need for me to lie

Jumin: Keep going my love, you have my full attention *he exits the limo* 

You: It’s too big, Its too wide, its too strong, it won’t fit, its too much, it’s too tough, You got a big ego, such a huge ego, I Love your big ego..

*you hear the door open and then you felt your back lightly hit the couch* 

*You see jumin licking his lips and suddenly you felt his hot breath tickling your neck* 

Now now my kitten, lets see you stroke *grabs your hand and puts it on his crotch* this ego and lets make it fit shall we? 

Seven: Acquainted by The Weekend 

You: Baby you’re no good, caused they warned me bout your type, got me ducking left and right

Seven: You got that right ;)

You: You got me touchin on your body, to say that were in love is dangerous, but seven I’m glad we’re acquainted 


Seven: Oh and if I was you, I would pick a song that we didn’t fuck to :) love you see you in 10 mins!! 

V: Gotta Catch em All - Pokemon Theme Song 

You: I want to be the very best, like no one ever was 

V: Hello my precious angel :) I hope you can accomplish your dreams and be the best in your field! Know I love and support you always! 

You: To catch them is my real test, to train them is my cause! 

V:  …… 

You: I will travel across the land, searching far and wide!

V: Teach Pokemon to understand!!!! The power that’s inside!!!! Pokemon, (gotta catch them all) its you and me!!!!!!! I know its my destiny!!!!

You: Pokemon, (gotta catch them all) its you and me, I know its my destiny
Pokemon, oh, you’re my best friend!!!!! In a world we must defend, Pokemon, (gotta catch them all) a heart so true!!!Our courage will pull us through




YOU: POKEEEMOOOON !! I never would of that the amazing, carefree, would know the Pokemon theme song! I never knew you liked those stuff :

V: I like to be a bit mysterious… it goes with me.. Me and Jumin use to battle each other all the time..We still do…. I started with popplio.. he started with Rowlet… 

You: Dont fuck with my litten.

Yoosung: Burn by Usher 

You:  Its going to burn for me to say this but its coming from my heart 

You: It’s been a long time coming, we da been fall apart 

Yoosung: Baby do you need me to call an ambulance!! ARE YOU AT THE APARTMENT A HEART BURN SOUNDS SERIOUS 

You: I really want to work this out but I don’t think you’re gonna change

Yoosung: Have I done something wrong? :( I know you are out of my league, I hear my classmates whispering how can a pathetic guy like me have someone so beautiful as you :( 

You: I think its best we go our separate ways… 

Yoosung: I always dreamed of this day coming.. first… sally left… then Rika… and now you… I… respect your wishes (y/n).. can you please.. just wait till my last class is over? May I have permission to buy you your favorite flowers and food because if this is going to be my last time seeing you, I want to have a good memory of you….

You: *dies* *guilt* *his heart shattered* *your heart is shattering* YOOSUNG IM SORRY IT WAS A JOKE A LYRIC PRANK IM SORRY!!! YOU KNOW IM IN LOVE WITH YOU!!!! IM SORRRY 


Zen: Pullin me Back by Chingy 

You: Every time I try to leave….something keeps pulling me back, Telling me I need you in my life

Zen: What do you mean ‘leave’. Define it and use it in a sentence. 

You: It was meant to be, You were meant for me, So that means we gotta make it work

Zen: I am legit confused. This is worse than an unpolished script. So you want to break my heart but then you want to make it work. We are talking about this when I get home. Im leaving practice right now. Just look at a picture of me and just remember all the good times we have. Please. 

You: It was all good at first, Spending money, going shopping, Eating at the finest restaurants,And then from club hopping

Zen:  So when you think and see a picture of me, all you think is materialistic things! REALLY! Wow, Jaehee was right about you, you were just using me. I’ll help pack your things when I get to my house. Thanks for breaking my heart. 


Zen: *sends winks face selfie* Cute how my acting skills even work on you ;) I love you too baby, don’t ever think about messing with me ;) 

Jaehee: Come and Get It by Selena Gomez 

You: You ain’t gotta worry, its an open invitation 
Jaehee: Did you open my mail? 
You: I’ll be seating right here, real patient, All day all night, I be waiting standby 
Jaehee: Please (y/n) don’t stay up for me, Mr. DickHead has me working over time :( I don’t want you to sacrifice yourself for me :( 
You: Can’t stop because I love it, hate the way I love you, All day, all night, maybe I’m addicted for life, no lie.
Jaehee: You speak beautiful words hehe *3* thank you for making hell more bearable :) 
You: I’m not too shy to show I love you, I got no regrets. I love you much, too much to hide you, this love ain’t finished yet.
Jaehee:  What do you mean show me……. 
You: *sends nude* 
*jaehee in the office* 

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The imperfect moment

You and Newt travel together, and have developed feelings for each other over the years.

Includes a pining, protective and jealous Newt.

Master list

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“Newt could you give me a hand please?’ y/n called to him from the top of the stairs that lead to the cramped shed, where Newt was hiding. With a deep sigh Newt stood, stretching his back from its previously hunched position.

He could feel jealousy flaring up his back and into shoulders, he tried to push it down, as he trudged up the stairs. He had no claim to her, he had no right to feel like this. He wanted her to be happy, of course he did, even if it wasn’t with him, she deserved that, and so much more. 

He popped his head out of the case, ‘are you alright Newt? You’re looking awfully grumpy’ a slightly cheeky smile on her beautiful face, he couldn’t help but smile back at her. “sorry, just concentrating’ he mumbled, her smile gave way to an apologetic furrow of her brows, ‘I’m so sorry Newt, I didn’t realize, I can sort this out by myself, you go back to what you were doing.’ She apologized profusely, he chuckled at her ‘no, no it’s alright, I was going to take a break anyway’ she stopped trying to push him back down into the worn case.

 Making sure that he was certain, she grabbed his hand and dragged him to her room. Sitting himself on her soft bed, she showed him two dresses, and a skirt with a blouse. She could wear an old sack and Newt would still think that she was the most breath taking creature ever to roam this earth.

“Are you really asking me for fashion advice?’ he chuckled at the notion, she brought her hand to her hip raising her eyebrow. “alright, well I always like you in blue’ gesturing to the pretty deep blue dress that hung from its hanger on the back of your wardrobe door, “it brings out eyes’ a light rose blush blossoming on her cheeks, she gave him a grateful smile.  

“thank you’ she mumbled, as she fiddled with the tie of her robe, he got up to leave so she could change in peace.  

Newt sat himself on the sofa, book on his lap, trying not to feel sorry for himself. She stepped out of her room gracefully, the fabric of her dress fluttering about her knees as she walked. She was breath taking. “I’ll not be out too late, I don’t want to turn into a pumpkin.’ She giggled placing a quick peck on the top of his curly head.

As soon as the front door to your shared flat clicked shut, Newt’s heart sank further, burying his head in his hands.

He couldn’t keep feeling like this, it was too much, he either needed to tell her and risk everything, or move on and give up on the idea that he might find a mate of his own.

He needed a distraction, dwelling on this would only make him feel worse. He climbed his way back into the case, mindlessly heading to Franks enclosure.

The magnificent creature was perched on a large rock, ruffling his feathers, as Newt approached him. The beast gave him an empathetic look, tilting his feathered head towards Newt for him to stroke, knowing that it usually helped to calm the magizoologist.

Newt could hear the beginnings of a commotion going on upstairs, panicking slightly he rushed back to the shed, it was getting louder, your distressed pleading reaching his ears. He broke out into a sprint, scrambling to the door. He found you, trying desperately to push the door shut on the man on the other side, ‘come on doll, we had fun didn’t we, why don’t we continue it.’ He persisted, wedging his foot between the door, so you couldn’t close it.

Newt could feel the anger bubbling in his stomach, as he grabbed the door from y/n, tucking her behind him. ‘I believe she said no’ Newt’s voice dangerously low, ‘you didn’t say you were already with some pompous weedling, did you, you little slut’ the man spat.

Newt grabbed the man by his shirt, pushing him outside against the wall. All newt could see was red, rage and hatred for this scum boiling in his blood. “ you don’t deserve to lick the mud off of her shoes, you repugnant cockroach. Now I suggest you leave, before I do something that I don’t want her to see’ Newt hissed through gritted teeth, trying desperately to keep some sort of lid on his temper.

The man scurried away once Newt had loosened his grip on the shirt. Taking several deep calming breaths, Newt tried to compose himself. He felt your slightly shaking hand rest tentatively on his back,  he turned slowly to face you, realising the true weight of his actions.

“I’m so sorry, I don’t know what came over me, I’ but she cut off his rambling apology with a tight hug, ‘thank you, thank you, l don’t know what would have happened if you weren’t here’ he could feel her tears leaving a damp patch on his shirt, as she clung on to him, as though he was the only thing holding her to the earth. “I’ll always be here love’ he murmured against her sweet smelling hair as he lead you back to the cosy flat that you shared.

He sat her down on the sofa while he made a cup of her favourite sweet tea. Setting the cup on the coffee table he pulled her into his chest, stroking her hair, placing the occasional kiss to the top of her head.

Her sniffles had died away, she seemed to be simply finding comfort in his touch, listening to his heartbeat.

“This might not be the best time, but I’ve had so many perfect moments to say this, and never taken them’ he began as she turned, so that she could look him in the eye. “I must say it now, or I might never say it and I cannot bare not knowing any longer. I love, I love you.’  Newt searched her face, looking for any sign of fear or disgust, instead he was gifted with a smile that he was certain could light the darkest of skies.

Slowly she shuffled up, her breath tickling at his lips, their noses brushing slightly as she leant her forehead against his, ‘I’ve always loved you’


Have a great day and be safe

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could you do an NCT 127 reaction (excluding underage members) to you sending nudes, please? <3~

A/N: enjoy, it’s a bit of a different format than usual^^

You stirred beneath the sheets, unable to ease your thoughts, an exasperated sigh leaving you as you reached toward the nightstand, fumbling in search of your phone.


You smiled to yourself as you read it, the bed seeming to grow emptier, his presence missing.
You replied cutely, whining gently about how much you missed him and how you couldn’t fall asleep.
He replied hastily, soothing your loneliness

‘If I could I’d never leave you alone.’
‘I wish you were here ㅠㅠ’
‘Imagine I’m there.’

You bit your lip gently, picturing naughtier images than he probably intended you to.

When Yuta glanced at his phone, a soft ding echoing through the practice room his lethargic nature would be revived. He’d stand up quickly, hiding his phone from the others as he grinned suspiciously, leaving the room, quickly making his way to the nearest bathroom.
‘Look how hard I am.’

Once Taeil saw your erotic position, the sheets leaving little to the imagination he’d gawk. He’d be astounded you were so needy, quickly typing back a reply, complimenting you slyly. He’d be the type to expect more, but not send any himself as he’s ‘busy’.
‘I’m too lucky, you’re so sexy.’ [rip Taeil sounds lame]

Jaehyun would smirk to himself, shielding his phone from the others suspiciously. They’d probably poke fun at him, able to guess what he was looking at. He’d smile not denying nor confirming their suspicions.
He’d definitely encourage you to send more, only adding to your sexual frustration, his dirty words making you squirm.
‘Damn, show me more, don’t be shy.’

Taeyong would grow quiet. His mind would be preoccupied with thoughts of you, ceasing his banter with the others. He’d text back, his lips pursed in concentration as he demanded you send more, promising to reward you later.
It’d probably turn into some heavy sexting.
‘Touch yourself.’

Doyoung would straight-up show the others [if he felt too much wasn’t exposed]. He’d be rather proud, flaunting his girlfriend as the others asked what he was grinning at.
He’d reply cutely, teasing you, playing innocent. He’d love seeing you get riled up as you’d grow desperate.
‘Wow! Are those the new sheets I bought the other day?!’

Johnny would curse to himself lowly as he opened your message, his brows raising in astonishment.
He’d excuse himself from the others, his reply rather sloppy, misspelled words and typos.
He’d scold you gently, reprimanding you for getting him ‘worked up’ while at work; though secretly still smiling to himself.
‘You’re in trouble.’

Sicheng would flood your phone in reply with a flurry of compliments, his eccentric praise making you flush. He’d be too nervous about sending you anything back, not sure how to make himself look appealing in that way-
He’d also be the type to ruin the mood, too cute.
‘It’s late, you should get your beauty rest; even though you’re already beautiful^^’

Don’t Be Gross

Dylan Larkin x Reader

Team: Detroit Red Wings

Warnings: Mentions of “Frozen”, I’m sorry 

POV: Second Person

Summary: Dylan tries to shovel the walks with his lover, but things take a turn

Originally posted by dyllarkin

“Do you wanna build a snowman?”

“Did you just-”

“Or ride our bikes around the halls!”

“(Y/n), stop-”

“I think some company is overdue, I’ve started talking to the pictures on the walls-”

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All We Do (Sherlock x reader) part3

Summary: Y/N is desperate and John is too, with Sherlock in danger what will happen and will the truth be revealed?

Part one | Part two | Part three | 

John found himself in the reception of the hospital, Y/N is yelling at the receptionist. “Just tell me where he is, please!” she begged. “Y/N this way” John said and she shot his a worried look before nodding and following him up the stairs. “The door’s jammed!” the police officer on guard yelled. “Move” John said grabbing a fire hydrant and smashing the door down to see Culverton leaning over Sherlock. John pulled him off Y/N ran to Sherlock’s side and began fussing over him making sure that he was okay.

“Sweetheart, are you alright?” she fussed over and over “I’m fin-“ he wheezed trying to the air back into his lungs. “Sherlock what was he doing to you?”
“Suffocating me, overdosing me on Saline” he said.
“You bastard” Y/N screamed making to lunge across Sherlock’s bed to tackle the murder but John held her back. Sherlock smiled a little at her willingness to protect him. “So your okay?” John asked and Sherlock shot his a wheezy look. “No, of course I’m not okay. I’m malnourished, double kidney failure and frankly I’ve been off my tits for weeks, what kind of a doctor are you?” Sherlock asked falling back into the pillows of the hospital bed. “Sherlock Holmes, if you weren’t in a hospital bed right now, I would slap you” Y/N sighed crawling to sit at the end of his bed, cross legged and with a stun expression. He shot her a smile, a real one this time “I’d probably deserve it” he said with a groan. “I got my confession though” he said and everyone looked to Culverton who was still being restrained by the police officer. “I don’t recall making any confession” he said “what would I be confessing to?”
“You can listen to it later” Sherlock said
“Well there is no confusion to listen to, oh Mr Holmes I don’t know if this is relevant but we searched your things and found three potential recoding devices in the pockets of your coat. Sorry” he said pulling a face that was of such faked apology it made Y/N want to vomit. Sherlock looked at her with a confused frown, but she didn’t think it was real confusion, again faked but humorously. She squinted at him, in any other
situation she might even had laughed. “Sherlock?’ she asked
“Must be something comforting about the number three, people always stop looking after three” he told her before letting his head roll over to look at John. “What? what is it?” John asked. Sherlock bit his lip a little and Y/N watched him carefully before realising at the same time John did. In perfect unison they both said “Your a cock”
“Yeah” Sherlock grinned.
“How does it open?” John asked holding out his walking cane which he had left on the chair for Sherlock earlier. “Screw the top” he said. On opening it the little microphone in the top of the cane was revealed.

With Culverton arrested and Lestrade getting every truth he could ask for, Sherlock was allowed to recover properly in hospital. Y/N and John with him. John was sat strait up right in a chair while Y/N sat cross legged at the end of Sherlock’s bed, a warm coffee in her hands and she pulled the sleeves of her jumper over her hands. Sherlock had fallen asleep and Y/N had picked up a book while John chatted quietly on the phone to Molly Hooper who was currently babysitting little Rosie. When he hung up he sighed. Y/N looked up from her book. “Are you alright?” she asked and John shrugged. “Tired, worried about Rosie”
“She’s your daughter right?” Y/N asked putting the book down open across Sherlock’s ankles to keep the page. “Yeah” John nodded “How do you know so much about me?” he asked and she shrugged. “Sherlock told me, and while he might not think it, I’m smarter than he gives me credit for” she said with a smile and a glance at Sherlock out of the corner of her eye. “Okay, so you seem to know everything about me-“
“Not everything”
“But I know nothing about who you are.”
“Y/N, fiancé” she shrugged “do you need to know anything else?”
“How long have you been together?”
“We grew up together as kids, ended up at uni together… Um… a drunken once night stand lead to the start of a relationship… We’ve been ‘together’ for about…” she counted on her fingers “seven years, maybe more?” she shrugged.
“How come I’ve never met your before then?” Y/N sighed gently taking a sip of her coffee and resting it on her knee. “Because, it was for the best” she said and John frowned. “Sherlock said it was for the best, keep me safe. I wanted to. But-“ she cut herself off shaking her head, her hair moving with it. “What?” John asked his voice growing kinder. She looked at Sherlock’s sleeping form and smiled kindly with a hint of sadness. “He’s always been so protective, Mycroft too. I know Mycroft doesn’t really like me much, mainly because I usually side with Sherlock. But the whole family where. Sherlock especially…” she spoke as if she was remembering something sad. “What happened?” he asked.
“I was ill, really ill, for a long time. Nearly died and…” tears began to pool in her eyes. “Sherlock was there for me when I was in hospital and… he was a mess for some time I think he’s scared of that happening again. It was horrible for everyone, and no one talks about it.”

John was quiet, he was bad at knowing about Sherlock’s past. But hearing about this, about Sherlock’s humanity and how it made him seem more grounded. “Your better now though right?” he asked Y/N shrugged. “I mean I’m defiantly better that I was, I don’t live in hospital anymore”
“But?” he encouraged as the tears spilled over. She sniffed and wiped her eyes on the sleeve of her jumper. “I’m sorry” she sniffed.
“It’s okay, if you don’t want to talk about it then it’s okay” he said. She shook her head
“No, it’s okay… Um” another sniff “I’m defiantly better but um… Its incurable and one day…” John understood as her voice broke, one day she was going to die and it would tear Sherlock into bits. “Oh” he said. “Yeah… um I’m sorry. You’ll have to excuse me” she said and got off the bed placing her coffee on the nightstand and leaving the room.

Behind These Bars

This is for @madamelibrarian‘s #MadameLibrarian’s SPN Writer Challenge
Pairing: Dean, Reader
Rating: Mature, 15+
Word Count: 987
Warnings: mention of domestic violence, death, beatings, self doubt, mental anguish, jail (if that’s a warning)
Summary: YN is taken to lock up for the night. She’s sure they don’t believe a word she’s said, she doesn’t believe it either. But her cellmate does.
A/N: This is set in jail, please adhere the warnings, it does get descriptive from the point of view of someone who was beaten by their spouse.

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Please do thigh riding with Evans ahs characters? ❤

A/N-I’m going to try my best to make these gender neutral!!!

-Sitting on his lap.
-Him moving his thigh so it rubs against you
-You grinding down on his thigh
-Him moaning and squeezing your hips
-Him helping you move
-“I can feel how wet/hard you are through my jeans…”

-Being in Briarcliff together
-Sitting on the couch with him
-Jokingly sitting on his lap when the staff wasn’t watching
-Being smug and grinding down on his thigh
-Him having to bite his lip to keep from moaning your name out loud
-Him moving his thigh with you
-You covering your mouth with your hand when you get cum
-“You’re such a tease.”

Pre-Death Kyle:
-Being in class with him
-Siting on his lap because there aren’t enough chairs
-Him bouncing his thigh
-You moaning then blushing from embarrassment when everyone looks
-Him being cocky and rubbing his thigh against you
-“Stay quiet, baby, I don’t want anyone to hear you.”

Post-Death Kyle:
-Laying in bed with him, cuddling
-Wrapping your legs around his waist
-Eventually grinding down on his thighs
-Because you just NEED him
-Him grunting and whining
-Kissing all over his face while you do it

-Going to a meeting with the other freaks
-Sitting on Jimmy’s lap just because
-Him getting cocky and rubbing his thigh against you
-You biting your lip and moving your hips on him
-“Good girl/boy.”

-Sitting on his lap at the bar
-Him kissing the back of your neck
-So you grind on his thigh
-Him cussing under his breath and gripping your hips
-You smirking and rolling your hips
-Him leaving hickeys all over your neck and shoulders
-“We’re going to have to do this more often.&

I’m going to exclude Edward because I just feel like this is too awkward for that sweet cinnamon roll.

-Sitting on his lap, facing him
-Cute nose kisses and opened mouthed kisses all over his neck
-You reaching down to palm him through his jeans and him bucking up against you
-So you grind down on his thigh
-Him leaning his head back and moaning your name
-Kisses all over his neck as you roll your hips
-"You’re fucking amazing.”

where is janey??? why is there 0 janes here
it hurts my soul n my poor lil heart ):

janey if ur out there and u see this please come 2 me n we can chit chat and hug n have some milkshakes n hug and watch some tv or smth n u can pet my cats n we can bake together N HUG

did i mention HUGS? lmfao i stg i didnt
but aaanywaaays….. pls come here asap janey im lonely w/o u here
le sigh….. ily and imy janey )’:

What It's Like Being a Matt and Trey Obsessed Student
  • Me: okay time for class
  • Brain: hey remember that South Park episode
  • Me: no i have to pay attention
  • Brain: hey you should scream sing the entire Book of Mormon album right here right now
  • Me: no i have work to d—
  • Brain: *slams fists on table and chants* DO IT DO IT DO IT DO IT
  • Me: crap i haven't been paying attention
  • Brain: Just pull out your phone and watch South Park it'll calm your nerves
  • Me: I can't do that I'm in school
  • Brain: then just skip school
  • Brain: cmon please?
  • Me: no
  • Brain: please?
  • Me: NO
  • Brain: fine
  • Teacher: (Y/N) how about you answer this question I put on the board?
  • Me: .............

Credit to @j1ny0ung

Insomnia| Park Jinyoung

Prompt: You have insomnia/sleeplessness and you are trying to avoid Jinyoung finding out but when he sleeps over for the first time you end up telling him everything.

A/N: Long time no see! Please take this scenario for my ultimate bias as an apology for not posting any original stuff for a while. I do suffer from an inability to sleep sometimes and so I based a lot of this off of my personal experiences. Please excuse any mistakes while reading.



  1. habitual sleeplessness; inability to sleep. synonyms: sleeplessness, wakefulness, restlessness

The most beautiful things are often the most deadly. The most beautiful flowers are often the most poisonous. The most beautiful animals are often the most dangerous.

The most beautiful night is full of terrors.

The most beautiful night is full of things which twist their way into the mind. Things which sink their tendrils deeper and deeper until you’re thrashing desperately to prise them loose. Things which have no place in the day but seek you out relentlessly every single night.

These things are what have you staring at your ceiling night after night. They never give you up, unwilling to relinquish their hold over you. A tired huff escapes your lips. Tired because you are sick of ending up in this situation again and tired because while your body wants to rest your mind won’t let you. Small thoughts flit across your brain, coming into focus for a second before leaving only to be replaced by another soon after. Again and again, over and over, never stopping.

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Title: Persuasion, Chapter 9

Rating: T

Pairing: RumBelle

Summary: Seven years ago, at his godfather’s persuasion, Rumford Gold turned down an offer of marriage. Now, with his family estate being rented, the woman he still loves will be thrust back into his life. (or a role-reversal/gender swapped Rumbelle version of Jane Austen’s Persuasion.)

A/N: The amazing cover art made by the awesome @evilsnowswan. Thank you to @betweenpaperpages for the beta!

A/N 2: If you like this fic, please think about Nominating it for Best Historical AU in the TEAs. And poor Rumford for Best Woobie. Thank you.

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