guys please watch the heartbeat music video!!
it is an AMAZING song but unfortunately very underrated
it deserves to reach at least 1 million views


If Baekhyun can pull off pink hair… I definitely can’t pull it off  😂 Please keep watching and sharing the Music Video for Ko Ko Bop!

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Monday Motivation: the LWYMD music video will be out and we will break the VEVO record

Guys please watch the music video as many times as you can refresh and not reply! Don’t forget to log out your YouTube account because for a YouTube account only one view is count no matter how many times you watch it. Also don’t mute it or listen with earphones because it doesn’t count as well. Try to watch it many times as you can, send it to your friends or to anyone who likes Taylor @taylorswift

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if you want to feel nostalgic, please just watch that new music video for “go!!!” by flow. when all l the seiyuu start singing at the end…idk man i just remembered the summer between grade 10 and 11 when i would write fanfiction using my dad’s computer and be super paranoid my family would come across my secret folder of word docs featuring some student blogger sakura haruno lmao. 

okay just like please consider a young team seven being commissioned to escort this band (”so we’re like…roadies?”) and sakura and naruto LOVE THEM SO MUCH and even sasuke thinks they’re catchy and like. this is the coolest mission ever??? and blah blah blah they stop someone from attacking the band and they’re super grateful and like “hey do you guys want to join us for a song??” and so team seven gets to join at the end and they’re all like tHIS IS THE GREATEST THING EVER???? and they have this photo with the band it is treasured forever. also sakura is so cute and talented she gets offers from agencies afterwards.


I made a Xena music video, please watch


i just saw this band in london and they’re AMAZING, please watch this music video and let it light up your heart


an AMV with Kase-san (the first of many). Please go and watch the original music video at to show your support and love for this really amazing yuri series! (there is no full anime, only a manga and this original music video) 



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