우리 라키가 힛더스테이지에 나옵니다 곧 11시에 방송이니 모두 본방사수 부탁드려요ㅎㅎ 컨셉은 비밀♡ 난 너가 좋다 초록인간♡ #아스트로 #아로하 #라키 #초록인간


Rocky’s Hit The Stage performance will be out at exactly 11pm KST. Please watch the broadcast haha The concept is secret♡ I love you green man♡ #ASTRO #AROHA #Rocky #Greenman

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‘Mindful Education’ is starting to worry me

~ No leak, extended promos, etc. AT ALL for this episode, as of right now. Very unusual, given this show’s track record. It’s quiet. TOO quiet.

~ Rebecca Sugar reblogs an episode poster/teaser, asking everyone to “please, please” watch the episode

~ The episode is obviously about fusion. Rebecca Sugar also posted this image of Opal today, with worrying song lyrics

The last one could be a coincidence, but still. I think this episode is going to make people cry. lol

@thedemogcrgon said: I ̶p͠l̵àn̨t̶ed ̸m͏y̷ ̡se͞e͘ee̢e҉ȩed̨ ̕on ̢o͘n͞e ́o͜f ̨ýour f͢r̛ien̕d͝s ̛f́r̨i͡en̕d.͘ I̕ mi̛ght ̸no̡t ́r̷et͝u̢rn ̴b͢u̢t͞ mý ch͡ìl͏d̢r̢en ͟wi͞l̨l̨.̴ ́They͜ ̡wi̧ĺl͠l ̷te̕rro̴rís͠e th̢e ̶t̢o҉wn͜ an͠d͏ youŗ ̨prec̸ious miķe̶.͏ A̡n̕d̷ y̨ou̕.̸ Y͏oư won̢t be ̕the͏re̴ to͠ p͢roţect̢ ̀him

duuuuuuuuuuude gross

I CAN’T WRITEEEEEEEEE, I FEEL SO DESPERATE AND DEPRESSIVE. I wanna punch something in the face and then punch myself and dieeeeeee. I have like TONS AND TONS of unfinished fics, and I can’t focus on any of them. The mutsurie that I was writing is unfinished, also the touken date, I haven’t even started to write SDTL and I have to update IWAR and the worse thing is that I really wanna write, I know what to do, I have all the ideas in my head, but I just can’t do it. I’m so blocked. I tried to read some stuff because that inspires me sometimes but nope, nothing. My brain is dead. And I also feel very bored? like I don’t know what to do. I was reading a book but I dropped it, and I was trying to finish Fate Zero and I couldn’t. I think I need sugar? this is so stupid but sugar makes me go crazy like I get super dizzy and sometimes it works to stimulate my shitty inspiration. I’m rambling a lot but I need to pour out my frustration. The funny and horrible thing is that today was a very nice day, very sunny and warm day, so I opened the huge window that I have in my room to wait for the sunset because the view in my room is AMAZING, and I love sunsets and they inspire me a lot (the sun gets down right in front of me and the sky gets very orange and dyes the walls). So I waited for the sunset the whole day and the sun was SO FUCKING HOT like my room was a living hell and I was soaking wet but I waited still because I really wanted to see the sunset and turns out that there were literally NO FUCKING CLOUDS in the sky, NONE, and when the sun was disappearing it hid behind a building and the sky was still blue and there was NO COLOR, it was the most crappy sunset of all, so I almost died of heat the whole day waiting for a sunset that never came and I’m so frustrated by that, it’s very stupid but i think I can’t write because I feel frustrated by lots of silly things. I think I need some vacations. 

madwomancrazylady  asked:

If you're still doing drabbles could you do a fluff (maybe slight smut) with Kai with the phrase "Bite Me" please:)

you were watching a cheesy romance movie with Kai on your couch, it was nothing out of the norm, but kai was a little bit more affectionate in terms of skinship. You knew already that he was a fanatic of skinship and of showing his affection for you.

Just not quite as much as this.

you were laid on top of him, your head on his chest and laid between his legs. It was comfortable and innocent, you both laid like this often. He’d play with your hair absent mindingly or draw circles on your skin while engrossed into the show you were watching. But tonight, his hand was under your shirt, or his shirt that you stole. His index finger just mindlessly drawing cirlcles.

“Jongin, stop. it tickles” you lifted your head and pressed it against his chest. he ignored you and continued on to draw circles, purposely making them softer.

“Jongin! stop it” You whined into his chest again. You felt the movements stop but you didn’t expect what happened next. He had lifted you up so that he could move to lay on top of you. He had swiftly altered your position so his head was resting on your chest, and he was laid between your legs.

“this better baby?” He smirked playfully at you, he had successfully managed to pin you against the couch. His head laid back down on your chest while his index finger drew circles on the palm of your hand.

“Jongin, i’m getting real sick of your shit” you sassed him, you felt his silent laugh as he continued to annoy you. “Jongin, i swear to god if you don’t stop trying to tickle me, i will personally punch you into tomorrow” you tried to threaten him but he just laughed.

“Aw, my baby is trying to be tough.” He teased you, he kissed the side of your head, then your nose, your jawline and then slowly on your mouth. His hand moved under your shirt, slowly making its way up to your waist and then the side of your chest. “Not so tough now, are you?” his eyes were dark and full of lust, he more than relaxing planned tonight.

“bite me” You tried to push at him but he was securely laid on top of you. “I think i will” He leant down and kiss the side of your neck. Softly at first to tease you, his lips pressd harder against your neck and you couldnt help but moan at him. this encouraged him further. Softly his tongue flicked at your skin, then he pressed open hot mouth kisses to your collorbone and bite down gently.

“Hm, I told you” he laughed, before kissing you deeply.


Her Story - episode 6

Watch here:

Her Story is a web series about the dating lives of trans & queer women, which stars trans & queer women, and was written and directed by trans & queer women. (One of the creators Jen Richards is also on tumblr @smartassjen )

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GLAS (1958) is a must watch for all lovers of beauty. 10 minutes of perfection, both in glass-blowing and in film-making.