• Peter: You wake up one day with the ability to freeze time at will for as long as you want with no repercussions. What’s the first thing you do with your newfound powers?
  • Wade: Take a nap
  • Peter: You just woke up
  • Wade: ..take a nap

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julie literally created isak and even to be each other's soulmates from the very beginning, she knew exactly who isak was going to end up with back in season 1 when he was angry and upset and all alone i didn't think i could cry anymore after yesterday but goddamn


Julie knew. When she created Isak’s character. When she revealed bits and pieces of his personality throughout the seasons. When she showed us his family problems through other characters’ eyes. When she slowly introduced his character to us after making us speculate and wonder. When he couldn’t sleep at night. When he lived in a stranger’s basement. When he was just utterly broken and alone. Julie knew.

She knew all along that he was going to get the happiness he deserves. That he was going to meet someone who would turn his world upside down, who would shine brighter than the sun every damn day and make everything so worth it. That they would love and heal each other. And that together they would build a home.

I need 2121 days to recover.

Hannibal Charms Are Here!

They just arrived in my mailbox! I’ll be working hard tonight to assemble and pack everything to ship out to you guys ; v ; if you preordered, look out for an email in the next few days with your tracking number. Thank you all so much for your patience! 

Any extras will be up for sale once everything’s been sent out. I’ll keep you guys posted~