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THEN WHAT IS IT?!?!? TELL ME!! >.< TELL ME WHAT IS IT?! *digs the knife a little bit more* TELL ME, HENE! TELL ME WHY YOU ARE NOT DOING THIS?! DO YOU NOT LOVE ME?!?!?! HUH?! HUH?! TELL ME!! I will not hesitant on slicing you right now... heh... Come on~ take the knife and go do it~ Just for me~ You would, right?~ Ne, come on~ It's not such a hard job~ nwn

*cries out a little* I-I just don’t want anyone to get hurt!! I-I wanna talk t-to my friends too!! B-but you are the only one I’ll ever love, I promise!! >.< N-no, I don’t want to…! Y-you can kill me but not them! S-spare them, please… they did nothing wrong… *starts sobbing quietly*

the noose slipped too loose. the image of abuse was intimate. shall I try again?
my fingers slipped, too.
I quietly sighed or maybe I cried. Poor me. I’m still alive. I’m still in love. my heart’s already tried. and died. yet it won’t be the last time. hope you feel like swinging by to catch me swinging in a sorrow from a longing deep in my marrow.
two hours slipped by ‘cause I was lying. I’m too afraid of dying without telling you why and…
‘can you please just come over?‘