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Tell me how am supposed to live without you
Now that I’ve been lovin’ you so long
How am I supposed to live without you
How am I supposed to carry on
When all that I’ve been livin ‘for is gone …


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if you don't mind me asking, in the last tweet you translated (in the picture) there are some arrows pointing at the folded clothes and other things, what do those notes say? thank you :)

Ahh, that
I usually don’t translate them because they’re too small and I can’t discern the strokes, but I’ll translate those that I can read and somehow understand!

If someone can actually read those small text, or anything animation-related knowledge that can help, or can fill in the blanks (I really can’t read them anymore *cries*), or have something to correct, please do tell!

Yellow box:

文豪 #21 C-291

(Bungou #21 C-291)

Green box:


Same _
Picture blur)

Red box:


(Coat, hat
B clincher)

Blue box:


Orange box:


Today when I started crying because I felt like I was annoying Daddy by talking too much
  • Me: *randomly start sobbing*
  • Daddy: Baby girl why are you crying?
  • Me: *cries harder*
  • Daddy: Please tell me what's wrong baby girl. Let me hold you.
  • Me: *still crying* Please hit me Daddy.
  • Daddy: No I won't.
  • Me: Please I've been a bad girl and now I'm being worse by crying.
  • Daddy: No baby girl you don't need to be hit right now. You need love. Now come here.
[151117] Hoshi’s Twitter Interaction with Fans

Opening Tweet: [17’s Hoshi] Finally, SEVENTEEN is back~ Yaha~

Fan: What did you do today?
HS: Prepared for the concert~ Hoho.

Fan: Oppa, what will you be doing on the V App?
HS: *laughs* Hoshi’s mouth is like a stone.

Fan: You’re eating well, right? You’re also receiving my love well, right??
HS: I received too much that it’s overflowing.

Fan: Please give us a spoiler, Kwon Spo-nim. *laughs*
HS: I want to.. *laughs* Just wait a little more!!!

Fan: Please make a fan club name, Soonyoung-ah. *cries*
HS: Mounteen. *laughs* Everyone, please tell me why you don’t like it.

Fan: Soonyoung-ah, do you like Bubble Gum? I like it.  😇
HS: *laughs* Hoho.

Fan: The reason why we hate Mounteen is…. We just hate it. *laughs*
HS: Let’s fight. *laughs*

Fan: What kind of ramyeon that is sweet? x3
HS: Neowa hamkke ramyeon (trans: If I’m with you).  ////ㅍ////

cr: bex @ what17says
© take out only with credits

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ok yeah i gotta admit that theyre adorable and one of my otps but still-


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Uh, so guys, I’ve gone and written something…this is just a sneak peak but please tell me what you think! Depending on what you guys think, I may or may not continue this (because I have loads of things to do too cries –)

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Hiroki couldn’t believe that one of lead actors was late for their first meeting. Although he’d never met him in person, he knew that his name was Tanaka and that he’d be playing the role of Sawamura Daichi. He’d seen pictures of him though – yes, his looks somewhat bordered on “this should be illegal” – but Hiroki knew better than to expect anything more than a substandard, for Japanese men had the tendency to turn to be less visually pleasing in person.

Rather impatiently, his eyes flicked to his watch, and suppressed the urge to just get up and leave. Not only was Tanaka forty minutes late, he’s making Hiroki sit in a room full of strangers, idling his precious time away.

And it didn’t help that he was the only person in the room who’s not engaged in a conversation – not that he minded – but still, it made him a little uncomfortable to know that firstly, he’s not over his social anxieties, and secondly, he’s as introverted as he was back in his high school days.

Just as he’s about to excuse himself and go to the toilet, the door of the meeting room flung open and Hiroki found himself holding his breath.

“I’m very sorry! I didn’t expect to be a delay for my flight,” Tanaka said apologetically. He’s breathing heavily – presumably from running. And there he was, in a tight-fitted black turtleneck and boyish dark jeans, sweating and looking hot as fuck.


Hiroki quickly looked away, embarrassment creeping up his neck. He didn’t know which was worse – the fact that Tanaka’s just as hot in person as on print, if not even more so, or that their eyes briefly met when Hiroki was trying to avert his gaze.

“My name is Tanaka Keita,” he continued, “and I’ll be one of the persons in charge of the cast. Nice to meet you.”


Hiroki couldn’t help noticing how nice his name sounded, and wondered fleetingly how his own name would sound coming from Tanaka Keita’s mouth –


Before he realized it, Tanaka had seated himself next to Hiroki. The meeting went on, hosted by Tanaka, but Hiroki couldn’t hear a single word of it, nothing but the ominous beating of his own heart.


5sos preferences #3: 5sos bsm, you have a crush on another boy part 2

Ashton is your brother and you like Michael, age 5-7:

You finally arrived at Michael’s about 10 minutes later. “Mikey!” you yelled as you saw him. “(y/n)!” he yelled back, as he engulfed you in a hug. “She likes you,” Ashton mouthed to Michael, as you had your back to him. Michael looked surprised, but it quickly changed into a smirk. “So, tell me (y/n), who do you like the most, me or Ashton?” You thought for a while, before answering “Mikey,” Ashton faked being hurt. “I thought you loved me!” Ashton fake cried. “I do Ash, i do, don’t cry please, i just like, like Mikey, and you’re my brother, so i like you too,” you said as you hugged him. Ashton chuckled, as you used ‘like, like’. “It’s okay sweetie, i like you too,” Ashton smiled. “Mikey do you think i’m pretty?”  you asked Michael. “Of course! You’re one of the most beautiful people in the whooole universe!” Michael said. “Look (y/n), he thinks you’re pretty even without blue hair,” Ashton said. “Maybe when you’re a little older, we can get matching hair colours,” Michael said winking at you. “I love you Mikey!” you squealed. “If i say i love you too, does that make you my girlfriend?” Michael asked you. “Cause then i love you too,” Michael smiled at you. You squealed again, grabbing Michael’s hand and walking away with your new 'boyfriend’. 

Michael is your brother and you like Luke, age 17:

As soon as Michael was out the door, you ran over to Luke, wrapping your arms around his neck and kissed him. After a while Luke deepened the kiss. “Really? I’m gone for 5 minutes, and you’re already sucking each others faces of,” Michael said sounding annoyed. “Sorry,” you said smiling sheepishly at him. “What are you doing here anyway? I thought you were gonna get food,” you said. “Forgot my wallet,” Michael shrugged. Calum and Ashton will be here in around 10 minutes, so don’t do anything!“ Michael warned… again. You and Luke decided to listen to Michael, and you just cuddled on the couch. As Michael said, Calum and Ashton walked trough the door around ten minutes later. "Woah, woah, woah… what’s happening here?” Calum asked, as he saw you and Luke. “We’re kind of together,” you said looking up at Luke, to see him already staring at you. “Aaaw,” Ashton said as he sat down beside you. “I’m back, and i’ve got food with me!” Michael yelled from the kitchen. All the boys cheered, and you were glad the attention wasn’t on you and Luke anymore.

Luke is your brother and you like Calum, age 17-18:

You quickly texted (y/f/n) where you were, and she was there within 15 minutes. You quickly got into the car and (y/f/n) started to drive without saying anything. When you stopped at a red light, (y/f/n) turned around in her seat slightly, so she could look at you. “So what happened?” You started to explain everything, from seeing Calum with a girl, to her being so nice, and about how you had told Luke you felt sick. She listened while she was driving to her flat. That’s the thing you loved about her, you could talk about anything and just listen to each other. When you got to (y/f/n)’s flat, you just crashed on the couch and watched movies, until you fell asleep. You woke up the next morning to the smell of pancakes. “How’re you feeling?” (y/f/n) asked as, you walked into the kitchen. “I’m okay, i guess,” you said. “I’d really like to spend the dau with you, but i have a job that ruins it,” she said as she pouted. “It’s fine, thanks for helping me,” you said. “I’ll always be here if you need me,” she said as she handed you a plate of pancakes. When you were done, you said goodbye and went home. You opened the door to hear familiar voices coming from the livingroom. “I just don’t know what to do Luke, i really like her, but she probably doesn’t like me”… was that Calum? He was probably talking about Lauren, you thought. You didn’t want to hear anymore about it, so you walked into he living room. “Hey guys,” you said faking a smile. “Hi (y/n), feeling any better?” Luke asked. “A little,” you answered. “Did you have fun yesterday?” “Yeah, i’m actually going on a date with Lauren later,” Luke said. Wait a second… Luke is going on a date with Lauren. “With Lauren? isn’t Lauren Calum’s girlfriend?” you asked confused. Calum just started to laugh. “Lauren and i are only friends. She saw the she looks so perfect video, and she thought Luke was goodlooking, so i brought her along,” Calum said. “Oh…” you said, feeling stupid for not noticing the way she looked at Luke. “I love another person anyway,” Calum said. “I’m gonna go so you can figure this out,” Luke said. “(y/n), i just really, really love you, but you probably don’t like me, and i just had to say how i felt, cause you deserved to kn-” you cut him of with a kiss. “Shut up Calum, i love you too,” you said when you broke apart. “Really? Will you please be my girlfriend,” Calum asked sounding hopeful. “Of course,” you said as you kissed him again. 

Calum is your brother and you like Ashton, age 18-19:

Fuck. fuck, fuck, what have i done?You thought, as you were lying on your bed. After 10 minutes, you heard a knock on your door. It’s him. You heard another knock, and before you could do anything, the door opened and Ashton walked in. God dammit, i forgot to lock the door. “(y/n), can we talk?” Ashton asked. “I don’t have much of a choice do i?” you asked. “Not really.” You sighed but patted the space next to you. Ashton sat down, and he was just staring at you. “Look Ashton, the thing that happened wasn’t meant to happen. I’m sorry, okay?” You looked at Ashton and he looked quite sad. Why? “Look, if the kiss didn’t mean anything to you, i will leave. But before i go i just think that you should know, i really like you, and the only reason i haven’t asked you out yet is because of your brother. When you kissed me, i thought that we could be something more than what the hell we are now, but i guess i was wrong,” Ashton said as he started to get up and leave. “Ashton, wait!” He turned around and looked hopefully at you. “Yeah?” “Please stay, i fucking love you, i have for the longest time, but i didn’t think you felt the same way, and i ju-” Ashton cut you of with a kiss. “i don’t care what Calum says, please be my girlfriend.” “Of course,” you said as you kissed him again. Later that night you were just laying in your bed, with Ashton asleep beside you. You decided to check Twitter, and saw that when you were sitting on the couch earlier, he had tweeted 'sitting with the most beautiful girl beside me!’ Everyhing just felt perfect in that moment.

A/N: Guys i’m sorry i uploaded it this late, but as i said my computer crashed and i lost it all :( thanks for 200 followers and all the messages i got, i really appreciate it :) i’m sorry if this is shit and if there’s any mistakes it’s 1am and i’m really tired.

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Reasons Why Armin is actually A Very Important and Strong Character

Okay there is too much hate for this small blonde child when you need to get your facts straight.

Armin barely cried much in any of it. Main points where he cried were:

•he was //bullied// you inconsiderate person.

•his best friend risked his life for him because he was too busy being stunned by the fact his friends were dying left and right, and don’t you dare tell me that’s not how you would act in that situation because we are all human.

•he then found his best friend to be alive and the last limb he saw fly out at him was magically healed, and he wasn’t the only one crying //mikasa was sobbing and is viewed as one of the strongest characters//

•**SPOILERS SORRY** he sobbed after killing a person because he didn’t want to but did it to save Jean from being killed, so if you don’t believe you would feel horrible after that then you can fuck off to the thinking corner.

•he wasn’t the only person in the //whole story who sobbed their eyes out at some point in time//

Those are some of the main points on crying, now here’s reasons why he’s really important and a strong character:

•he literally thought up the plan that was the first win for humanity in //under 5 minutes// so go armin

•he was still traumatically stunned over the loss of his best friend and yet he still pulled his shit together to form a strategy to help retake the refill center which worked and saved more lives

•if you think he’s weak then please go back and rewatch the first fucking episode. He legitimately tells the bullies “you’re only hitting me because I’m right and you can prove me wrong”

•he is one of the main reasons Eren decided to even have a dream to fight in the survey corp besides the fact of his mom because //they share the dream of seeing the outside world//

•he’s also helped to think of a lot of other plans including the one to help discover Annie as the female titan, and the time when //he and Jean went as historia and eren and he was being sexually harassed and yet didn’t even shed a tear and was as strong as he could be through it//

•he has one of the largest character developments behind Jean so there’s that

•friendly reminder, //his whole family is dead//. We still don’t have an entire idea on grisha, but eren still has mikasa who lived with him. Armin only has his friends but no family, and yet he doesn’t dwell on that. He pushes forward.

•here’s an idea, READ THE MANGA

So next time you want to complain that Armin is “weak”, “a crybaby”, “not important to the story” then you need to actually have good fucking reasons besides the point he cried over his best friends death. He is just as important to this story as mikasa and eren and //everyone else//. So don’t you dare push him down to nothing. His character doesn’t deserve that negativity for how strong he actually is. ////Just because a character isn’t strong physically does not mean they aren’t strong mentally////.
Thank you and have a nice day.

Behati hawao yaad rakhna, Hum yahan par reh gaye hain
—  Krishna Sobti: Prior to Partition, I was in my hostel in Lahore. I packed my suitcases, looked at the rooms, they were empty, and came down. I ventured towards the swimming pool, I don’t know why. I went to the gate, took my suitcases there. The chowkidar (guard) did not look at me and I didn’t look at him—when we left that place, there was something telling you that it’s over. From the gate, I went up to my room, and looked at the empty room. Only one pencil was there. I picked it up and wrote on the wall: Behati hawao yaad rakhna/Hum yahan par reh gaye hain (Blowing winds, please remember/we too have stayed here).And when I came down, I cried.

“Then he asked me to be his bride…mmm….and always be right by his side…I felt so happy I almost cried and then he kissed me-e-e…oh, woah, sorry, I didn’t think anyone would want to find me so late" Edmée pulled back rather sheepishly. A little too fast for her liking as she hit her injured arm against something hard. “Ow, shit…please tell me you weren’t standing there when I did my Salt-N-Pepa routine. Or are you more of a TLC kinda person?”.


in October, i got a DM from TaylorNation saying that they loved my account and would like some background information. then, they called me telling me i was invited to a “secret event” having to do with you, and it was the 1989 SECRET SESSION IN RHODE ISLAND! i cried so hard that night, because it was my chance to finally meet you. but then, i cried that night for a whole other reason… i couldnt go because the plane tickets were WAY too expensive… i was so crushed, and it was the worst thing thats ever happened to me. my mom told me that everything happens for a reason, and even though im not over it yet, i hope that one day, i will meet you and all of this will be worth it in the end. i really hope that i can meet you, because i wanted to go SO bad, but it just couldn’t happen. i appreciate you picking me Taylor, and i pray every night that i will finally get to hug you and tell you how much you mean to me.
thank you for reading this! I LOVE YOU!
Love, Julia

(Angst!) Drunken thoughts of a broken-hearted man

Oh my god, it was so hard for me to write that you have no idea… I actually cried while writing this. i don’t know tbh, it might sound lame to some of you but i just??? i’m way too emotional and felt like writing an angst since i’ve not written before so this is what came out. I REALLY NEED OPINIONS!!! please tell me whether you’ve liked it or not and what should i improve? ;;;

Inspired by the lyrics:

The nights when you don’t sleep - the whole night you’re crying
But you can’t forget her - soon you even stop trying

 Sooner or later you realize you’ve been wrong the whole time. It was never about the money or the fame, or the appearance, or your situation in life in general. She was with you simply because she loved you. She didn’t love the public Jay – the one your fans knew; the funny one, the person who joked about anything and always tried to make everyone around him happy, the one who always put everyone’s needs before his own and never doubted those decisions. She loved the real Jay, the one who has been hurt many times before, the one who sometimes felt lonely but always looked happy on the outside. The lost boy who has experienced failures many times before but was able to get back on his feet. The one who feared love for so long, he was actually terrified when he let somebody in.

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“Imagine being scared of Sam after you return from hell”

A/N: Requested by @ly-canthr0pe

“NO PLEASE!” You screamed into the darkness, your body jolting upright. Panic paralysed your body, the tears falling from your eyes as you realised it had just been a dream.

“Y/N?!” You could hear Sam before you could see him, his cries echoing through the hallway followed by his running footsteps. It hadn’t taken him long to get you, his face filling with concern as he found you a crumbling mess on the bed.

“I’m fine.” You whispered holding your hands up to stop him from coming any closer. "I’m fine…”

"Please talk to me.” His voice broke and you could tell how much you were hurting him. It was never your intention to be like this, if anything you missed him more than you could put into words but it was all too soon. You weren’t ready to talk about it, weren’t ready to think about it and you certainly weren’t ready to be touched by someone else.

“I have nothing to say.” You stared at him blankly, the room so silent you could swear you could hear his heart shattering.

"You can’t keep shutting me out like this.” He was pleading now, his own tears steaming down his cheeks. You knew you’d lose him if you continued like this, that it all wasn’t fair on him but you couldn’t help it. Sam could never understand.

"I’m tired, I need to sleep.” The only words you could think of slipped from your mouth as you laid back down, pulling the covers high up over your body.

“Y/N-” Sam was about to protest when you stopped him.

"Goodnight Sam.” You turned your back on him as you squeezed your eyes shut tight.

“Night.” He sighed in defeat as he dragged himself back to his room.


Imagine #56 Just your house cleaner (part 3)

PS: Here it is, part 3 everyone! I relly enjoy writing this, please tell me what you you think about it ! :)


“So? How is it in Spain?” Your best friend asked on Skype. You were so happy that you could finally talk to her and tell her everything.

“It’s good, but I miss you guys so much” You said and almost cried when you noticed she wasn’t alone but there were some of your friends hanging out at her house.

“We miss you too!” They all said and you smiled but cried at the same time.

“Will you come see us soon?” Your bf asked, but she knew it wasn’t easy. The tickets were expansive and right now, you could not afford it.

“I’ll try but it’s hard. What’s new?”

“Well to be honest nothing. These idiots keep on hanging out in my house and we still have school. I saw your mom yesterday; she said she misses you a lot. By the way, did you get a job?”

“I know, I called her yesterday, she told me you two met. Well yeah, I’m working as a house cleaner for someone rich…”

“Who? Is it like in movies? Where there is that old man who works all the time and his wife is mean to you and makes you work every second of the day?” She said like this was funny and excited, but she made you laugh.

“No! It’s a young boy actually. He’s Brazilian so it makes it easier.” You said still not sure if you should tell that you work for Neymar.

“Is he cute? Why is he rich? Is he a daddy’s boy or something?”

“Okay, enough with the interrogation. I have to go now; I’ll talk to you soon okay. Tell everyone I miss them and please don’t forget about me!” You said forcing a smile, because you were actually sad because of the distance that was between you and your family.

“We could never! Love you, call me when you can!” She said waiving and blowing a kiss then closed the video call.

You laid on your sofa and looked at the ceiling. You started thinking of Neymar, you remembered of the dancing time you two had in the kitchen and then the hug he gave you. Not even realizing it a smile appeared on your face.

He made you happy, he made you feel like you were not alone, but it was wrong. He had everything in his life and for him you were just a house cleaner as he said to his friends.

After some time you finally fell asleep.
The next morning it was the usual, getting in Neymar’s house before he woke up to make him breakfast and cleaning around the house.

“Morning (y/n)” You heard Neymar behind you still half asleep.

“Good morning, slept good?” You asked while you were bringing food to the table.

“Well not really. Had a nightmare, you were part of it.” He laughed.

“Oh well, I’m sorry if I scare you.” You smiled.

“No it’s not that. I dreamed that you were shot in front of my eyes.”

“Oh.” You said confused, but happy because he dreamed of you.

“Well (y/n), I’m glad it was a dream and you are still alive.” He smiled and started eating.

“Me too.” You said as you walked in his bedroom to make his bed and clean.

After you finished and he finished eating you walked back in the kitchen to clean after him, but you noticed he was already doing the dishes.

“Oh, please let me do it.” You immediately walked to the sink where he was.

“No, I want to help you. You are not my serv.” He said and looked at you smiling. His words made you happy, it wasn’t nothing special, but it made you feel better.

“Please Neymar.” You said as you took the plate that he was already holding under the water. He looked at you and smiled.

“Finally.” He said as he let the plate and splashed you with the water he had on his wet hands in the face.

“Oh! What?” You laughed and cleaned your face from the water.

“You should say Neymar more, I like it.” He winked and walked out of the kitchen. As always leaving you alone with a smile and red cheeks.

It was funny how he could make you feel this way, he made you forget about the problems you had in Brazil and money, and he made you smile. Those hours you spent at his house even if you had to work were the best part of your day.

“I’ll go on training now (y/n), I’ll see you later, okay?” He asked as if you were planning to escape.

“Sure, enjoy.”

“What’s my name?” Neymar asked smiling at you and waiting for your answer. You looked at him confused for the question.

“Neymar Jr.?” You said confused.

“Just wanted to hear you say my name. Bye!” he walked out of the house and you continued with your work.

While you were cleaning around you noticed another room. You walked inside and it was actually his closet, of course, you were amaze by it. You never saw a room as a closet, the only thing you had was a small wooden wardrobe.

He had so many clothes and you loved everything, he had a good style. Then you noticed his jersey from Barcelona and Santos. You remembered his days at Santos, you went on his game once, but you didn’t want to tell this to him, because it was embarrassing.

While you were looking around you noticed a small box. You tried to ignore it, but you could not stop yourself so you decided to look what was hiding in you opened it you noticed a teddy bear, a shirt and then a few pictures. You took one out and saw Neymar kissing a brunette girl, Bruna.

You looked at it for a while and then immediately closed the boy as you heard Neymar walking in the house. It hurt you that he had her things, but you knew they broke up, she confirmed it.

“You’re back.” You said when you walked to him pretending you just finished swiping around.

“Yeah, we finished early. Enrique said we have to res for the game tomorrow.” He said as he walked in the fridge to get himself a snack.

“Right, the game. You want me to cook something?” You asked as he sit on the sofa, took his controller, and started FIFA.

“No, I’m not hungry, thanks.” He smiled and you walked away living him alone.

You sit in the kitchen since you didn’t know what else to clean, but you also couldn’t just sit next to him and watch him play.

The picture of Neymar and Bruna still didn’t disappear from your mind. You thought he might still love her and he wanted her back. You knew they were together for a long time, but you didn’t know what they broke up.

“(y/n)!” You suddenly heard Neymar close to your ear.

“What?” You asked confused and shocked, as you didn’t realize he called you a few times.

“You okay?” His face was so close to you, you could see the exact color of his beautiful eyes.

“I’m fine.” You said and got up moving away from him.

“You sure?” he followed you around.

“Yes, what do you need me?” You asked avoiding his face and pretended to wash your hands.

He walked to you to the sink and stopped the water. You didn’t look at him, but you felt his eyes on you.

“Calm down.” He said and took your hand that were still in the sink waiting for the water Neymar closed, “Is everything okay?” he asked turning you around, facing him and holding your hands.

“Yes.” You said, but still avoiding his face.

“You can tell me if something is wrong (y/n)”

“I said everything is fine.” You said and noticed he was still holding your hands so you moved away and forced a smile.

“I came to ask you if want to play FIFA with me”

“I don’t know how to play.” You said as you tried to find something to clean or do.

“I’ll teach you, c’mon. So next time the boys will come you will beat them” He laughed and took your arm walking you to the living room.

As he tried to teach you, he laughed a lot, because you had no idea how to use the controller or which button use. After a while you finally got some things right and made a score and jumped not even realizing you were his maid and you couldn’t act like he was your friend an sit down immediately.

It made him laugh and he enjoyed the entire game and so did you. Of course, he scored all the time and you couldn’t win against him, but it was fun.

“How can you be so good?” You asked him as the game finished.

“Well years of practice and hard work.” He said full of himself and proud of him.

“I think is time for me to go back home unless you need me to do something else.” You said as he turned off his Xbox.

“Stay.” He said as he pulled you back down on the sofa. You were closer to him than ever, you could almost touch his nose with your nose. You two both stared in to each other eyes in silence.

Your heart was beating fast and you were paralyzed in front of him. You didn’t know what was going on, but without thinking you started moving closer to him. As he noticed that, he moved away. You stood up in panic and embarrassed for what you just did.

“Okay, so I’ll come tomorrow.” You said as you walked as fast as possible to take your stuff.

When you walked to the front door, Neymar was still sitting on the sofa, but now with his TV turned on, as if he didn’t even care about what happened.

“Good night Neymar.” You said and he greeted you back normally.

As you went back home you felt so stupid for trying to kiss him. You knew he would move away, but you were afraid he might did this because he still loved Bruna. You were embarrassed about coming back to work and you didn’t know how to look him in the eyes again. 

Jᴜsᴛ ᴅᴏ ᴡʜᴀᴛ ʜᴇ sᴀʏs//openrp/triggerwarning

Ana cried, her head falling forward, making her chin hit her chest. She coughed hard, trying to ignore the mans laughs. She could still feel the pressure of the punch he just delivered to her stomach and she could hear her lover wrenching against their binds. She was too weak to do that anymore. Then she gasped, the masked man yanking her hair back. “Go ahead and look at your lover, if he just tells me the code to that safe you would be fine." He chuckled. Ana curled her fingers. "Please just tell him…we can make the money again we will be fine.” She sniffled, a few tears rolling over her reddened cheeks.

Then she gulped when her lover looked down. She yelled. “Do you really care more about the money than me! Just do what he sa-AHH!” She screamed when he broke her index finger. She trembled violently, she felt like she was going to be sick. He grabbed her middle finger, she began to beg more. “Please…tell him, just tell him…I don’t know it! PLEASE!" 

SHINee reaction - worrying about you(...)

Ok I didn’t have better title so… ^^;; I got so much into angst and all, so I guess it will be more… painful than you expected.


Onew: He’s really concerned about you working over hours, but he won’t say anything - he’s always there for you, listening to all your worries and cries. But he won’t let this go too far - he wants to convince you to take a break. He lets you cry on his shoulder for a long time, until you finally calm down.

“Please let me help you.”

Jonghyun: He askes you why you have to do this since he can tell it’s too much and at this moment you burst into tears. This is too much for you and you are scared he’s gonna leave you but you can’t say that out loud. So you just cry and sob in front of him. He wraps his arms around you and tries to calm you down.

“I’m here baby, I’m not going anywhere.”

Key: If you’re suffering, he’s suffering with you. He is strong man, but if his love is in pain… he’d do anything for you. ANYTHING. Kibum can’t watch you crying and no matter how hard he tries to stay calm and help you, tears are coming out of his eyes. You feel sorry, but he just hugs you tight.

“Don’t be sorry. I love you. We’ll get through this.”

Minho: He’d be pissed of. Not at you of course. At anything that makes you feel so stressed and anxious. He’d try to play it cool, but it’s just boiling inside of him. He starts blaming your boss, your college proffesors and he got so angry, that finally you are the one trying to calm him down.

“I’m sorry.. I just can’t watch you being in so much pain.”

Taemin: He is very confused and worried. He feels powerless, he doesn’t know what he should do. But he loves you! He sits next to you on the floor and talks to you in warm and calm tone, holding your hand.

“Is there anything I can do for you?”

My heart is just aching right now. Hearing that G.O cried and Mir too. I don’t know what they are going through but I know that things have been so difficult for them these past 2 years. I want to tell them all how much all the members have made me smile and how their music just makes me feel good. I am an A+ and I will always be one. Through happiness and sadness I will be there for MBLAQ too. I love you MBLAQ.

Love, Andrea

red faced at the kitchen
both bitchin’
about how unstable
we’ve always been
and the sins
we’ve laid ourselves in
but she keeps
her eyes
on mine as she cries
a little as her cheeks
get darker
and i remind her
how perfect
tonight was
and the buzz
can’t protect
the fear any longer
and the anger
and she leaves
her doubt
behind the wine
and so i tell her mine
cause the blood we share
makes too
much sense to spare
a story from you,
i’ve never wanted
anyone to find
all the things that have haunted
me behind
the rhyme,
but i’m
ready for you to see me -
—  J.S.

“please don’t look away”
#1 - The only reason

A/N: this was the only of my 14 prefs i got saved on my computer :( so yeah starting with this list again, sorry it sucks a lot its the first pref i wrote and it was like 4 months ago and its so bad i cried but yeah re - do the list, PLEASE PLEASE GIMME FEEDBACK ILY X


“Tell me, is it even worth it? Looking for a straight line, taking back the time we can’t replace…" 

"STOP YELLING AT ME!” I yelled back at Michael. I felt like if my head was going to explode, a tear run down my cheek as I look desperately for an escape of this situation. Michael and I were having one of our usual fights, but we had never been at the point I cried. This was too much. “WHAT DO YOU WANT ME TO DO, (Y/N)? ALL WE DO IS FIGHT FIGHT AND FIGHT. I’M FUCKING TIRED OF FIGHT” He passed his hand through his hair and immediately takes a deep breath, covering his eyes with his hands and moaning in angst. “You’re never here” I mumbled quietly, still can’t take my tears back, I was making an effort just to talk decently. “All this time we can’t replace. I’m not sure if I want to keep this going Michael” My eyes started watering even more, I couldn’t help myself with sob softly. I love Michael but the things aren’t just the same now. “We’re going to fix this, baby, please don’t-“His voice cracks as he looked over at me, his cheeks all red. He tried to get closer to hold me in his arms, but I push him away. “(Y/N) Please,” He cried out “We’re going to fix this, please” “No, Michael, it doesn’t worth it. Stop.” I wiped my eyes as I walked to the counter to grab my car keys “What are you doing?” He asked. I ignored him as I grabbed my coat that was lying on the couch and I opened the door “Goodbye Michael” I say as I walked away and got into my car.


“Bitter words spoken, everything’s broken, It’s never too late to bring us back to life…”


“Where’s (Y/N)?” I asked Ashton. “I think she’s in her room” Ashton told me. I got upstairs and knocked on her door a few times “(Y/N)?” I mumbled through the door “(Y/N) I’m so sorry. Please, open the door baby” “Leave me alone!” She shouted back at me. I could hear her softly crying. My heart melts. What have I done? “(Y/N) Please, just open, I’m so sorry” I rested my forehead on the door, loudly sighing “Please?” “You just called me a slut!” I bite my lip in exasperation I didn’t know what to do. “I didn’t meant to, you know me babe, I was just really mad and I’m really sorry” I got no response back. “You are not going to open the door, aren’t you?” I mumbled, waiting for an answer, but I had none. “Look, I know we have been distant lately. I know we fight a lot and that I called you a slut today” I said trough the door “But we can start again you know. I love you” I sat on the floor, resting my back on the door. “I’m sorry. I’m going to make things better, I swear” And then she opened the door. I fell on my back and stayed right there on the floor, staring at her from below. “You’re a dickhead” She wiped her eyes. I standed up just to stay in front of her, staring. “I love you” I said as I pulled her arm to hold her into a hug “Please forgive me” “I’ll think about it” She whispered on my shoulder. “We can start again. I promise I’m going to fix us, all the stuff we had done”


“When I close my eyes and try to sleep I fall apart and find it hard to breathe. You’re the reason, the only reason…”


I rolled in my bunk, still incapable of falling asleep. I sigh as I rolled my eyes. I really missed (Y/N), I couldn’t sleep well without her by my side. I miss her little sleep talks and her warm body against mine. I also missed wake up next to her, her perfume on the pillow. I stopped breathing for a moment, to remember her scent. I grabbed my phone and dialed her number. “Luke?” She breathed out “Luke it’s… its 3am, what’s wrong?” I didn’t say a word. Her sleepy voice was so pretty. It was my favorite sound. “Luke?” She said again. I bite my lip “Hi babe” I respond. “Hi” She answered back “I can’t sleep” I rolled on my bed again “Why?” She yawns and I giggled “I miss you so much. It’s not the same without you” “Lukey. I miss you too baby. we’ll see again in just three more days, you must remember” “Three days is too much” “You’re going to survive” She giggled. “Can I call you on facetime?” I asked. “Yes, of course baby” I hung up the phone to call her on facetime. She answered immediately.  “Hey. I’m sorry for waking you up, beautiful” “No, its okay” “I wish I was next to you. Do you miss me?” “You have no idea, Luke. I miss your cuddles” I giggled as she looked away. We both stayed in silence for a moment. “Put your phone near to your pillow, I won’t hang up. We’ll talk till you fall asleep” She said as she smiled. I did what she said “Just three more days” I breathed as I closed my eyes.


“Even though my dizzy head is numb, I swear my heart is never giving up…”

I sob into my pillow as my phone ringed again. It was the call number 16 of today. I throw my phone at the other side of the room as I see the name ‘Ashton’ pops up on my screen. “Shut up” I mumbled. My nose was red and my face swollen from crying. I sat on the floor, staring at my phone on the other side of the room, almost with hate. He would never give up on calling? God damn, this time he screws up, a lot. Fuck with other girl while he was on tour? Damn it that was low Ashton Irwin. I gave you my fucking heart you prick. I picked my phone to hold it in my hands. Another call, but this time it was Calum’s number. I picked the call “Calum I swear if you just called to me to say Ashton is sorry I’m going to-“ “Listen to me (Y/N)” It was Ashton’s voice “Please sweetheart. I am so sorry” A tear rolled down my cheek as I covered my mouth with my hand so he won’t hear my sobs. “(Y/N)?” He asked softly. “No, Ashton. You really hurt me. You think that you’re going to fix it just by calling me and say sorry? Try harder” I hang up as I started cry again.

3 hours later

I woke up dizzy and confused. A sound that comes from my window wakes me up. I sat down and hold my head in my hands, shit, it hurts like hell. I wiped my eyes as I watched the clock, 8 pm. I stand up and opened my window to look what was doing that annoying sound. It was Ashton. Throwing rocks at my window “Ashton what the hell!?” I told him from my window. “I’m going to make the things alright, (Y/N)” He said as Michael who was next to him (actually, all of them 4 were there) started to play guitar. It was a new melody to my ears. As Ashton started to sing, holy fuck, this was a serenade. My cheeks went rose. “I’m going to take you back, I swear (Y/N), I don’t care what it takes” He said before he started to play guitar.