Okay this is really annoying me so I, a little New Zealand native, are here to educate you on my side of the world.

New Zealand is a Nationality, Kiwi is an nationality, KIWI IS NOT A RACE

I’m white as white can be, I’m a freaking red head Merdia style Scottish and Dutch red head. BUT my mother is a 4th gen kiwi! I’m a New Zealander! BUT THATS NOT MY RACE!1!11

Calum Hood is a kiwi, thats his nationality. He is a kiwi, so am I. BUT WE HAVE COMPLETELY DIFFERENT RACIAL BACKGROUNDS. 

For example Calum’s mothers maiden name is Koa, and although I couldn’t find an exact ethnicity he could be either Filipino, or more likely of Pacific Island or Maori decent. Both group  originated from the Philippines,  and if case you were wondering Maori are the indigenous people of New Zealand (And the Pacific Islands are like right next door).

“But Patel is the a popular name is NZ!! Its not racist”

Would you give me the last name Patel?? NO? But I’m a New Zealander!! YOU WOULDN’T CALL CALUM THAT EITHER HE’S NOT OF THAT ETHNICITY PLEASE STOP. This is the same for Australian characters!!

this has been a Paisley psa, thankyou

Guys last week I met a really lovely muslim girl and she was only 16 and you wanna know the first thing she told me? That she’s scared to talk to muslims because they refer to her as a shaytan. A 16 year old girl is scared to approach members of this so - called muslim brotherhood/sisterhood/ummah because they attack her for her clothing and the way she talks. Please stop this like leave the judging to Allah you need to stop dragging people and making them feel like lesser Muslims because heaven knows that ain’t Islam.

I like to think that after cohf when alec calls jace out on being a total dick to him, jace tries really hard not to make jokes on alec’s behalf or be mean to him in any way, but of course he’s jace so he fucks up every once in a while and when he does he’s just “oh my god alec, I am… so sorry… I am so very sorry you are half of my soul and I need you, do you want a hug???” and alec is “ew… stop… please go talk to clary or something”

For my followers who have no idea what I’m talking about, here you go.


Ever since we were little, there have always been bullies. There have always been those people who will try to pull everyone else down to their level. There have always been kids who will take a ball with them when they leave, because if they can’t play, they don’t think anyone else should. And it’s the stupidest thing in the world.

Here’s the thing: rejection happens. There were 144 apps that the admins so graciously stayed up all fucking night to read through, and yet that wasn’t good enough. All of the hard work that Nikki put into this beautiful, incredible role play had to go to waste, just because some bullies were upset that they were going to have to sit out for a round. Keep in mind–they could have reapplied as an OC, or another character. Or if they really wanted a specific character, there are other role plays out there. But no–just because only one person can play a character, and none of our odds were all that good to begin with, they had to go and ruin it for everyone.

I just want to point out what a shitty thing that is. This is literally a community of dreamers, people who sit down at their computers to play a game of make-believe together. Did you get that? Make believe. It’s not real. So why on earth do you think you have the right to hurt somebody so badly, someone who’s been nothing but a decent, welcoming, loving, supportive, responsible, and all around amazing admin–literally the best I’ve ever seen–over a game of fucking make-believe?

Nikki, my dear, I’m speaking directly to you now.

First off, I hope you left those messages so a friend can go in and block them, then check your blocked users–you’re going to need to identify those scumbags, because what they did is against the fucking law (FBI has jurisdiction over cyberbullying, FYI). Please keep the names out of the public eye, just because I fear that the backlash will only result in more of the same behavior, but you can seriously turn those comments in to the police and take action against these bastards. Hiding behind a grey face doesn’t take away responsibility for the weight of your words, and I really sincerely hope they’re about to find that out. You have so many friends and supporters here who would gladly help out with the inbox, since none of us want you to have to go through this alone.

Thank you so much for everything you did for us,

and all of the hard work you put into this role play. You deserve a million rainbows and kittens and, hell, you deserve to be paid for what you do, because you’re that fucking good at it. It’s not your fault that people are assholes, and it’s not your fault that things got out of hand. I want you to know how thankful I personally am to you, for being so kind, and for getting me so excited about an rp–a feeling I haven’t had in years. A million thanks to you and all of your coadmins for all of the countless hours you’ve spent to create something beautiful.

I want you to know that those hours weren’t in vain. You did create something beautiful–you created a community of serious role players who not only care about you, but care about each other.

The people I see in the tags have been nothing but kind, patient, and supportive this entire time, and I appreciate that so much. We all want nothing more than for you to be okay, however long that takes, and will be here for you–whether or not you ever decide to try again.

Until the very end.

Let it be known that if you fuck with one of us, you fuck with all of us.

“We are only as strong as we are united, as weak as we are divided.”

We are the role play community, and we stand strong.

i started reading a peter rabbit story to my little niece and she interrupted me and was like 

“you know, grandma reads me a story and then after the story she doesnt read me a story and that’s my favorite part…”

“you like it when there’s no story? are you saying you don’t want a story.”

“yes, please stop talking.”

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"Poor Carmilla", "Laura is the new Piper", is the fandom drunk? Laura's been belittled by Matska since day 1. She's trying her best, she's young, she's been told she's mortal and could be discarded by Carmilla at any given moment. And Matska is "the only one who cares about Carmilla"? She cares about her as "her little monster". The one she can slaughter people with. She doesn't get that she loves Laura and is doing everything in her power to destroy her relationship. How is Laura the bad guy?

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