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i ship tony (esp. 616) with good characterization and a dynamic love life. that’s it

I’m playing Sims and I made Louis and Harry take a picture together and when they looked at it, Harry went “Ooo Gay!”

Hey guys if you could read what I’m about to say then I’d appreciate that.

Last night there was some drama going around in the Fire Emblem fandom which mad me sad so I decided to doodle Lazwald giving his daughter a smooch on the cheek to feel better. The whole thing started with a translation of one of Soleil’s support conversations which apparently started huge arguments among fans. My main point here is this: 

If you don’t like fe14 or do like it, then that’s fine. If you think that the game is disgusting or don’t, then that’s also fine. What’s not fine is to shove your opinion down other people’s throats. By doing this y'all are killing the hype for the game for some fans who are really looking forward to it. Telling someone that it’s not right to like a certain aspect or character of the game and that their disgusting for liking it is just mean. Please stop. Ya’ll are talking to real people here with real emotions. Be mature and let others have their own opinions. Also don’t let others shoot you and your hype down for this game and for anything else. Thanks.

June Writing Totals (Are We There Yet?)

I have spent most of the month of June dithering and freaking out and not actually writing, which is exactly the opposite of what I was meant to do in the month of June. SO. Great job, me! 

TOTAL WORDS:  23,157
YTD Total: 212,867

But hey, I broke 200,000! Huzzah for arbitrary progress markers! 

The gap between TRC fanfiction and original prose continues to shrink, which is great! Except it’s apparently because I just haven’t had the time to knock out 40,000 words of fic this month which is…mixed. 

The goal is to have a draft of this thing that’s eating my brain back to the editors by Sunday night. Then I will be free to finish the prom fic without guilt and get back to any number of other random TRC things I had going. And also, more importantly, get down to work on Burst, which I think I should knock out before Ankh. (Though I probably will post some about Xiv and Peleon in the interim, because Lisa did buy me that cupcake.)

Man, having plans is great! Let’s see how long it takes me to completely disregard this one. 

lukeandjustin asked:

please don't stop talking about this though I've been trying to get writers to write about bigger girls forever and as a bigger girl myself I just want to say it's okay that we want representation. We don't have to sit and just "imagine" that the fic we're reading is catered towards us. Almost everything is catered towards skinny people and it's okay for us to want something as simple as a little representation.

yes!! and like im not saying “write a fic called plus size fic!!!” im saying just have a blurb that doesnt say “he kissed down my flat torso” or “i was floating in his shirt” like idk if im making sense but anywAYS