Okay, Clickbait News, just because the conjunction of Jupiter and Venus last happened about 2000 years ago does not mean it was the Star of Bethlehem. Consider:

a. The SoB supposedly hung around long enough for the Magi to follow it for weeks. The perfect conjunction, when the planets appear to merge into a single object, is a one-night-deal only, and it would have been a one-night-deal 2000 years ago too.

b. Ancient astronomers didn’t know a lot of things that we know now, but if there’s one thing they did know it was a fucktonne about planetary motion.

c. The Magi were pretty smart dudes. That’s, like, the only thing we can be certain they were. You don’t get to be a Wise Man for nothing. They were likely educated, and every educated person would have known the basics of astronomy. That shit was socially important.

So can we please stop trying to talk about genuinely cool astronomical phenomena exclusively in terms of sensationalist bullshit history?

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Jily + And 'James The Little Mermaid is my favourite movie please stop talking about the differences between mermaids in the muggle world and the wizarding world your'e such a nerd please stop'.

This is AU in that The Little Mermaid (disney) movie didn’t come out until waaay after these lovelies were killed. But otherwise they are their normal wizard selves. Sorry this took so long (and isn’t very long) but this is how I envisioned it happening. also disclaimer: no profits being made for HP/disney characters/references.

“You could be Ariel,” he tells her, as he sits back down on her mother’s sitting room sofa. “Long red hair and the voice of an angel – “

She scoffs, rolling her eyes, secretly pleased until he goes on.

“She gets the dapper prince in the end too. Fitting, isn’t it?”

His grin is wide enough to show all of his teeth as he gestures to himself. He is visiting her house in Cokeworth a few weeks before the start of Seventh Year. And they’ve maybe-sort-of discussed the possibility of dating. (And she is maybe-sort-of-absolutely excited at the prospect. But he needn’t know that.)

“I suppose it could be, if I finally do meet my prince. But I doubt he even exists, really.”

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Now, if this is true, Martin Freeman is an asshole and actually he's also sort of right in a VERY specific way.

So if this is real, and it’s from the Daily Mail, so who knows, Martin Freeman said the following.

The conversation starts:

“When I moved up here this woman I know said, ‘Ooh! There are a lot of whiteys up there’, and I said, 'I love white people; I’ve no problem with them at all.”

Oh well that’s okay.

The idea was that I was going to complain because there weren’t enough blues dances out here; not enough ragga around. But I’m not bothered by it.

Oh dear.

“Multiculturalism hasn’t and doesn’t help, because rightly or wrongly it polarises people so much,” he continues.

Um. The polarization is a good thing because it makes people talk and say shit that they really mean. Like what’s coming up later.

“Racism is one thing ? and I don’t agree with that in any form ? but noticing that there are differences is normal and fine and to be encouraged.”

Yes. I agree, actually. Racism is bad. Differences allow people of other ethnicities to express their identities without being oppressed and being dubbed Other in a society that tries to shush up discourse on race.

That’s the only good part. Because then we move on to this.

“We’ve reached a state now where it’s, 'You shouldn’t notice. Why are you noticing he’s got a bomb and has a beard and is Muslim and wants to kill your family?”

First off, you ignorant fuck, being Muslim is not about race. It’s a religion. You mean to say Arab. Which is suspect and racist and totally not acceptable. First of all, do you think terrorists are just carrying fucking bombs in their hands, because that’s not how it fucking works.

Second, what? He’s got a beard and is Muslim and so he’s going to kill your white privileged family? What the fuck does he care about you?

This is why we need discourse on race. Because if you think being Muslim is a race, and if you mean to say that all Arabs are terrorists (and that white people can’t be terrorists) then you are a racist.

“There is no country in the world like this. If all of a sudden all the traffic wardens in Ghana were Welsh, they’d really notice and might not love it? We give ourselves a hard time in this country in a sort of mea culpa way. But if we were that racist, people wouldn’t come. Very simple.”

No, they would come anyway. Obviously they do, and you’re still a racist.

If he hasn’t come out and said this wasn’t true, and he should have even if it’s a notorious paper and blah blah blah, then he stands by what he said and I find that absolutely abhorrent.