I would like it to be known.

That in this current RP event, Exiled Wolf rolled incredibly high and suplexed a train because the DM allowed it.

Needless to say, that Train won’t be hurting anyone any time soon. And who said Old Monks can’t do amazing things? 


hi, im link! im offering commissions in art as well as music. 


art examples are up here, more recent shit is over here. 

i won’t draw:

incest, nsfw, mechas/complex robots, animals (like, just plain animals like cats/dogs/monkeys/etc. furry ocs/things similar are fine), hateful material, and shipping involving a minor/adult.

i also have the right to decline any commission. (but pls dont let that discourage you man im pretty fine with everything yo ;w;)

any questions about these things? pm me! i wont bite uvu 


base price is 20 dollars. a shit ton of examples are here and here (my audio tumblr tag and soundcloud, respectively). if youd like more examples or you have questions, please feel free to pm! 

i can only be paid through paypal.

thanks for reading, please share if you would!

When you see Ukwon is on Netizenbuzz and you’re like “Ohhh okay nah I’m good. We can do this. I’m level headed we got this!”

But then you read and someone says

5. [+16, -0] There are a lot of freeloaders in this group ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

And then you’re like “You know what they clearly don’t know. *slightly bothered but is still cool* It’s whatever". But then someone goes and called Ukwon a human being a product. A mother fucking product. ”…because he’s still a product that should provide something for the fan". Now you’re ass is shaking in anger because idols are not and never will be a product. Companies sell them like products but if you’re a decent human being you know they are not.


Hello everyone! My name is Ree, and I am graduating from university with my bachelor’s degree as of May Sixth, 2017. Being that I’m graduating, I would really appreciate it if I could have a little splurge of extra cash – so I’m opening up my commission slots again!

I’ll keep commissions open for the forseeable future so please don’t hesitate to come and ask if I can draw you something! 

I’m not very picky about the things I won’t draw, but things that are a hard no are:

  • Guro
  • Vore
  • hardcore NSFW (soft stuff is OK!)
  • shota/loli

Thanks! Please reblog this if you can!