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and really its not like he’s the only person I hate, just the only one big enough to make it worth talking about

a lot of the time I see you guys not necessarily reblogging from them but reblogging where the source is someone dodgy with a like ‘anime-fucker-69′ url and then you look at their blog and its just anime gifs and screencaps where anime girl #502 is saying “s-senpai please dont sniff my armpits” and thats just all it is

like im not saying research the op of every post u reblog, im jus saying.. if u see a dodgy sounding url on it, maybe think twice

anonymous asked:

how do u feel now ur blog is unpopular, just like ur faves are unpopular? :)))


Album sales for INFINITE Only (released September 19th 2016): 129,567+ in Korea alone (source). 

Topped Hanteo and Synnara charts within 24 hours of the album’s release (source). 

Placed first on iTunes charts in seven countries (Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines, and Singapore) (source). 

Unpopular…. yeah, okay anon. And as for my blog, I get notifications every day and I have almost 3000 followers, so I don’t think that’s ‘unpopular’, I think that’s pretty good going for someone who tends to be a lazy blogger and makes lousy gifs. 

Please go away. 

People keep asking me why I love kirby in smash so much and he brings me so much joy;

I mean look at him, he can squish up and down

he has the cutest taunts

(the I just beat the super easy boss* dance) *boss = you

(The I’m dancing on ya grave)

(Classic Haiiiiii memeage) 

Smiles even when spinning rapidly in midair

he has super adorable costumes, these 3 being my favourites

Mewtwo kirby, look at the little tentacle things

Zero suit Samus kirby, aka super secret agent kirby

and my personal favourite, palutena’s hotter sister kirby

most importantly though, he can DANCE

this was an important message, please reblog and spread joy to another person and make their day thank you

Watch on


To the Birthday Boy - Jonathan Toews

If you survived that video, there’s more.

Here we have Tazer in his natural habitat:

He does similarly questionable things while drunk:

Jonathan Toews enjoys consuming his alcohol in interesting ways.

He is also known to mistake fellow hockey players for chairs.

Captain not-so-Serious lets loose, sometimes.

Our captain is also a notoriously talented dancer:

From enthusiastic fist-pumping

and the Tazer Moonwalk,

to whatever this is

He does it all, and then some:

And of course, he’s pretty derptastic:

Honestly, not much has changed since this:

became this:

Happy 26th, Tazer. In the words of Joey the Junior Reporter, your long lost son, stay beautiful.

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