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“Hey – remember that time a month or two ago when you cried?” what do you mean remember? i'm still crying.

Can someone please make a Kieron and Jamie bathing in a lake of tears gif? Please and thank you.

1x01 - The Montgomery family and Aria’s weirdness

Here are some of the things I picked up in 1x01:

Byron and AriA

Why did Byron ask Aria “Are you okay with Alison?”. I mean Alison was dead to everyone at the time, so why would Byron ask Aria something like that? It’s almost as if he knew Ali was alive. 

Aria didn’t answer Byron’s question. Why? Does she secretly hate Alison? I mean, we all know (by now) that Ali and Aria’s friendship wasn’t quite right. Something is clearly going on between them two…

Spotted: B and E having a heart to heart

If you look at the window carefully, you’ll see that someone’s shadow creeping past. Who is this monster??

p.s if someone knows any good sites to make GIFS, please let me know. :)

“I have my eye on you Hanna.”

First of all why is Aria gossiping about Hanna being at the police station. And most importantly HOW did she know that Hanna was even there?


We’ve seen Aria check her phone before after dropping off Mike to School… However at Ali’s funeral we see Aria on her phone again and apparently her Mum has sent her a text message. I found them two scenes a little shady if you ask me.

so i rewatched season 2 so far of carmilla and i just noticed that at the beginning of ep 9, at around 0:10, you can see carmilla say something to laura along the lines of “you’re safe” while she helps her recover from mattie’s scream

someone please gif this


Anna Kendrick: “Innapropriate question *pointing to Brittany*… I’m in love with Brittany Snow, please go out with me?” (Anna replying to the question “Which bella’s co-star would you make out with?”)

Yep… this confirms it

I haven't watched the episode yet

but…I saw who Izumi’s voice actress is and now have this scene in my head:

Korra: *meets Izumi for the first time* It’s a pleasure to meet you Fire Lord Izumi

Izumi: The pleasure is mine Avatar Korra.

Korra: *freezes and stares at Izumi in shock* O___O

Izumi: Are you alright? Is something wrong?

Korra: *whispers*…I-is that you…Raava?


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Watermarks and a PSA

Please remember, a photo is owned by the artist now and for always whether or not it has a watermark on it. 

 If a photo has a watermark you may not edit it out. My photos are now appearing on Instagram with the watermark edited out. This distress’s me to no end. There is one person in particular who continues to do so, I have now reported them for copy right infringement.  

Please, please do not edit out the watermark, authors name, handle, source, tag from any art.  

If you didn’t make the original, it’s not yours.  

If you wish to use someone’s art (this includes but not limited to photos, digital art, memes, and gifs), you must ask them first!!  If they say no, it means no.

You may not repost, reblog or take it to another site without first telling the artist and naming your source.  If an artist says NOT to repost (this means taking it somewhere else) then do not do it.  In this digital age, we can find you when you steal, it’s not hard.

Make sure you have the actual source

Do not f*ck with an artist.  We are protective of what we create and saddened when we share it and someone else steals it.  That sadness also turns quickly to anger when you are asked to correct the oversite and you decline or ignore. Do this at your own peril!  We will use all legal means necessary to correct the action.

Every artist is working to get their art known.  Why?  Because it’s art, to be shared not stolen.

Rant over, Thank you

Me on a date
  • Me:So what do you think of Steven Ogg?
  • Guy:Don't you mean Trevor Philips?
  • Me:*shoves breadsticks into purse* Sorry I have to go now.
  • Guy:Where are you going?
  • Me:Away from your lies.

Snowing Appreciation Week
Day 07 >> The Evil Queen explaining that Snow won’t know who Charming is and then checking to make sure she doesn’t the next day.

"Maybe someday he’ll wake up. Maybe someday
      someone he loves will find him.” -Mary Margaret
EXO Reaction to You (GF) Being Attacked By Sasaeng Fans

Sasaeng fans are such a sad thing. I wouldn’t really consider them fans because anyone who would hurt someone for making the boys happy is just not a fan. Please don’t hurt anyone you guys. No matter what. Anyways, I hope you guys like this reaction <3

I do not own these gifs

-Admin Kat

Baekhyun: You came back to the apartment, surprised to find Baekhyun sitting in your living room. You thought he was still out of the country for the next week, but he came by to surprise you. He got up happily when he heard the door open but froze when he saw the bruise on your eye and the few scratch marks that covered your skin. “Who did this to you? Was is the sasaeng fans that were threatening you online?” He asked. The anger was clear on his face. You had to hold him back from storming out the door to find the people who did this.

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Chanyeol: He had wanted to stop by to see you before he left for rehearsal, but when you opened the door wearing sunglasses, he knew that something was wrong. He pulled you close and slipped the glasses off your face. You didn’t fight him, but you kept your eyes on the floor. He looked at you with worry. “(Y/N), tell me the truth, were these from the fans?” He asked in a quiet, but tense voice.

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Chen: The two of you were walking down the street, when he heard a fan calling his name. He walked a little ahead of you to meet the fan and sign her a quick autograph. You stood a few feet away from him, watching him quietly when you heard some sasaeng fans yelling trash at you. They were circling around you quickly and you were calling out for Chen. He quickly went over to you, walking slowly but with a cold look that could kill anyone.

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D.O.: He stared at you as you cleaned off your cuts and bruises in the bathroom. He hated that he hadn’t been there for you when the girls pushed you to the ground; threatening you to not date Suho anymore. He knew you would never leave him, but he was starting to wonder if it would be the best thing to protect you. He hated the thought of losing you, but he would suffer if it meant you would be okay at the end of the day (Sooooo sad. D.O. kills me.)

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Kai: He was waiting for you to leave work. He was at a local coffee shop across the street from the clothing store that you worked at. As you were locking up, he saw a bunch of teenaged girls walking up to you. One pushed you as the other one kicked you on the shin. He ran out of the shop and crossed the street. He yelled at the girls that they better go before he called the cops. He looked down at you, making sure you were okay, before apologizing on behalf of the girls several times.

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Lay: He heard the girls yelling at you as they followed the two of you down the road. They were keeping their distance at first, just yelling at you. Lay wanted to do something to stop it, but you were the one who kept telling him to just ignore it. It wasn’t until one of the girls grabbed you by the hair and yanked your head back painfully. Lay was luckily able to catch you before you hit the ground. He turned to the girls and started scolding them harshly. He made them automatically feel guilty and commanded them to apologize to you.

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Sehun: You came into the dorm, crying and your hair looking like a mess. Sehun looked up at you and laughed, not realizing how hurt you were. “What, did you get in a fight with a tornado?” He joked. Once he noticed how sad you were, he quickly comforted you, asking you a million questions about what happened. When he heard it was some sasaeng fans, he couldn’t do anything but sit in silence, staring at you and then the ground as he tried to wrap his mind around it.

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Suho: You were heading home from a perfect dinner date with Suho when some of the fans came. They were cussing at you, not really caring that Suho was right there. You took all the words without saying anything, not really caring what they told you because you knew Suho loved you. It wasn’t until one of the girls slapped you that Suho quickly intervened and scolded the girls for not being true fans and being terrible. He stared at them harshly as he spoke, keeping you close beside him so no one could touch you.

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Xiumin: He saw the fans before you even did. Before they could even come near you, Xiumin was already sending them looks that were clearly threatening them to not come near you. When you looked at him though, he softened his look; not wanting you to know that the crazy fans were near you. He knew you were dealing with enough stress from the attacks on social media all the time.

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Harry at the end grabbing the fan’s hand and yelling “Je t'aime! J'adore!” and then kissing her hand.

I cannot breathe omg