from Avengers (1991)

I couldn’t resist embroidering my two favorite superheroes in their swimsuits 

So I was off for a few days (that was quite nice, tbh) and I guess I know enough to say:

I have EYES and I KNOW what I see ON SCREEN. Therefore I don’t really care what some actors/actresses - who are NOT writers - say at some point.

That’s it. Chill and have a nice day! :)

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Okay but consider this.............lesbian Captain America/Black Widow.

AGREED i actually have a prompt sitting in my inbox that i plan on doing this for but please send me more i support a million years of this

everything you need to know about stranger things (spoiler free)

Netflix-original drama stars award-winning actress Winona Ryder as Joyce Byers, who lives in a small Indiana town in 1983 – inspired by a time when tales of science fiction captivated audiences. When Joyce’s 12-year-old son, Will, goes missing, she launches a terrifying investigation into his disappearance with local authorities. As they search for answers, they unravel a series of extraordinary mysteries involving secret government experiments, unnerving supernatural forces, and a very unusual little girl.

Netflix Original Series. I shouldn’t even have to say more and you should be interested because when Netflix does something they never let you down. Netflix out does themselves with this one, they go above and beyond.

If Steven Spielberg and Stephen King had a baby with the creative directors of Silent Hill and every 80s film you ever loved this is what would have come out of it. I was hooked in the first 10 minutes of the show because there is just absolutely nothing like it on tv or on any platform. The Duffer Brothers are also writers of Wayward Pines so if you are a fan of that you will be a huge fan of this, small towns and every jump scare you could possibly think of is what this show has.

You’ve got your classic E.T. style kids who want to find their missing best friend, but for once they are SMART. It’s not like kids on tv today who run and hide under their bed from things that are coming to get them. It’s the kind of kids who THINK and are intelligent, they are the brilliantly witty and have well thought plans that actually work. All of the young actors in this are fantastic.

Meet Eleven. The most brilliant and amazing girl you will ever see in a television show. She is the hero of this entire show and the most precious girl in the whole world. Telekinetic Warrior Hero. Millie Bobby Brown as Eleven is just outstanding. The emotional weight and gestural acting that carries every scene she is in all combine into one of the best performances of any character I have ever seen. She is haunting and brought me to tears. 

Joyce (Winona Ryder) is so good in this role she will kill you in every scene, the way she feels and her acting is just so good. I was crying every time she was crying and I am sure you will be too once you get attached to the story. She is stunning in this role. She will tear your heart out and get you hooked right off the bat.

Did someone say brothers?? Are you looking for your next brother show?? Older brother losing his mind when his little brother goes missing?? Jonathan played by (Charlie Heaton) is so fantastic and emotional charged. He’s smart, thoughtful and incredibly kind but most importantly he wants to find his brother Will played by (Noah Schnapp). Will who is missing for the entire 8 episode series absolutely destroyed me, he was so good and just smart in every way possible. He never stopped thinking about how stay safe and not get himself killed, he is the first child in a tv show I have ever seen that actually didn’t go hide but instead he went and knew how to protect himself. Jonathan will do anything to save his brother and he also makes him mix tapes to teach him the best kind of music. It’s honestly the cutest thing in the world.


Stranger Things is a show that will surprise you and hit you hard, if you don’t find it in the first episode you will find that it hits you really hard during one of the episodes and it is life changing. Before you start asking ‘is it about aliens’ the answer is no. This show is not about aliens, think more Fringe Science and other worldly but not ‘out of this world’ This show’s roots are in mystery, true horror and nostalgia for the ‘80s. 

I’m not going to spoil anything but the monster of the show is very Silent Hill mixed with Slither. It was alot if you aren’t used to horror but after a while you will get used to it. This show is the best thing to happen in so long so please don’t pass it up. Check it out, watch it and love it. You’ve got everything from ladies, to diverse best friends, brothers, supernatural horror, other dimensions, time and space, family and best friends loving Lord of The Rings and D&D together.

The acting, directing, writing, design style, soundtrack and production is better than most movies today and will knock your socks off. This show is something everyone needs to see, and it will change the way you see tv. The story is original, the writing is all original and everything about it is so fresh and new it’s so different from anything that is on today. 



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It really doesn't matter what you do on here because you really don't deserve to have Rebornica's work. You are never going to be a fraction as good as they are and you are never going to be be as loved as they are. You are not our AU loremaster and you will never earn that title or the respect with that title. Enjoy living a lie you disgusting fucktard.

Thank you, I’ll enjoy my time running this AU with the 10,000 people following me and all the nice comments because people enjoy me and the things I do. If I didn’t deserve it, I surely wouldn’t have been handed the responsibility would I? If you deserve it so much, surely you must be enjoying your time with the AU and all the love you’re getting.

Oh wait…You’re not in charge of it…I am.

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I have a book about a branch of Japanese Buddhism. My guess is Tite is using one them as their inspiration source. All Aizen's traits are similars with that deity: The one with the most strong spiritual energy between other deities, burning all the evil spirits in the proximity; related with high magic and strong spells, the hardest of the deities in the Buddhism pantheon for practioners because, different to other deities who prefer obedience, this one question you until you accept yourself.

True, there are characteristic overlaps with Aizen and the Buddhist deity, Aizen Myō-ō.  

Japanese Buddhist deity of lust suppression

Aizen Myō-ō is known as the Buddhist deity of lust suppression. Similarly, Aizen has suppressed “lust and love” to the point of non-existence. Even as the kind and innocent Captain of the 5th Division, he has never shown love. He cared for and brought happiness to his division. However, he has never shown love nor any interest in it. 

Aizen is closely connected with the magical wish-granting jewel (Jp. = Houjyu (宝珠;ほうしゅ); Sanskrit = cintamani) … Depending on the deity involved, the jewel can signify the bestowal of blessings on all who suffer, grant wishes, pacify desires

This excerpt is very much self-explanatory. Houjyu (宝珠;ほうしゅ)is essentially the Hogyoku (崩玉;ほうぎょく). Like the Houjyu, the Hogyoku also blesses the suffering (gave Chad and Orihime their abilities because they cursed their own uselessness), grants wishes (gave the Espada the power they long wished for; e.g., Haribel), and pacifies desires (channels Rukia’s guilt of killing Kaien by giving Ichigo -who looks much like Kaien- shinigami abilities). Also, an alternate kanji of  Hogyoku  崩玉 is 宝玉, which makes it share the same first kanji as 宝珠. 玉 and 珠 basically mean the same thing also: pearl/orb/sphere. 

Aizen holds a small mirror, a symbol of the void in Buddhism

The Aizen Myō-ō is depicted with a mirror. Likewise, Aizen’s command phrase for his zanpakuto is Shatter (Kudakero 砕けろ), very reminiscent of a mirror’s glass. The first kanji in Kyouka Suigetsu’s name(花水月)is ,which means mirror. Also, there shattered pieces of mirror upon Kyouka Suigetsu’s release

Statues of Aizen typically depict the deity with three faces
…he sometimes has two heads.. 

Then, there is this mention of a “three faces” and “two heads”. The three faces refer to Aizen’s personality and the image he holds with each personality

1. Glasses Aizen with his cold, calculating personality 

2. Glasses Aizen with his sweet, humble personality 

3. No-Glasses Aizen with his cold, calculating personality 

Then, the two heads refer to Aizen after his reveal in season 2. Just as two heads represent two entirely different people, Aizen comes to tell us that the Aizen who appeared in today’s chapter is the true Aizen, while the meek and unassuming Aizen never existed, essentially completely someone else

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Kent Parson and Snowy hcs! How did they get together!!!!! Please you've dragged me deep into this hell......

aaaaaah yes!! i love them i could talk about them for ages

ok so.

  • after kent hangs out at that falcs optional skate w/ jack and asks snowy to get a drink with him they do & they go to this hole-in-the-wall garbage pub snowy hangs out at in providence and kent’s like “why do u come here” and snowy’s like “it matches my aesthetic” (kent: ur ridiculous and i cant believe u just said aesthetic out loud in a sentence) (also kent: me too tho)
  • they’re both hella busy so they dont see each other for a little while after the first date (kent: was it a date? i asked him out. kind of. was it casual? does snowy actually like me??? am i being a fool?????) but they text a lot and snowy makes kent laugh all the time- he’d never tell him that tho it’d boost his already huge ego- and he can’t remember the last time he laughed or smiled his much and his teammates start to notice too 
  • and i imagine he’s out to like two or three of them but not the whole team so someone makes a comment (kinda like tater to jack “your girl?”) about how he’s been texting someone a lot and grinning and he should just ask her out and he’s like “hahahahahhahhaha i am straight yes.” but then thinks about it and is like “ok i should tho. like we should be boyfriends that would be cool i would like a boyfriend”
  • so one time he and snowy are talking on the phone late at night and he’s sleepy and happy and is like “you should come to vegas. like to visit or whatever. that’d be nice” and he doesn’t really expect snowy to take him seriously but the next day snowy’s like “im buying my ticket is next weekend cool we have a few days off” and kent’s like “YEAH MAN THATS GREAT” //internally panicking bc snowy’s gonna Be Here and he’s gotta be Cool And Charming
  • but of course when snowy visits all of kent’s cool & chill exterior falls to pieces bc snowy just manages to do that to him, makes it so he’s completely himself and he doesn’t know how but it’s nice, he’s constantly changing himself and how he acts to accommodate people around him and how they want him to be but with snowy he’s just. himself.
  • kent’s trying to be sneaky and romantic so he says they should go out to eat one of the nights and takes snowy to this really nice restaurant and snowy’s a little shit so he’s just acting like “oh yeah, this place is nice, cool, w/e” as kent is Screaming bc he doesn’t know if snowy gets that it’s supposed to be romantic but of course snowy knows he’s not an idiot he just is an asshole and wants kent to actually say the words
  • so eventually kent does because he gets frustrated and is like “OH MY GOD THIS IS A DATE WE’RE ON A DATE I’M TRYING TO BE ROMANTIC DO U WANNA BE MY BOYFRIEND” and snowy’s like “lol yea” (kent: [SCREECHING IN SIMULTANEOUS ANGER AND HAPPINESS])
  • and they have a very happy and lovely weekend and christen every room in kent’s apartment and cuddle and watch reality tv and attempt to make cookies (kent: i dont think the batter’s supposed to be this thin snowy: nah its fine they’ll just be pancakes instead of cookies kent: >:c)
  • kent also tries to get kit used to snowy and he’s worried she’s gonna hate him bc she hates literally everyone he brings home but the opposite happens and she likes snowy more than kent and keeps sleeping on his tummy and purring; snowy thinks this is rly fucking funny and points it out all the time
    • snowy: i cant believe ur cat loves me more than u lol
    • kent: >:(
    • snowy: i should just take her back with me seeing as she hates u now
    • kent: >:((((((((((((((((
  • so they’re boyfriends and they do the thing where they bicker at each other all the time when they’re alone but in public & around friends they’re fucking obnoxious and gross and only have eyes for each other
  • they dont wait a super long time to come out bc snowy’s like “yo. if we came out together as bfs then neither one of us would be the first openly queer nhl player like it’d be both of us at the same time” kent: “ur a genius and i love u”
  • because they’re both assholes they come out by posting a picture of them kissing and flipping off the camera at the exact same time on both their twitters and the press goes wild and both jack and bad bob tell kent they’re proud of him and pr for the aces & the falcs are freaking out and meanwhile kent and snowy are enjoying a quiet night in with take out and call of duty
    • pr makes them do an official statement but of course they dont take it seriously at all
    • reporter: kent, when did you know you were gay? kent: im not reporter: i’m confused kent: thats cuz ur an idiot
    • reporter: why did you decide to both come out now? snowy: so i could go down in history for being the gayest and best goalie this sport has ever seen
    • reporter: are you worried about how this will affect your careers? kent: full offense the aces literally cant afford to lose me good luck winning another cup without me fellas lmao
  • snowy starts bringing kent to the bbqs the falcs vets hold sometimes and everyone Hates This because they’re really fucking annoying like snowy’s annoying by himself but kent and snowy’s combined asshole power is the most irritating thing in the world
    • also, bitty and jack go to these things so while jack and kent are friends again now, bitty is still Bitter and Petty and doesnt like having kent around that much bc he literally cant let go of shit even if it’s been years he still holds a grudge
    • bitty: hey snowy!! how’ve you been? i heard you’re up for the vezina, that’s amazing, congrats!!!! oh hello kent.
  • anyway snowy and kent are very happy together and they’re both busy but they make it work by texting and calling and skyping and snapchatting constantly and kent spends breaks and off seasons in providence and brings kit with him and the falcs get to know kent more as a person and snowy’s bf not just kent parson hockey star 
  • last thing but just imagine them going to providence pride every year after they come out and it’s even better when jack and bitty come out bc the falconers get a float and all the guys come and snowy and kent and jack and bitty are all wearing rainbow stuff and have their faces painted and are laughing and dancing and kent doesn’t think he’s ever felt so happy in his life

who’s who oc’s >V< 

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for a ship & three items, can you please do nicky/erik with baby's breath flowers, a university hoodie, and pills/medicine?

NICKY/ERIK + 3 ITEMS (baby’s breath flowers, a university hoodie, & pills/medicine)

Nicky came out of sleep slowly. He usually woke slowly, taking in his surroundings and hyping his mind up to face the day ahead of him, but his mind was usually alert before the rest of him. That wasn’t the case today.

Instead, it was sluggish and felt… drugged.

“Good morning,” Erik greeted at his side, rolling over in the bed- their bed- and sliding a warm hand across Nicky’s chest.

“Morning,” Nicky whispered in response, in English, closing his eyes again.

Lips pressed to his shoulder. “Did you sleep well?”

Nicky chose to focus on the feeling of Erik’s lips against his skin rather than the nightmares he’d faced. They were increasing lately, as it neared the middle of November, the nightmares of both his cousins covered in blood, the body on the floor, the bed turned red from blood. His stomach churned at the thought of it. He forced himself back to Erik, who was sucking a bruise onto his chest.

“Hey,” he mumbled, a small smile pulling at the corners of his mouth. “Back off, Klose. I’m taken.”

When Erik laughed, the vibration in his chest made its way to Nicky’s stomach. He grinned despite the fact that he didn’t want to, and Erik nosed his cheek, still laughing a little. Nicky turned his head and caught Erik’s lips with his own, rolling onto his side as he did. He snagged his teeth on Erik’s lip and huffed out a laugh, but Erik destroyed it halfway through by kissing Nicky with fever.

About ten minutes later, both their alarms were going off frantically, trying to rouse them from their making out to get ready for work. Nicky groaned, his forehead pressed against Erik’s as they both attempted to catch their breath. He’d made his way to straddling Erik’s waist at some point in the last few minutes, and he didn’t want to move. He liked being with Erik. He liked the feeling of Erik’s hands on his hips, their lips moving together, their chests touching, Erik’s hair in his hands… He liked the feeling of Erik, of knowing he was there and Nicky didn’t have to leave him anytime soon and not know when he would see him again.

Slowly and reluctantly, he slid off Erik and to his feet, kissing Erik the entire time. It took at least another minute for him to stop and hit the alarms.

“Get back here,” Erik whined from the bed, reaching out to grasp for the waistline of Nicky’s underwear. Nicky grinned and slapped his hand away. Then, just to be an asshole, he bent down to pick the Palmetto sweatshirt up from where it had been thrown to the floor last night. He laughed under his breath at Erik’s frustrated groan. “Get back here. Now.”

“I’m afraid I can’t do that,” Nicky teased, dropping the hoodie into the hamper as he walked by it. “You’ll just have to follow me.”

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But what if Steve went to give Bucky a haircut without actually letting him know he planned to do this, and discovered that Bucky SERIOUSLY doesnt trust him with a sharp object and lots of misunderstandings happen

(you probably meant for this to be way less angsty, but whoops, my finger slipped)

 Bucky’s hair was getting out of hand. He never brushed it properly himself, and every time Steve attempted he apparently wasn’t gentle enough, as hints of tears would spring to the assassin’s eyes and he would pull away. Bucky had always been tender headed, it was part of the reason he kept his hair meticulously short when they were younger.

Eventually, Steve decided that he would have to do something about it. The knots pulled painfully every time he ran a hand through the dark strands, and if they were going to start reintroducing him to public places again then he couldn’t go out looking like that.

So, one day Steve sat him down on a chair in the middle of the kitchen, armed with a comb and some scissors he had bought at the drug store. Bucky didn’t comment, though that wasn’t a surprise, the assassin hadn’t said anything since they’d found him holed up in a shack in Peru besides a single, broken, “Steve?” and god if there was a way to break the Captain’s heart then that was it. Still, after that it had been nothing for a solid month, the soldier’s only form of communication the occasional form of body language.

Bucky had been pliant in the chair as Steve got ready, only tensing up after the Captain’s experimental snap of the scissors as they opened and closed. His hair hadn’t even been touched yet but Bucky was bolting, out of the chair and into another room of the house before Steve could even blink. And oh, wow, the blond really should have thought this through more, because of course Bucky didn’t remember all the times he’d sat patiently in the kitchen of their old apartment while Steve trimmed his hair, and vice versa – it wasn’t like they could really afford the barbers -. He must have scared his friend nearly out of his mind.

When Steve finally found him he was on top of the wardrobe in their room – they’d needed more closet space when Bucky’d moved in, so this had been his solution – curled up in a ball with his head against his knees. “Buck?” The blond called, and god, the assassin looked downright betrayed when he looked up at Steve, blue eyes forlorn and wary. “Bucky, look, I’m sorry I scared you, but can you please get down from there? I don’t want you to get hurt.” Of course, getting hurt was probably the last thing the highly trained soldier would do, but Steve was an overprotective mother hen if there ever was one. Bucky didn’t move though, eyes fixated on Steve, or well, the thing in Steve’s hand, and oh, in his hurry to find his friend the blond had completely forgotten to put down the scissors first – his mother was probably turning in her grave, she’d always told him never to run with sharp objects, but well, considering the way his life had gone after her death, running with scissors was probably only a mild offense at this point -.

Steve left the room to go put the offensive object back in the bathroom cabinet, and heard Bucky’s change of location only by the single squeaky floorboard located in the hallway. His search began again, this one a bit longer, and ended with him kneeling next to one of the kitchen cupboards that his friend had somehow managed to fit himself inside – really, in hide and seek, Bucky would be king -. “Buck-”

“Please don’t hurt me.” His friend cut him off with his first words spoken in a month, and damn, did that hurt like a bitch. That the first thing that Bucky finally properly said to him was a plea for mercy. As if Steve didn’t already shoulder enough guilt when it came to his best friend.

“God, Bucky, no, of course not. I’m so sorry, I shouldn’t have done that without telling you first, or hell, asking you if you even wanted me to at all. And here I promised myself that I would make sure to give you a choice in everything. I’m a terrible friend.” Steve’s hand came up to cover his face as he hung his head, unable to look at the judgment that was no doubt souring his friend’s expression.

Bucky surprised him though, his hand reaching out to take Steve’s own away from his face. His blue eyes were calm and trusting, because, well, if he couldn’t trust Steve then who could he trust? “No you’re not.”

Just like that the grief on the Captain’s face melted, replaced with a small smile as he threaded his finger’s through his friend’s, using their connection to help pull Bucky from his hiding space.


Three weeks and a lot of communication later, Bucky finally sat quietly in a chair and allowed Steve to work on his mess of hair.