As an avid fan and concert goer, I cannot even fathon something like this. I’ve been to Ariana Grande’s show and I know how young the crowd runs and that is the worst part about this entire situation. 

Our youth attends concerts to experience a moment of freedom and expression, and as hard as they try that cannot be taken from us. Remember that.

Please, stay safe. Remain calm. Act wisely. Take care of your peers. Get to the nearest hotel. Just breathe. 

I normally don’t publish things like this but let’s stop for a moment and pray for those in Manchester rn. I just saw the news and I hope that the ones you guys know that went to Ariana’s concert are safe. If you were there or someone you knew, please remain calm no matter how terrible it turned to be, panicking is never the solution. I know words don’t do much but please know we are always here for you and will try to do everything we can. 


The most dramatic moment during my Camp Counseling career at an all girls camp was when a girl got a letter from a friend saying that Zac Efron had died and one of her bunkmates ran out of the cabin and shouted “ZAC EFRON IS DEAD!!!!!” and the camp immediately fell into chaos girls were crying in the middle of camp and running around spreading the news everyone was yelling and the counselors had to look up wether or not Zac Efron was dead (this is a wireless camp so the girls couldn’t access the internet and check for themselves) and then get out a megaphone and be like “ZAC EFRON IS NOT DEAD PLEASE REMAIN CALM” outside of all the cabins it was insanity. 

What’s Bred in the Bone: Part I

Mass Effect: Andromeda

Jaal x Sara Ryder

A 600 year nap and a 2.5 million light-year journey to find out the answer: are humans and angara genetically compatible?

Rated M for strong language, some sexuality and violence. Alien-human pregnancy fic.

Spoilers for Jaal’s romance and loyalty mission, and end of game.

Part I of ??? - Part II - Part III - Part IV

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Thinking about Blue Sky from Eaden’s perspective in general is really comical actually. Like just imagine: everything’s perfectly normal, la-dee-dah, just your bog-standard day in a post apocalyptic rural town, when that quiet somewhat-mysterious girl who works at the bakery just DISAPPEARS one day without any warning whatsoever– Aaron was literally JUST at her house talking to her a minute ago, and then suddenly nothing! She’s just gone, out of nowhere!
Then, the next time you see her is like two days later and she’s been shot in the side and is bleeding profusely, unconcious, and being carried back into town by this darty-eyed human coat rack with a British accent, who you have literally NEVER seen before in your life, but he somehow seems to know Chell pretty well. Neither of them give you any explanation for what on earth happened either- she just completely shakes it off and goes on with her business with the Tenth Doctor here in tow.
And boy is he a piece of work, too! Constantly jumping at shadows, acting like he has no idea how to use his arms or legs like he’s only had them for five minutes, talking about things like “anatomical parameters” and “audial processors” and “management rails”, yet he doesn’t know what a dog is. Like, who even IS this guy?!
Well whoever he is, Garrett gets him roped into the Foxglove project and– wait what is he doing up there? WHAT DID HE DO IT’S WORKING WE’RE GETTING RECEPTION HOLY CRAP!!
And then the next thing you know you wake up in this hotel room or whatever, no idea where the hell you are, with this guy’s voice over an intercom telling you to please remain calm and not leave your rooms because you might be really high up and??? Chell and Garrett go in?? And come back carrying him, passed out, wearing Garrett’s shirt and nothing else… covered in this wierd goo…???


oh my goodness yes

Mayday - vii

Genre; Thriller/Horrror; I suppose

Length; 2,100+ words

Warning(s); Violence, degradation

Originally posted by vulcanide

Mark’s P.o.v 

Sitting there, tears in his eyes as he waited to talk with a detective- Mark couldn’t help but to silent pray for you to come home tonight, to come home safe and sound as if this nightmare never happened. 

“Hyung..” Youngjae softly uttered, rubbing his friend’s shoulder, “We’re going to find her.. okay?” 

Mark sniffled, nodding as he wiped his nose with the sleeve of his sweater. “What if she’s scared, Youngjae?” He whimpered, holding back the river of tears that just begged to be released. “What if she’s hurt or-” 
Just as he was about to go on a heart shattering rant, a young detective walked out; making his way over to the two of them. 

“Mark Tuan and Choi Youngjae?” He smoothly asked, adjusting his tie. 

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The lines of your sketch seemed to intertwine perfectly as you made your way through the morning’s necessities. You had let Aiden take the morning off after giving him the scoop on what had happened and you were expecting your other tattoo artist to be in the shop in the next half hour. Everything was going according to plan and you felt like you had your head above water. The door rang to notify that a customer was walking in and you stood up and walked to the front of the shop. It was weird to see someone coming into the shop so early in the morning, but nevertheless, you smiled.

Hello, how can I help you? You asked outstretching your hand. The girl looked to be about the same age as you, her eyes were darting around the shop.

Is anyone else here? She asked in an uncomfortable manner and you shook your head.

No, just me. Uhm I’m Y/N. What’s yours? You asked and again the girl’s eyes scanned the rooms.

I want a tattoo. She said and you nodded.

You’ve come to the right place then. You told her with a bit of a laugh. Her face remained grave as she watched you.

You said your name is Y/N? She asked and you nodded.

Yea, uhm you never told me yours? You tried to get the information out of her and she looked down at her phone.

I want a tattoo now. She replied and you started to get the feeling that something was going on.

Is everything okay? Are you in trouble? You asked and she shook her head.

I’m not, but you will be. She murmured and you looked at her with a confused look.

Why’s that? You started to make your way slowly towards the phone, your eyes scanning her as she slowly stalked towards you. She reached into her bag and pulled out a crumpled piece of paper. On it was a heart and inside the heart was Tae’s name. You felt your breathing hitch as it dawn on you. You’re one of the girls from the café. You replied and the look of anger on the girl’s face seemed to tell you that you were right. You stepped towards the phone only to feel her hand grab your wrist. Don’t do this. You whispered as you tried to get out of her grasp, but there was an excruciating pain as you looked into her eyes.

Stay. Away. From. My. Tae. Oppa. She emphasized each words as you tried to remain calm.

Please. You tried to pull away, only to have her twist your wrist suddenly. You screeched out in pain as you felt tears well up and your knees go weak. You curled up in pain on the floor as she kicked you in the side feeling a sharp pain run from your rib, you felt the snap and cried out in pain again.

Do as I say. She said in a demanding tone and you felt yourself shake with fear. Curling yourself up on the floor, you heard her leave the store and you began to sob. A few minutes later, your tattoo artist came walking in, running up to you, she knelt down.

What happened? Ashley asked as she picked your head up, touching you gingerly.

I … A girl … I think my wrist is broken. You sobbed as she looked at your swollen wrist.

Okay, calm down, just breathe, I’ll call the ambulance. She murmured as she grabbed her phone. The door rang again. I’m sorry, sir, we aren’t open. Ashley called over her shoulder, but Tae stood there his eyes fearful as he looked at you.

What happened? He ran over and knelt on the other side of you.

Sir. Ashley said forcefully, but you stopped her.

I know him. You said through uneven breath. She nodded and stood up.

Okay, but I’m staying right over here. She said pointedly at Tae. If you hurt her. She threatened and you smiled gently at Ashley.

What happened? Tae asked as he gently took your hand, you took in a sharp breath due to the pain. He immediately dropped it. I’m sorry. He murmured and you shook your head.

It’s okay. You responded and he touched your side, but you shook your head. He looked from your side to your face and then back. Lightly lifting the thin fabric, he saw the black and blue mark begin to form. His eyes became completely desperate as he looked at you.

What happened? He asked again and you sighed.

One of the girls from the café. You mumbled and the concern turned to rage as he looked at you.

What did those bitches do? He seethed and you tried to calm him down.

She wants me to stay away from you. You murmured, feeling the pain take over your body and you began to slip in and out of consciousness. Tae cradled your face.

No, no, stay awake. Who was it? Did you get her name? He asked and you blinked slowly, feeling your face lob to the side.

The tapes. You mumbled and Ashley took in a breath. Tae looked over at her.

What is she talking about? Tae asked and Ashley wanted to smack herself in the face.

We have security cameras. Drunks come in and try to start fights all the time. One second! She ran to the back, scrolling through the cameras that encompassed the front. As the paramedics arrived, they strapped you onto the gurney and told Tae that he had to stay behind.

You are not family, sir. You cannot come in the ambulance. They said in an unemotional tone while he protested. Ashley pulled Tae to the back and showed him the tapes.

Help Y/N. Do you know this girl? Ashley asked, playing the tape of the incident. Tae watched in fear as the look of concern graced your beautiful features and then sheer pain and fear took over as she twisted your arm and kicked your side. His mouth pursed into a scowl as he watched the tape over and over. Her face flashing in his mind as he continued to watch you defenselessly lie on the floor. TAE! Ashley yelled and he was taken out of his trance.

Ava. It’s my ex, Ava. Tae murmured.