The most dramatic moment during my Camp Counseling career at an all girls camp was when a girl got a letter from a friend saying that Zac Efron had died and one of her bunkmates ran out of the cabin and shouted “ZAC EFRON IS DEAD!!!!!” and the camp immediately fell into chaos girls were crying in the middle of camp and running around spreading the news everyone was yelling and the counselors had to look up wether or not Zac Efron was dead (this is a wireless camp so the girls couldn’t access the internet and check for themselves) and then get out a megaphone and be like “ZAC EFRON IS NOT DEAD PLEASE REMAIN CALM” outside of all the cabins it was insanity. 

What’s Bred in the Bone: Part I

Mass Effect: Andromeda

Jaal x Sara Ryder

A 600 year nap and a 2.5 million light-year journey to find out the answer: are humans and angara genetically compatible?

Rated M for strong language, some sexuality and violence. Alien-human pregnancy fic.

Spoilers for Jaal’s romance and loyalty mission, and end of game.

Part I of ??? - Part II - Part III - Part IV

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You break up with Namjoon as a prank

You and Namjoon were currently in a prank war and you were ready to take it a few notches higher. Part of you felt bad but the other part was begging to see his reaction.

“We need to talk I don’t know if I can do this anymore…”

You sent the message and awaited the response. Immediately you saw the three dots indicating he was typing. You locked your phone as you giggled to yourself. The minutes passing by felt like agony. Five minutes later and you finally got a response back. You were surprised he managed to type so much in five minutes.

“Y/N if I’ve done anything or said something please tell me. Can’t we talk through this? I mean it’s so sudden is this really what you want? Are you not happy with me? Is there another guy? I know with my job I can’t always be there but I thought you were okay with that. Did it finally become too much for you? Are you okay? Do you just need space? Y/N please talk to me about what’s going on. I’d still like to be in your life. I love you and nothing’s going to change that. I love all your little quirks and I don’t know if I can leave everyday without you. When a person loves a rose they pick it no matter how painful the thorns are as they sink deeper into their skin all they care about is getting that beautiful flower. Once they’ve picked the flower it’s life is limited. It can live a little bit in a vase with water but eventually the flower dies. But the impact the rose had on the person stays with them. Our love will be like that to me you’re my rose. And I will never forget you if this is what you really want. I’ll respect your decision and leave you alone but I’ll always remember the impact you had on me.”

When you got done reading the text you were nearly in tears and had to remind yourself you weren’t actually breaking up. You decided that was enough messing with him and figured you should tell him in person. You sent back another text telling him to come over you would explain. Namjoon rushed to your house as quick as he could with tear-blurred vision. You heard a knock on your door which made you jump slightly not expecting him so soon. You motioned for him to sit down and got him a glass of water. He mumbled a thank you and sat there with his leg shaking trying to remain calm. “Please don’t hate me for what I’m about to say.” You started your guilty plea to him. “I could never.” Your heart ached a little seeing the effect you had on him. “It was all a prank!” You said excitedly hoping your excitement would rub off on him. He stared there blankly for a while. “A prank?” He finally asked for reassurance. You nodded your head nervously now realizing just how bad an idea this was. “A prank huh” he said and began to smile a little bit. But you recognized the glint in his eye and tried to back away before he could tickle you. However to no avail you were on the floor in a fit of giggles. Namjoon stopped tickling you but was still on top of you. You both began to lean in and you closed your eyes. You heard him get up and looked up confused. “You didn’t think I’d get over it that easy did you?” He asked with his famous dimpled smile. “I was hoping my charm would help.” You offered with a smile making him laugh. He pinched your cheek “cute” and sat back down. You sat down next to him hesitantly not knowing how if when he would get his revenge. Namjoon could sense you distancing yourself and laughed. “I’m not going to do anything tonight.” Normally you wouldn’t believe him but tonight all you wanted to do was cuddle with him. You intertwined your hands and he lifted his arm so you could lay your head on his chest. You exchanged I love you’s and let a comfortable silence fill the room as the tv was playing in the background.
Wont Let Go (2)

Warnings: angst

**unedited bc I really just wanted to post, I’ll fix anything later**

The bullet embedded its self into my stomach and I stumbled back, my eyes growing wide with shock. I didn’t feel the pain right away… Spencer had just shot me… My vision blurred as my knees buckled.


Spencer’s POV

Everything was happening in slow motion.

“Y/n…” I gasped. She stared at me with wide eyes and her hand immediately went over her wound as she fell to her knees. I quickly crawled over to catch her before she could completely hit the ground. Y/n groaned in pain. I could barely see her wound through the tears burning in my eyes but I could tell it was very bad. My hands were covered in the warm, red liquid.

JJ had scooted over and pressed her hands on Y/n’s chest to stop the bleeding, despite her being shot in the side. I looked at JJ worried.

“I’ll be fine Spencer, let’s just worry about her. Call for help in your earpiece!” She exclaimed.

I pressed down on the button and spoke into the small microphone. “This is Doctor Spencer Reid, we need a medic on floor ten right now. Tell agent Hotchner y/n y/l/n has been shot in the chest.” I yelled, tears streaming down my face. When I looked down at Y/n, she literally looked like she was already dead. Her face had paled drastically, yet swear was beaded across her forehead. Her breathing was staggered and slow and she was holding back tears. I took hold of her hand and squeezed it. “What have I done?” I whispered to myself.

“Spencer..” Y/n mumbled. She tried to sit up but I held her down.

“Y/n, just lie still, okay? Lie still.” I said frantically. “You’re going to be fine.”

“She’s losing too much blood,” JJ whispered.

I pressed the button on my radio. “Where’s the damn medic? Agent Y/n Y/l/n is dying up here!” I yelled.

“Doctor, they’re on their way, please try to remain calm.” said some woman on the other end. I threw the radio on the ground and turned my attention back to Y/n.

She squeezed my hand and looked up at me half smiling.

“You know, you always did tell me I was impulsive. Look where it’s gotten me,” she laughed then winced.

“I’m so sorry, Y/n. I never meant-”

“Don’t apologize, you didn’t know I was about to run out, you were just doing your job.” she croaked. I could no longer hold back the wall of tears that were in my eyes. I cried out and put my head on her shoulder.

“Don’t cry Spence, you’ve got to stay strong, please, just do it for me.” Y/n whispered.

“I/m not strong, Y/n,” I argued.

“Yes you are, that’s why I…” she stopped to take a breath. “That’s why I love you.” Her words shocked me. How could she love me of all people? Why not Derek or anyone else, and how could she still say that after I just shot her?  A small smile spread across her face when she saw how shocked I was. I could hear the shouts of the medics that were below us. They had made it! But then Y/n’s smile quickly started to fade and her eyelids were drooping. 

“N-no, Y/n, please stay with me! They’re almost here.” I pleaded. JJ was pressing harder on the wound and shaking her shoulder to try to keep Y/n awake.

But it was no use. Y/n’s eyes were already closed and her breathing had come to a stop. My lip quivered as I said my final goodbye.

“I love you too.”

I’m not sorry ++ I’m making a part three don’t worry guys just follow the hashtag #wontletgox (this is going to be a long series) to see bc the next part may get lost on our feed bc Mari and I have a lot of requests lmao.


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Hello! Can I request a headcanon of the RFA+V+Saeran would act like while living in a haunted house (like who will be like the movie characters who are completely oblivious, who will call an exorcist, who ends up killed idk 😂)

This request is so good!I’ll do another part of this (Maybe how they would be alone in the house, or with MC)
This is just that cliche horror film, ghosts, a murderer

Killer Party

You guys are in a haunted house, you and they were exploring that house that nobody ever wanted to go, they said this house was haunted, that was a killer living in there, but nobody ever spotted someone.
“Guys…I think we should get out of here…"Yoosung said, trembling, he’s scared, he was dragged into this, he didn’t want to come, but Zen kept saying that he was a coward, for his pride, he goes.
Zen laugh at him, whispering “coward” to him, after some while something was thrown from the second floor, everybody jumped (especially Zen,he screamed too), 707 laugh from the second floor, he did it, he has thrown that to scare us.
Zen is red because of that scream “Coward.” Jumin whisper to him, taking the revenge for Yoosung, everyone is laughing (Beside Jaehee and Saeran) a vase breaking,and some painting falling on the ground “IDIOT BROTHER..!STOP WITH THIS THING!!” Seven walked to them “…That wasn’t me”
Everybody starts to look at each other, and Yoosung run to the door, trying to get it open, it was a steel door “We’re locked in!”, everybody starts to panic, just V was calm “Everybody…Stay calm, that’s nothing to be worried about”.
“WE’RE IN A HAUNTED HOUSE, THOSE GHROSTS WILL CHASE US, I WARNED YOU GUYS, I SAID THAT THIS WAS A BAD IDEA” Yoosung said, panicking,is time to Zen be your hero, your knight “If some ghost come near me or MC, i will punch them” He said, making a heroic pose “You can’t punch a ghost.” Jumin said, serious “Huh?What?SHUT UP TRUSTFUND KID…Then I will…I will…KICK THE GHOST”
“PLEASE TAKE ME GHOST,” Saeran said, he rather dies than being locked with those people “Assistant Kang, cancel all my meetings, looks like we’re going to be trapped in here.” Really Jumin?When Jaehee picked her phone, she sees that is without signal “I don’t have signal”, after that everybody checked their signal, everybody was without one “OH REALLY?THIS IS SO CLICHE” Shut up Saeran, stop.
“Everybody stay calm that no need to–” V was cut out when they heard a table flipping out “RUN” Everybody started to run to the second floor,Yoosung,Jaehee and V enter one room, Jumin,Zen,Saeran,7 and you in other one,you guys were in a bedroom, 7 goes to the bathroom in their and see a corpse on the bathtub “I envy her” Zen look to that ans scream, while Jumin was sitting on the floor seeing a picture of Elizabeth on his phone “I’ll come back Elizabeth, don’t worry…” and Saeran’s still like “KILL ME NOW GHROST”.
Seven’s laughting about how Zen was screaming, and Zen was like “WHAT YOU WANT ME TO DO?BE HAPPY ABOUT FINDIND A CORPSE?”.
While this was happening in the other room things were better “Please, let’s remain calm” V said, smiling, trying to mantain the sanity of the group,Yoosung “Now i’m sure that you’re not seeing that is happening” “Yoosung…Are you going to make those blind jokes again” “Oh, i’m sorry V, i f you can’t see all your bullshit, you should smell it.”
While they were “discussing” (V being atacked by Yoosung blind jokes), Jaehee is walking thinking, and after that she started to pray “Please, dear lord, protect all of us, especially Zen and Jumin…Zen’s my idol and Jumin is my boss, i don’t want to be fired”.
After a while, you guys hearded screaming, was Jaehee, Yoosung and V screaming, you guys got scared,b ut after hearing some footsteps, you guys were certain, somebody was running, probrably they, but running because of what?
“So this has gotten serious…” Seven said, with a serious expression now, Zen looked at him, with a open mouth “SO YOU WERE TAKING THIS AS A JOKE?!”
You were in the ground, sitting in there, while Jumin was hugging you, he’s missing Elizabeth, he must have something to be his, you’re the chosen one “AND BESIDES THAT, THAT TRUSTFUND KID IS TAKING ADVANTAGE OF THE SITUATION!” Zen said, really angry at Jumin who just looks at him and be like “Get out.”
Now Zen’s really angry “IT MUST BE ME WHO PROTECTED HER, I SAID IT FIRST” Saeran is sitting on the bed “…If the killer kill me now…I’ll be thankful”.


East Enchantress Nowhere_ El Diablo x Reader

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Can you write an el Diablo x reader in which the reader has telekinesis and healing powers? The reader falls in love with el Diablo when she meets him although he doesn’t later on he will. At the part of the explosion, the reader jumps in to revive it was successful but the reader almost died when he wakes up. The reader later on wakes up in his arms where she sees him arguing whether they should leave her or not. When she miraculously awakens Chato kisses her. They end up together.

Jenn’s note: Mi WiFi is slow so typing is a pain on Tumblr, but here you go.

Word Count: 1705

Warnings: Spoilers, near death, fluff and swearing I think

Disclaimers: I own nothing but the plot, even that’s debatable since it was a request.

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It had been dim and chilled for as long as you had been here. There were light bulbs on the ceiling but without a light switch, they may as well have not been there at all. One of the few things that you did know was that this was a prison and the arrival of food was the only way to tell time in this hell hole. The routine was always the same, except of today. The growling of your stomach told you it had probably been almost a day since your last meal.

“Y/N L/N Please remain calm and breathe deeply.” Said a static filled voice over the intercom before a hissing sound filled your cell. You were confused to say the least but your questions were answered you became fatigued way too fast and collapsed on the ground. A door you had never noticed opened and the light blinded you. The sound of stomping boots was the last thing you heard before you succumbed to the blackness. You could remember little flashes, being loaded onto a gurney, pain in your neck, and sunlight that caused you to hiss in pain as it pierced your sensitive retinas. When you woke up for real you were strapped to a wheelchair next to several others in similar restraints.

“What the hell’s going on!?” You demanded, squirming in your chair.

“None of your damn concern lady.” A soldier said, Flag as his sleeve identified him.

“Yeah it is! I didn’t do anything wrong!” You pleaded “I just want to go home.”

Instead of acknowledging you, Flag turned to greet more soldiers carrying a squirming body bag. “What’s this, twelve pounds of shit in a ten pound sack?” The bag was torn open and a man scrambled out, punching a guard. “Welcome to the party Captain Boomerang.”

‘Captain Boomerang’ was held down and the conversation got to quiet for you to hear, you would have looked around if a leather strap hadn’t been holding your head still. You struggled and fidgeted nervously, clueless to what was going on.

“Relax Chica,” said a gravelly voice, probably from lack of use, right next to you. “Ain’t no one listening anyway.”

“Easy for you to say, you weren’t taken from your home with no say in the matter, I didn’t even get a trial.” You sighed, eyes singing as you blinked them away. When a guard unstrapped you, you shakily stood before falling straight into the owner of the rough voice, a heavily inked man with skeleton like features. Per usual, initial contact resulted in a slew of jumbled memories and feelings. His memories and feelings. Then all at once you were thrust into a reality where that man was helping you, unsteadily, to your feet.

“Thanks, Chato.” You said, gathering yourself. You brushed off the he gave you, as he had never told you his name, let alone his real name.

“Here’s the deal.” Flag yelled. “You’re going somewhere very bad, to do something that’s going to get you killed. Until that happens, you’re my problem. Grab what you need for a fight, we’re wheels up in ten.”

You wanted to scream and cry and throw a tantrum, but you preferred to keep your head where it was and it’s not like they would care anyway. SO instead you mutely dressed in the clothes a guard threw at you, tired and defeated. You had realized you would probably die and no one would know what had happened to you. After pulling on your boots you trudged onto the helicopter.

Twenty minutes later you had crashed, stumbled out of a burning helo and started through the cluster fuck of weird shit to the sky scraper where HVT1 was. As you went you found yourself subconsciously watching the skeleton man who, much like you, avoided fighting. You found yourself noticing things like the way he spoke (or didn’t) and the way his brow bones shifted when someone said something dumb. You felt drawn to the man repenting for something that wasn’t even his fault. He believed it was on him, that the death of his family was his fault alone. He had an active mind and his thoughts were loud, as such you couldn’t help but eavesdrop.

“How’d she know my name?”

‘Hearing’ this you looked up, seeing Chato look away quickly. “I’m a telepath. Name’s Y/N. Sorry, I usually ask before learning someone’s entire past.” You could tell he was confused, you didn’t need telepathy for that. “When you caught me earlier. I’m sorry for your loss.”

“Thanks.” He said simple, obviously not wanting to continue the conversation. You watched him walk away as you turned your face towards the dark sky.

When you made it to the skyscraper you nearly killed her when you found out that HVT1 was Amanda Waller, the woman who admitted to having you snatched just so you could risk your life.

“Lady, you better have a damn good explanation for why you had me kidnapped!” you growled, ignoring as Katana drew her sword.

“The average American commits approximately six felonies a day. You weren’t kidnapped Y/N, you were arrested. You’re dangerous but useful.” She replied coolly.

“And those gunshots we just heard? I suppose those people just stopped being useful?”

“Unless you want the same fate, I would mind your tongue.”

“Wow, you are such a cold bitch.” You sneered.

“A means to an end.” She replied, pushing past the squad to the stairs. You rolled your eyes and shuffled along behind.

“She ain’t a criminal?” Chato’s thought rang through your head.

You scoffed. “Only if you count parking in front of a fire hydrant.”

The rest of the journey to the roof was made in relative silence, only to be broken by gunfire, crashing helicopters and Waller’s capture that ended in some drama at an abandoned bar. Afterwards you were on your way to some godforsaken subway station to save the world and Flag’s love life. If you were going to die, you were going to die a hero.

“I’ll do it! I’ll get him there!” Chato yelled over the sound of the molten man decimating your group.

“What? No!” you shouted back, ducking behind a statue.

“I already lost one family, I ain’t gonna loose another! Let me show you what I really am!” Before you say more, he had run towards the hulking mass, flames engulfing the ancient being. When he crashed into an office you were flooded with worry, only for it to be replaced by awe. He emerged from the office, growing rapidly into a skeleton that truly earned the name ‘Diablo.’

“Ahora si, cabrón!” he spoke, voice rattling the foundation. After that everything went by in blur. Everyone, including Flag’s evil witch of a girlfriend, stared as they fought. Too late you realized Chato was losing as he diminished with large hands around his throat.

“Blow it!” he practically commanded. “Blow it!”

It was almost in slow motion as Flag spoke into his com. “Now GQ, now.”

You screamed in protest but it was lost as an explosion threw you back. As your vision cleared you coughed and stumbled to your feet, barely registering the Colonel calling after you. You were too focused on your task: him. You jumped into the crater and bulled a familiar scorched body towards you, not caring that his hot skin was burning your hands. You prayed to whoever was listening that it wasn’t already too late.

If anyone had been able to look into the crater, they would have seen a normal civilian mourning over the strangest of men, but it was so much more. You were going to bring him back. It was something you had never tried for obvious reasons, basic logic said that playing with the forces of death was not a smart idea, but you had to try. You were willing to risk it for him. You focused all your energy into him, on the burns and punctures that littered his torso. Slowly you felt them disappearing and beneath your fingers was a weak thump that grew stronger with each occurrence. However, as he grew stronger you felt the energy leaving your body, plaguing you with tiredness. You watched his eyelids flutter before everything went black.

You were cold, freezing even, toes and fingers numb from a sourceless cold. It was black and dark and you had no idea where you were.

“Step away Diablo.” It was Waller’s voice, but she sounded far away and muted.

“I ain’t gonna leave her.” The pyro replied, angry. “Please come back.”

You felt something warm wrap around you, comforting in the cold.

“She’s gone esé, I’m sorry.” Deadshot’s voice was clearer now, every noise was, but they were still so far away.

“He’s right mate, come on.” Boomerang said, the most sympathetic you had heard him.

“You wanna here it in Spanish? No.” His voice was clear now and the numbness was leaving your extremities, you could feel fabric against your cheek and rocks digging into your skin uncomfortably.

“Come on hot stuff, these shoes weren’t exactly made for fightin’” Harley chirped.


Just then a cough ripped its way through your throat, and you took greedy breaths of air. “You assholes better not leave me behind.” You quipped eyes opening to see Chato looking down at you, face etched with worry.

“Carniῆo?” He sounded shocked, probably that you were even alive.

“Hiya.” You groaned, sitting, then standing, up slowly. As soon Chato had helped you to your feet his arms had wrapped around your frame as he rested his chin you your shoulder.

“That was a stupid thing to do, pollito.” He scolded gently.

“Yeah, well so was blowing yourself up, but that obviously didn’t stop you.” You jested.

He chuckled, pulling away awkwardly and turning away. He didn’t get far, however, when you grabbed his wrist so you could pull him back and plant your lips on his.

“Don’t forget, I can read minds.” You smirked, climbing out of the crater as Waller started giving commands again. Of course you didn’t miss the shell shocked look on his face after you had stepped back. “Come on fire boy, let’s go.”


BTS React to: Going on a Haunted House tour with you on Halloween!

Namjoon; Lowkey wants to impress you by holding you close and keeping a cool disposition to ‘protect you’ but fails miserably when something pops out from behind the curtains, causing this big doofus to scream, making you scream even louder, resulting in both of you screaming your heads off like little kids. “Ahhh, I wasn’t really scared babe - I just didn’t want you to feel left out so I screamed along with you…you believe me, right?”~

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Seokjin; Holding on to you the entire time as you both shuffle through the house with your flash lights - him pushing you both through quickly and just wanting to get out without pissing himself from being so freaking scared. When you both finally get out and you ask him if he’s okay (because he’s still clutching on to you for dear life) he says “Baby please let’s never do this again, next time let’s just stay in and eat until we can’t move any more…please?” :3

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Yoongi; Would remain relatively calm until someone starts chasing both of you down the last long hallway - Yoongi grabbing you by your arm and bolting out the door faster than he ever ran in his life. Expect lots of shouting and giggling and holding on to you once you both got out safe and alive with him chuckling at how scared he got “Damn, I didn’t think I’d be that scared…you were scared too right? Right? Please tell me you were also scared…” c:

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Hoseok; You and Hobi would have already decided to just run really fast through the house to get to the end as quick as possible - screaming along the way in hopes of frightening whatever was intending to frighten you. However, when Hoseok trips over his own feet, neither of you can help but burst out laughing at Hobi’s wisecracks as if your both in a damn horror movie “GO ON (Y/N)! SAVE YOURSELF! Wait I was juST KIDDING DON’T LEAVE ME BEHIND”

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Jimin; Would try to act cool and flex his muscles like “Don’t worry beautiful, I’ll save you from any ghosts inside” as he wraps his arm around you and smirks to himself thinking he’s so manly - but when you tell him that muscles mean nothing when it comes to ghosts, the colour drains from his face as he looks at you like “Shit, u right” just to make you laugh. Even though he’s a bit scared, he’s having tonnes of fun spending the night with you c:

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Taehyung; Expect to hold his hand the whole way through like you can bet this boy will not let go of you, always in your ear with serious questions like “How easy would it be for a spirit to possess me? Would you still love with me if I got possessed?” While you assure him that none of it’s real and he pulls you in closer to him like “Let’s protect each other, I got u, we can do thiS TEAMWORK” You’d both probably end up laughing the whole way through thanks to his silly jokes to ease the scariness of the situation <3

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Jungkook; Would end up getting scared at things that weren’t meant to be scary, like a floorboard creaking or another couple going through at the same time as you both. He would love that you clung on to him when something popped out, your grip around his arm making him smile when he should be screaming along with you. When you both got out, he’d be like “Let’s go again! I like it when you cling on to me from being a little scared” c:

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