danny and kirsch being unable to figure out how to calm their baby down because no matter what they do, she won’t stop crying and kirsch insists on calling carmilla because she has this strange, magic baby touch. danny is resistant at first, because carmilla’s always been snarky and rude to her, but at this point, she’s desperate and exhausted so she agrees.

carmilla’s grumpy af that she got woken up in the middle of the night but she comes whenever kirsch calls because he’s kind of like a brother to her now and the kid is her goddaughter, so she’s kind of obligated.

within minutes of carmilla’s arrival, the baby is quieted and it’s like a fucking miracle and in that moment, danny’s never been more thankful for someone’s existence in her entire life.

carmilla urges danny and kirsch to get some sleep, she’ll hold the baby for awhile until it’s safe to put her down.

and before danny finally heads to sleep, she tells carmilla that she’ll make a great mother someday and carmilla gets this wistful smile on her face as she stares down at the baby and whispers, “yeah. someday.”