Please consider this and this and tell me again how Crimson wouldn’t be a perfect Mom for Shinonome both aesthetically and eugenically ;A;

Thank you always @lunie-junk for patiently putting up with all my family fluff needs and realizing them into the most cutest pics ever ♥

danny and kirsch being unable to figure out how to calm their baby down because no matter what they do, she won’t stop crying and kirsch insists on calling carmilla because she has this strange, magic baby touch. danny is resistant at first, because carmilla’s always been snarky and rude to her, but at this point, she’s desperate and exhausted so she agrees.

carmilla’s grumpy af that she got woken up in the middle of the night but she comes whenever kirsch calls because he’s kind of like a brother to her now and the kid is her goddaughter, so she’s kind of obligated.

within minutes of carmilla’s arrival, the baby is quieted and it’s like a fucking miracle and in that moment, danny’s never been more thankful for someone’s existence in her entire life.

carmilla urges danny and kirsch to get some sleep, she’ll hold the baby for awhile until it’s safe to put her down.

and before danny finally heads to sleep, she tells carmilla that she’ll make a great mother someday and carmilla gets this wistful smile on her face as she stares down at the baby and whispers, “yeah. someday.”

littlemissmoony  asked:

Lovely mods, how do you do? Thank you for this wonderful blog!♡ I'd like to ask for any BROTP/friendship headcanons you might have about the boys (who tends to spend time with who, their dynamic, what they do together, etc.) I hope that makes sense!

Mod S here! Aw, this ask is great. There definitely needs to be some more platonic love with all the Code: Realize Guys. ^_^ They’re just such a great team. 

So I’ll call this one Code: Realize Guys’ Friendship Headcanons. As always, please don’t hesitate to let me know if there’s anything else this needs! You’re awesome, and have a great day. :3 

  • Lupin and Van, when they cannot express their complicated emotions openly, actually talk to each other about it. Lupin will help Van work out his anger towards Finis and Twilight as a whole, while Van will help Lupin put his past as well as the uncertainty of his future into perspective. They talk to each other about the things they believe would make the others and Cardia feel uncomfortable, and it they talk frequently enough that they can tell when the other is having some trouble with their internal demons and always approach each other when alone to ask if the other needs to vent. 
  • Since Victor and Saint Germain are the only people that can really talk about alchemy together, they often have long, late night chats in the den about Victor’s latest inventions, the history of alchemy, the prospective inventions of the future as well as discourse about the morals and ethics of alchemical experimentation. Saint G can’t expose how much he really knows, but he always gives Victor advice when he needs it, and they both suggest reading material for each other. Saint G will sometimes pop into Victor’s office and watch him work, occasionally offering “bits of wisdom” to help Victor along. 
  • Van always comes to Impey when he wants to cook something that he doesn’t know how to make (and he cannot find a good recipe for it elsewhere). Impey teases Van a bit, but he actually enjoys showing him how to cook a meal in hopes that he’ll make at least something edible! The first time goes over well, so from then on, Van always asks Impey to show him new dishes when he wants to figure one out. It doesn’t help Van’s cooking too much, but Impey wants to be a positive reinforcement in hopes that maybe one day Van will cook something somewhat good.  
  • Lupin helps Victor with his confidence. Lupin suggests he teach Victor how to present himself whenever he’s talking to someone important or doing an dangerous job. Victor refuses at first, but after an uncomfortable confrontation with an upstart in the Royal Society, Victor changes his mind. Lupin teaches Victor a lot about how walking and intonation affects how people see you, and Victor is absolutely grateful for Lupin’s inspiration. In exchange, Victor teaches Lupin about alchemy, as well as how to quickly brew some clever solutions to help him in a pinch. Victor’s help makes Lupin an even more renowned, thief, and from then on, Lupin pitches ideas to Victor to see if he can invent something to make it happen. 
  • Van and Saint Germain like to tease each other about who would win in a fight occasionally, though Saint G always verbally declares that Van would be the winner. Whenever they do end up sparing together, Van is able to tell that Saint G would be an enemy he wouldn’t want on his side, and he expresses this to Saint Germain. Saint G and Van end up talking about what it means to protect someone, and how violence should always be a last resort. Van and Saint G end up having great respect for each other in the end, and commit to becoming fierce warriors since Impey, Lupin and Victor are more passive than they are. 
  • Lupin and Impey help cheer each other up very often. Whenever Impey’s feeling down because he just can’t get his cannon working, Lupin will show up with wine and they’ll drink and laugh together until Impey’s ready to give it another try. The same is true if Lupin has a theft that goes bad or he’s feeling down on himself. Impey brings the alcohol, and Lupin’s ready to try again the next day. The cycle of knowing when the other needs to laugh and cheering them up continues for the rest of their lives (as long as they are able). Whenever one of them needs some positive energy, they always seek the other out (with or without alcohol).