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So, tomorrow, the 25th October, is my mum and dad’s 30th wedding anniversary and that’s a pretty big deal if you ask me.

I have two older sisters - one’s 24 and the other is 29. Growing up, I was always a lot closer to my mum than my dad. Reason being that both me and my eldest sister felt my dad favoured our middle sister. Which he did. And that’s fine. Growing up it sucked, having to try and fill those shoes, but my mum always reassured me that I was doing my best and she was proud. I never really got that from my dad. Now, that’s not to say he’s not proud of me or he isn’t a great dad or he isn’t nice; he is, I just never really saw that side. I have no photos of me and my dad from my birth to when I was 8 years old and even at that, I have 5 photos of me and my dad from age 8 to age 18. I just have never been close to him and that’s okay.

I grew up never really seeing the love between my parents. My dad’s this stoic, serious, strict guy and my mum’s this small, smiley, amazing woman. My dad’s not affectionate, my mum is. However, they always share small moments. A hug; a peck; a small ‘I love you’ and it honestly makes me cry. Just seeing that small affectionate side makes my day. My dad is stubborn and gets angry really easily. Growing up with his anger wasn’t easy; it was scary. Now, he was never abusive, absolutely not, but it was just… I didn’t know how to approach him in fear he would get angry so I just never approached him. My middle sister was so close to him and I’ve always been jealous about that. I just can’t talk to my dad the way I talk to my mum and that’s okay. 

So, we all grew up and I grew even closer to my mum and then 2015 happens.

2015 was shit for us Coles’. We went through hell and we’re still going through hell. My aunt, my Godmother - my dad’s sister, died. So suddenly and so fucking sad. Anne collapsed on 15th June and died 19th June. It was heartbreaking and I’m still grieving. Her funeral was the first time I saw my dad cry. He lost his sister. We all lost her but my dad never showed the impact of her death. He didn’t want to worry us.

Now I found out about my mum’s brain tumour in November through my doctor (who broke confidentiality and that whole situation was fucking awful) but my mum started chemotherapy in late July last year. My dad was faced with the harsh reality that he’d just lost his sister and now he could potentially lose his wife. How either of them managed to not break baffles me. (For those wondering, my mum’s been through one year of chemotherapy and 6 weeks radiotherapy. She’s lost the majority of her hair and has just gotten two wigs and although she doesn’t have a lot of confidence, she’s beautiful. She’s okay. She’s absolutely okay).

He stood by her side. He helped. He comforted. He kept her strong. And she did the same for him. They supported each other and fuck, they’ve been amazing.

When I found out, my dad was actually the one who told me more about it when I wanted to know, he hugged me, he let me cry, he let me be upset and I cannot thank him enough. Whenever me and my dad talk, the conversation ends up getting really deep which I love even though I always end up crying. My dad always tells me about the two strongest people he knew/knows; my granda (his dad who passed away in 2007) and my mum. He always tells me how they always knew the value of what they have. My granda knew that when his wife died at 50 that he had to love and care for their 7 children with everything and that’s what he did. And he loved his grandchildren too and I loved him. My mum knows the value of family, she knows that we’re what matter, that at the end of the day, material things don’t matter, we do. She’s always been about that.

In the past year, we’ve suffered a lot of loss and pain and heartache and stress but what I’ve witnessed is the genuine care and love and vulnerability of my parents. I’ve witnessed my dad’s genuine love for my mum and my mum’s determination and strength. They’re a lot more affectionate, my dad buys her presents and takes her out and it’s beautiful. He told me that seeing her smile, that seeing his girls smile, is what makes him happy.

And they’re never going to read this and I don’t really know why I’ve written this whole spiel but I needed to talk about it. I needed to talk about how I never grew up seeing the love between my parents but now it’s as clear as day and I truly believe my parents are perfect for each other. They’re opposites on some aspects but their bond, their love is stronger than anything and that’s what I hope I can one day have with someone.

So yeah, my parents aren’t perfect but they’re pretty damn great.


[ Struck to Cinders ] ; A Fire Emblem Fanzine Set 

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Struck to Cinders is a pair of companion fanzines, featuring the art and writing of over 50 different artists and authors. Each zine features over 40 artworks and 3 written pieces, and are themed around the two younger brothers of the player in Fire Emblem: Fates, Takumi and Leo. The zines are called [ Struck True ] and [ Devil’s Luck ].

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shout out to people who were hurt by friends or romantic partners who gave them power over them

there’s always talk about how toxic relationships consist of one person taking power over the other

but there’s never anything supporting people who had power forced on them

when you have to watch what you say so the person won’t get upset and cry and make you feel like it’s your fault - that’s not healthy.

when the other person leans on you and depends on you for every emotional need - that’s not healthy.

when the other person refuses to leave you alone, or sulks in the corner and isolates themself when you need alone time - that’s not healthy.

when you start hoping they don’t show up when they usually do so that you can have some breathing room - that’s not healthy.

when they monopolize your time so you have little to no contact with other friends - that’s not healthy.

when they give you gifts that you don’t want and can’t refuse because they’ll get upset and you’ll have to be responsible for getting them up again - that’s not healthy.

even if they’re mentally ill, that’s not an excuse for them to be treating you like that. you deserve better.

you have the right to feel safe and comfortable. it’s okay to leave. it’s okay to tell someone or seek help. it’s okay. it’s not your fault.

Calling people of all genders, races, sexualities, abilities and personalities!

Hi! My name is DeAnna. I am currently enrolled in a Women’s Studies course and I am looking for people from every social sphere I can reach to submit photos of themselves in the clothes that make them feel the most empowered. In other words, if you have a full body photo of yourself, or want to take a full body photo of yourself in clothes that make you feel confident, I’ll be compiling them all into a poster for a class project that will hopefully be placed around campus. My project is centered around the empowerment of people via their clothing style, and exploring the broad definition of what it means to be empowered.

To be included, submit a full body photo of yourself to in an outfit that empowers you! Your name will be completely anonymous.

Preferred Photo Criteria:
-Fully body photos

-A fun pose of your choice

-.jpg or .png files (if you submit with your phone it’ll be .jpg :) )

-Avoid full frontal nudity

Send any questions my way via tumblr messenger or my email:

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On to the health stuff: 

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pls don’t reblog I just want to vent but…

I wish I could understand why so many people are quick to say “WELL I’M NOT PLAYING ANDROMEDA THERE’S X FLAW WITH THIS TRAILER WE GOT AND THE WHOLE GAME IS A FAILURE” yet are so adamant to share posts that talk about them buying DA4 no matter what.

And I know it’s a matter of preference and nobody HAS to buy or play anything, but like… people are THAT much more critical of Andromeda without knowing anything about it? People are so convinced the plot is going to suck, and that it’s doomed if the plot is thin and weak, but like… they’d still buy DA4 despite the fact that DAI was a glorified farming and errand running simulator, and you had to pay $15 to get a DLC of the real ending??? And fuck if you played on anything other than next gen, you didn’t even GET to play the real ending.

But yet god forbid male Ryder (a customizable character nonetheless) not look exactly the way that someone wants, or the .5 seconds of plot we know isn’t up to some absurd standard, or god forbid the Tempest isn’t an ideal shape…

It’s just, kind of ridiculous how hyper critical people are of something we know basically nothing about?

The Light At Her Side

Series: Shuumatsu no Izetta

Words: 3,145

Genres: Romance, Hurt/Comfort

A/N: I’d just wanted to write a quick Finetta fic this week. It kind of relates to the previous two, but in those Fine and Izetta weren’t officially romantically involved (though I heavily implied it haha). But in this one, there’s no mistake about it.

Previously: || The Things She Gives You || Come What May ||


The Light At Her Side

When you open your eyes, you’re met with the sight of a warm, peaceful light, leaking in through the royal curtains. Your sense of touch is blessed by the finest softness, a mattress, pillow, and blanket all fit for a queen.

Or in this case, a princess.

As you roll over onto your back and gaze up at the ceiling, you can hear her breathing quietly beside you. It makes your heart flutter and jump for joy just as it did the very first time, even though you’ve been sleeping next to her for close to a week now.

You still can’t believe the servants and other members of the household allowed it, and are still allowing it.

But then again, when faced with a direct request straight from their princess’ smiling lips, not even the most intimidating, distrusting of her overseers could stand firm.

You still can’t fathom the fact that it’s happening, that you’ve finally gotten to love your princess as you’ve always dreamed of loving her.

And even less fathomable is the fact that she loves you back the very same way.

You of all people, of all things.

A witch.

And still, she’s chosen you, just as she did so many years ago at the chance of your meeting.

It’s certainly the first time something like this has ever happened. After all, there hadn’t ever been that many witches around to cause a scene, let alone fall in love with princesses. And nowadays, you’re the only one left with the privilege to do so.

So why not accept that privilege?

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This is in reference to the post I just reblogged about gaydar because it gave me a lot of feelings.

I think this is something that most straight people just can’t understand. They’ve never had to experience it. My buddy asked me once why I cared so much about hearing that someone we knew from school was gay… And I just couldn’t explain to him.

Keep in mind, this is the guy who was my biggest ally when I was first coming out. He used to go to the gay bar with me and got me up on the lead float at my first pride parade – he was supportive, but didn’t “get” this.

He’s never had to hesitate whether or not to use the right pronoun when talking about an ex. He’s never been asked if his girlfriend was his sister. He’s never had to assess whether it was safe to reveal that he had a girlfriend.

It matters, because it matters. Because we have gone through countless moments like those mentioned above, often NOT correcting people just to be safe. And it’s something that we don’t need to explain to other queer people – we just “get” it.

It’s the same reason why after the events in Orlando, after hearing a constant stream of news reports refusing to call it a hate crime – after arguing with my mother as to why is most definitely WAS a hate crime – I could go to my cousin and her girlfriend and share a “Fuck…” and a hug that our straight friends just won’t fully understand. They’ve never had to worry about kissing their boyfriends in bars. We have. We don’t need to tell each other, we get it.

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