Love is like a friendship caught on fire. In the beginning a flame, very pretty, often hot and fierce, but still only light and flickering. As love grows older, our hearts mature and our love becomes as coals, deep-burning and unquenchable.

-Bruce Lee

Why Beth Greene could be alive.

This is my detailed list of reasons (and thoughts) that includes suspicious behaviour inside and outside TWD as to why Beth Greene might still be alive. Please know that this is purely speculation. If you have anything to add, a source or if I’m wrong about a certain claim please send me a message and/or reblog this.

I made this post purely for myself and for others who want to know why a lot of people doubt her death and are interested in Team Delusional. In no way am I going to try to ‘convince’ anyone, honestly just believe what you want to believe. Though this is also made to remind some people who are slowly losing hope of all the things they believed in once. Just because a director says that she’s dead doesn’t take away all the symbolism and clues that we have gathered.

(Also a piece of advice: keep the hate away. People are free to believe something, especially if there is enough evidence to doubt said character death. Don’t like it? Don’t read it. Move on.)

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News: Leonard Nimoy

I don’t want to make a long post about this because I’m not very good at talking about these kinds of things. But to anyone who doesn’t already know, Mr. Nimoy was taken to hospital last week. It seems that he may be recovering now, but reports are few and far between so it is hard to know for sure. He has updated his Twitter account since being hospitalised, so let’s all hope that is a good sign!

You can read the article here

Get well soon Mr. Nimoy. All your fans are thinking of you.

(I intend to post again when we have more news. If you find out what’s going on before I do, please message me with a reputable source that I can read and link to.)

So I think these tumblr family things are really cute and I decided I wanted to make one (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧.


  • must me following the rightful Queen of Númenor
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  • if you have a specific fancast for non-movie characters lemme know and i’ll see what i can do
  • if you have a specific picture/art you’d like me to use please send me everything (including a source) via submit instead of ask

Below the cut is a list of Filipino, Native American and Pacific Islander/Polynesian faceclaims. They are divided into sub-groups, have their age and what their age range is in my opinion. I did my best to link their names to a source of their ethnicity. If there are any inaccuracies or anyone that could be added to the list, please message me and let me know! Please like or reblog if you found this helpful.

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We are both in our early-mid 20s, both disabled, and we have a fixed adult cat and several caged hamsters and mice. 

I receive disability income which is currently our only source of income, but shizuohfuckno has good job qualifications and is also seeking govt assistance. (Hy is also an excellent cook and will fix dinner for all of us, if you like.)

We need to move to an affordable, pet friendly place in the general area ASAP. If you(or anyone you know) live in the Southcoast, Cape Cod, Plymouth, Wareham, or Boston area, basically almost anywhere in Western MA, please message me or shizuohfuckno

We are desperate and really need a place where we won’t be in constant fear of being manipulated and gaslighted by our landlord and where we can keep our pets without fear of further harassment.

Snowy Mountain Training Disruption Story

I went ahead and translated areas 31 and 40 for this story since Levi and Hanji are my favorite characters and I figure it would be nice to have at least some translated snippets. Hopefully someone else can translate some of the other parts.

Please do not message me asking me to translate other parts. This story is huge and I do not have the time to do the whole thing along with other translation projects I’m working on.



Levi: Oi… The brats haven’t arrived yet?

Petra: According to the itinerary, I think they should be around the summit…

Auruo: They’re slow… Why do the members of Squad Levi have to wait around for them… For that matter, why are we spending our time with trainee soldiers in the first place…

Petra: The Corps is severely understaffed and lacking soldiers
Are you speaking from your early experience in the Survey Corps?

Auruo: Is this going to be an another group made up of worthless cowards?
It has been every time

Petra: Since joining, you have developed a habit of being such a snob…

Auruo: I know, Petra
Is this how you express affection towards me?

Petra: Auruo… Are you even aware of how conceited you sound? Don’t you see it?

Hanji: Everyone…! Here you are!
There’s an emergency!

Levi: What… Did your shit clog the toilet?

Hanji: No! It’s a snow storm, a blizzard!
The weather on the mountain took a sudden turn for the worse!
Heavy snow and high winds are making visibility low.
The recruits won’t be able to go anywhere in this storm
If the temperatures stay like this or gets any lower they are at risk of freezing to death.
We need to rescue them before the situation gets any worse!!

Levi: We don’t have many people ….Hanji, Auruo, come with me onto the mountain.

Auruo: Roger!

Levi: Petra, wait here for instructions from Erwin.

Petra: Roger!

Levi: Hmm… By the looks of the clouds I have a bad feeling about this…


Auruo: Shit! We can’t see anything through all this snow?

Levi: Hanji, how much progress have we made?

Hanji: Wait! The wind blew the map away…
Oh no… This is bad.
And since getting on the mountain, we haven’t even gone 1 kilometer

Levi: We’ll get no where searching around blindly…

Hanji: Perhaps to avoid the snowstorm
They took shelter somewhere
But I can’t imagine where they could

Petra: …… Captain Levi!

Levi: Petra… What did Erwin say?

Petra: There is an abandoned castle on the mountainside! Head over there!

Hanji: Abandoned castle… It would definitely be on the map, someone in the group should be able to notice it…

Levi: We don’t have much time… Let’s go before visibility gets worse than this

Petra: Captain Levi! The Commander sent another message
If the new recruits are not found by sundown…
The rescue mission will be called off.

Levi: …… Understood


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Hello! I recently decided that I wanted to start making gifs for ouat and since I usually don’t watch the show live I decided to buy a season pass on itunes so that I can watch the episode and make gifs in the best quality possible. Even if nobody needs a source for downloads I still want to make this available just in case someone does.

I’ve just finished uploading all the earlier season four episodes to mega and posting links on a download page. Each new episode will be uploaded and posted as soon as possible. 

An individual post will be made it’s ready to download and tagged with ouathd so track that if you’re interested. If you have any questions feel free to message me here.

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Jennifer Connelly Icon Hunt

Rules and Info: None of these icons belong to me and I have linked each set directly back to its source. Please follow the rules and requests of each icon maker and give them the credit they deserve by acknowledging their blog/page somewhere. Do not hotlink, but right click and save the images you want to use. I would also appreciate if you liked or, more importantly, reblogged this post so others can take advantage of this resource! Thanks!

Also, if you see your icons here and do not wish them to be included in the hunt, please message me and I will remove them immediately.


-10 Icons
40+ Icons
24 Icons
25 Icons
9 Icons

Others can be found here

House of Sand and Fog

261 Icons

Reservation Road

56 Icons

Requiem for a Dream

??? Icons

10+ Icons


32 Icons (Goblin Queen-esque)
8 Icons
12 Icons
45 Icons
120+ Icons (80’s compilation)
37 Icons
130 Icons
46 Icons
32 Icons
100 Icons

Shake it Off

There’s literally a song promoting caring about yourself and loving yourself and not caring about the people who try to bring you down playing on every single radio station where I live. This is so so so important. I’ve had anxiety for years, and this song has such an important message to people like me. I can tell myself to not care all I want, but the truth is it’s really really helpful to hear it coming from a mainstream media source. There are so many things telling girls to hate themselves and glorifying having your entire life revolve around romance, so it’s extremely refreshing to hear something get this popular that promotes a positive image of yourself.

IMPORTANT! Does anybody who this girl is?? If any of you have seen her picture around and know her name please let me know. I think her picture is being used to catfish a really good friend of mine and a bunch of other people. Any sources on where this picture came from or who the person in the picture is would help a lot! Supposedly her name or nickname is Shizuka.( If this is not true it would mean a lot to know who this person really is.) message me if you have any information! PLEASE AND THANK YOU SPREAD THIS AROUND!!


So I have to write ANOTHER speech for my communications class and I need help on picking a topic.

The objective of the speech is to inform/lecture the audience about something, ANYTHING. It just needs to be appropriate for a classroom setting and I have to be able to find academic sources on this topic as well as a presentation aid (like pictures) PLEASE HELP ME, reply to this post (OR SEND ME A MESSAGE) about something that interests you, or you feel the world (aka my class) should know about.

Thanks guys I really appreciate it!!!

gay-dog asked:

hello! i want to generally thank you not only for translating so many things and being an overall a+ resource, but also for being a sort of source of inspiration for me in terms of learning japanese. honestly, ive wanted to quit a million times now, but then i see how far you, and others have gotten, and i think, maybe i can try this again. im not going to reach any high level of fluency any time soon, but thank you for being such a big influence! please take care!

I am so sorry that it took me so long to reply to you, but I can’t thank you enough for your message. I’m really glad that my translations have been so useful for you in this way.

Also I just wanted to say that language learning can be insane sometimes but it definitely pays off to stick with it. I’ve only gotten to where I am now after years and years of studying, so don’t give up! I’m sure that you can make it and you will be amazing! <333


I am doing a research paper on the American Educational system and how we are progressing towards a world like in the novel Brave New World (a dystopian novel, where everyone is the same and the way children are taught is by having a voice come over an intercom and repeat facts to them in school and while they sleep), and I would love to have someone to interview, seeing that I have not been able to find any good sources. PLEASE message me if you are interested. 

Can you call it an update if I just reworked the whole list?  ANYWAY.  There are a lot of names on this list and plenty you may not know (there were some that surprised me).  I won’t lie to you, Wikipedia was my source for this but I fact-checked using the sources linked in the Wikipedia article.  Please note that there ARE people of color on this list (Kat Graham, Rashida Jones, Maya Rudolph, etc.) and it’s not a mistake; people of color can be and are Jewish.  Just as an example, Kat Graham has Sephardic Jewish ancestry.  Please don’t message me saying that I’m wrong unless you have fact-checked and found that the information is, in fact, incorrect.  Just like all of you, I aim to be as accurate as possible and especially when it comes to things like my own religion, I do check things to make sure they are correct.  I hope this helps when trying to cast Jewish characters, but as I’ve stated before, please don’t feel boxed in by this list; ANYONE can be Jewish (and the diversity of the list is a testament to that).

Stay classy, lovelies.


Hey guys, I need your help. I'm writing a rhetorical analysis on Boko Haram for my ENG112 class. If you have any links to articles or masterposts, please message me or comment.

Since Boko Haram is not talked about much in America’s mainstream media because they have not presented themselves as a threat to Americans (even though they outrank ISIL/ISIS and Al Qu’ida in accumulated deaths since 2014) I chose the Boko Haram as a topic to study. For my rhetorical analysis I have to create a history of them. I found one article by START that I am analyzing but I need at least FOUR secondary sources (I can use more if need be). Not many people around me know who they are and what they can do, any terrorist attacks carried out by them are often accredited to ISIL (from what I’ve gathered by speaking with people about them). This essay will be read outloud in front of my class with a purpose to inform. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Have information?