Larger/slightly NSFWier version of the first pic here. 

Uthvir and Thenvunin from Looking Glass

At the start I was all, PRECIOUS PRIDE HOW DARE U HIT. But then I learned about Thenvunin’s hate-crushes and how he’s a dead fish in the bedroom and his birds and his issues and… He’s such a person. It’s great! (Also am I the only one who found it cute that he spent the night - ok, maybe he slept somewhere else, OR maybe he was just too stubborn to leave, like, I’m so spectacular and you are kicking me out in the middle of the night, really, is this a reflection of Andruil’s hospitality? I am burning in OC hell please send help also sorry for topless Uthvir to the people who may imagine them very differently.)

@feynites I’d be worried about spending far too much time pondering the imaginary love lives of fictional ancient elves - except that’s practically all we do around here :>

bonus pic: uthvir being a pain.


Part2| part1

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Authors note: Aye so this is the second and last part.  It’s so smutty beware.  Its got fluff too so ugh. I felt so cheesy and hot writing this imma blast..Enjoy and please give me feedback!

HIM pt2

“Seriously y/n this is the best part” Tae complained.  “I have to study” you whine back in his tone.  “No you don’t” He pouts.

Ever since the time you two met, days like this just sort of happened.  Both of you spent the day laying around watching magna and eating.  It was like you had been friends forever.  Even though you love it so much you couldn’t help but feel a little displeased by that.

“C’mon y/n.  Watch this with me” he whined shoving his face in-between you and your textbook trying to be extra cute.  You shove him off and shut your book.  “30 minutes” you tell him. “Fine” he replies.

“Hey best friend…Will you please go grab me some chips” you whine giving him a big pout.  He stared at you upset, shook his head, rolled his eyes, and got up anyway.  “Don’t try using aegyo on me” he warns making you frown.  “Why not” you question?  “Just because I said so” he answers throwing them at me and thumping back down, squirming until he’s comfortable.  “Stop being so moody just because I’m cute.”  He smiled at that.

A couple more minutes of laying in the dark you heard a low voice. “Hey…” he started but stopped.  You looked at him with a confused expression.  “What” you asked.  “Oh nothing” he sighed and faced the tv again.  “Just spit it out” you pushed.  “Well since we are so best friends.. I just wondered if it bothered you sometimes.” You stared at him. “Bothered me… hmmm.”  This caused you to laugh.  “Stop i’m serious y/n” he sighed throwing a pillow at you.  “Oh Kim Taehyung is serious” you giggled.  

Next thing you knew you were pinned down on the mattress with your arms up by your head.  He was on top of you and looking at you with a new fire in his eyes.  All the goofiness and playfulness was gone; replaced by something that made your stomach ache.  

Taehyung lightly placed his body to yours and leaned down to ear.  “You don’t feel it?” Your heart was pumping too hard.  “You don’t think there is anything I don’t notice” he whispered sending shivers down your spine.  He slowly pushed is hips into yours and you quietly made a sound.  “Do you not think I knew how much you wanted me… or how I didn’t notice you watching me in class… or even how I knew you would follow me in the hallway” he stated in a voice that was way to deep to be this close to your ear.  He looked up with smoldering eyes and stared into yours.  “Are you also clueless as to how much I want you?”  Your eyes widened and breath caught.

He dipped down and grabbed your lip between his teeth and softly bit it.  You couldn’t hold back.  You sat up and crushed your lips to his.  While keeping them locked he roughly grabbed your hips and brought you into his lap.  You felt his hands slowly making their way up and under your shirt.  He stopped.  “Is this ok?”  Nodding you pushed your chest into his and whispered “don’t stop” in-between your lips.  He moaned and gripped the hem to pull it over your head.  “You’re so beautiful”  He breathed.  He went for your bra and struggled with the clasp.  You laughed and helped him.  Frowning cutely he kissed you.  “That’s my job though.”  He pushed the straps off your shoulders licking his lips.  

His mouth went to one and licked the sensitive bud.  You moaned and grabbed his hair.  He gently rolled his tongue around it and pinched the other.  You sighed loudly as he started kissing lower and laying you down.  He got down to the waistband of your sweats leaving marks there.  He grabbed the string and pulled it apart using his teeth.  His big hands wrapped around the band and pulled it down.  You were such a mess and could already feel the wetness between your legs.  He gave you a look that made you push your thighs together.  “Leave them open baby” he said pushing them apart.  He lit small flaming kisses up your legs but didn’t go to where you needed them.  He leaned up and kissed you hard, his lips consuming yours.  You pulled his shirt off and wrapped your arms around his neck bringing him closer.  One of his long fingers pushed aside your underwear and slid into your tight throbbing core. You moaned as you felt it slowly make its way in and out of you, curling into your walls.  “Faster Tae” you cried.  He complied with a groan and added another finger speeding up his pace.  “Ahhhh” you moaned breaking from his kiss.  You felt them go to your neck as he quickly pounded his digits into you over and over.  You felt the slow build in your stomach.  A tight delicious feeling that you didn’t want to end.  “I-I’m coming Tae” you whimper.  He buries his face in your neck kissing behind your ear.  Your mind goes blank and you feel the tightening reach its peak as you let go unable to speak or think of anything.  

He stood up pulling down his pants and boxers.  Your eyes go to his member and your hand tries to as well.  “No baby” he says breathless. “I need to be inside you.”  He takes a condom from his bedside table and rolls it on his surprisingly long length.  He was so hard.  How can this boy be anymore perfect?  You lay back watching and recovering from the previous pleasure that he gave you.  Your heart beats in a different way as you look at him.  He gives you a gaze that warms your chest up.  Leaning down, he softly kisses your lips and cheeks.  “I love you y/n” he tells you.  “Are you ready?”  “Yes” you murmur kissing him back and trying to convey all your feelings to him.  

Slowly, he pushes in and you gasp as it stretches you.  He bites his lips holding back so you can adjust.  Feeling the pain float away you rolled your hips experimentally making him grunt and thrust back into you.  He pushed your legs father apart and went deeper causing you to cry out.  “Right there,, ahh…” you moan as you feel him hit your sensitive place.  He moved one hand between you rolling circles roughly into you clit as he pounded you into the bed.  You called out and dug your nails into his back. He started slamming harder making you see stars and feel that sweet tightening again.  “You feel so good baby” He groaned.  “I’m close” you cry.  He pressed harder on your clit and you screamed as you let go a second time that night.  He followed after you.  Your walls clenching around him as you both rode out the orgasm.  

He laid on top of you with his head on your chest and his eyes closed.  You pet his hair until his breathing softened.  Gently, you rolled him over and tucked him in.  “Thank you for being beside me Tae” you said softly. You press your lips to his temple careful not to disturb him. “I love you too.”  He smiled tiredly and you cuddled into his side.  You’re so happy you met him.

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YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL PERSON >////< i’m just so… i’m so dead rn

please you guys. if you have the money, if you have the time and the resources necessary, go to college. if you feel empty, go to college. i spent two years of my life running from my future and now, being in school, im so much happier than i was the whole time i was avoiding it. please seriously consider going to college

@omicreature I’m holding you 1000% responsible for this! I spent way too much time working on this, its not even funny. 

Anyways, my OC Skratch as a Zabrak. I tried, I’ve never done anything even remotely Star Wars related so this was like hours of grossly watching clips, and studying my uncle’s lightsaber. BUT HERE WE ARE!   

Please do not use, edit, or claim my artwork. Leave my shitty OC alone. Thank you! 

I’m actually pretty pleased with how these turned out so…

Rough sketches of the wands for the two sets of twins.  Eventually I’ll make Fiddleford’s too, and I’ll post scanned pictures rather than pics taken with my phone.

Convention Bullies

I know I don’t post on here often but I thought some people might want to hear this as Anime Boston is coming near. I’ve been going to conventions for the last 3 years and I’ve met some wonderful people there, some not so nice people, and nice people who I met again and acted like they didn’t have time for me because they were a “big time cosplayer” now. But to all of you going to conventions or even in general please be kind to one another. Do not insult people’s cosplay, even if you think they can’t hear you. When people like myself spend so much time, effort, and money making these costumes we are so proud of and then you insult us it makes us not want to do what we love anymore. I was insulted to my face for my zillywho hammer during PortConMaine last year and I fell into a ditch because I spent so much time on it. The bottom line is don’t bully people at conventions or anywhere else.

can we just have a shout out to that one person that clicks the like on the picture you spent hours drawing? Kudos to you person, you’re my hero!

I love my mom to pieces but she is still a typical brown parent aka always focusing on the things you do wrong and taking one millisecond to appreciate the things you’ve done right. So the other day I drew something, and I love art so this is not unusual for me. However, I’m not very good. So she comes into my room and sees it and I automatically say “please don’t say anything” and she’s like “why not??” And I go “because you’re always so critical of everything I draw. You’ll compliment it in one sentence then spend 5 minutes explaining what I should have done and what color I should’ve used and how much time I should’ve spent.” And I saw her face change. She denied it like a true Desi mom and proceeded to tell me how good it looks and she left. But I noticed that since then, she only says good things about my art. To the point where I am so undeserving of her compliments and I feel so guilty for saying that to her even though I did not say what I said in a harsh way.

The other day she complimented my art work and was like “I was laying awake thinking of your art and how you’re so good at it even though I suck at art”. And if you have a Desi mom you know they only stay awake because they are worried for your future or something so her thinking about my art meant so much to me. And I feel so bad. Because I realized that maybe she was critical because she was trying to say what she would have done in my place if she were good at art. And that makes me sad.


helloo can i please have a ship for seventeen, btob, astro, myname, teen top???? omg if you don’t do ships for any of these groups please don’t worry bout it! thanks so much ur so lovely!!!!


helloo of course you can, I know them all so its okay xx  Thanks boo you’re so pretty :3


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ILHOON ( spent too long rematching this 😂 😂 — also ship this SOO much!!)


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JUN Q (he was so adorable in this MV)


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Hope you liked them  

bonus photo: ( this is one of my favourite photos of all time lol , idk why 😂 )

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I just wanted to say that this is my favorite EXO blog! I've spent a long time searching for good EXO reactions and scenario blogs but this is still the best! From the quality, to the active posts, it's by far my favorite. I really hope you continue this blog for a long time, I can't find anything like it. Please keep up the good work. I love you :3

🙈🙈🙈 you don’t know how happy this makes me feel. Im so happy that you consider us your favorite blog and you enjoy it so much! I also hope it continues for a long time as long as admin B and I can keep up. We love doing this for you and even when Balie is new we really look forward to all your comments and it gives us so much joy when we see our work is not for nothing.

Love, Admin A ❤️

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Sleepy kisses ft. the plump lip boys (a.k.a Seokjin and Jimin because OMG have you seen how plump their lips are!? LIKE UM CAN I PLEASE KISS YOU GUYS!?!?!?!?)

Kissing Jimin was different from anything Jin had ever experienced. Every kiss was a new adventure, every kiss provided something different. Lust-filled kisses at the end of a tour, when they’d spent too much time apart were dangerous, led to explosions of heat and messy movements. Small pecks packed a punch with emotion, even though they were often just used for hello’s or goodbye’s. 

But Jin’s favorites were when Jimin was just waking up, his eyes drifting open slowly so he could smile up at his hyung. He loved leaning in, his lips brushing softly against his dongsaeng’s, their mouths becoming reacquainted. He knew a lot of people who complained of their partner’s morning breath, but even in the morning Jimin tasted like sunshine and sugar, always sweet, but with this strange bite - much like his own personality. He was never timid in the mornings - he was always too sleepy to censor his own desires, and there were many mornings where they found themselves running late because Jimin just couldn’t seem to peel his mouth away from Jin’s. 

Not that Jin ever minded. After all, kissing Jimin was an adventure he wanted to go on every single day. 

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Happy Imbolc + Birthday!

To my fellow witchy friends who celebrate the Sabbats: happy Imbolc!

I’m overjoyed to celebrate my birthday on this joyous holiday. I had a wonderful 23rd birthday spent with friends, and after a very stressful week at work, it was really nice to be able to relax and spend some much-needed time with my co-workers at lunch today. I was also able to purchase some new witchy resources, which I am very excited to explore.

I’m sorry I haven’t been on much recently! I promise to get back to autumn blogging very soon.

That said, my tarot requests ARE open, so please feel free to send me an ask if you would like a short reading (3 cards only!). If you’d like a larger spread, please visit my Storenvy, TeaTimeDivining.

This is a rant about none of you. Feel free to ignore I'm just angry and don't know how to put a goddamned read more on mobile

What kind of fuckin person goes through the fucking time and effort Omg asking someone to draw them something and then doesn’t fuckig acknowledge it in any way shape or form what the hell. Time was spent on that goddamned thing it took linger than all the other ones and you aren’t gonna say a goddamned fuckin thing about the goddamned thing that took so much fucking time. No acknowledgement no thank you even what the fucking hell. Like I don’t even care about the fucking thank you thing hut can you please just fucking say if you fucking saw it or not you goddam aaaaaaaaugh. I’m putting you on the fuckin dont do requests for list Jesus h fucking Christ on a godsamned fuckin crutch

CAD - Repeat pattern in Photoshop

Today we were asked to create a drawing/photo/illustration in photoshop that can be repeated. Last week we did this in Illustrator but I prefer drawing and making patterns on Photoshop. I drew this flower which is from a book called ‘Flora - Nick Knight’, it is one of my favourite books so I took inspiration from one of the flowers in the book. I have never drawn like this before on Photoshop so this was quite a challenge for me as I tend to draw more linear, not spending too much time on my drawings as I work continually. This week I felt confident enough to try and spend a sufficent amount of time on of my drawings and I am really pleased with the result. We were given an hour to draw and create a repeat pattern that we were happy with and I spent the whole hour drawing this and blending my colours together with the ‘mixer brush’ tool.

I then created my piece into a repeat pattern on a size 64 x 64 cm blank canvas. I was very happy with the way this turned out and my colour choices. For my first attempt at drawing like this I am proud of this piece.

I then experimented with different filters to repeat the pattern in different ways. I think this one is interesting because you can’t really tell what the original piece is but the structure is really good.

More experimentation choosing different ways to repeat the pattern. This one is more uniform.

Another example of my repeat experiments. Again you can’t tell what the original piece is and I like the structure for this pattern too. 

After I had a play around with choosing my repeat pattern I decided to stick with the simple repeat for now to do this next task as it was about changing the colours and I feel like you can see more colour and the original drawing on this repeat. I picked out each colour in this drawing individually and copied and pasted a colour into another layer which I named for instance ‘pink’ so I knew which colour that layer was. After I had quite a few colour selections in my layer boxes I then played around with the Hue/Saturation tool which allowed me to alter the colours into something completely different. This gives my pattern a whole different vibe in contrast to my original choice of colours. Next week we will carry on picking colours out in order to change the drawing completely.

Fig 1 Nick Knight, Flora 1997 

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Oh my LORD I HAVE BEEN REDUCED TO NOTHING BUT A SOBBING MESS OF FEELS. Thank you thank you thank you! I spent a super long time working and planning Search, so I'm really happy you liked it ;w; I also really liked the feel of having the different pieces of their lives, and it's a sort of writing style I hope to use more in the future since I like it so much. Please stay healthy and take good care of yourself. Good luck with your studying! ^^

Ahh, I totally get you! I definitely picked up on the amount of research that went into it; it was super interesting learning about souldreams! Yes, I’d love to see more like that from you in the future. ^^ Thank you so much, wishing you the best too darling!~

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mutual url thingy please

  • Reason why you follow them : Because wonderful writing.
  • Your favourite thread of theirs: A thread between us right now with Tony. I love how much Winter is teasing Tony.
  • A roleplayer you enjoy their interactions with: marvelsrpandothers
  • A thing you like about their character: So much sass.
  • Do you interact? Why/why not?:Yes because the writing is wonderful, the characterizations are wonderful. The time spent on the character is obvious. Just all around a great roleplayer


uh / okay / likable / awesome / perfect / GOD LIKE
uh / okay / likable / awesome / perfect / GOD LIKE
uh / okay / likable / awesome / perfect / GOD LIKE
uh / okay / likable / awesome / perfect / GOD LIKE

We should…
Talk OOC / Plot / Roleplay / Become bffs.

I haven’t spent this much with my mom in years. Actual years. My favorite time is alone time and she just doesn’t leave me alone. I get maybe an hour or two before she’s like whatcha doing? Where you going? Remember that time when …? omg I don’t care. -_- Stop talking, please! Your constant chatter is driving me insane. I wake myself up 2 hours before her just so I can lay in bed and immerse myself in absolute silence. It’s beautiful. 😩

I either hate you or I don’t give a fuck about you it tends to change depending on the situation.

You and I have always had a very tumultuous relationship. The first half of our lives you were trying to get me to like you, and the second half I’ve spent getting you to like me.

I don’t really have much to say. You’ve made me out to be so evil and dangerous and like there is literally not a single good thing about me.

You’ve threatened me several times trying to hurt me, and you’ve made sure to see that I lose something I love dearly.

Please do us all a favor and do not follow the educational path that you are choosing. You need to be a much more understanding person to do that.

If I happen to disappear one day, you do not get to pretend like it saddens you. You do not get to pretend like you miss me or like you cared the about me or that we were closer or that you loved me or like you would’ve tried to help me. All of those things are lies.

Casually getting a doujin or two. >> I feel guilty about it, but still.

Japan seems super into End!verse stuff. This pleases me greatly, as I am so here for future!Cas and all that he stands for. There aren’t many ‘cheer up’ presents that are better than that for me.

In case you’re wondering, I’m a bit sad because it looks like admissions at Cardiff messed up and didn’t add a reference (that they’ve had for two weeks) to my PhD application. I think I’ve missed the window for this awesome (super funded) program because of their error, and I’m really frustrated about it.

And I spent so much time on that application, I haven’t had as many job aps out the door as I should have done. That doesn’t help. xD Means my holiday (and a big chunk of bucket list) plans are off the table for this year.

Ahhh~! I don’t have the energy to be too sad about it, just gotta keep going.