Why Ellie Kemper Is Rooting for “Kong” on Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Everybody needs to get on board with Kong. What, you don’t know who Kong is?! Get educated: Kong is the couple name for Kimmy Schmidt (Ellie Kemper) and Dong (Ki Hong Lee) on Netflix’s Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.
“I think they’re a sweet match, so we’ll see what happens. I think they can both help each other a lot,” Kemper told E! News’ Kristin Dos Santos about Kong. “I’m making a sad face because I think it’s sad that they have to overcome some obstacles.”
Those obstacles include a green card marriage and possibly a new love interest for Kimmy. The second season picks up on Christmas, but then quickly flashes back to several weeks after the season one finale. Kimmy’s moving on, Jacqueline (Jane Krakowski) is at home with her family and Titus (Tituss Burgess) is dealing with his past.

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So my birthday is on August 18. Was wondering if I could have a toast babies or pregnancy fic? Thank you!

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@everllarkingjoshifer we wanted to post the day after your birthday just to draw your special day out as long as we could! Actually, I wish. I got my dates mixed up and dropped the ball on this one BIG TIME! I feel like poop and I want to say I’m so, so sorry, and I hope that you can find it in your heart to forgive me. I also hope your day was wonderful, and everyone please fill her inbox with belated bday wishes!! Let’s make her love/hate how full her ask box is and have to stay up into the wee hours answering awesome birthday messages! :)

Your fic was submitted by @thegirlfromoverthepond. Below the cut - Enjoy!

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pisces (me) and virgo competed for scorpio. scorpio chose pisces. pisces cheated on scorpio. scorpio broke up with pisces. scorpio and virgo ended up together. scorpio and virgo now engaged. scorpio hates pisces' guts. pisces now sad :( how does pisces get scorpio back?

‘Pisces’ doesn’t get Scorpio back. Pisces cheated on Scorpio and now Scorpio and Virgo are engaged. Pisces should stay out of it and let them be happy. If Pisces really cared about Scorpio so much that they’d try and wreck Scorpio and Virgo’s relationship to get Scorpio back, then Pisces wouldn’t have cheated on Scorpio in the first place.

Please remove yourself from the situation and move on. Thank you.

Logan’s last line is literally “Goodbye Rory” and that makes me so sad.

This is why I am so happy that Logan is in the revival. I can’t wait for him to show up. I can’t wait to see what will happen between him and Rory. I ship Logan and Rory, but I also ship them with happiness. Please just let both of them end up happy and I’ll be happy. 

Omg..omg..omg….OMG!!! I just saw a spoiler about how Bleach as ended and….PLEASE let it be true.

I stopped watching the Anime after a few episodes, because I thought it didn’t live up to the manga.
I stopped reading the manga, because there was so many of them and I read all the ones my uncle gave me.

But I still loved the story, and while I wasn’t totally interested in the characters. A few stood out for me, like my sweet baby Orihime.

But are you telling me…my two OTPs for the series…they are together, happy, and have a family?


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Ford Pines, One of Us Au :D

(Ohhh boy here we go)

1. When he first agrees to join Bill, he has EVERY intention of betraying him. However when he’s turned into a demon, his mind becomes so twisted that he genuinely wishes to work alongside Bill.

2. He loves working the other demons up and getting them mad. He plays all sort of trick on them, and of course Bill always lets him do as he pleases.

3. He personally destroyed the journals himself to prove his loyalty to Bill.

4. In a sad moment not unlike in the finale, Mabel tries to get him back to normal by talking about the times they spent together. This fails because he never spent much time with his family at all.

5. Stan is the one who brings him back to his senses, nearly killing himself in the process.

(Bonus) 6. After weirdmaggedon ends, Ford never really never becomes 100% human again (A fair enough trade for not being stuck in the Nightmare Realm for all of eternity). He remains an outcast, in this world and all others, just like he’s always been. But it doesn’t matter, as he still get to sail around the world with Stanley. While no longer human, he is no less of a brother to him.

Send me a GF character and an AU and I’ll give at least 5 headcanons I have for them. :)

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Fluff idea: Neil and Space Kid hanging out because, yeah, he is one of the would-be jocks, but in the end they're the only ones in canp who come close to understanding each other's interests.

Can we just have more interaction with the other campers in general please?

Oh man but Neil and Spacekid are so cute, talking about gravity pull and stars and Neil would maybe even try to come up with something to actually put Spacekid to Space. (I mean… he`s intelligent but he`s a kid, let him dream…) Also them building rockets together and all kinds of stuff, this is killing me…

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Thanks for answering me! I sent you a couple of asks actually...let me sum them up! lol 1. How many total episodes are there is RTTE? 2. How do you think that Hiccup and Astrid will be official in the series? 3. Do you think that Hiccup and Astrid will kiss? 4. I saw people reblog something from Twitter about Douglas Sloan saying 114 episodes or something. Did you see this? 5. Thanks for answering me! I <3 your blog!!!!! Please answer your fan!!! :D

Hi there!

Okay first of all the numer of the episodes you can see here and here. I have NO idea how Hiccup and Astrid are going to end up together and I’m really REALLY curious about it because hehe after reading almost every hiccstrid fics hehe I have so many ideas of how they would end up together but I have the general idea.

 Oh I definitely think they will kiss. But that is is the seasons to come now that there’s definitely confirmation that there IS going to be a Season 5 and 6! I can see more hiccstrid development in the horizon. Which is full of good news. I’m so excited! Thanks for asking :)

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okay so i have 2 book recs: the wrath and the dawn by renee ahdieh and the mistborn trilogy by brandon sanderson. let me know if you end up reading either of them so we can cry over them together!!!

Thanks bae, I really want to start reading again so I’ll definitely look into these :)

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RP discussions with ICVV
  • itsdemmuses:dude, imagine them ending up sleeping together before seph goes human and the jenova/chaos inner monologues of disgust
  • ic-vincent-valentine:i hope you know we now need to do this.
  • ic-vincent-valentine:chaos-> "hey vincent... vincent? vincent! are you seriously... YOU'RE NOT GONNA DO THIS TO ME!"
  • ic-vincent-valentine:chaos-> "OH GOD NO PLEASE LET ME FALL ASLEEP"
  • itsdemmuses:it must be done
  • ic-vincent-valentine:and then vincent ends up on his back and chaos is going to rebel against consciousness
  • itsdemmuses:jenova-> "Son, son no. This is not your purpose; he tried to destroy us!"
  • itsdemmuses:jenova-> "I DEMAND YOU STOP THIS MADDNESS!"
  • ic-vincent-valentine:and for once in their long lives jenova and chaos agreed on something
  • itsdemmuses:you just hear sephiroth mutter angrily "go away, mother..."
  • ic-vincent-valentine:and vincent is like "..did you just call me mother?"
  • ic-vincent-valentine:mood destroyer DELUXE
  • ic-vincent-valentine:freud turns in his grave