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kunioda (okuni? what is their ship name?) headcanons?

I’ve been thinking kunioda sounds the best imo. but like….i’m probably like one of the few who are talking about them together lmao…..

  • I love the whole idea of a meet-cute at the supermarket like they’re both reaching for the last sale item and their hands touch and it’s like oh. “Go ahead, it’s yours.” “No please, you can take it.” and then they’re like….”okay let’s just split it what’s your phone number”
  • What if. Okay imagine they’re both on their own separate sides, ADA and Mafia (and Oda isn’t the sacrificial lamb for the mafia) and they end up meeting on some mission because they’re both trying to save some kid that gets caught up in the chaos. And then it turns into some kind of pseudo-Romeo and Juliet kind of thing lmao (except obviously not like R+J where they both die at the end or like…the whole they’re both kinda silly kids thing)
  • Remember my silly Kunikida high school dating sim idea from yesterday lmao. Where Oda was the helpful upperclassman. lmao but okay consider that and they’re in the same club for ummm a sport (judo?? kendo?? swimming?? idk pick your poison lmao)
  • Kunikida is the constant worrier, always worrying about if Oda is okay or not. Little does he know Oda does the exact same thing.
  • Oda in the ADA AU where Kunikida is still partners with Dazai. And Dazai’s the one who introduces them to each other. Oda does lots of solo missions but Kunikida still worries a lot despite Oda’s Ability.

okay but also consider OT3 Kunikida/Oda/Dazai. Dazai would be so spoiled by both of them lmao


Brother Neji just said, that you hold more than one life in your hands. Do you know what he meant? “I’ll never let my comrades die.” Neither those words nor the conviction behind them are lies! Because he was able to successfully store them in his heart, and live them out until the end! Brother Neji did! It’s not just you, Naruto… We all hold those words and feelings in our hearts. They’re what binds our lives together… and makes us comrades. If we all give up and discard those words and feelings, Neji’s final act will have been for nothing. And that is when… your comrades truly die! For you are then no longer comrades. That’s… how I feel. So, stand with me, Naruto. Because never going back on one’s word… is my Ninja Way too!

From Chapter 60 of Let’s! Haikyuu!?
Source: Shonen JUMP+

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Note: These two strips are not consecutive strips in the chapter. I’m just putting them together for convenience. XD See Kageyama’s obsession with horses?

This is the end of Kageyama and Hinata’s adventures with Ushijima. They started out planning to go to Shiratorizawa, but headed to Seijou instead, then Datekou, where they went underground with the Aone-cyborg and Datekou members, had some adventures and ended up at Shiratorizawa. Some of the first part (Seijou) has been done by ladder-chan here.

Okay, looks like the two strips image works better on tumblr than the one strip image. x.x Grrrr at the dimensions…

Being best friends with Monty and Jasper would include...

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Requested by Anon :)

  • Learning how to lie really well so that you can get out of trouble
  • Constantly teasing each other about whatever you can, especially anything to do with relationships
  • “You’re so cute!” “No, you’re cuter!”
  • Learning way too much about engineering from Monty and chemicals from Jasper
  • “You’re not testing your weird sciency things on me!”
  •  A lot of friendly flirting between all three of you but mostly just for laughs
  • “I can’t belive we’re getting sent down to Earth because you idiots thought we should steal some herbs!” “I completely blame him”
  • Always blaming each other for everything but then laughing so everyone knows you’re only joking
  • “Please let me set me you up” “Y/N, last time I let you do that, you tried to get me and Murphy together”
  • Jasper and Monty acting like they’re your older brothers and trying to be protective of you
  • You protecting them a lot more than they protect you because they always end up getting themselves in trouble
  • Having to make excuses up for them a lot
  • Trying to teach Jasper how to flirt well but failing miserably
  • Monty’s sarcasm rubbing off on you so you end up slyly insulting everyone
  • Always checking up on one another and making sure that you’re all ok after fights
  • Not leaving each others’ side when there’s any danger and being willing to die to save someone else
  • Arguing with Jasper over whose the bigger hero and trying to get Monty to settle the dispute
  • Taking care of one of you if you’re sick by bringing them food and water and doing whatever they need
  • Making a promise to one another that you’re all going to survive, together
  • “Remember, no-one gets left behind”
  • Always shouting “I love you” randomly to one another whenever you can
  • Standing up for each other and being there for one another, no matter what happens
  • We’re stronger together”

150726 SMT Osaka

SHINee from a TVXQ fan’s view during SMT Day 2:
- Their love for each other is overflowing everywhere.
- Sometimes, Key lets out this unforgivable sensuality.
- Onew’s smile has something like an aura of holiness.
- Taemin who still danced despite being injured is admirable!
- Please, please, if only just these boys! (*)
I think that SHINee’s ability to adjust is at a staggeringly high level. Practicing as four members but then ending up with just three performing the following day, they are unmistakably this time’s MVP.
(*) this refers to the history of boy groups in SM…and that the OP is praying that even if it’s just them, SHINee will continue to stay together.
Tr: nikkirlia; cr: max510min

Gather your sonic screwdrivers, your salt, your light sabers, and your wands. We are not afraid. If we stand together the anons cannot break us. Family don’t end with blood, and Fandoms are family. Stand together. Together or not at all. We will make it through this. Stand up for the ones getting the hate and let them know they’re loved. You’re all loved. We’re family, and family sticks together.
Send out messages of encouragement and love to everyone you can. If you’re worried please shut off anonymous on your ask for New Years or shut the entire ask down. They’re planning something big for New Years but we’re not sure what it is exactly. There are many safe blogs you can go to for help. We care and we’re here for you. Please reblog this so people know you’re a safe blog and they can come to you. We’re here or you. I love you all. Hang in there. You can do it. We believe in you.

Are we not going to talk about how Nitori and Rin entered their names into the karaoke machine as “Nitorin” and “RinRin”?

(But before you freak out too much over the apparent “NitoRin” shipping name, please be aware that putting an “n” at the end of a name [which doesn’t already end with an “n”] is just another affectionate nickname of sorts. It just so happens that when you put Nitori and Rin’s names together, it also becomes “Nitorin”!)

I mean, Mikoshiba’s name was totally normal, but why in the world are Nitori and Rin’s so hilarious? Did Mikoshiba bully them into it?? ??????


And they’re so horrified but they can’t do anything, because Mikoshiba’s the captain and oh my god, he’s like fifty times bigger than both of them combined, jFC!!! ! ! ! !! !!!!

And, in the end, they still sang with their nicknames entered like that.

what if … luke and lorelai don’t end up together … in the gg revival … what if they are together at first but then they break up and the series ends with them broken up … what if my most beloved otp has been miraculously brought back only to have them cruelly wrenched asunder (a term that i think we should officially coin as “chris cartering”)?????????????

honestly, i will even be bummed if they, like, start the series together, then break up over something, then finally get back together at the end. let’s call this possibility “season 7 nightmare redux.”



Heeeyyyyy guysssss! This is my first piece of KakaSaku fanfiction, and fanfiction in general, and I love them so much like why couldn’t they end up together, ugh. Please let me know what you think! I’m sorry for any grammatical errors !


The first time he meets her, her hair is long and PINK. Kakashi holds his scathing tongue and refrains from telling her that it is completely impractical for a ninja. Rin’s hair was short and brown—perfect for stealth and combat. He blocks out the voice in his head that reminds him of many strong kunoichi with long hair, and chooses instead to judge the other two brats on his new genin team. He wants to fail them; but when the three look at him with bright eyes full of potential, he feels a twitch in his chest that he’s sure is indigestion, and fails them anyway.

The first time.

He passes them the second time only because—and ONLY because—the disappointment on those cute faces makes his indigestion act up again. And, well, he thinks they understand the concept of teamwork…somewhat.


He watches the two boys of the team progress by leaps and bounds and feels a bit of pride for how well they are advancing . And then he looks at the sole female of the team and that pride is squashed under his foot like an insect. He watches her struggle to catch up to the males, and he feels guilty. He knows he should be teaching her, but Sakura is smart and normal. She doesn’t need him as much as the other two do, so he gives her a few pointers he hopes she doesn’t already know, and turns back to Naruto and Sasuke. He doesn’t see her sad eyes when she turns to resume throwing perfectly polished kunai at a circle painted on a tree.

She’ll be fine, Kakashi thinks, she’s normal and doesn’t need him. He doesn’t mention her outrageous hair color and how counterproductive it is as a ninja—she doesn’t need that weight.


The next time he notices her hair, it’s at the Chuunin exams and it is short. He is surprised; he knows how meticulous she is about her hair. He takes note of her bruises, of how dirty she is, and the confident set of her shoulders as she stands with her two boys and Kakashi feels proud. That pride grows when he watches her break out of the Yamanaka mind control jutsu.

“But that jutsu is unbreakable!”

Kakashi chuckles at Asuma’s disbelieving shout and says, “Not anymore.”


When Sasuke leaves, the only time Kakashi notices pink hair is to avoid it.


Some years pass and he sees her again at the hospital. He muses that it isn’t much of a surprise considering she’s apprenticed to the Fifth. He’s bleeding from a gaping hole in his stomach and he swears there are two of that pretty little nurse stabbing an IV into his arm. A commotion draws his hazy attention to the door and he watches as she kicks it open in a flurry of paperwork and pink. The nurse attending to him leaps back with a squeak and Sakura takes her place, all the while cursing his lack of self-preservation with chakra covered hands pressed to his belly. He half heartedly disagrees and as he slips away into unconsciousness, he thinks of how her hair is still so short.

When Kakashi awakes, no ones tells him of how he had reached up and slipped petal colored locks through blood stained fingers.


There are many times after that where he sees her in passing and sends her his customary eye-crinkle behind a little orange book. She scowls before smiling, every time.


And then Naruto comes back and they are now Team Kakashi.

He gives them the same test he gave them years before, fully expecting them to do well. He doesn’t expect the ground groaning and caving in under Sakura’s fist, though. And as she takes in his wide—fearful, but he’d never say it out loud—eyes with a satisfied smirk and wild pink hair framing her face, Kakashi thinks he has indigestion again.

He forcefully snuffs out the voice in his head that begs to differ.


There are many missions after that; many memories are made and many battles won. But Kakashi still thinks pink is an impractical hair color for a ninja.

He decides to tell her one day and he thinks he has about three more seconds before he loses his life so he says,

“But it’s you, Sakura, and it wouldn’t be you without it.”

He ruffles her hair in the way he knows she hates, and catches the pretty blush on her cheeks and shy smile. As he walks away, nose buried in his book as per usual, he wonders if he should be concerned about this odd case of indigestion.


When the Fourth Ninja War is in full swing, Kakashi thinks he won’t live passed it. He is weary, and battle worn and he feels as though his back will break under the emotional weight he carries. War is never pleasant, it is never as glamorous as they make it seem in the history books. He drags his feet towards the medical tent for more bandages when he catches pink in the corner of his eye. He watches Sakura slip behind the trees and without a second glance at the tent, he follows.

He finds her crouching with her back to a tree, head cradled in bloodied hands, and Kakashi dimly notices her hair has grown to her shoulders and some of it falls into her eyes. He awkwardly stands there in silence, the hands in his pockets fidgeting with a piece of lint, and watches the way her shoulders shake.

“He was 12.”

Her voice startles him, for some reason. She looks up at him with eyes far too old for someone so young, and Kakashi remembers bright green eyes under sunny blue skies.

“That’s war,” he says softly. Not because he is cruel and insensitive, but because he’s been through a war and knows enough to keep from lying. To her, or himself, he doesn’t know anymore.

Sakura nods, eyes closed and mouth set in a straight line. She sniffles a few times, wipes her bloodied hands on her once white medic apron, stands up and shakily says, “Yeah, I know.”

Kakashi sends her a reassuring eye crinkle and moves to turn away when he finds himself wrapped in strong feminine arms.

“Thank you,” Sakura whispers against his chest and he slowly hugs her in return. They stay like that for a moment, with her face buried in his chest and his chin resting on her head.

Kakashi takes comfort in the fact that no matter what happens in this war, Sakura’s hair will always be pink.


The next time he sees Sakura, he is looking up at her in a way he never has before. She is standing on top of Katsuyu-sama with Sasuke and Naruto on top of their own summons. They look so much like the Three Sannin that Kakashi has a hard time figuring out whether or not they could even be considered his students.

And then Sakura punches a god in the face and he KNOWS he has had nothing to do with that but he still feels proud all the same.

He also feels it is wholly inappropriate to be currently experiencing that pesky indigestion in a battlefield.


The war is won and the village falls into a time of peace; but even during peace time there are still battles to be fought.

It is during one of these battles where Kakashi lays dying, his blood pumping sluggishly and his mouth feeling like cotton. The sound of battle seems so far away to him and suddenly he feels as though he can’t breathe. Ripping off his mask, he gulps in air that tastes like metal and blood and closes his eyes. He wonders if Konoha has sent the reinforcements he had sent Pakkun to retrieve.

Kakashi has had many regrets in his life, but his newest was not telling his favorite medic about his peculiar case of indigestion. He is sure she would have liked to hear all about it.

He wishes he could see her again, to see the pink of her hair that has always brought him comfort. He’d give anything to open his eyes and see that woefully impractical shade of hair one more time..

His eyes are half lidded and he sees rapid motions of pink and red and green and he wants it all to stay still so he can clearly look at this impossible image his tragic mind has concocted to comfort him. He opens his eyes and realizes with a shock that Sakura is actually THERE, and all of the chaos that had faded away comes rushing into his ears.

He hears her war cry first.

It is a mixture of anguish and desperation and fury as she caves in skulls and chest cavities. He watches as her hair—long and so wonderfully pink—whips violently behind her with her motions. He likes her hair long, it reminds him of better times. He hopes that the blood that runs down her face is not her own, but he morbidly thinks it suits her—her own kind of war paint. Her eyes are like green lightning, piercing and fierce as she punches and kicks and slices her way to him.

He thinks he has never seen something more beautiful in his life.

His breathing gets shallower and it is harder for him to stay awake; he catches her eye and she knows he won’t last much longer. He watches the panic set in as she stomps the ground, plucks boulders from the air like pebbles and launches them at the enemy. The enemy’s numbers dwindle and she finally makes it to his side.

She pulls off her gloves and is cradling his face with shaking hands. He grasps one of her hands in his own and kisses her fingertips, one by one. He hears her sob and he knows he won’t make it.

And then she softly slaps him.

“No! Stay awake! Don’t do this to me, Kakashi!” She pleads as she rips open what’s left of his shirt and starts healing him. The pain begins to fade and he is sure he is dying and he wants to tell her everything. He doesn’t want to have this regret.

“Sakura,” he wheezes, spittle and blood adding to the myriad of gross on his body. He would have liked to have died clean.

“Please don’t talk, Kakashi, please don’t,” she begs fiercely. He doesn’t listen.

“You…I love you…” It takes him so much effort to say those words and his head drops heavily and he doesn’t remember breathing being this hard.

Sakura chokes on a sob, but her chakra flow does not stop.

“Kakashi! What do we say to the God of Death, Kakashi?!” She screams back at him as she feels his pulse drop.

At this, he takes her in, all of her. Her matted, gorgeous pink hair, her blood stained face, her lovely eyes full of such fierce determination, the tears running from those eyes, to the way her teeth grit. She has grown so much from the little girl he once knew and he is so proud. Sosososo proud and he is sosososo in love with her and he’s glad he told her before he was gone. But he feels her pump more chakra into his broken body and is brought back to a face haloed by pink and he thinks that there is more to this.

Kakashi smiles grimly through blood stained teeth and says, “Not today.”

And he closes his eyes.


Kakashi opens his eyes and is greeted by a shock of pink hair and grey eyes on his son’s face. He looks more like his mother, but the eyes and dimple are strictly Kakashi. The baby coos at him and Kakashi is sure he feels some sort of indigestion again; but when he brushes his son’s soft pink hair from his tiny forehead, and then looks back at his wife, who is tiredly looking at them both with a soft smile, he finally acknowledges it for what it has always been.

He feels love surge through his chest and he knows that for now, all is right in the world.


Years later, his 5 year old genius of a son stomps into the living room with an adorable pout on his cherubic face and announces that pink hair is completely absurd for a ninja.

Joe and Caspar

I love Joe and Caspar together. Whether it’s platonic or romantic, them being together makes me feel at ease. I want them both to be happy and I could careless who they end up with. I know that there are people who force them together, please don’t do that. I don’t want the Jaspar fandom forcing the two of them into anything uncomfortable. There is a limit when shipping two people and I do ship them but I’m fine if they date others. You should be too because it’s their life and you do not control it. This also applies to other fandoms and people who ship two people together. It bothers me when the person they date gets so much hate. It’s unnecessary.

Shitty Until Dawn headcannon post (Girls adition)

-Beth throws snowballs at people when they least expect it

-Hannah loves to bear hug people and throw them into the snow

-Emily and Jess knit sweaters for the needy

-Sam spends time in soup kitchens and gives little kids gifts

-Ashley loves to go around singing Christmas songs off key

-When the girls go out, they have a buddy system for when dicks cat call them. Sam and Beth, Hannah and Ashley, and Emily and Jess

-They all shove cake in each others’ mouths and laugh when crumbs end up everywhere

-Hannah makes the best home made chicken noodle soup

-Beth was in charge of making Mac n’ Cheese for them all and set it on fire (Please don’t let her cook)

-Jess and Ashley filled their mouths with whip cream to see who can hold more

-Emily loves to mess with everyone’s hair

-They reenact scenes from Grease together

-When in the car, they sing the lyrics to “Zero to Hero”

-They all dance together at slumber parties

-Girls there are too many packets of crackers and empty cans of squeeze cheese on the floor

-They all fall asleep on the couch with Mulan playing in the background

Boys Adition

Mafuko & Tsundere Mafumafu (081015 ~ 081215)

Last Note: “The concept for this time is twin vocals for all tracks, but since you can hear the duos that always partner up together elsewhere, I thought wouldn’t it be nice to have collaborations that seem vocally compatible yet unexpectedly haven’t worked together? and grouped them together to sing. Please sympathize with the fact that Mafumafu’s partner is Mafuko…”

Mafumafu: “On top of that, the feeling of loneliness from “originally being planned to actually collaborate with someone yet still alone in the end” is not at all laughable”

luz: “(T_T)”

Last Note: “To make up for the feeling of loneliness, let’s have luz-kun act as a tour guide for you in Fukui prefecture”

Mafumafu: “Last Note can go to Fukui, luz-kun & I will just be over there cooking yakiniku”

Last Note: “Mafumafu Translation: ‘Keh, if I go over to someplace like Fukui prefecture, my beautiful face will stained with mud! Instead of that, hand over the meat to me, meatu!!’ I see…….。。”

Sakata: “By the way what the heck is Mafumafu x Mafuko!!!”

Mafumafu: “Have pity on me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Extreme rage)”

Mafumafu: “Even though there is an important recording the day after tomorrow, I have nothing but clothes that look like they come from a death god. luz-kun invited me to buy clothes with him, but if he & I go, my death god-like clothes will only increase, so please inform me of clothing stores that refreshing guys recommend. Even though I have bags under my eyes and am super hunchbacked, I want to become refreshing.”

Last Note: “Do you know of a super stylish shop called Uniqlo? Shimamura Fashion Center is also pretty nice. It’s famed for curing hunchbacks, you know.” (T/N: Uniqlo & Shimamura are cheap, general clothing stores similar to the U.S.’s Old Navy w)

Mafumafu: “Last Note-san also knew of Uniqlo & Shimamura huh…!? I surely thought that you’d only say things like ‘Let’s go buy clothes at Matsukiyo’…!!” (T/N: Matsukiyo is a drug store www)

Last Note: “I won’t go to sleep until I receive a LINE reply from Mafumafu-kun congratulating me (on my birthday)!!!!! (rage)”

Mafumafu: “Sekihan-san happy birthday!!!! Sekihan-san happy birthday!!!!!”

Last Note: “Fufuu, it’s because Mafumafu-kun has a tsundere side to him-, thanks!!”

Last Note: “I won’t go to sleep until I receive a LINE reply from Mafumafu-kun congratulating me!!!!! (rage)”

Mafumafu: “It’s Last Note’s birthday isn’t it!!! He--h!! It’s your birthday huh!! He-----h!! Happy bi… good morning!! Good morning Last Note-san!!!!”

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Could you please do a mini fic That takes place before the whole A thing .... Where emisons walking back from school together and it starts raining really hard , they run to Alison's house and there soaking wet They both change into Alison's clothes ,eyes are roaming and Ali asks emily stay for a while because she dosent wanna be alone while there's a storm outside Then one thing leads to another and they end up kissing or making out ...?

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I just really don’t want relationship drama in Check, Please! like I understand there is going to have to be some kind of drama to keep a storyline going and a lot of it will probably end up focused on coming out or the fact that they can’t come out but I’m just so tired of miscommunication and secrets used to drive a plot and tear relationships apart please just let them be happy together, please let them stay together

#20 The Fixing Procedure Part 6 (Harry Styles)


Was this what you were waiting for? Well, this is long and has a lot of details so, happy reading! 

Here are the earlier parts: Part 1Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5

Please comment and let me know what you think about it? 

I woke up and found myself entangled around his body. I rested my head on his chest, hearing his heartbeat at a constant pace. The last two days had been eventful. I figured out many loose ends to the story and tried to join them together. Edward had been around more often. It seemed like every place Harry claimed to have a beautiful memory, Edward had one quite horrible in relation.

I got off his chest and walked to the bathroom to get ready for the day. Edward loved to mark me as his all over my body. I was covered in red; his marks littered all over my body. I blushed, not having this kind of a relationship with anyone before. I never got connected to the ones I slept with; not like there were many but, Edward was taking all my firsts away. This scared me to bits because he didn’t exist. Harry did, and if I fixed him then, he would go away leaving his bits behind in Harry. I was falling for a different person.

“Where do we go today?” I asked as I walked out.

“Can’t you let it go?” He asked, annoyed.

“Do you want to stay stuck in the hospital? Not have a life anymore? Not do things like normal people? For that you need to be fixed and, I can’t do that if I don’t know what the fuck happened!” I retaliated.

“I have shown you a lot, already!” He got up.

“You have shown me nothing! Just places and random instances! Harry doesn’t know what landed him in the hospital. You do! You were the one who hit those people. You were the one who can tell me what happened that month. You were involved in a fucking gang, Edward! And, there are only two who survived along with you! I want to know what happened and from the beginning!”

“And, if I don’t tell you? What then?” He smirked.

“Who is Emily? I want to meet her. You were with her for three years. I want to talk to her. Now, you can either take me to her or I’ll find her myself!” I told him.

“Why can’t you just play your fucking role? You’re the nurse, right? Give me my meds and take care of my routine! Why interfere with my life! You’re already whoring around with me, isn’t that enough of a sidetrack from your job!”

I stared at him, dumbfounded. Here I was falling for him and, “I am whoring around with you? Is that what this is?” I asked, hurt evident on my face.

“Eliza,” He stepped forward. He knew he had crossed the line.

“It’s alright. I am a whore after all. I am a whore for my mother, for my friends, that is my definition and you’ve explained it all.” I walked towards my luggage, packing it up.

“Eliza, I didn’t-“

“You didn’t what? Want me to think there could be something between us? Don’t you think I know that!”

“What are you saying?” His turn to step back, now.

“What do you think of yourself? Are you the only one with problems? Only one with a fucked up life? Here, I am giving myself entirely to you just to try and fix you! What am I getting out of it? You will walk out of the hospital free and, you’ll easily forget me and live your life! What am I getting by falling in love with you, when you don’t even exist! You know what? You can go and fuck yourself. I’ll walk out of that place and never return but, you’ll be stuck there, working through the same routine, with some other nurse and wishing somebody paid an iota of love and interest, I give to you and you’ll have none. I’ll walk out and continue living my life, because, I am anyway here for a limited time but, you’re going to be stuck in that tiny room, with boxes of your previous life and a no escape route,” I looked at his straight in the eye. It was time to bring Edward down from his high. I banged the door and walked out of the house.

Searching for an address on my Maps, I walked towards Emily’s house. I rang the doorbell to have the girl in the picture look at me. She was beautiful. I felt a pang of jealousy. This is the girl who had both their love. “Hi, I’m Eliza,” I put my hand forward. “I’m Harry’s nurse, and I would like to talk to you if you’re free?”

Her eyes widened and she nodded. I walked in and sat down. She came and sat in front of me, “What can I help you with?” She asked.

“Congratulations on your engagement,” I said, looking at her finger.

“Yeah, umm, got engaged last month. Thank you, umm…how’s Harry?” She asked,

“Not good. I need to know what happened, Emily. I need your version. He is still extremely closed off, and I have random pieces with me which don’t meet anywhere.”

She nodded, “I dated Harry for three years. We were like the ‘it’ couple, living the life,” She smiled at the memory. “Harry was always a happy guy. He had great friends, is incredibly smart and so kind. You need to know he is very kind.”

“When did you meet him?” I asked.

“We must be 17 or 18?” She explained. This is after the incident with his mother at seventeen. Edward didn’t come out till he was 20. She went on, “He was a lovely guy, made me feel so loved and wanted. I had planned to set my life with him,” She played along with her ring finger. “I thought I knew him. For almost three years with him, he hadn’t shown a streak of anger. It was strange at times and, he was so understanding, not very confrontational. Yeah, you could see he had a dark side but, everybody does. You could see it come out during his martial art classes, the way he played with knives, my God. During sex, sometimes he got really possessive, then, you could see it. But, he was always so calm and sweet, it never could prepare me for what happened.”

“He was acting a bit strangely. Umm, he distanced himself from me, and his other friends and started hanging around with Jacques and his gang. They were always bad news. Typical fighters and drug abusers, what else could you expect from those low lives. One day, he walked out his house, covered in blood, like somebody had beaten him up badly, and I met him, tried to clean him and he was so angry. You could see that anger in his eyes, so much hatred, I could never think Harry could have that and, after that, he just distanced himself. He didn’t meet me, was always with those bastards and sent me away with really harsh words every time, I tried to talk-” She started crying and I sat beside her, rubbing her back. “You have to know, Harry would never do this!  I have known him for almost 4 years, three of which we dated and he had never shown this kind of vibe,” I nodded, understand her.

“I caught them dealing with drugs once and, I got so angry at him. There was news every other day that he beat someone up. His own friends who were worried about his, his stepfather so, I went up to him and confronted him. Asked him his problem and why he was acting like this. He insulted me, which I was prepared for but, when I didn’t let go…he slapped me. And, screamed about leaving him alone and not wanting me anymore. In less than a month, he was sent away by his mother. That’s all I know.” She wiped her eyes.

A man entered through the main door and looked at me, “What happened?” He walked towards her.

“This is Eliza. She is Harry’s nurse.”

“Please leave,” He said. “We don’t know Harry anymore, and you’re upsetting my fiancé. I don’t mean to be rude but, Harry has ruined and scarred our lives enough. I would know, I was his best friend!” He hugged her.

“I’m really sorry for whatever happened to you. But, Harry needs help. He has been abused his entire life and he has taken it and suppressed it. He needs your help to get better,” I tried to explain.

“He doesn’t want help! We tried! I have scars to prove the number of times we sought to help him!”

“Nate, please calm down…” Emily tried to calm him. He sighed and sat down beside her.

“Harry has Dissociative Identity Disorder. You must have heard about it? He has been abused his entire life and, Harry doesn’t have those bruises because somebody else took it for him. And, the one you met was a different side of him who was suppressed and abused since he was born by his stepfather. He has gone through hell, and the only way I can fix him is if there are people who loved Harry there for him. Harry doesn’t remember anything. He doesn’t know what happened. He doesn’t look at your pictures because he thinks you guys left him when he needed you. He knows about the engagement. That caused his aggression come out in the hospital, too! I know, you have gone through a lot but, if you still care about him, he needs your help,” Nate looked away, and I saw a tear slip out. “Here is my card, if you change your mind. Thank you for helping me, Emily. You joined a lot of dots, today,” I hugged her and walked out.

Till now, it was clear from all the stories that Edward came out after an incident of abuse between him and his stepfather. It came out in full blow because he hadn’t shown himself for three years. To fix them, Harry needs to know that, another side of him exists. He has to be made known that, this other guy takes over the time he seems to always loose. It is only after acceptance that we can bring the two personalities together, to make a balance of emotions. Harry needs to feel angry.

I kept walking in the direction of his house. I had no idea what I would do now. I would fix him but, at what cost? The hypnosis can only be done by the doctor. Most probably Aunt Cathy but, until then, we need to know what happened so, that Harry knows and the correct treatment can be chosen.

“Eliza!” I heard Harry shout as I looked up. He was running towards me. He was dressed differently. His hair was in a bun and he was wearing torn skinny jeans with a black striped shirt. This was not Harry. He stopped, letting me take in his look. “This is what I look like,” he smirked.

“You look like you’re from a criminal gang with half your buttons open. You know the types, who hit on girls while sitting on their bikes and whistle. The type who abuses and hits and so on. Your look completes your personality, Edward. Congratulations,” I walked away.

“I’m not an abuser or a teaser or whatever,” He ran to catch up and walk beside me. “I have made some bad choices but, that isn’t who I am.”

“Our choices make us, Edward. You’ve made yours. I’ll leave in an hour. Aunty Cathy will send another car to take you back.”

“What?” He panicked. I could see him panicking. “Where are you going to go?” He asked, worry laced in his statement.

“Back home. I’m going to start my semester, early. Cancel my idea of a sabbatical, and it’s all settled.”

“What? No, it’s not. You promised you’ll never leave me. Stop walking!” He held my arm and pulled me to stand in front of him. We were in front of his house. “You promised - your words. Harry needs you, and he will not cope without you.”

“Harry needs me?” I laughed.

“I need you, look at me! I’m sorry! I didn’t mean it! I’m sorry!” He cried, and fell to his knees, hugging me around his waist. Edward was the passionate one, too. “I was so scared. You’ll hate me and then, leave and I’ll be alone. But, you’ll leave me anyway, won’t you? After I am fixed? You will go away and I’m falling in love with you. Harry is in love with you. I love you, Eliza!”His confessions shook me.

I sat down on my knees to meet his face. It was wet with tears, “I will never leave you. But, we can only be together, forever if you’re fixed. You have so much potential. I have seen your work! And, you’re letting it all go. I won’t leave you or hate you. I will understand, I promise. You have to let go, baby.”

“I didn’t mean to call you a whore,” I winced, “I am sorry, I thought if I’ll be mean…I thought I was fixing things! I love you, Eliza! I’m so sorry!” He cried into my shoulder.

“I won’t go. If you promise to let me help you, now. You would not lose me. I won’t let it happen, but, for therapy to begin we need to know, what happened that month.”

“I’ll help you,” He said, getting on his feet and pulling me up. “But, you’re not lea-” I kissed him.

“I’m not leaving you,” I confirmed.

He smiled, pushing my hair back and kissing me, again. He picked me up as I wrapped my legs around his waist and, took us inside the house. I kept kissing down his neck as he figured a way up the stairs.

“These jeans are too tight to pull off,” I sighed, trying to get it off of him while he kept kissing any part of my skin he could contact.

“Will I forget you? Will I forget all of this?” he asked and, he entered me, filling me up and making me moan.

“What?” I whispered and he slowly increased his speed. He knew the exact way to get me to react in bed.

“What happens when we become one? I will disappear, right? Harry will remain,” He asked, kissing my lips.

“No, you will not disappear. You will remain as a part of him. They say that all your memories, will become his memories and, you’ll be complete. You won’t forget me or lose yourself. You’ll just be recognised as one person and grow up together with both your memories together, oh please go faster!” I screamed the last statement.

“Please don’t let me disappear, Eliza,” He moaned, as he let go inside me, claiming me all over again as his.

“I won’t, baby.”

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Request: I just got a job at like a dog shop with dog baths&sells dog stuff. Basically I was wondering if you’d write a SamXreader oneshot?reader gets a job in a shop similar to mine as cover(she’s a hunter) and whatever she’s huntin sam&dean are too&it turns dean to a dog which lasts longer than thought so Sam comes in to the shop(they don’t know each other til the shop)&they flirt&he realises she’s a hunter when they meet on the hunt&recognise the other and end up dating please?

Request: Sam catches (y/n) dancing to everybody wants to rule the world by lorde? Please and thank you :)

Request: hi can you please do one were dean and the reader are best friends and she has been hunting with them for a long time and Sam and her are in love but nether of will admit it so dean handcuff or locks them in a room together and won’t let them go till they admit it. I’m sorry it was so long

Request: I will just take any fluffy Sam x reader stories. ( Maybe Sam and the reader begging Dean for a dog, maybe a shelter dog?) or just fluffy Sam snuggling. Cuddling is top priority. Love your blog, hope you are having a great day, thanks for being an awesome writer/person in general. You make Mondays better!

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When your new friend just starts watching GMW and you don't want to scare them away
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