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Can I ask for an extended version of Hanamiya's scenario from the affectionate childhood friend ask? Please let them end up together!

This is an extension to this past scenario!

Telling you to stop had backfired on him in a way Hanamiya couldn’t quite describe. He had felt jealous watching you hug the other people around him so openly, widening your arms for an embrace from anyone you’d had the chance of meeting at least once. He felt his lips curl up into a sneer whenever he remembered that the affection you were showing him was the same for any other person you passed in the hallway.

Yet, he found that he missed and craved the feeling of your arms wrapping around him, sometimes from behind as you often liked to surprise him. His world felt a little more empty now that he’d deprived himself from the presence you’d so willingly given to him.

So it wasn’t much of a surprise for him when he found himself standing in front of you once more, confronting you alone. Your affection was a drug; one he’d decided he couldn’t just quit.


The little sound of him clicking his tongue was as close to an apology as he could ever manage. You somehow understood his intentions clearly though; the perks of being childhood friends.

Opening your arms up for a hug, you waited patiently. The Hanamiya of the past would never walk into your embrace and even now he was just staring at you, the beginning of a glare gracing his face. Taking the initiative, you stepped forward to wrap your arms around him once more.

He couldn’t help but think it all just felt right.