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♡ smut (ok this is just pure smut like thx @mizpahes for making the harry group chat horny the other day. also thx @hes-writings94 and babita again for some dialogue, couldn’t have done it without u ladies) 


- i dedicate this to thehsquad i love u all so much 

// harry really likes to make y/n watch him touch himself


His eyes are closed, just like his fist around his cock. He pumps up and down, occasionally brushing his thumb over his wet tip. A low moan left his parted pink lips and y/n couldn’t help but follow suit. She tries to pry her wrists apart from the fabric holding them together, however Harry’s knot tying skills seemed to be no match for her. Y/n’s knees begin to hurt as she’s been kneeling and patiently watching Harry pleasure himself for so long. Was this punishment? Harry hadn’t said it was. Y/n also hadn’t done anything wrong- at least she thinks she hasn’t. Perhaps Harry just likes watching his babygirl beg for him. He knows how much y/n loves his cock. He knows she’d do anything to wrap her pretty little mouth around his shaft. “Daddy, please,” she finally whispers.

Harry only chuckles. “Oh kitten, I think you can do better than that.” He continues to move his hand up and down himself, only faster this time. His head falls back and his craving for y/n intensifies. He needs her to beg. He bucks his hips up and grumbles, “Fuck babygirl, you feel so good. so good around me.”

Y/n lets a cry come out as the wetness between her legs grows with each pump of Harry’s cock. “Daddy, please. Pretty please let me touch you, I need you.” She bites her lip and prays that it’s enough for Harry to comply.

“Daddy touchin himself making yeh wet, kitten?” A smirk curls onto Harry’s lips while he walks over to y/n. He stands so close to her but not close enough. Harry tugs at his cock some more, careful not to over do it. “Fucking beg for it, beg for my cock, babygirl.” Y/n shakes her head, unable to find her voice. She tries to speak but she can’t. The muscles in Harry’s forearm working so hard are too much of a distraction to even form a sound. She gives up, reaching and stretching to put her mouth on Harry’s tip.“Now love, what did I say ‘bout that, hmm?” He taps himself on her lips before he pulls away. “I need to hear yeh, baby girl.”

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  • ❝ Adventure is out there. ❞ 
  • ❝ What’s wrong? Can’t you talk? ❞
  • ❝ Hey, I don’t bite… ❞
  • ❝ You and me, we’re in a club now. ❞  
  • ❝ You have to swear you will not tell ANYONE. ❞
  • ❝ South America. It’s like America…but south. ❞
  • ❝ You know, you don’t talk very much…I like you! ❞
  • ❝ Take a bath, hippie. ❞
  • ❝ You don’t seem like a public menace to me. ❞
  • ❝ What are you doing out here? ❞
  • ❝ Please let me in. ❞
  • ❝ Don’t touch that! ❞
  • ❝ Well that’s not gonna work. ❞
  • ❝ Whew! I thought you were dead. ❞
  • ❝ Hey, let’s play a game. It’s called: see who can be quiet the longest. ❞
  • ❝ I’m tiiiired. My knee hurts. My elbow hurts and I have to go the bathroom. ❞
  • ❝ But I didn’t have to go then! ❞
  • ❝ I don’t wanna walk anymore. Can we stop? ❞
  • ❝ [ name ], if you don’t hurry up the tigers will eat you. ❞
  • ❝ There’s no tigers in South America. Zoology. ❞
  • ❝ What is that thing?! ❞
  • ❝ No! Stop! That tickles! ❞ 
  • ❝ That doesn’t even rhyme. ❞
  • ❝ I see you back there. ❞ 
  • ❝ Go annoy someone else for a while. ❞ 
  • ❝ Uhhh…we’re not allowed to have dogs in my apartment. ❞
  • ❝ Did that dog just say ‘hi there’? ❞
  • ❝ I just met you and I love you. ❞
  • ❝ Can we keep him/her? Please! Please! Please! ❞
  • ❝ Can I tell you a secret? ❞
  • ❝ Hey, why don’t you get some sleep. ❞
  • ❝ What have I gotten myself into? ❞
  • ❝ We better get moving. ❞
  • ❝ You must be tired. Hungry? ❞
  • ❝ I like you temporarily. ❞
  • ❝ I do not like the cone of shame. ❞
  • ❝ Are you sure I’m not a bother? I’d hate to impose. ❞
  • ❝ You really must stay. I insist. ❞
  • ❝ We have so much to talk about. ❞
  • ❝ Give me your hand! ❞
  • ❝ This is great. I finally meet my childhood hero and he tries to kill us. ❞
  • ❝ It might sound boring, but I think the boring stuff is the stuff I remember the most. ❞ 
  • ❝ Run, [ name ], run! ❞
  • ❝ This is none of my concern. ❞
  • ❝ I didn’t ask for any of this! ❞
  • ❝ I was hiding under your porch because I love you. ❞
  • ❝ Can I stay? ❞
  • ❝ I am your master. ❞
  • ❝ You are my master. ❞
  • ❝ Let me go! ❞
  • ❝ Scream all you want, [ name ], no one can hear you. ❞
  • ❝ Where are you going?! I’m not finished with you! ❞
  • ❝ I want to help. ❞
  • ❝ I don’t want your help! …I want you safe. ❞
  • ❝ I would like to award you the highest honor I can bestow. ❞
  • ❝ Hey, [ name ]! You’re cheating! ❞
  • ❝ Maybe I need new glasses. ❞

Pairing: Lin x Reader

Requested?: Technically yes!

Prompt: Jasmine gives you the idea to switch roles with Lin in the bedroom. You decide to take her advice. (This is a smut.)

Warnings: D/S, handcuffing, teasing, begging, dirty talk, oral sex, penetrative sex, face riding

Words: 2.4k+

A/N: Damn Temp, back at it again with the Lin smut! SURPRISE! So this was originally a fic I wrote just for my best friend Ale ( @helplesslylins ) but then she told me it was too good not to post so…here I am! I post two back to back Lin fics and BOTH are smut….ah well. I’ll repent tomorrow. As always, thank you @tempfixeliza @diggs4life and @helplesslylins for proofreading! Shout out to Jena for letting me use Bambi!

Tags: @butlinislin @secretschuylersister @alexanderhamllton @burninglaurens @linsnavi @fragmentofmymind (because I tagged you all in the last Lin smut so, here’s another lmao)

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The Mind of a Feeder

-The more you eat, the hornier I get
- Let me jiggle all of your fat
- I want to feel your chubb
- Don’t stop eating
- There is no such thing as “too full”
- I want to grab that roll of fat hanging over your jeans
- That fat roll on your back…
- You gaining weight 😍😍👌
- Bury my face in your chubb
- *Poke poke* This is fun
- That shirt is not too small. It looks fine. Come on, let’s go.
- Of course you can have a salad. And pasta. And fries. And pizza. And ice cream.
- The way your belly sits in your lap… *drool*😍😍
- Squash me with all your weight
- I love feeling your belly against me when we hug
- When you talk about how much you ate
- When you say “You’re gonna make me fat"
- Just because your shorts don’t fit doesn’t mean you look bad in them ;)
- Omg i can see your belly poking out 😍
- Please let me touch your chub

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i have a prompt for your supercorp miniseries! kara and lena go for kombucha and one spills some on the other and rushes to clean it only to realize in the middle of what they're doing that they're TOUCHING THEIR CRUSH and ~sexual tension~ ensues (you fill in the rest 😉)

She doesn’t mean to be so clumsy – she’s not her cousin, after all.

But when Lena leans across their little corner booth and tells her in that voice – that sultry, low, teasing voice that keeps Kara up at night, that just last week made her nearly fly into the side of a building because just the thought of it made her so damn distracted – that they can go for donuts after if Kara really needs to uncleanse her system, Kara doesn’t know whether to flail her arms slightly or adjust her glasses.

She goes for both.

And promptly spills fermented tea all over Lena’s blouse.

“Lena, I’m sorry, I’m so sorry,” she’s up with super speed, righting the glass and grabbing a napkin and dabbing at Lena’s shirt.

Lena, who’s always so quick to reassure her – because even though this is the first time Kara has spilled something on Lena’s clothes, it’s not the first time she’s spilled something on the table – that it’s alright, that it’s no matter, that only she can make bouts of clumsiness delightfully charming (which, of course, makes Kara splutter more, risk more inanimate objects), Lena is silent now.

And Kara panics, because Lena isn’t fake or artificial – Kara loves that about her – but she’s a business woman, and she’s ever mindful of her reputation, and is this too much? Messing up her work clothes, messing up her appearance, has she made one too many mistakes this time, has she…

She looks up at Lena with tears shining in her eyes – “Lena, really, I’m so sorry” – but the look on Lena’s face isn’t writing a story of embarrassment. 

It’s writing a story of something else entirely.

Which makes Kara suddenly realize.

Realize where her fingers are, realize where her hands are. 

Lena’s body, Lena’s shirt, Lena’s… chest.

She reddens brighter than her cape and she splutters and mostly, she focuses on breathing. Or, on trying to.

Because Lena’s body is stiff but not unwilling; her eyes are wide, but not with annoyance or anger; her lips are slightly parted and her pupils are dilating.

And, this might be cheating, but Kara is suddenly aware of Lena’s heart rate shooting through the roof.

“Kara,” is the first thing Lena says – the only thing she seems capable of saying – and Kara gulps before whispering (why are we whispering she wonders, but she also knows) the only response she can think of.


She doesn’t move her hands. 

She knows – she’s not sure how she knows, but it may have something to do with the hunger in Lena’s eyes, despite the fact that she’d declared herself too full to eat another bite not five minutes ago – that Lena doesn’t want her to move her hands.

“Very gallant of you. Helping me like this. I always did say you’re my hero, Kara Danvers.”

Kara revels in the way her name sounds rolling off this woman’s tongue, and she swears she will never tease Alex for utterly short-circuiting around Maggie again.

“I… it… well I caused the mess, so – “

“Yes. Yes, you did.” But there’s no accusation in Lena’s voice. More of a double entendre. More of an… admission?

“There’s a dry cleaner up the street. I’ve – um – Supergirl’s saved the storefront more than once, and the woman who works there um – “

“Owes National City’s hero, and therefore mine as well, a favor or two?”

Kara nods helplessly, and Lena bites her lip.

“What ever will I wear in the meantime?” Lena wants to know, and if Kara were feeling bolder – if she were wearing her cape, if her glasses were off – she would consider asking if Lena really felt it necessary to wear anything at all in the meantime.

But as it is, she splutters and she reddens and Lena doesn’t make fun of her. Lena just smiles.

“Come,” she says, offering her hand to Kara as she stands, and when Kara accepts it, they both keen at the loss of her hands elsewhere. “What are friends for if not to take each other to the dry cleaners when kombucha gets spilled?”

Later, Kara will ask her about this whole friends thing.

Because never before has friends felt quite so much like dating.

Never before has friends felt quite so much like please let me touch you you’re all I can think about do you want me too or are you actually serious about this being platonic?

But right now?

Right now, the way Lena’s eyes smolder and the way her smile shines; the way her hand feels in Kara’s, neither of them letting go?

Feels like a damn good start toward that conversation.

the kinky stuff // completed version (stiles one shot)

Summary: Stiles Stilinski asks you to dominate him in bed. What, are you just not going to ride his face?

Pairing: Stiles Stilinski x reader

Rating: Mature for heavy swearing, graphic sexual description

A/N: This contains part one of the kinky stuff (or where stiles wants y/n to dominate him).

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“You’re all mine, pet.”

Stiles whimpered as I rasped into his ear. I never thought I’d get so much satisfaction out of blindfolding my boyfriend, handcuffing him to a chair, and reducing him to incoherent begging. But this was all his idea.

When Stiles had so casually suggested over pizza that we spice up our sex life, I was caught off guard—and a little offended. Did he think I was too boring? Too… vanilla? Stiles was the only one I’d ever been with and up until that conversation, I assumed he was just as satisfied as I was with our usual routine. After fumbling apologies, he explained that that was precisely the problem. Routine. Predictability. Formula.

So that’s how he wound up taking me to his closet and showing me the handcuffs he’d stolen from his dad last summer and asked me to dominate him.

Things were awkward at first to say the least, but I think I surprised both of us with how proficient I was at… the kinky stuff.

Stiles panted, “I’m all yours, only yours. Please, baby…”

Without warning, I fisted his hair and sharply tugged his head back.

“What was that, pet? Did we forget something?” I taunted. His Adam’s apple bobbed up and down the elegance of his outstretched neck as he gulped.

“Ma’am, sorry—I meant ma’am,” he stuttered.

“Good boy,” I cooed, lining kisses up the column of his throat.

“Only for you,” he breathed, gasping when I bit down on his bottom lip and gently tugged.

“Oh, you’re too sweet,” I praised. I tried not to revert back to my normal self, who would typically swoon at Stiles’ compliments. I tried to remember that I needed to stay in character. For Stiles. This was his fantasy and I was here to make his dreams come true.

With that in mind, I begrudgingly pulled away. His bottom lip jutted outwards in a pout as he stomped his foot in retaliation.

“Look at you, pet.” I slowly circled Stiles, the clicking of my heels communicating my location. “Do you know how beautiful you are right now? With your hair all in disarray, your mouth so red and open like that…”

I came up behind Stiles and slowly ran my palms down his chest. My nails scratched his nipples on my way down and he gasped. Stiles turned so that his cheek nuzzled against my arm.

“Do you really think I’m beautiful?”

I smiled; he sounded so small and vulnerable beneath me, like he was clinging to every word, every touch.  

“Of course, pet,” I replied softly. “You’re so fucking beautiful, I can’t stand it.”

Stepping in front of him, I untied Stiles’ blindfold and pried it loose. I almost sighed in relief when he finally blinked his eyes open and I encountered his warm, brown irises.

“Welcome back, pet. How’s the view?”

“[y/n]…” Stiles gave me a once over. I flushed red as he took in my outfit, his eyes going wide. I stood in front of him only in a pair of matching black bra and panties. He helplessly struggled against the cuffs, his shoulders spasming away from the chair.

“Please, let me touch you,” Stiles pleaded. “I need to touch you.”

“Now, now, let’s not get impatient,” I teased.

I took him in. He was even more beautiful up close. This might be my new favorite Stiles, with his cheeks dusted red, sweat matting his hair to his forehead, veins straining against his neck because it’s all he can do to not to explode as my hands trailed up his thighs.

Bracing myself on his shoulders, I descended onto his lap. “Do you have any idea what you do to me, Stiles? How hard it is to control myself around you? How wet you make me?”

“God, [y/n], you’re driving me crazy…”

“Good. Then you finally know how it feels.” I smirked. “But don’t worry, pet. I’m gonna take good care of you.”

“Fuck, [y/n]—touch me, please,” Stiles quietly pleaded. His words sparked fire inside me, heat rushed directly to my core. I involuntarily arched my hips against his crotch, grinding down on him. Stiles let out a throaty moan.

“Now, I know you can ask nicer than that.”

“Please, I’ll be good, I’ll be so good for you, ma’am. I’ll do anything you want. I can’t take it anymore. Please,” Stiles begged. Sweat collected on his top lip as he spoke. The prominent bulge in his pants confirmed his pleas.

“Hmm, now was that so hard?” I rolled my hips once more against him, relishing in the way his erection hardened against my panties.

“Fucking hell, yes—God that feels so good. Just like that. Yes, anything. Please, I want to touch you.”  

I leaned forward and clamped my teeth down on the shell of his ear. Stiles buried his face into my shoulder and groaned.

“Patience, pet. All in good time,” I whispered. I pulled back momentarily, then closed my mouth over his lips. He wasted no time as he shoved his tongue into my mouth, grazing over my teeth. I responded immediately, unable to contain my moans at his urgency. I grabbed the sides of his face and mushed our lips harder together.

While Stiles was preoccupied with my mouth, I unbuckled his belt and snuck my hand into his pants, rubbing him over his boxers. He bucked his hips into my palm, causing me to gasp.

“Eager, are we?” I playfully mocked.

“You have no idea.”

I grinned down at him. “In a moment, I’m going to uncuff you. And when I do, you are not allowed to touch me unless I tell you to. You are not allowed to come until I tell you to. You are not allowed to do anything unless I tell you to. If you obey, you will be rewarded. If you don’t, you will be punished. Do we have an understanding, pet?”

Stiles bit his bottom lip and gazed up at me.


I lovingly stroked his hair. “Yes, what?”

“Yes, ma’am.”

I smiled warmly at him. “Perfect.”

I made a show of reaching into my bra, pulling out a small metal key. As I stepped around to Stiles’ joined hands, I heard him exhale. I inserted the key into the lock and turned. As soon as I heard the small click!, Stiles pulled his arms forward and above, stretching and rowing. I merely stared at his back, captivated by the way his muscles moved under his skin, ebbing and flowing with his movements.

Passively, I wondered if Stiles would continue to comply as earnestly with my demands.

“Alright, remember what I said,” I warned as I stepped around. I used his shoulders as leverage and leaned down low in front of him. “You’ll do exactly as I say, right?”

Stiles nodded this time as he blatantly stared at my cleavage, smirking as he rubbed his wrist. I couldn’t help but blush, feeling some of my authority slip away. He continued to silently watch me, his knees spread open in a wide stance.

I shot up and crossed my arms over my chest, suddenly insecure. I cocked my head to the side.

“What the hell are you staring at?”

“Sorry, you’re just so goddamn beautiful.” Stiles leaned forward, his hand reaching forward as he brushed his fingertips against my mid thigh.

I swiftly slapped the back of his hand, the resounding smack! reverberating through the room. I smirked at Stiles’s shocked expression and cupped his cheek, forcing him to look up.

“Stiles?” I said sweetly.


“What did I say about touching me?”

“Said not to,” he mumbled.

“Good. Try something like that again, and I’ll make you regret ever suggesting this. Now, take off your clothes.”  

Stiles faltered slightly, then recovered almost immediately as he stood up and cooperated. He maintained eye contact the whole time as he kicked off his shoes and socks. He pulled his belt loose and shoved his pants down, standing completely naked before me with his arms crossed over his chest, mirroring my stance.

He quirked an eyebrow, like he was challenging me to make my next move. I kept my head high, refusing to cower away.

“Right,” I began confidently.” “Go lay down.”

I motioned dismissively towards the bed.

He nodded and obeyed. I trailed behind him, not too subtly checking out his ass. I stopped at the foot of the bed, pausing to admire the sight before me. Stiles had chosen to lay down completely flat with his legs crossed and his hands joined together behind his head. He had that same smirk adorning his expression, that familiar air of arrogance he knew would turn me on.

I stood at the foot of the bed, staring down at him.

“We had a little bit of a slip up, but you’ve been good aside from that. I think you deserve a reward now, don’t you?” I tapped my chin, pretending to consider something.

“Yes, m…“ Stiles trailed off as I began to crawl over him. When I continued past his waist, his breath hitched. “Fuck. Fuck.

Biting my lip, I stifled a string of nervous laughter as I came up to straddle his head, one knee on either side of his face. I reached down to stroke his hair and looked directly into the pair of amber eyes that peeked out from between my thighs.

“Can we try something new, pet?”

Stiles nodded fervently.

I shivered as his warm, frantic breaths fanned over my wet core.

“I—“ I was cut off by my own giggle as I pondered the absurdity of my next statement. “I was wondering if I could ride your face.”

Without even replying, Stiles set into action. He didn’t even close his eyes as he pulled me all the way down and placed a kiss right on my panty-clad sex.

“Stiles!” I yelped. I gripped his headboard to keep from crushing him as my knees gave out.

He cheekily winked at my reaction before shoving my underwear aside and leaning forward to run his tongue over the entire expanse of my bare slit. He clasped my thighs, squeezing the soft flesh. In turn, they clamped tighter around his head as my back concaved inward, unable to handle his sudden lapping against my sensitivity.  

“Does that feel good, baby? Do you like it when I do that?” Stiles urged.

“Yeah that-ah! That, that’s good. Like that,” I stuttered out, too enraptured to correct his use of pet name.

“I want to make you feel good. I’m gonna make this so good for you, baby. You’re gonna come so hard.”

“God, Stiles…” I moaned as Stiles continued to mutter some of the filthiest things he’s ever said. He punctuated his promises by sucking furiously on my overly-stimulated bundle of nerves.

“Fuck!” I cried out when he suddenly grazed his teeth around my clit. As if that wasn’t enough, he proceeded to tug on it and rapidly flicked his tongue against it, effectively turning my legs into jelly.

I nearly keeled over when Stiles slipped in two fingers without warning. I gripped to the headboard for dear life as Stiles edged me towards climax.

“Shit, Stiles. I can’t, I’m gonna, I’m—“ My brain shut down as my orgasm took over. I reached down and tugged on Stiles’s hair, burying his face deeper inside me. As my mind turned to mush, I rode out my orgasm on his face, just like I said I would.

I’d never felt dirtier or sexier as Stiles lapped up my dripping slit, his hands grasping my ass so tight.

My vision felt slightly foggy to match the state of my thoughts. I squeaked when Stiles started kissing the quivering flesh of my inner thigh, breaking me out of my post-orgasm haze. I was still giddy as fuck as I collapsed on the bed beside Stiles.

“Woah… fuck. Are you okay, Stiles? Did I hurt you?”

“No, of course not! I’m fine, I’m fine but—how did I do? Was that good? Did I do a good job?” Stiles rambled. Looking over, Stiles was gazing at me starry-eyed, his cheeks flushed and wet, mouth swollen and pink. I nearly came again at the satisfaction of knowing that I did that to him. Because he’d asked me to.

“You did amazing, pet,” I panted. “What about me? With the whole… domination… thing.”

“Baby, that was the hottest thing I have ever experienced. You were fucking fantastic. We’re doing this again,” Stiles stated matter-of-factly.

I felt heat spread across my chest and up my neck. I leaned over and kissed him roughly and I could smell myself on his face and taste myself on his tongue and the paradox of it all was a bit overwhelming, that he could do so many dirty things to me and still be so innocent and he made me feel so free but I knew I was tethered, so wholeheartedly anchored to this boy.

I pulled back and pecked his nose, which he crinkled in response. I giggled at his expression. “God, stop being so cute all the time.”

Stiles smiled shyly and ducked his head.

“You first.”

I snorted and extended my arm towards him.


Stiles snuggled into my embrace, nuzzling his face cozily into my chest. I ran my fingers through his scalp, mumbled sweet nothings into his hair. “I’m actually going to love you forever. You know that, right?”

Stiles looked up and frowned at me before leaning forward and placing a kiss right under my chin.

“I mean, I’m going to, so you might as well,” he sarcastically replied. Old Stiles was back.

I kissed his forehead in response. Stiles started to feel heavier on my form.

“Wait, no! Don’t fall asleep! I still have to, you know…”

“Whaaat,” Stiles whined.

“I have to return the favor.”

Stiles’s looked at me so witheringly unamused, he could’ve put Derek’s resting bitch face to shame.

“I love you, [y/n], but you’re fucked out. And so am I. Go to sleep.”

He resumed his position snoozing on my chest. I nearly protested, but decided I really was too tired, and opted instead to continue stroking his hair. We slept for hours.

The next morning, I sucked him awake, and we both agreed that I’d effectively returned the favor.

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If you're in the mood to write some smut, I would love to read some dirty talking at a place where dirty talk shouldn't be happening and one gets very flustered and has to go "deal with this" and the other secretly follows them and walks in on them getting themself off and joins in yes please 😈

Maggie’s signed all the paperwork with Pam and she’s been given separate tours from Winn, Vasquez, J’onn, and, of course, from Alex.

She has, now, pretty much free reign to stroll through the DEO as she pleases.

Her own retinal scan and everything.

Usually, she uses it for Space Dad Approved Reasons.

Reasons like bursting in to help the DEO plan a defense against Cadmus, against Daxamites, against the U.S. military.

Reasons like bringing his Earth Daughter lunch because she knows Kara’s busy at CatCo and Alex will forget to eat otherwise.

Reasons like picking up Alex after a sixteen hour shift when she would otherwise forget that it’s well-past time to stop working and go home.

But sometimes?

Sometimes, Maggie uses her all-access pass to the DEO for reasons that make J’onn desperately wish his Earth daughters didn’t think so damn loudly.

Because Maggie steals behind Alex is Alex’s lab, and slips her hands around Alex’s hips.

“Mmmm, you look so damn fuckable like this, Danvers.”

Alex squeaks and jumps, her face immediately reddening, and Maggie studies her face carefully.

“That okay, Alex?”

Alex’s eyes shift around the lab, and her heady grin grows with each passing second of silence, of Maggie’s breath on her neck.

“Yeah,” she whispers, and feels more than sees Maggie grin.

“So what are you working on?” Maggie asks at a typical –  a socially acceptable, no-I’m-most-certainly-not-talking-my-girlfriend-nearly-to-orgasm – volume and tone as another couple of agents walk into the lab and nod at Agent Danvers and her girlfriend.

Alex gulps and tries not to splutter through her explanation.

Maggie mmhmms in all the right places, and nods at all the right times, but the words that slip past her lips next have nothing to do with the molecular structure of Daxamite DNA.

“I wanna go home and grab your glasses and eat you out right here. While you’re wearing nothing but those glasses.”

Alex rapidly transforms her gasp into a cough, her moan into a clearing of her throat.

“Okay?” Maggie confirms, and Alex’s eyes flutter closed over her microscope, and she doesn’t move her body – though god, how she wants to – and she nods.

Maggie leans up on her tip toes and whispers, soft, hot, and low, right into Alex’s ear.

“Are you getting wet for me, Agent Danvers?” 

Alex nods, again almost imperceptibly, and she bites her lip as she changes slides.

“Good. Because I want to slip inside you and stretch you out until you can’t do anything but scream my name.”

Alex bites down on her lip harder to prevent the scream that she needs to let out right. The fuck. Now.

“I’m going to uh… check the progress of those latest blood samples. The ones we need for the… the study,” she announces in a most-certainly-not-thinking-about-my-girlfriend-fucking-me-right-now voice.

She adds, lower, to Maggie, “I have to go deal with this. You… you just… I…” She splutters and she blushes and she stares at Maggie’s lips and she forces her eyes away because she needs to deal with this. Now.

Maggie grins, and Maggie follows.

She loses track of her girlfriend for a moment, as she turns down another long DEO corridor, but she finds her in the first supply closet she finds, head tilted back, eyes fluttered closed, one hand bracing her body against a table, the other in her unzipped black pants.

Maggie’s name is on her parted, panting lips, and it’s one of the hottest, most beautiful things Maggie’s ever seen.

“Alex?” she asks, and her voice is softer, sweeter, than it had been a few minutes ago.

Alex’s eyes snap open and her body freezes before it relaxes – before she relaxes.

“Lock the door,” she rasps, and Maggie obeys, suddenly shy, suddenly wide-eyed. Suddenly in awe of the power of this woman; the raw desire this perfect, gorgeous woman has for… her.

Alex slips her hand out of her pants and steps toward the door; toward her girlfriend.

Her girlfriend who was just deriving a great deal of pleasure from teasing her, from driving her absolutely out of her mind. In her own lab.

And Alex Danvers? Is nothing if not competitive.

And she decides two can play at that game.

Maggie’s back is against the door and Alex’s chest is flush against hers before Maggie can react.

“Color?” Alex husks, pupils dilating dangerously, lovingly, needily, her hands loose – ready to either release or hold harder – on Maggie’s wrists, pinned above her head.

Maggie’s eyes drift up to where Alex has her hands pushed down, and she barely stifles a moan. “Green, Alex,” she whispers, and Alex’s hands tighten, and she brings her lips down to meet Maggie’s – hard and fierce and knowing exactly, exactly, exactly, what she wants.

Maggie grinds her hips forward as they kiss, as Alex keeps her hands immobile above her head. Desperate for pressure from Alex’s thigh, desperate to touch her, desperate, desperate, desperate.

But Alex chuckles into their kiss and she pulls her lower body away from Maggie’s. Her whine almost makes Alex relent – almost – but instead, she bends to nip at Maggie’s neck, to flit her tongue across Maggie’s earlobe, whispering huskily into her ear.

“You were having such a good time teasing me, Sawyer. You shouldn’t deal out what you can’t take, hmmm?”

“Alex,” Maggie whispers, helpless, writhing, desperate for Alex’s pressure between her legs, desperate for… for Alex.

She glances up at Maggie’s wrists, and asks again.

“All good?”

Maggie nods, biting her lip.

“Please, Al,” she begs, and Alex arches an eyebrow.

“Thought you wanted to fuck me in the DEO,” she rasps, and Maggie gasps raggedly as she gets her girlfriend’s meaning.

“Please, Agent Danvers,” she whispers. 

“Please what, Maggie?”

“Please let me touch you,” Maggie whines, and Alex drags her eyes up and down Maggie’s body and smirks as she presses a quick kiss to Maggie’s forehead.

“Is that all you want?” she demands, and Maggie shakes her head. “So tell me.”

“I want you to fuck me.” Alex waits. Maggie gulps. “I want you to fuck me, Agent Danvers.”

Alex grins and groans and takes one of her hands off of Maggie’s wrists, traipsing down her arms, her face, her throat, her chest, her torso, to the buckle of her belt. 

She sets her focus on that damn buckle, and the look of concentration, of raw desire, of pure focus and dedication, lights a very different kind of fire in Maggie’s core than the one already burning.

Before Alex can react, Maggie flips her so it’s Alex with her back against the door, Alex with her hands pinned above her head, Alex panting and whining and writhing for Maggie to press her body closer.

“That okay, Alex?” Maggie asks gently, and Alex nods once, twice, three times, over and over and over, because god, yes, it was alright. More than alright. 


“I’m pretty sure you came in here to um… deal with certain things, Agent Danvers,” Maggie tells her casually, her voice low, her voice dripping, her voice raw.

“I did, yeah,” Alex rasps, her voice gravel, her voice needy, her voice absolutely wrecked.

“And what were those things?”



Alex whines and writhes against the wall. “You fucking me.”

“Is that all?” Maggie’s eyes rake down Alex’s body as her hands hold Alex’s wrists steady.

“You going down on me.”

Maggie’s eyes roll to the back of her head for a moment, and she almost gives up the game then and there. But she started this, and dammit, she sees things through.

“Oh yeah?”

Alex nods and Alex squeaks, and it’s one of the most perfect sounds Maggie’s ever heard.

“And how were you going to deal with all that, Agent Danvers?”

Alex writhes and bites her lip and blushes, hard.

“You good, Ally?” Maggie asks, her voice softer, gentler, lighter, as she kisses Alex’s nose.

Alex smiles and nods.

“Please don’t stop.”

Maggie kisses her lips, gently at first, more needy as Alex parts her lips for her tongue eagerly.

“So? I asked you a question. You wanna be a good girl and answer for me?”

“I was… I was gonna touch myself.”

Maggie barely swallows a moan.

“Would you… would you want me to do that for you?”

Alex almost screams. “Yes.”

“Yes what?”

“Yes, please. Detective Sawyer. Please.”

“Please what?”

Alex whines in frustration, in excitement, in love.

“Please touch me, Mags. Please.”

“Anything for you, Alex.”

And when she takes one hand off of Alex’s wrists to slip under Alex’s pants, under Alex’s underwear, she moans at how soaked Alex is for her. She shifts so her thigh supports her hand between Alex’s legs, and she pauses, eyes locked on Alex’s face.

“Please,” Alex confirms, and Maggie slips inside her. Alex screams, and Maggie kisses her, one hand holding her hands above her head and the other hand fucking her, swallowing Alex’s screams with her own tongue.

And when Alex cums all over Maggie’s fingers, all over her palm, it’s with Maggie’s name on her lips and Maggie’s breath in her mouth.

“That… that was…” Alex pants as she comes down from her high, as Maggie slips out of her and holds braces her wet hand against the door, leaning into Alex, holding her, stroking her cheek, her hair, with her clean hand.

Their foreheads touch, and they breathe.

Just breathe.

“Yeah. Yeah, it was.”

A quick rap at the door makes them both jump, makes them both adjust their clothes and their hair, makes Maggie casually hold one hand behind her back as Alex tugs the door open.

Vasquez is standing at attention, a shit-eating grin on her face, even as she refuses to quite meet either of their eyes.

“Ma’ams. Director Henshaw requests that if you must – and I quote – ‘behave like hormonal human teenagers at the workplace’, that you at least choose a room that has psychic dampeners so he doesn’t have to – and I quote again – ‘regret everything about his telepathic heritage.’ Ma’ams.”

Vasquez pivots and walks quickly away before she can snort with laughter at just how red badass Agent Alex Danvers’s face can get.

And all for the love of a girl.

Face riding (Hoshi)

Smut (a hint of angst in the beginning). One-shot

“Can you shut up for like 5 seconds? You’ve been getting on my nerves all morning and I really need to focus,” Soonyoung spat out, slamming his hand on the table and dropping his pen. He had come home after a long while last night and you wanted to spend time with him, eager to tell him about all the things he had missed out on and so forth. But instead of spending quality time with him, he had his eyes glued to his notebook and his phone, copying some sort of notes from the classes at university he had missed.

You were stood in the middle of the living room, mouth left gaping open and eyes wide as you watched Soonyoung turn his back against you and get back to his notes. He had never lost his temper with you even if you talked much, instead he would’ve calmly told you that he needed to work and you could talk later. And you understood that, but before coming over, he had been excited to spend time with you, but to you, him studying didn’t seem like a great way of showing that he truly did.

You didn’t even bother answering him, hurt from his comment. You walked into the bedroom to leave him alone, if that was what he wanted. You grabbed a pillow from the unmade bed and pulled out your phone, ready to just ‘shut up’ and watch something random on your phone.

In around ten minutes, you heard a soft knock on the door and saw Soonyoung shuffle into the bedroom from the corner of your eye with his head low and a slight pout on his face, his brows furrowed. He must’ve been really upset.


You pretended not to hear him, eyes locked on the bright screen of your phone although you weren’t focusing on it one bit anymore, curious to hear what Soonyoung had to say. The floor slightly creaked as he crept his way over to you, kneeling on the floor in front of you as you were sitting on the bed with your legs crossed.

“Y/N, babe please look at me.”

You bit your tongue, trying not to say a word to him or look at him but you did end up taking a quick glance towards him and you saw him sat on his knees, a almost defeated look on his face. “I’m sorry I was being so mean,” he apologised, placing his hand on your knee. “I didn’t mean any of it, the stress just got a little too much, I’m sorry to take it on you.”

”I know” you sighed softly after a moment of silence and put your phone away on the nearest bedside table. You placed your hand on top of his on your knee and played with his fingers, not looking him in the eyes. “I’m sorry too.”

“I should make it up to you. How can I show how sorry I am?” He asked, rather shy of how his words turned out but his gaze not leaving you.

“Well,” you said and looked at him and before even continuing, he pressed his lips onto yours. His touch was gentle as he deepened the kiss, his hand letting go of yours and reaching up to cup your face.

You wrapped your arms around his neck as he got up and laid you onto the bed, slipping his tongue into your mouth which you gladly accepted, not ready to put your ideas into action just yet. His words before had given you quite a dirty idea but you knew he was going to enjoy it just as much as you were.

When he stripped you out of your shirt, you took it as your opportunity and grabbed the shirt before he could throw it away on the floor. Soonyoung looked confused for a second but didn’t catch on yet.

You asked him to take off his clothes as well and he did so gladly, leaving him just in his boxers. You stood up on your knees on the bed and when he accompanied you and his hands sneaked their way behind your back, you were quick to pull them away and tie his wrists together with your top that you were still holding.

“I guess this is how you could show me how sorry you are,” you said with a smirk. Soonyoung laughed nervously, but complied to everything you did. You pushed him down to lie on his back, giving him a few kisses that left him mewling. He wasn’t used to not being able to touch you while kissing or more like when doing anything, he always had his arm around you or his hand behind your neck.

You caught him visibly gulp when you took off your panties, revealing your already soaked core. “You need help with that?” He asked as he took in the sight in front of him, the astounding sight that had his cock twitching.

You straddled his lap, making sure that he got a full view of you. He checked you out unashamedly, licking his lips as you got rid of your last piece of clothing, which was your bra. And there you were, completely naked in front of him, only inches away from his face. “Yes I do,” you finally answered his question, but not yet initiating any action.

“Baby please, let me touch you.”

You shook your head, sneaking your hand down your body and between your legs, slightly rubbing circles over your clit, sighing at the feeling. “I want you to beg for it,” you told him, circling your clit with more pressure this time and let out a strangled moan as a result. Soonyoung whimpered underneath you, eyes flickering at the sight your drenched core as he watched you experimentally dip in a finger. He licked his lips absentmindedly, mind filled with the thoughts of tasting you on the tip of his tongue.

It took one more moan from your mouth for him to cry out a please, forcefully tugging on the restraints. “Please let me touch you. I wanna pleasure you. Ride my tongue. Please baby,” his hips were bucking up as his jaw was clenched tight and his gaze not leaving your fingers. You pulled your fingers out and let out a little gasp, taken aback how soaked you were already.

But you gave into his plea, placing your knees on either side of his body first. “I’ll give you a little taste first,” you said quietly and placed your fingers close to his lips and he didn’t wait long to open his mouth and lick them clean, savouring every last drop of your juices left on your fingers.

You considered letting his hands free from the restraint you had tied around his wrists to keep them together but you couldn’t just leave out all the fun of your punishment like that. After Soonyoung finished licking your fingers, you shifted your heat closer to his head and lowered yourself down on his face after getting his nod of approval. He immediately started sucking on your clit, a loud “fuck” leaving his mouth when the taste of you filled his mouth.

You threw your head back and whimpered, his tongue pressing on your clit so nicely and occasionally swirling it with his tongue and then dipping the tip of his tongue in you.

You were a moaning mess, forcing yourself not to come from the intense pleasure yet, although the sounds he was making while eating you out were driving you closer and closer to the edge. But you had to prop yourself up, almost as an instinct of getting too close to your orgasm. You could hear the frustration in Soonyoung’s voice when he groaned at the loss of your heat on his face. “Baby come back down, I wasn’t finished.”

There goes the submission, you thought. He had been so under your spell for a while but now it seemed like he didn’t care about submitting to you anymore, he had a goal and he wanted it. “Ask me nicely,” you purred, trying to gain back your power over him but as you said that you felt his hands suddenly latch onto your waist and pull you back down on his face. He got his hands out of the restraint.

He attached his lips back onto your clit, sucking harshly in attempt to make you orgasm as fast and as powerfully as possible. “So good,” you moaned and tangled your hands in his hair as you rode his mouth. He was moving his tongue erratically, groans and moans leaving his mouth as well, vibrating so wonderfully against your skin. His hands were tightly holding your hips, helping you ride his mouth at the best possible angle and speed.

You felt your orgasm hit you soon, his name escaping your lips multiple times as you came undone. Soonyoung was happy to lick your juices up, his mouth and chin glistening as you climbed off his face. “Thank you for that,” he said, licking his lips with a grin as you settled to sit next to him. You buried your face between your legs for a while, breathing heavily - that was a ride.

“Don’t thank me yet,” you cooed, looking at him, now sitting next to you as well. You took his chin into your hands and stroked his cheek with your thumb.

“I think you deserve a little something too for making me come, don’t you think?”

Soonyoung nodded furiously, lip caught between his teeth as he watched you crawl a little lower on the bed.

You had your eyes on the highly visible bulge in his boxers and slowly pulled his boxers down when he lifted his hips up. His cock sprung free, touching his lower stomach. You slowly dragged your finger from the base to the tip, making him shiver and clench his muscles. “What do you want me to do?” you asked, straddling his hips with his cock in your hand.

”Ride me,” he begged, hands finding your hips again. Instead of giving him what he wanted right away, you swung your hips slowly, grinding yourself against his length as lightly as you could. “Y/N, you’re killing me…” he said in a low groan, hands digging into your hips, definitely leaving marks.

You were holding his length in your hand so that you could grind it but not slip it inside of you, driving him insane but to be honest, you were also moaning from the friction and the feeling of the tip of his cock sliding on your entrance. “You’re so hard,” you sighed, holding his cock still right on your entrance, the feeling so overwhelmingly good.

“I really need you,” Soonyoung said through gritted teeth as he tried to not buck his hips up. Beads of sweat were running down his temples, his expression almost painful. So, you lifted your hips up, pushing down onto him, his cock filling you up perfectly.

He was quick to match up with the rhythm you were bouncing on him, thrusting up into you when he felt like you needed a little break. You leant down to place your hands on his chest for support as the bouncing got tiring.  You were mewling every time he thrusted a little harder into you or when you met perfectly with his thrusts, eliciting a loud groan from him as well.

Your breathing got faster and shallower as you continued, his noises becoming louder as well. His hands roamed your body, other one still supporting you from your hips but the other wandering to your breasts.

”Are you close?” you asked, throwing your hair out of your face and getting back up to ride him in more of a sitting position. “So close,” he whined quietly, his breath getting as shallow as yours.

You smiled contently and decided to press a kiss on his lips, still tasting yourself on his tongue. “Come baby,” you whispered into the kiss. His whole body stiffened, his eyes screwed shut and lewd sounds leaving his mouth as he came hard, gasping for air as he came back down from his high, thrusts slowing down as he rode his orgasm out.

You didn’t come a second time but you were still very sensitive from the your first wave, pleased with the results either way. ”Wow,” Soonyoung chuckled, helping you to get off him. His juices ran down your thigh and you grabbed a few tissues quickly to clean the mess up before it would ruin your sheets.

He pulled the blankets up around us after you settled into his arms. “How did you get out of the shirt I tied around your wrists?” You asked in confusion, you were so sure it would’ve worked until the end until you had opened the tightest knot you knew how to make.

“It isn’t too difficult to shuffle your hands out of a piece of fabric babe,” Soonyoung explained with a smug smile on his face. You shook your head and hit him playfully, he was so sly. He could’ve gotten out of the restraint immediately but he just wanted to make you feel like you were the one in control, let you have your way. Which you should be the one thanking him for.

“I love you,” you mumbled under your breath and leaned in to cuddle him. He repeated the same three words and happily held you in his arms for the time you rested.

Admin Memesol

Today my son Jack saw a baby. 

There was a baby in the breakfast place this morning, probably about… 8 months old? Sitting in one of those attached-to-the-table sling chair things? And this baby was excruciatingly cute. Fat little cheeks and soft cloud of cherubic blonde curls and big, sparkly manga eyes.

And the baby kept crossing their little bare feet and every time they did Jack was like “!!!!!!!” And he kept like, pausing breakfast and looking at the baby and like ??? cooing. Saying “Ooooooooo,” and smiling at this baby.

Finally we get up to go and he walks right up to this baby and puts his hands into this baby’s little soft cloud of baby curls and he looks at baby’s mom and says “This baby is the cutest baby. This baby is so sweet and I want to snuggle it.“ 

And I was like "OMG SORRY MY BIG KID IS TOUCHING YOUR BABY” and Jack’s like “PLEASE NO LET ME KEEP TOUCHING THIS BABY” and I pull him away and go pay and he is like, watching this baby like a hawk the whole time

And he says bye and blows a kiss to the mom and says, “Please give this kiss to that baby from me.” and she says she will and she’s like, nearly crying, and I’m like beet red, and we go outside.

And we’re standing there in the middle of the square, bustling with people, and Jack yells at the top of his lungs “I!!! REALLY!!! LOVE!!! BABIES!!!”

And I’m like “I totally know, dude, babies are great” trying to hustle him to the car and he’s like “Mom, mommy, did you see that baby it was so cute and sweet and soft and I know we can’t have one but I want one and I want to hold it and keep it and it to be my brother or sister and it’s so hard because I just want to touch all babies.” It’s like a run-on-paragraph of babylove. And I’m like “I know I know I know” trying to strap him into his car seat before he takes off and decides to rub his grubby big kid hands all over this precious babyskin again.

We finally get in the car and we’re like getting ready to take off and he says, “Don’t worry Mommy. I will get you a baby someday.”

And this is why I am now concerned my five year old son is going to kidnap somebody’s infant.

Ask Nicely

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Headcanon requestSam (or Jared 😉) with a Daddy kink please and thanks you 🙏🏼  - @spontaneousam

Word Count: 2,530

Warnings: all the smut, daddy!kink, dom!Sam, a little bit of edging, oral sex (female receiving), Sam’s monster cock, cursing, dirty talk, tiny bit of breeding!kink, barely any plot. *shrugs* fluff at the end, though, as per usual, a touch of angst.

A/N: I went with Sam, since I’ve written two Jared pieces recently. Plus, this seems more along the lines of a Winchester thing. I have never written daddy kink before, at least not like this. Holy wow. I hope this is okay. I’m really nervous about posting this. Also decided to add this to my Smut-entine’s Day masterlist because I included a few kinks in here. This shit is fucking raunchy. I’m not sorry. 

You flinched as the door slammed shut and Sam’s boots pounded toward your bedroom. Pulling the towel from your hair, you ran your fingers through it quickly. You hadn’t gotten dressed yet, Sam would be happy about that at least. He threw your door open without knocking, whatever, it was his room too.

“Hey, you okay?” You took a tentative step in his direction before he closed the gab between the two of you and crashed his lips into yours.

“No.” He spoke between kisses.

You let it go, not wanting to push the issue. The hunt had gone bad somewhere along the lines, that much you could tell. Sam’s mouth was hot, and he smelled like beer. His kisses were needy and demanding, and you knew what was coming next.

“Gonna make you mine, baby girl.” He grunted, hoisting your legs up around his waist before tossing you back onto the bed. “Lose the towel.” He stood at your feet.

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Role Reversal (Connor x Reader Drabble)

Connor x Reader drabble under the cut (as its definitely nsfw) based on the  drabble prompts 175, 191, and 194.

Because this is a drabble it was written pretty quickly and barely edited, sorry about that. 

Warnings: NSFW, just 100% pure smut, thigh riding (yep that needs its own warning), rushed writing, no plot, sorry. 

~  ~  ~

You were sat in your boyfriend’s lap, your hands in his hair and his lips against your neck. His parents were out and you could feel his excitement through his jeans - you knew where this was heading. 

“Do you want to try something different?” you ask, your eyes fluttering shut.

“Different how?” he says between hot, open-mouthed kisses which were trailing down to your collar bone. 

“Do you wanna sub?” you ask biting your lip. You’ve been wanting to try being in control for a while but you’ve only just worked up the courage to ask. You and your boyfriend had an incredibly understanding relationship but you still couldn’t help thinking that Connor might find it a turn off, when, in fact, the very opposite was true. 

His face lights up and his swollen lips form a perfect smile. 

Well, fine, just this once” he laughs, secretly finding the prospect of you taking control to be super hot. 

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Submissive (M)

Words:  967

Warning: Smut, handcuffing, teasing

Yoongi X Reader

Request here

Originally posted by eatupbangtan

“You what?” He asked, obviously amused by your request.

 You and Yoongi weren’t dating exactly; you were best friends who always fucked.  That was working. The big deal was that he was the dominant. He was the one who decided everything, and you loved it, but that night, you wanted to be the one saying the rules.

“You heard me, babo. Just one night, let’s try. I’m so open to trying new things, so do it for me” you asked. He looked at you, thinking about your request. You both were sitting onto the couch.

“Ok. Let’s try it” he said. Did he really accept that? You didn’t expect him to say yes so easily. But who cares.

 He started leaning in to kiss you, and you kissed him back happily, but when his hand started pushing you down to lay, you pulled away.

“No, baby boy. I’m the dom here” you said teasingly. He chuckled a little and nodded, his lips curved in a slight smile. Those lips… Fuck. Once he was laid, you straddled him, leaning in to attack the exposed skin of his neck, sucking at it harshly.

“No marks, I’ve to perform tomorrow” he groaned. You started playing with the edge of his shirt, soon it was completely off. His belly was so cute and sexy. Argh!

You started moving your hips against him, your clothed pussy making contact with his clothed and semi hardened dick. The friction was turning you on quickly, but you managed to control it. Your lips were working on his collarbone, then his stomach, and then you managed to take off his pants. Once it was off, you started teasing him, kissing his dick over his underwear as your hands massaged his thighs.

“Fuck, Y/N” he groaned. You finally took off his underwear, leaving completely naked while you were still dressed.

 You took his length in your hand, pumping it till there were pre-cum dropping down, which you used to lub his dick. You ran your hand up and down his shaft, earning groans from him.

“Please, Y/N” he begged. Is he begging? Yoongi? No way.

You leaned in to lick his tip, looking into his eyes in an intimate stare.

“Is that what you want babe?” you asked, your tongue playing with his tip.

“Fuck yeah”

“I’ll suck you. But if you touch me, I’ll stop” you said and he nodded. You took him into your mouth, bobbing your head up and down really slowly, testing him. One of your hands cupped his balls while the other pumped what you couldn’t fit, and he couldn’t contain himself anymore. He grabbed your hair and forced your head down, making you gag as his tip hit tour throat.

 You pulled away from him, glancing at him.

“What did I say?” You asked, faking angriness.

“I-I just wanted to-” he started saying.

“Don’t. I’m not sucking you anymore” you said and he raised his eyebrows at you. For sure he was surprised by your actions because he was not used to that. So did you. You didn’t even know how you were doing that.

  You stood up and took off your clothes, getting naked in front of him. He sat up and leaned against the headboard, licking his lips at the sight.

 You did lay in front of you and did spread your legs, giving him a great view of your dripping pussy.

“Watch me” you whispered and let your hands grab your boobs. You played with your nipples, closing your eyes, imagining it was his hands. He whispered as he realized what you were doing.

 You felt him move and stopped touching your boobs immediately.

“Don’t touch me. Just watch me” you hissed as one of your hands traveled down your pussy and rubbed circles on your clit.

“Hmm” you moaned and pushed one finger in, pumping it in and out fast.

“Y/N please let me touch you” Yoongi whimpered. That was so hot for you both.

 You felt you were close and stopped. You needed to feel him already.

 You reached your desk and took a handcuff. Yes.

Yoongi eyes widened.

“I’m not sure If I want to-” he started saying but couldn’t finish; you leaned in and pecked his lips.

“I’m gonna make you feel good, baby. The way you always do with me” You said sensually.

 You handcuffed him on the headboard. Shit… What Am I supposed to do now? You had never done that before, and despite the fact you had proposed, you had never thought you would go so far.

 You sat on top of him, your genitals marking contact. You kissed him, sucking his bottom lip and felt him pulling against the headboard.

“Daddy wants to touch me, doesn’t he?” you teased and kissed his jawline, then his neck and collarbones. You grabbed his dick under you and placed it on your entrance, lowering yourself onto him slowly, you both groaning. Once he was fully into you, you started moving up and down his length, groans and moans filling the room.

“Fuck I really would like to touch you right now” Yoongi hissed. So did you. Shit why have I cuffed him?

 You supported yourself on his chest, fastening your pace, your skin slapping against his harshly. You leaned in, kissing him, biting. It didn’t take long for your walls to clench around his dick, and once you stayed rubbing your clit, you couldn’t hold back anymore. You screamed in pleasure, feeling him following you, cumming inside you. You collapsed against him, both your breaths heavy.

 You let his wrists go, and once you did, he grabbed you roughly, spinning you around so he was now on top of you.

“My turn” he said, grabbing the handcuffs and locking you against the headboard.

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Seven Days With Bangtan | Jimin

Pairings: (Jimin/Reader)

Genre: Smut

Words: 1,891

Tags: Submissive Jimin, Light Bdsm


You walk towards the bed, dressed in the white sheer lace that you knew he loved. The loud sound of your heels fill the room, watching as the smaller boy grunts and grumbles around. Trying to make sense of his surroundings as much as he could with a blindfold blocking his vision.

You watch Jimin as struggles against his restraints, the pink silk ties cutting slightly into the skin of his wrists. You knew they were going to leave some marks on his beautiful skin, the thought only making you smile lightly. You love how they looked against his pale skin, almost as if they complimented him.

You look up and down Jimin’s body, watching as your idea finally became a reality. You two had been talking about it for a while, deciding to try something new inside the bedroom. Although you did wait until a few months into the relationship before even thinking about it.

You and Jimin had been dating for eight months now. The relationship was going strong in your opinion, which is why you decided to bring up your little secret. But being someone who liked to take control during sex, but since most guys didn’t like that you did like to take extra precaution when bringing said subject up.

When you had first met Jimin, the first thing that got your attention was how quiet he was during most conversations. He would blush a lot when you tried flirting with him. You loved the way his cheeks would light up red whenever it was just the two of you talking.

You didn’t know if he would be up for something like this when it came to his sex life, so you finally asked him if he wanted to try something you wanted. It was extremely different to how it has been up until now. Surprisingly, he went along with him. Which in the end, made you a very happy woman.

You walk closer to the side of the bed, standing still as you look down at the squirming boy laying on the bed. You couldn’t help but stand there, admiring every inch of this boy. You still had some trouble seeing him naked, not that you ever heard a complain from him.

“Where are you?” Jimin asked suddenly as he hears the sound of your high heels stop in the room. “Please” he whimpers lowly, as he tries to figure out where you were standing. You tilt your head to the side, watching him struggle against the restraints once more.

Jimin was startled when he felt fingertips on his face, but soon you felt him melt into your touch as he let out a deep breath. You yank the silk blindfold off of his eyes, watching him blink numerous times as he tried to get used to the new light. His eyes finally meeting yours, before they ran up and down your figure.

Jimin raises his eyebrows as he notices the white lace lingerie that hugged your body. You laugh, watching him stare at you with his mouth half open. “You might want to shut that pretty little mouth of yours” You say as you walk back to the front of the bed.

Jimin watches your movements with an intense gaze as the white lace on your ass rides up a little. He quickly shuts his mouth shut, gulping as he felt his jeans get tighter around his thighs. Jimin’s eyes stay on your body as you stop at the end of the bed, licking his lips as he imagined all the things he wanted to do to you.

You tilt your head to the side as you watch him pull against the restraints once again. “I want to touch you” Jimin whined, “Please let me touch you” You watch with playful eyes as his hips thrust up in the air. His skinny jeans became more restricting as he became harder at only the thought of running his hands all over your body.

“And you will” you tell him, as you kneel on the bed. Running your fingers up and down his bare chest, feeling him tremble underneath your touch. “Just not now” Your shrug as you look down at him, “Eventually” you say as your eyebrows furrow.

You hear him whine once again as you pulled away. No longer feeling your touch on him, Jimin moved his hip in your direction. You smile slightly as you see him give you his famous puppy dog eyes.

He always knew how to make you give in, but right now you were the one in charge. You make yourself look away, before he could see you blushing. Clearing your throat, you continue with what you had planned.

“Now, now” you say as you straddle his waist. “We don’t want to seem eager now do we?”

“Yes we do” Jimin said in a breathy moan as he felt you grind into him, his hips thrusting up in the air. You felt just how hard he was whenever he did. “Please just touch me” he whines again, he felt like he needed to touch you and to not be able to, was torture.

You decide to please him, watching him squirm beneath you as you ran your fingers from his exposed neck to the top of his restricting jeans.
“You’re so pretty” you say to yourself as you see his abdominal muscles constrict against your touch.

You watch as Jimin moans once your hand comes into contact with his painfully hard length. “Will you be a good boy for me?” You say this as you lean down closer to his lips.

Watching as his eyes traveled from your eyes to your red colored lips. He quickly nods as he feels your hand squeezing him — he’ll do anything if it meant you would keep doing what you were doing.
“Good” you smile at the boy as turn around, your heat now near his face as you unbutton his jeans.

You watch with anticipated eyes as his member springs free from its confines. Smirking as you watch it twitch slightly.

“Can I taste you?” You hear a small voice say from behind you. You look over your shoulder at Jimin, watching with lust filled eyes as the smaller boy licked his lips in anticipation.
You smile as you turn back towards his length, grabbing a hold of its base, hearing him release a small moan.

“Go ahead” you tell him, moaning almost instantly when you felt his warm and wet tongue against your heat. You try to keep your composure as you felt his tongue push in.

Your hands tighten around his member, your breathing becoming heavier with each stroke of his tongue.

You bite your lip as you try to muffle the sounds that were threatening to come out of your mouth. You run your hand up and down his shaft, watching as the pre cum appears on top.

You pass your thumb through it, coating the rest of his length. You feel the vibrations against your clit from when he moaned. You decide to make him moan some more, placing your lips around his length.

You pass your tongue against his slit, tasting his salty pre cum as you took him deeper into your mouth. You feel him hit the back of your throat, gagging at the contact. Almost out of breath you pull away with a gasp, taking in deep breaths as you hear his sweet muffled moans coming from behind you.

You slide your hand up and down, as you stand up next to him. “Why? Please come back” you hear him whine, you didn’t bother to answer him as you went to the front of the bed, pulling down the jeans that seem to hug his lower half in all the right places.

Jimin watches as you throw his jeans somewhere on the ground, crawling your way up his body. He liked his lips in anticipation as you straddle his waist.

You grab onto his member once again, pumping your hand up and down making him moan loudly at your touch.

Your mouth opens up in a gasp as you slide yourself down his length. It had been so long since you had each other, he always seemed bigger every time you met.

You watch as Jimin arches his back, filling you up to the hilt. “That feels so good” you say.
You look at the boy beneath you as he nods eagerly, waiting for you to move.

You start moving your hips slowly in circles, feeling his member fill you up completely. The way he looked completely fucked out, his cheeks red and his head thrown back was enough to turn you on more.

You lean forward, your hand in his hair keeping his hair thrown back, your lips kissing his now exposed neck. Hearing him groan louder as your fingers in his hair tighten and pull tighter.

You lean back as you start to move your hips harder and faster when you feel him hit that special bundle of nerves that made you want to cum right at that moment.

You reach forward, your hands pulling on the loose end of the silk restraints. As soon as Jimin felt his hands the tie around his wrist loosen, he sat up. His lips come into contact with your neck as he starts sucking and biting against your sweet spot.

His mouth instantly finds the top of your breasts. Kissing and sucking, he was marking you with hickeys anywhere he could get his mouth on. Jimin wraps his arms around your back, feeling his mouth on your nipple. The moan you had been trying to suppress, escapes loudly.

The sounds of skin slapping against each other filled the room, as you both reach your orgasm. “Fuck, Fuck, Fuck” Jimin said as he released his cum into you. His hips thrusting up to meet your still moving ones. His whole body felt tired, even if it had been you that had done most of the work.

You whole body jerked at the force of your orgasm, feeling your cheeks warm as you tried to get your breathing back to normal. Your fingers were trembling as you lay your head on top of Jimin’s chest. You could hear his fast heartbeat go back to normal as the seconds pass.

You could feel him tremble beneath you as you place a kiss on his sweaty forehead. You pull away from him, laying down on your back next to him. Your mind still fuzzy about the events that had just happened.

“Did I do good?” Jimin asks as he crawls over to your tired body, looking down at you with hopeful eyes in his eyes.

You feel yourself unable to reply as you try to get your breathing under control. You look up at his flush cheeks, running your fingers down his cheeks as he smiles down at you lovingly.

“You did better than good” You sigh out, your mind still reeling, your thoughts were fuzzy and yet you knew you haven’t even begun. Jimin smiles at your response, nuzzling his face in your neck. You feel his hand running up and down your sides.

You smile knowing that he was willing to do this again, maybe not in the next few minutes, but you were more than ready to start round two.

“Wanna do it again?” You ask him. Jimin laughs into your shoulder as he nods. “Fuck yeah” He responds before placing his lips on yours.

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fun fact: prokopetz (brags about and) meticulously curates his game library to maintain an at least 50% female character quota. This isn't a sarcastic /v/ post, he does this.

hello female human I make sure half of my games star human women like you please let me touch your skin and the succulent bone marrow deep under it

Blindfolded (SMUT)

 Words: 1330

Warning: Smut, tying up, blindfolding, daddy kink

Namjoon X Reader X Yoongi

Based on this request

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“What?” You asked Namjoon, unbelieving. Namjoon was not your boyfriend; you were just friends that used to hang around often. You were always trying new things, but nothing so uncommon. However, there he was, proposing you to let him tie you and blindfold you. Not that you were afraid, or nervous, but you had never tried something like that in your entire life. God, the other boys were right downstairs!

 “Come on, baby girl. The fact that you won’t see anything is going to pleasure you as well, believe me” he said, furrowing an eyebrow at you teasingly. You gulped as he got closer to you on the bed. He placed his hand on your thigh and started running it up and down your skin.

 “Namjoon, I’m not sure if-“you said but were cut off when his hand suddenly got up and squeezed your breast harshly, making you moan.

”Let’s just try. If you don’t want to keep going, then I’ll stop” he said. You kept quiet for a while and because of your silence, he crashed his lips onto yours. You laid onto the bed and he went over you, kissing you once again. He bit on your bottom lip as you pulled his hair softly the way he liked. You felt yourself getting wet as the seconds were passing. Slowly, he took off all your clothes but didn’t undress himself, and you looked up at him in confusion.

 “Don’t worry, baby girl. This is about you, not me” he said. He got to the closet and grabbed one tie and one sleeping mask, your body froze. You weren’t sure about that because you needed to feel him, to touch him.

 “Don’t worry” he repeated. He grabbed your wrists and tied them up to the headboard, and then blindfolded you. As your vision got darker, your body tensed up. Shit what’ve I get into?

 You nodded and his lips attacked your neck. He sucked harshly; for sure it would leave purple marks. His hands were working on your entire body, till they rested on your clit and nipple, rubbing it softly. You moaned in pleasure.

 “Already wet?” he asked. You were, his words were enough to make you wet. Suddenly, he pulled away. You whimpered.

 “Wait, I gotta go to the bathroom” he said. Really? Now?

You heard a door being opened and closed quickly. You waited a few minutes and then his voice was back.

 “I’m back, baby girl” he said. Suddenly, one pair of hands grabbed your boobs, massaging it so well and softly. It’s not like you didn’t like the way it was being done, but why was he being so… slow? He was touching your boobs like he had never seen that. Your heard a hiss and felt your wetness dripping down your legs.

 “Please, daddy” you said and heard another hiss. He started kissing down your neck, licking your nipples and stomach. He did spread your legs apart and started placing wet kisses on your inner thighs. Shit. You lifted your hips against him, trying to get more of him. You heard a low chuckle and furrowed your eyebrows. You had never heard his voice like that. You were pulled from your thoughts when his lips found your pussy. You arched your back, his tongue running up and down your slit as you pulled against the tie to touch him. He parted your lower lips apart and his tongue slid inside your entrance without warning. You screamed a little, not even caring if the boys were hearing you. His fingers started playing small circles and adding pressure on your clit, adding so much pleasure you could not help but moan.

Soon, he switched places and then his tongue was licking your clit as his fingers entered your pussy as you collapsed.

 “Fuck, baby girl” a voice whispered and your body froze. What. The. Fuck?

It wasn’t Namjoon’s voice that had called you. It wasn’t, for sure. Your breathing stopped and you bit your tongue. Could it be…?

 “What the fuck? Who is it? Namjoon!” you screamed, pulling against the tie. Not successful.

“Calm down, calm down” The voice said and your vision backed to you again. You almost screamed with the sight in front of you.

There he was, Yoongi, naked in front of you and staring down at your naked body. You looked around and found Namjoon, leaned against the nearest door and jerkin off, his dick pulsing in his fist.

“Fuck! Yoongi? Oh my…Namjoon let me go! Close your eyes Yoo-“you started saying, not being able to finish one sentence. What was happening? You pulled against the tie harshly, your wrists getting hurt by the moment.

 “Wait, wait, Y/N, calm down” Yoongi said with a smirk on the corn of his mouth. Why was he laughing? ‘Wait’? What he meant with wait?

 “I’m not calming down! Stop looking at me I’m naked” you screamed and he cupped your mouth.  You tried to bit him but couldn’t.

 “We can explain you, Y/N” Namjoon said, looking at you. You killed him with your eyes. “Yoongi knew about us and then… he told me he was interested in you too. To taste you”

“To fuck you” Yoongi added, biting his lips and running his eyes through your body, making you blush.

“Wh-why didn’t you tell me?” You asked. You were a friend of them for so long. Of course they were handsome but since you were fucking with Namjoon, you decided not to flirt with both of them; it could ruin your friendship. But he was there, asking you to fuck you. Shit.

 “Just let me do it, Y/N. You liked it and I’ll make you like even more” he said.

“And what about Namjoon?” you asked.

“Just let him does it” Namjoon said. You didn’t reply. You were speechless. Yoongi took your silence as a “yes” like Namjoon did and started eating you out once again. Pleasure hit you immediately, especially because now you could see what was happening. Having Yoongi eating you out, fucking you with his tongue as Namjoon was masturbating himself seeing you? Fuck.

 “Please let me touch you’ you begged.

 “No” he said and pulled out from you. He straddled your chest, his tip right against your face. Your mouth.

 ‘Suck me” he said. You opened your mouth as he pushed himself in your mouth. You ran your tongue along his shaft and he groaned, grabbing your hair tightly.

“Fuck her mouth, Yoongi” Namjoon hissed.

Yoongi kept your head still and started thrusting into your mouth, making you gag. You heard Namjoon’s groans coming from your side, making you even wet. Fuck you wanted to touch him so much. You hollowed your cheeks around Yoongi as you saw Namjoon jerking himself off. Fuck that was hot.

  Suddenly, Yoongi put himself out of you and came all around your face. You licked your lips, tasting him.

“You look so good with my cum” he said and placed himself between your legs.  

“You ready?” he asked.

 “Fuck me” you groaned and he pushed in. Fuck he was so big. He leaned in and sucked your neck, starting to thrust inside you. He pumped into you faster, his skin slapping against yours roughly.

 “Fuck” Namjoon groaned, you looked at him. He was looking so hot, and by the way he was cursing, you could say he was close.

A few thrusts later you couldn’t take it anymore, your walls clenched around him.

 “Fuck I’m gonna…” you tried to say but couldn’t finish as your climax washed you, his coming soon. You groaned as he didn’t stop thrusting, making you feel every part of your orgasm that became intense when you heard Namjoon’s climax coming too.

   You were laying onto the bed, not daring to say anything. You had really done that?

 Suddenly you heard a knock on the door, making you jump.

 “What are you guys doing there?” Taehyung asked from the outside.

A/N: I wanna apologize because It sucked, I’m so busy because of school but I’m doing everything and anything I can to respond to all the requests!

Dreams vs. Reality

Words: 2.4k

Summary: Castiel attempts to relieve you from the recurring dreams of a particular Winchester.

Warnings: Smut (Dom!Cas, slight orgasm delay, female receiving oral sex, vaginal fingering)

A/N: This has been sitting in my unfinished folder for months because I forgot about it. If you’re interested in being added to my master tag list, send me an ask or DM. (Sometimes Tumblr doesn’t notify my of reblogs or comments.)


You had been dating Castiel for some time now and you couldn’t imagine your life without him. You loved him more than anything and he made you extremely happy. Since being with Castiel, you knew you’d never want anyone else; unfortunately your subconscious didn’t get the memo.

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Originally posted by dazzlingkai

Title: Oxygen

Genre: Smut

Characters: Reader (Y/n) / Kim Jongdae

Notes: well, i mean im just gonna say theres some kinky ass shit here ok thanks bye;) ps; he is killing me. he is killing me and im dying. death by kim jongdae

Summary: When Jongdae has a long night with some coworkers, all he wants to do is unwind with a few drinks. But apparently that’s a bit too much to ask for when his girlfriend is just a little too tempting. Maybe she deserves a lesson on how to act around company.

Words: 2,020

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I like to think that Tom’s and Marco’s relationship has gotten to the point where Tom just shows up at Marco’s house and complains to Marco about moving over in bed to which Marco simple spreads out his limbs in playful defiance only to find himself pushed off and Tom laying on his bed.

“You just lost bed privileges Diaz.”

“You just lost butt touching privileges Tom.”

“Wait I fucked up please let me touch the booty!”