Yesterday Robert Downey JR posted my art in his Thanksgiving message to the world! THIS GOT A LOT OF ATTENTION BUT IT WAS CREDITED TO THE WRONG ARTIST!! I even found newspapers talking about it but no credit to me at all and OH MAN IT HURTS!! I would like to create a free commission for Mr. Robert Downey JR for Christmas and I’m hoping this post reaches him!

If you can share this, please help me get his attention so that I can create new art for him and let the world know its me! Thank you so much!! 

I’m going to Paris on Friday and was inspired by the idea to convert the CL beret for toddlers. The original colours were horrendous (sorry EA), so I also recoloured them in this beautiful palette. They now come in 36 colours, and you don’t need CL for them to work! All LODs should work just fine.


EA for the original mesh

vexhelps for the colour palette


Please feel free to recolour, I can’t wait to see your beautiful recolours

No paysites and do not claim as your own pls

If you want to recolour, please don’t include the mesh

If you use these berets I’d love to see your toddlers in them, so use the tag #playwithlifesimblr

Thank you for showing an interest in my stuff!

Download: simfileshare

ps. this is my first time meshing EVER, so please be kind, and let me know if there are any issues <3

I’m Yours

Bucky x Reader

Summary: You have strong feelings for Bucky, but you’re afraid they could ruin your friendship with him, Bucky on the other hand, feels differently.

Word Count: 2,079

Warnings: Implied smut, fluff, sexual content

A/N: This isn’t 100% smut, but it’s enough for you to know what happens. This is my first fic like this, so please be gentle and bear with me. I’m slowly making my way towards it actually going all the way. (I hope that made sense) Anywho, enjoy and please let me know what you think! I love getting feedback! :)

Originally posted by painfulblisss

(GIFs not mine, credit to owner)

“So (Y/N), when are you going to tell him?”

You groaned, you’ve been asked that multiple times over the past few weeks. They were always a variation of that question, didn’t matter how many times they were said, you literally heard them all.

“That’s the thing Nat, I can’t!” You huffed, “It’s too soon anyways.”

You were helping Nat put away everything after training with her all morning. You had to train earlier than usual that morning because Sam and Steve were going to be training the new recruits later on in the day. So they needed the space.

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Larry Play I Spy
  • Louis: Oh I know, let's play I spy!
  • Liam: I know how this ends.
  • Niall: Don't we all?
  • Louis: Harry gets to go first!
  • Liam: Shocker.
  • Louis: Can you please watch your tone Liam. Go on Haz.
  • Harry: I spy with my little eye something beginning with L.
  • Liam: Louis.
  • Harry: No! Give me some credit.
  • Niall: Louis' bum?
  • Louis: I'm sitting down.
  • Liam: I'm half convinced he has X-Ray vision. Only explanation for that kind of staring. Okay um.....Louis' eyes?
  • Harry: Aren't they pretty? But no, wrong again.
  • Louis: Louis' pretty eyelashes?
  • Harry: Flutter them for me? *sigh* So pretty.
  • Liam: Stop. I'll puke. Did he win?
  • Harry: Nope.
  • Louis: I won your heart babe.
  • Harry: Damn straight.
  • Niall: Someone get me a bucket now.
  • Liam: I'm done. Final guess. Louis' mouth? Not like you've looked at much else.
  • Harry: Wrong again. The answer is...drum roll pleeeease baby?
  • Louis: *drum roll*
  • Harry: LOVE OF MY LIFE
  • Liam: Every. Fucking. Time.
  • Niall: It's a wee bit cute.
  • Louis: MARRY ME
  • Harry: YES BABY
  • Liam: They remember their wedding right?
  • Niall: Only thinking about their wedding NIGHT by the looks of things. Time to evacuate.
  • Liam: Oh fuck. He's getting louder, Harry's about to do the only thing he can to shut him up.
Translation of the clip ‘Returned’

Dude* walks into Isak: Be careful where you walk!

Isak: Hey.

Jonas: Hey.

Isak: What’s up?

Jonas: Nah, nothing special.

Isak: Is Mahdi still angry with me?

Jonas: Nobody’s angry with you, man.

Isak: Sure?

Jonas: Yeah. (*pause*) We’re only worried. We don’t get your deal.

Isak: My deal?

Jonas: Yes, you’ve been acting so strange.

Isak: Oh..! Yeah, well, sorry ’bout that. There’s just so much happening now, lately, family and stuff. And I can’t sleep either. Makes me go crazy really fucking fast. But sorry about it.

Jonas: Okay. But…Let me know, if you wanna talk about it.

Use the translation for whatever you want, but please credit.

Is the Dude* who walks into Isak one of the guys Even was talking to?? *RAGE*


Pictures of mine and @trubbishpokemon‘s Jaune/Ren hug at the RWBY photoshoot at Ohayocon! I’m very happy someone got pictures of it! The two Ruby’s faces are the actual cutest thing ever. 

Also yes, that is a blue cat fanny pack.

I wish I could remember her name, but these pictures are from the photoshoot organizer on Facebook. If you guys know her, please let me know so I can give her proper credit!!


Summary: After a hunt, you witnesses Dean trying to pick up a girl in a bar.  You’re not having it though and, in your frustration, you scare the girl off.  Dean is not happy about that.

The extended smutty version of this story can be found on my AO3 here!

Pairings/Characters: Dean Winchester x Reader, Sam Winchester, OFC

Word Count: 2240

Warnings: Pre-smut (no smut here, though, gotta click the link above for AO3 if you want to read that part), language,

A/N: I was sent this gif for a drabble and it ended up turning into an entire fic.  Whoops!  The gif is not mine and, to my knowledge, it was found with a google search.  If it’s yours or you know who made it, please let me know so I can give proper credit!

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A random bedroom i did forever ago.

I really suck at remembering where i get all my cc from so i’m sorry.

if you would like to know where i got something ask me and i’ll try to search it for you. Also if you know who made something let me know so I can tag them. Oh and if you made something in the picture please message me so i can tag you.


i love following bastille’s lead singer dan smith because, well, even this lesbian can admit that he’s extremely attractive

he’s also hilarious on twitter?? like most times he reminds me of a tiny cute alien who’s come down here to earth to bless us with his beauty — who has no idea about american pop culture after the age of david lynch (to be fair, i don’t think most americans even understand current pop culture. it’s entirely perplexing..)

but on top of that he’s just adorable??? and really cute when he gets excited about stuff?? like what the heck, who gave him the right

and he talks to his fans on such a regular basis just to ask how they’re doing –and to ask about the media they’re consuming

he’s so sweet and charming and i love it. his presence lights up my twitter feed and it’s gr8, thx dan

Natural Hair Color Palette 

I really wanted to make a palette for natural hair colors, but I’m over in my head with all of the objects I want to recolor that I wanted to offer the colors for someone who is looking for a palette to recolor with. I don’t play vanilla sims a lot, but I really do like these colors and would love to have more options for when I do play vanilla. So these colors are open for anyone to use, just give me a little bit of credit :) 

If you want to see the colors on some hair, you can check out the hair that I tried the colors on, or you can just download the zip file of photos I took of them. 

If you have any questions, please let me know! 

Download Test Hair (requires romantic garden)

Download Example Photos


The time has come again to reopen commission slots! I’ll be keeping them open this time around until January 1st! 


  • All transactions are Paypal only
  • To give you proper credit, provide a link to your Tumblr when sending your request.
  • You reserve a slot by paying upfront after I accept your request.
  • Please provide VISUAL references for your character. (A current full body reference.)
  • Complex designs might modify the price.
  • Pose references aren’t required, but it would be very helpful for me.
  • No NSFW. Pinups are negotiable.
  • You can request characters that aren’t yours as long as you let me know where they’re from so I can give credit properly.


Got an idea for a character you’d like drawn? Interested in seeing your pre-existing character being given my personal spin on their design? Well, now’s the time to see it happen!

all rules for regular commissions apply with a few additional ones

If you want me to make  character from scratch, I’ll need a shot description of them along with reference pictures to help me get an idea of what you’d want them to look like.

For original characters, you may use the design for personal use as long as I am given proper credit.

If you want to request someone else’s character, you’ll have to get permission from them first.

To reserve a commission slot, contact me at!

I woke up...
  • I woke up...
  • Pages & Pocket Squares
  • Pages & Pocket Squares


I woke up wanting your lips on mine.
I woke up wanting your arms around my waist.
I woke up wanting our hands laced together.
I woke up wanting to gaze into your eyes.
I woke up wanting you.

I strongly believe in crediting work. If you do know who this quote is from please let me know so i can credit and link.

Thank you to @looking4fun4me for the suggested reading x. 

So I think that with Marinettes natural talent and passion for fashion, and the connections and potential bonding it creates for her and Adrien/Adrien’s father…

Adrien should discover, through hanging out with Mari, that he has a natural talent and passion for baking and/or cooking.

He is hanging out at Mari’s one day (pre or post-reveal) and gets roped into filling out a massive and urgent order in the bakery with Marinette. He discovers that he likes baking, and even though he has never decorated cakes/cupcakes/whatever he is actually good at it.

So he starts hanging out more often and picks up some hours at the bakery (face it- cat son loves the warm and homey atmosphere of the Dupain-Cheng’s and feels like he belongs, he would gladly lend a hand if it means he can stay longer, and eat goodies. #letadriendeat2k4evr )

And so Tom, Sabine and Marinette end up teaching him all sorts of tips and tricks that make him super skilled at baking in no time.

Over time they give him copies of the recipes to his favourite baked goods for birthdays/Christmas/for funsies and he just gushes in excitement each time and yes-Mari-we-do-have-to-go-make-it-right-now-ive-been-bestowed-with-a-great-honour-and-now-i’m-drooling-at-the-thought-of-Sabines-quiche-PLEASEPRINCESSRIGHTNOWIWANTQUICHE and he drags her by the hand to the kitchen.

Just… cat son has to like baking because these two complement each other in so many other regards, and this way Adrien can feed himself.