Anyone Else But You

Request- ‘Would you be okay writing about prentiss being jealous of reader and Spencer, but reader is high key into her and Spencer awkwardly tries to help’

I love this request, and I love Prentiss x Reader imagines! Keep firing the requests please. I stole the title from a song from the Juno soundtrack, called Anyone Else But You by the Moldy Peaches. Enjoy!

Triggers- swearing?

Word Count- 1242

Walking through the glass doors of the BAU, as you do every morning, you scan the room for the face of the wonderful Emily Prentiss. You made eye contact with her as she looked up from her computer.

You see, ever since you joined the team, everyone thought that you would be interested in Morgan, because of your naturally flirty attitude. But what you failed to tell them was, that as soon as you set your eyes on Prentiss, the fierce, gorgeous brunette, you couldn’t feel attraction to anybody but her. Your bisexuality was common knowledge, however, Emily was much more secretive, and you never knew whether she wanted you in the same way you wanted her.

‘Y/N, coffee.’ You heard a voice shouting behind you and you turned around. You saw your best friend, Spencer Reid, walking towards you with two cups of coffee.

‘That’s my boy!’ You grinned and threw your arms around your neck, kissing him on the cheek.

You glanced back to look at Prentiss, and saw that she was glaring at the pair of you. She shot you a stern look and turned back to her paperwork.

A while later, you bounded up to Emily. ‘Do you want some coffee, Em?’

‘No, Y/N.’ She replied with a cold expression.

For the rest of the day, Prentiss looked at you as if you had killed a puppy. Exhausted from wondering what you had possibly done wrong, you decide to visit the Oracle of All Answers and Knowledge, Penelope Garcia.

You grabbed Spencer by his sweater and led him down the hallway. Penelope and Spencer were fully aware of your love for Prentiss, as they had spent many nights listening to you ramble about her beauty. You swung open the door and plopped yourself down into a chair, while Spencer leant on the wall.

‘Hello my babies, what can I do for you?’ Penelope said as she turned to face you.

‘Pen, why is Emily acting like she hates me? She has been weird all week but today she is constantly avoiding me, and when she makes eye contact all I am getting is death glares.’

Penelope looked puzzled. ‘What was she like last week?’

‘Fine, friendly, not looking like she wanted to punch me all the time.’ You placed your head in your hands and sighed.

‘Wait,’ Spencer piped up. ‘It started after when we all went out on Friday, and you were paralytic drunk so I had to take you back to mine in a cab?’

‘Do you think she is jealous?’ Penelope gasped.

‘No, no, no. That’s impossible. She must know that Spencer and I are just friends! Does this mean that she likes me too?’ You said, gobsmacked.

Penelope smirked. ‘Well, my child, leave it up to me. Auntie Penelope will provide the answers you seek.’

Suddenly the door swung open and Hotch appeared at the door.

‘We have a case. It’s in Miami. Wheels up in 30.’

After the jet landed, the team went to check into a nearby hotel and sat in the lobby, waiting for Hotch to organize the accommodation. You made a conscious effort to avoid clinging on to Spencer, so Emily wouldn’t get the wrong picture.

‘There is only 4 rooms, guys. Some of you will have to share.’ Hotch said, walking towards the group. Goddamn Penelope Garcia and her inability to book the correct number of rooms.

‘JJ, I need to share with you. I have some… case details I need to go over.’ Spencer said, awkwardly grabbing JJ by the wrist. As they turned to walk away from the team, the Spencer glanced back at you and smiled.

‘Well I will be having my own room, so Morgan and Rossi- you share. And the Y/N and Prentiss.’ Hotch said as he handed out keys.

Emily put her head in her hands.

‘Oh, come on, you have to be kidding? Literally, anyone else but you.’ She complained.

‘Charming.’ You replied, taking the keys from her and leading the way.

As you reached the room, you threw your bags down and saw that there was in fact, only one double bed.

‘For fuck’s sake!’ Emily shouted. ‘I’m going to take a shower.’

She quickly moved into the bathroom, while you unpacked and changed into some shorts and a t shirt. You then heard some muffled noises coming from outside the door. You walked over and opened it slightly, sighing when you were greeted by the faces of Morgan and Rossi.

Rossi thrust a bottle of fancy Italian wine into your hands, and placed a kiss on top of your forehead while Morgan looked on with a shit-eating grin.

‘Good luck, bella.’ Rossi murmured into your hair.

You were left stood there in disbelief as the pair turned and walked away. You didn’t know whether you were going to kiss or kill Penelope Garcia for this. Turning back into the room and closing the door, you heard the shower switch off.

You took in a deep breath, and positioned yourself on the bed with the bottle of wine, determined to get some answers. Emily appears from the door in her pyjamas, her wet hair dripping down onto her sweater.

‘I have some wine. We should talk?’ You asked, hopeful.

‘Go and take it to Spencer, I’m sure he would love some.’ She replied sarcastically, not looking at you.

‘What the fuck, Prentiss. What have I done wrong?’ You sighed, standing up to face her and placing the bottle down. Emily stopped brushing her hair and sat on the bed, avoiding eye contact.

‘I can see you and Spencer are happy, okay? And it does hurt, seeing you together. So just please let me fucking move on and stop shoving it in my face every three seconds.’ She said.

‘Emily are you nuts?’ You laughed. ‘I am not in a relationship Spencer! He is my best friend yes, but I am NOT in love with him. The only reason I’ve been spending so much time with Spencer because you have been acting like I am diseased! Do you realize how much it hurts when you can’t even bare to look at me? It breaks my heart, Em, considering that you’re the person I want to spend 24 hours a day with.’

‘Wait, so you aren’t with Spencer?’ Emily asked, her eyes firmly fixed on the floor. You sighed and kneeled in front of her, turning her face so that she would look at you.

‘Emily Prentiss, I want you. All day, every day. And I am not letting you move on from me, whether you like it or not. I have fallen for your strength, your beauty, your fierce character, your honesty- even your stubbornness. I want it all. Honestly, Em, I don’t see what anyone can see in anyone else but you.’

You can see a tear roll down her cheek, and you use your thumb to brush it away.

‘I want you so fucking badly, Y/N. And it completely terrifies me.’ She said, standing and pulling you up with her. You placed your hands on either side of her face, and tucked a piece of hair behind her ear.

‘I’m all yours.’ You whispered, as your lips crashed together and you fell backwards onto the bed.

The next day, you walked into the lobby, hands clasped with the woman you loved, surrounded by the cheers of your makeshift BAU family.

anonymous asked:

Cause most people don't bother debunking Ziam I've yet to find an explanation for their Cartier love bracelets. I was wondering your thoughts on that because atm that's the ONLY thing I'm still confused about. I believe they dated/slept together at some point, and these bracelets are the only thing keeping me believe there is still something going on. Everything else is purely people making things up that aren't there. I can't figure them out, can I get a perspective of an anti please?

You think two people are together because they share similar taste in jewellery?

I don’t really know much about these bracelets outside of the fact that I know of people who wear those lock Cartier bracelets without dating anyone, it’s purely an aesthetic.

I mean… after Zayn left, he broke up with Perrie, got new management, has shaded them etc, Liam is on hiatus with new management and has a pregnant girlfriend… you think they’re together?


The Taliban attacked a school in Peshawar, Pakistan this morning.
The death toll has risen to 149 children, all between the ages of 9-16. More than a hundred wounded. The operation is officially over.

Please keep them and their families in your thoughts and prayers.


The Sydney Siege is over, and while it could have ended a lot worse, tragedy is still upon us.

While the gunman is dead, two hostages were killed.

Tori Johnson, 34, was the manager of the Lindt Cafe in which the siege was taking place. Johnson is being reported as a hero, as he had attempted to wrestle the gun away from the gunman just before police raided the cafe.

Katrina Dawson, 38, was a lawyer and mother of three. Our thoughts go out to her family, especially her children, as no one should have to lose a mother at such a young age. 

Four more are grievously injured, and we wish them all a speedy and smooth recovery. Please keep all the victims, their families, and their friends in your thoughts and prayers today as Australia, as a country, tries to come back from this horrific incident.

Remember, the actions of this man are only the actions of this man. He does not represent the Muslim community, he doesn’t not represent the Islamic religion. Do not take your anger out on any Muslim you may know, and Islam is a religion that promotes and practices peace, and the actions of this man cannot be blamed on the religion.


To those who don’t know yet, Saudi Arabia created a coalition (comprised of Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Sudan, Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, Pakistan) began bombing Yemen yesterday, and there are talks of a full ground invasion in the coming days. Right now people are terrified for their lives, people are losing their homes, their loved ones, access to food and water. Many civilians have already been killed. Please pay attention to Yemen. Don’t stand by and silently ignore yet another country being bombed into nothingness. Not again. Give the Yemeni people all of your support, your prayers, your solidarity, keep them in your thoughts. Do not let their suffering go uncared for and unnoticed. I know you all would care if it were your streets that were on fire, or your homes turned to rubble.

You guys at least 43 people were killed today in Karachi by 6 gunmen who opened fire indiscriminately on a bus carrying Ismaili Shia Muslims to their place of worship. Anti-Shia attacks have been increasing in Pakistan, and over 1000 Shias have been killed in the past two years. No one has claimed responsibility for the attack yet. Please keep them in your thoughts and pray for peace.

Update: A spokesman from the militant group Jundullah, which has ties with the Pakistani Taliban and pledged allegiance to ISIS, has claimed responsiblitiy for the attack


A tragedy happened in Brazil this week, too, and tens of towns were buried in mud due to a error of a giant mining company managing and responsible for a dam. It’s called Samarco, half owned by the Brazilian Vale do Rio Doce and half owned by the Anglo-Australian BHP Billiton. It’s literally looking like Pompeii might have. Many people died, many other are lost, and thousands of people lost their homes and everything they knew of.

Please, also keep them in your thoughts. It’s not being reported anywhere internationally because said company really fucked up, it’s internationally influential and they’re trying to cover it and hide it away in any way they can. If you want to read about it, the district most heavily affected is called “Mariana”, in Minas Gerais. Please also keep Minas Gerais in your thoughts.

Don’t burn yourself
to keep others warm
Don’t give in
to raging storms
Don’t let their hold
choke your heart
Don’t allow them to keep you
from a new start
Don’t hurt yourself
just to keep them from harm
Please, my dear, don’t burn yourself
to keep them warm
—  e.g.csave yourself first  
Modern Witchcraft Ideas

Originally posted by taissa-peters

So! We got a lot of asks with awesome modern witchcraft ideas. Thought I would post a few! You can find every suggestion people submitted in this tag, and feel free to keep sending them in! Please drop everyone who submitted and still submits content a follow!

  • “Modern witchy ways: I have a hard time collecting storm water but my alarm clock plays a thunderstorm loop all night long. Set your water, I use filtered water, beside the sound and you have storm water!” - @aliciadevraux
  • “Needing a little extra help grounding so you grab a packet of salt from the fast food joint and slip it in your pocket!” - @trixieone
  • “Drawing on sigils with your foundation before you blend it in ☺️.” -@pocketjosie
  • “Writing spells/intentions into the tags of blog posts.” - Anonymous
  • “Scrying with the screen of a turned-off phone/tablet. :-)” - Anonymous
  • “Naming a Pokemon after someone as a poppet, giving it berry shakes with certain berry combinations to achieve a purpose (Oran berry to heal a little, enigma berry to grow stronger from something bad, etc)”  -Anonymous
  • “Paint sigils on your nails with nail polish, then go over them with a solid coat so they’re invisible (or make ‘em look like a geometric design).” -   @lenyberry
  • “Lightly booping plant leaves affectionately to give them some positivity vibes!” - @hoodiecladknight
  • “Sea salt infused bodywash is an easy way to cleanse yourself every time you take a shower! “ - @Magick-dragon
  • “Song lyrics as spells!” - Anonymous
  • “Writing sigils on the labels of your clothes.” - Anonymous
  • “Enchanting makeup for magical intent.” -Anonymous
Please keep Jakarta in your thoughts

Tonight they’ve been reported to have had six explosions and open gunfire near the UN and the presidential palace as well as two confirmed deaths. Please think of them, weather that means praying, sending good thoughts, or good vibes, please just think of them tonight.

The BBC is posting updates if you’d like more information.

Tumblr is filled with amazing resources, tutorials, guides, etc. Created by amazing people and I thought why not put them all together! This is the masterpost of masterposts I have put together. Note that the masterposts included in this masterpost are not mine unless said so. If you find another masterpost that is not included please message me and I’ll include it~ I will keep adding on to this masterpost!

***Update: As I started updating and adding more stuff, I found it hard to check if the post was already here, therefore, I am slowly going to alphabetize the list by the creators username and it will take some time so please bear with me. I tend to become lazy hehe***

Masterpost of Masterposts


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Remember if you know more masterposts that are not in this list please please message me the link so that I can add it, I know this is not even 1/3 of the masterposts but these are the ones I instantly found.

According to Korean news Eunbi and the driver died in the car accident. The other passengers (two members + staff) are receiving treatment at a hospital. Rise and Sojung are still in critical condition and undergoing surgery right now.

Rest in Peace, Go Eunbi and Ladies’ Code’s driver.
Our deepest condolences to their families, friends and fans.
We also hope that the other members will be safe and recover quickly.
Please keep them in your thoughts.

Hey guys! The Battle of the Five Armies comes out on wildly different dates around the world, not to mention reviews and film clips, so to try and keep tumblr free of spoilers for those who don’t want them, please use the tag #botfaspoilers for BotFA related things! Even if it’s just your impressions, thoughts, reactions, play it safe by always tagging! THANKS!

Assignment Overview/Tracker Printable: ↤ click to download (p.cred)

Hi guys! I made this printable because I thought it would be really useful keeping track of all your assignments in one place, so you never forget about them!! You can stick it somewhere where you can see it all the time and always be constantly reminded! :,)

+ please let me know what you think, what improvements can be made, if you use it etc. ! 

Thank you! Sarah / @studeying

Fair Use of Voltage Inc. IP

Since its creation in 1999, Voltage Inc. has been a leading name in interactive romance novels. We develop more than apps—we produce dramas about love and the challenges associated with it. This passionate subject has created a passionate, talented community of fans. We are humbled by the interest shown by our fans in sharing our games and creating their own work based on our creations! At the same time, we at Voltage spend a lot of time, thought, and money creating these games you love, including the characters, music, sound effects, stories, and illustrations. We need to protect them so we can keep creating.

You can consider this document a guideline for “fair use” for our English-language games. Copyright can be complicated, however, and this cannot cover all situations. Please be respectful of your fellow fans and of us.

Here are some examples of things we are okay with:

  • Original art inspired by our games and characters
  • A few screenshots
  • Avatars, banners, and other personal-use images
  • Our announcements and images as released on social media

Here are some examples of things that are not okay:

  • Videos, screenshot series, or text reproductions of a story
  • Posting our music and sound effects
  • Anything being sold
  • Misleading or confusingly similar apps or art

In short, we don’t want anyone confused, we don’t want to spoil stories, and we don’t want what you share to replace the experience someone can get straight from the source (us!).

Please remember that these guidelines are subject to change and are not legally binding. We want to find a balance with our fans; it takes time to do that. Whenever possible, we will reach out to fans posting material in the “gray area” before making a formal takedown request.

Thank you for taking the time to read this policy. We hope it helps!

Harry Looks Better Than Me in Short Shorts

Well, harrystylesisonesmartcookie said I could talk to her about Harry in short shorts any time and I started to think about it, and basically I had a lot to say. Let’s get started.

If I’m not mistaken, this started it all.  I mean, what the hell Harry, they weren’t short enough so you had to roll them?  I’m not complaining though.  In fact, good idea.  Great idea.  Do it again.

He did it again.  I don’t even know what this outfit is.  All I know is I love it and he should probably wear it again.  Keep rolling your shorts. And keep letting the butterfly and birds fly free.  Please and thank you.

He rolled them again.  I approve. And also I’m jealous of his legs.

Right about now is where I tend to black out because yellow shorts.

Everything’s blurry.  I can barely see.  It’s raining on my face.

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If two people are together then leave them to be together.
Keep your shitty opinions to yourself
They just might be meant for each other
And you definitely don’t need to fuck that up for them.
Because you always get one that does.
So for god sake please just don’t be that person.
—  Don’t be that person.