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  • Fandom blogs only please!
  • Deadline is May 1st
  • I will choose the winner and runner ups.
  • 1 Winner, 2 Runners!
What I’m Looking For:
  • Nice Blogger, enjoys talking to followers!
  • Tagging system!!!
  • Organized theme/blog.
  • Dont need to have but extra points if you are a gif/graphic/edit maker, writer, or code crafter.
  • Preferably Multifandom blog but open to non multifandoms!
Winner Will Receive
  • + Follow if not already!
  • A graphic/edit by me of their choice. With link to their blog.
  • A link on my sidebar for the month of May!
  • A promo to be given upon the announcement of the winner, AND a unlimited promos to my 11k followers
  • Friendship forever! 
Runner Ups Will Receive: 
  • A screenshot promo at the announcement of the winner with a description of their blog!
  • An graphic/edit of their choosing.
  • + follow if not already.