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(Formally Delightful-Starfish)

Gosh i’m nervous about this one, I tried writing smut and I thought I would share for Harry’s birthday (made it by one hour!… where I am anyway) sorry if it’s awful, and please feel free to post if you’d like! 


You had thus far ignored the sheer flowing negligee hidden in your dresser, partially because you lacked the confidence to wear it and partially because you felt it needed a special occasion. Your friends had gotten it as a joke for your birthday - much to your embarrassment at the time. Curiosity combined with the fact that it had been ages got the better of you tonight and you stood scrutinizing yourself in front of the mirror next to your vanity. 

Standing in front of your own judgmental eye you twisted and turned to see the garment from every angle. It was a black chiffon that left just enough to the imagination and the fabric seemed to dip and curve with your body perfectly. It was slightly darker as it curved over your breasts - showing an ample amount of cleavage - once it cascaded down over your stomach the fabric became lighter so you could see the curve of your hips. The slight shimmer to it was almost hypnotizing when you moved. Matching panties made from the same sheer fabric adorned your hips and what was there barely covered anything. Feeling bold you’d also thrown on a pair of black heels just for the hell of it. 

Your mind began reeling with thoughts of what Harry would do if he saw you in this, how his jaw would drop just slightly and his eyes would widen and darken with lust. He’d been busy the past week and your time together was running short as he was due to jet off again to god-knows-where for work. While you two still spent time together it didn’t have the intimacy you desired and if you were being honest you were beginning to miss his kisses. 

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hey lovely people!! I have finally decided hosting my very own first favourites! yay!! in honor of my 18th birthday coming up in a month and *ello-bby’s one year anniversary* on tumblr!! I’m so excited to see all of your beautiful blogs!  


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listen, i try not to be cute. i also try not to be super good at graphics because i’m not but what i do try is to be the best possible human being to everyone on my dash and appreciate them regardless of how long they’ve been with me or not. recently, i’ve reached 300+ followers on this blog. why ? i have no clue – i’m the shitlord of posting, i talk about my feelings and my ships like it’s going out of style ( also cause i’m hella edgy ) and yet still this community has treated me with nothing but kindness. and you want to know why  ? because you are all astounding writers, friends, and human beings ( i think, a little iffy on that last one ) – so please ignore my half assed graphic that i made within five minutes time and a second glass of wine and please understand that: i adore you, i adore being here, i adore all the things that i have seen on the dash – watching everyone be happy, laugh, write stupid jokes and just generally get along means so much to me. i come from such vile fandoms ( a few of you can attest to the nature of the DARP ) and just to see everyone just generally: HEY UR RAD is wonderfully refreshing in a way that just makes my heart throb.     for all my friends, old and new  – for those that have been with me since the beginning of my journey ( holla @ u mass effect & borderlands ) to those that have recently, and probably regrettably tuned it. 

so without further ado, i give you my list ( which is more or less everyone i follow so brace yourselves )

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SEVERAL FOR POSTERITY ;  y’all are freaking great, let me kiss you ( and finally write you things ??? ) 

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i’m also missing so many people on this list, please understand that if i follow you – you are on it i just — /inhales sharply, love u guys no hetero ok  and legit adds people to this list despite it being published fight me ???


I’ve had time to cool off and talk to some of my family and friends. I will be coming back. I’m going to change how some things are run on my blog, but I am going to give this one more shot.  

I’m taking a week off.  I will not be on to post stories or answer Asks until next weeken. I’m taking some time to breath.  Please continue to tag me so I can catch up on reading.

What to expect when I return:

There will be no more drama. No anon asks that are negative will be answered.  I will be reblogging what feels good.  There will be no mention of wank and I will not get involved in drama.  I have made some mistakes with how I’ve handled this situation and I have some major regrets.  I should have been ignoring this from the start. 

The problem: 

First  - in a moment of anger last night I began deleting. I deleted my beloved Mark P x Reader x Tom Ellis threesome story and my no pairing The Cage! Home of the $6.66 Lap Dance story along with both my Matt Cohen stories (I was working up from the bottom of my list).    I severely regret this and if any of you saved them offline for any reason I would love if you could let me know and I’ll send you my email address so I can get them back. 

Second - Also in anger, I deleted my pending works, my tracker sheets, and all non-story posts on my blog since the start of 2017.   I have managed to recover  my pending challenges list but I lost my pending requests.  I know I just posted  the updated list last week but I deleted that post.  Did anyone save it that they could email it to me? 

If not upon my return I may have to start over with requests and I apologize. Please feel free to take your requests to another user if you would like - I completely fucked that up.

The lesson here - don’t make rash decisions when you are running on hurt, anger, and no sleep. 

I am sorry for all the drama these last few weeks and if you stick with me I promise you’ll see a different blog, back to the way it was, when I return. 

10 SU episode ideas

DISCLAIMER 1: These ARE NOT actual episodes of Steven Universe set to premiere in the future. These are FAN-MADE CONCEPTS. I am not an official writer or storyboard artist for Steven Universe, and therefore cannot make any claims of these episodes being official. These are only creative concepts and ideas for episodes I’ve come up with based off of past episodes I’ve seen from the show.

DISCLAIMER 2: Almost all but 2 or 3 of these episodes are “filler” or non-plot-heavy episodes. If you are not interested in episodes like these, then please move along and ignore this post.

All the ideas are below the cut.

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Potions brewing with Hermione Granger =)))

EDIT: Just a simple gif thingy that i made (please ignore the page in the book my mistakes i am just now realizing that part) 

Might as well will delete this if im gonna fix and post it again (which i don’t think so) so enjoy this instead lol.

Stay Alive

Originally posted by plumpark

Genre: Angst/Some Fluff There’s barely any but it’s there 

Word Count: 2,083

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

“No stop, don’t you dare close your eyes okay? I’m going to get you out of here alive. Stay with me please.” 

Masterlist ♥︎


A/N: Made this cause the Jungkook feels for me rn are just not okay I’m trying not to admit that he’s most likely my bias now. I still love you yoongi, you just can’t ignore him, it’s impossible. so get ready for some feels I’m not sorry. And warning there’s mention of blood and stuff..

 (on another note I will be posting betrayed part 4 soon ^.^ I’m sorry for the long wait idk why but my writing skills just gave out so it’s gonna take a little bit longer)

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“I hate how they ignore the canon and make characters gay just to please the shippers!! They’re just doing it for the fanservice!”

I’ve read so many comments similar to this one on FB and YT. I just wanted to say something; nygmobblepot was not the most popular slash ship. I think that award goes to gobblepot (Jim/Oswald).

So if they made any Gotham slash paring canon just “to please the fandom” I don’t think they would’ve chosen nygmobblepot. I also shipped gobblepot in earlier seasons before Ed and Oswald got more interaction (and after Oswald’s confession I have a feeling our little bird had at least a slight crush on Jim).

Furthermore, even though I love nygmobblepot with all of my heart we have to realise that compared to other shows we are a small shipping fandom. Look at Voltron for example! That show came out this summer - is not even a year old - and it already has so much ff:

And let’s not forget the biggest queerbait ship in the history of television, Destiel (and that’s only AO3 - there is also a shitload of it on sites like

So no, dear homophobic Gotham fans, the show did not make nygmobblepot canon just to please us. They made it canon (or at least made Oswald confess) because the writers saw that the relationship progressed very nicely and naturally. And the actors absolutely adore it too, you can sense the chemistry and spark whenever they are in a scene together. 

Sometimes when you’re writing something, some characters just naturally fit together - even if you originally didn’t plan it. And I think that’s what happened here. The creators saw the potential and sensed the amazing chemistry and decided that this was too good not to evolve into something more.

They made it canon because it fits the characters in this universe and not for “cheap fanservice”.


this is a very serious callout post for DΞΔN aka DEAN aka DEANFLUENZA aka DEANTRBL aka DEANTHEOFFICIAL aka Kwon Hyuk so please read carefully and under your own risks!

- first of all…. this little BITCH ruined everybody’s otp (crush.t) and never apologized! look at poor zion.t ….. he’s a victim of de*n’s evil games …. 


isn’t suspicious that they share names? and one of them is DEAD? i have 0 (zero) proofs for this but i belive dean killed and stole his name…. he pretends to be his fan so no one suspects that it was him but oh no i see through your lies “little bastard”


i’m tired of having to move my head to see his instagram posts…. why is he trying to break my neck? is he looking for another HOMICIDE

- the fuck is this even 

- AGAIN i have 0 proofs for this but isn’t suspicious that he’s friends with everybody? he’s probably your fave’s bff.
what is he trying to do? also how did he appeared from nowhere? i woke up one day and everybody knew him, even me!!! WHO IS HE
my hypothesis? russian spy, reptilian, or he had this planned for years, we are all part of dean’s evil plan to end everyboy’s career. also….


i’ll leave it to your own judgement…

- he’s everybody’s bff but still he’s a BAD FRIEND. how does he have the nerve to post this pic in which he looks ok but zico looks like dean just ate his soul? well maybe he actually did 

- his instagram captions…. i got tired just by doing this. no words needed 

- and lets not forget the #2k16BiggestLie 

so dean doesn’t need new friends but still broke a marriage just to take crush with him? all right i see how things are ….. 

- “face in the pillow, ass where the wind blows” (put my hands on you lyrics. disgusting)

- this predebut picture. he was a 2012 nutella boy 


- he’s a scorpio

@badromantics SO HOW ABOUT THIS POST 

Hercules was pensive. Aaron worried, how couldn’t he? Anyone would, when their usually easygoing boyfriend cornered them with a solemn expression and a “we need to talk.”

Well, actually it was a “Can I ask you something, please?” But the principle applied. Aaron schooled his expression. Hercules could be asking anything, even something good. But it could also be something bad. Oh god, did he want to break up? 

“I just, for this question I want you to be completely honest, and I promise no matter what your answer is, I won’t get upset or offended. I just need the truth.” Aaron tensed further. That didn’t sound like anything good. It sounded a bit like Aaron had done something terrible, though. He couldn’t think of anything. That didn’t make it easier. 

“Okay, here goes…” Hercules took a breath. Aaron bit his tongue to stop himself from reacting. A small whimper tried to work it’s way out, and Aaron forced his throat closed. “Do you not like my knitting?” 

The question was so surprising that Aaron forgot to manage his face, startling back and gaping openly. “..what?”

“I’m serious, be honest!” Hercules crossed his arms. He looked so insecure, and Aaron wanted to hug it away. “I just, I need to know, okay? I can’t keep knitting you things, worrying if you think they’re ugly, or dumb. I can take the truth.” 

“What are you talking about?” Now that he knew the subject, Aaron was filled with energy. “I love your clothes! They’re amazing! I wore that scarf you gave me every day the weather was cool enough!” Hercules froze at the words, a small smile slowly forming across his lips. Then he wilted again, slipping into a sad frown. Aaron didn’t know what to do. 

“I thought maybe you only did that to make me feel better.” 

Hercules was usually the emotionally in-control one. Aaron didn’t remember the last time Hercules was the one in need of comfort rather than him. Aaron also didn’t want to mess it up, not after all the times Hercules had been there for him. Thinking quick, Aaron reached for Hercules’ hand. Some light physical contact always made him feel better. 

It seemed to work, Hercules relaxing slightly. Aaron scooted closer so that their knees gently knocked together. “Herc, dear. I love your scarf and I love your sweaters, okay?” Aaron took a deep breath. So far, so good. “Can I ask what caused you to believe otherwise? I’m really, really sorry if I’ve done or said anything to make you feel like your gifts are unappreciated.”

Hercules said nothing for a moment, but threaded his fingers between Aaron’s, once, then twice, then again. “I worked the hardest on that heart sweater. The grey one, with the single pink heart in the middle. I was sorting your laundry last time I was over, and found it in the back of the closet. It’s stupid, but I just,” Hercules looked away, “I realized I’ve never seen you wear it. I’m sorry, I’m dumb.” 

Aaron’s eyes widened involuntarily. “No, you’re not dumb!” He pitched forward, grabbing Hercules in a hug. “I should be sorry, it’s me whose dumb. Herc, that’s my favourite sweater of all!” 

Hercules folded into the hug easily, nearly swallowing Aaron. “But you never wear it?” His tone was questioning, but also hopeful, which meant he was listening to Aaron. 

“I do wear it, and I can explain, but I know it sounds dumb.” Aaron prepared himself for what promised to be an embarrassing explanation. “I call it my happy sweater. I only save it for when I’m really happy about something, or really need to be happy. I never wear it in front of anybody, because I’m afraid to share the sentiment. It feels private. Sorry I’m an idiot.” 

Hercules shifted in his arms, until he was looking down at Aaron directly. He didn’t look sad, or even nervous anymore. Instead, he was smiling, unbearably softly, something twinkling in his eyes. “You’re not an idiot. That’s actually the most adorable thing I’ve ever heard.” 

Aaron laughed, light and sudden, even as his cheeks lit up. “I guess neither of us are idiots, then? Or both of us are.” 

Hercules joined in with a gentle, quiet chuckle of his own. “Either works for me. And maybe, once in a while, you can share the happy moments with your boyfriend, too?”

Aaron considered it. The very idea of letting someone in on his rare ‘happy sweater’ times made him nervous. But the thought of that person being Hercules made him soft and warm. 

“Sounds like a plan.”

Aaron leaned up to Hercules for a kiss.

mrscriss2012  asked:

Ignore the haters, you're a wonderful person and you can post whatever you damned well please! Personally, I enjoy your posts no end :) Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Thank you so much!  You have no idea how happy this made me! Your fics give me hours and hours of joy!

(For one, please ignore my stupid spelling mistake! oops)

A little chart I made of the Stones that help those who are Empathic. This bit of information came from justyour-averagewitch’s post about stones

CITRINE: Shields Emotional and Mental Influences around you

BLUE KYANITE: Protects from negative energy (AND helps with psychic development)

SUGILITE: Protection and Spiritual Guidance

YELLOW JASPER: Replenishes Energy


daily bsd list+some new info

hi guys! i just made a list of the dailybsd blogs~ check it here! if you happen to lose that link, it’s always on my description too!

and additional info for future bsd daily blogs– please read!

from now on, i will be avoiding asks regarding future daily blogs. if you created a daily blog and want to tell me, please send me a message. a pm. not an ask! if you send an ask to me on anon, i will be ignoring it. this is to prevent the clatter in my blog posts and to prevent spam;

additionally, i will still reblog introduction posts from dailybsd blogs, but i will be deleting the reblogs after a day. another attempt with me keeping this blog squeaky clean!

thank you for cooperating!


my Revolutionary Girl Utena itabag! Just realized I never posted this here, oops.

All merch is either official or made by me. (Please ignore the quality of the vinyl design. Apparently cricut vinyl is super thin and cheap compared to what I usually use, and as I finished this the day before leaving for the con I couldn’t replace it in time. I plan to tear it all off and get better vinyl to remake it!)

I had a lot of fun putting this bag together! I wore it at Animazement 2016 and got a lot of compliments on it, it was really nice meeting other rgu fans even if I wasn’t in cosplay! There were also a couple other itabaggers there, which was cool!