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i know a lot of you really, really want this week’s episode with english subs and it is coming, guys. my bbygirl @shametv is a real person who is taking her finals and writing papers. she literally cares so much for all of you, so please, please give her a little break and feel free to ask me questions in my askbox and i’ll answer best i can yall! <3 i love you guuguu

okay i am actually terrified of the power of Lapis Lazuli

for starters, she was a cracked gem contained within a construct that managed to direct her will through said construct to the outside world

then she was a broken gem that managed to use her powers to make simulacrums of the crystal gems that could stand on par with them

and then, as a healed gem, she held back one of the oldest (that we know of) and most powerful (that we know of) gems in the series as one half of a fusion, exercising her particular powers during the fusion as well as her personal powers

Lapis is the most fragile-looking juggernaut that I have ever had the pleasure to be terrified by

“It’s only you,” whispered Orphan Girl. She was holding his hand crouched down next to him. “Why do you hate you?”
Ronan thought about it.
The albino night horror swept in, talons opening.
Ronan stood up, stretching out his arm like he would to Chainsaw.
“I don’t,” he said.
And he woke up.

I’m reading The Raven Cycle this summer and falling in love with it. This was my favorite scene in The Dream Thieves. Like. an actual thrill shot through my heart when I read it.

@alessandriana wrote me Shiro h/c fic, guys. Keith tries to take care of Shiro post-castle takeover, and Shiro falls asleep on him. A++, Keith. You did good, buddy.

piling sandbags on parapets by alessandriana (ao3)

“It’s really not that bad,” Shiro said.

Keith shot him a look of raging disbelief. “Pidge said you got tortured.”

(Episode tag for Fall of the Castle of Lions/Tears of the Balmera.)


we fail? but screw your courage to the sticking-place, and we’ll not fail.

this one’s for u james corden

UM. Can someone please explain to me how one person could be so adorably beautiful and actually claim to be FIFTY YEARS OLD?! (Source: x)

rereading hbp, when they’re on the train to hogwarts neville says something like “my gran would give anything to have harry potter as her grandson” — please tell me theres fic of gran longbottom aggressively persistently trying to set up neville and harry. “THAT HARRY POTTER. SO BRAVE.” “yes gran i know” “SO HEROIC. SUCH A KIND YOUNG MAN.” “yes hes my friend gran i know” “AND QUITE EASY ON THE EYES TOO” “goodbye forever gran” 

Sardonyx’s Character Design

hmmmmmm who does this remind me of hmmmmmmmmmm…

please please please i have not engaged at all in the sardonyx predictions flying around bc we didn’t really get any info to go on but i’ve wanted pearl and garnet’s fusion to be voiced by janelle monae for a YEAR i’m so excited.