People have been asking and I promised to take some pics the next time I was using my Medieval kit. So here it is, behold! 💖

Please note this is the very scaled down version, as wearing full plate to ordinary practice is just killing because of the weight. 😓😓

Obviously, being goth, my armour is in the gothic German style. That went without saying when I had to pick what style to go for. 😁💕

And please excuse my non-historic mountain boots. 😓

Thirteen Years of Memes

(This was written in the middle of the night so please excuse any typos I missed.)

No pairing. Reader hanging out with Nate, Sam and Rafe.

Description: Just a short fic inspired by a headcanon I had, followed by two separate conversations with @gross-samtrash and @emiliasuncharted. AU where Rafe and Nate got Sam out of jail together. 

After thirteen years in jail, Sam is out. For the first time ever, he is being taken to Starbucks. Just something silly and fluffy.

Warnings: None.

Word count: 1,486 total - one shot

Read at AO3 here or below:

           “I don’t understand why we couldn’t have made coffee at the hotel.” Sam protests as everyone piles out of the car.

           Rafe looks over his shoulder as he heads towards Starbucks, “That isn’t coffee. That’s swill.”

           “No, it isn’t. Better than prison coffee.” He grumbles.

           Nate gets out after Sam and puts his hand on his shoulder, “Anything is better than prison coffee.”

           You are pulling your hair up in a ponytail as you turn around to look at the brothers, “Sam, I keep forgetting this is all new to you. Starbucks being new to someone is sort of like…an alien coming to visit and telling me about their home world.”

           “Guys!” Rafe exclaims, turning around to look at the three of you, “Sometime this century.”

           Nate grumbles something underneath his breath that you are sure isn’t a compliment as Sam takes off after Rafe. You shrug at him and head inside as well.

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fake dates

so this is my first imagine, lmao please excuse the shitty-ness of it.

you had ran away from home about 7 months ago, and ended up in Lakewood. after a three months of you being gone you decided to call your parents and let them know you weren’t dead and such. they appreciated you calling and decided to give you space. a month ago they had called and you had bragged about the fact that you were in a relationship and were doing better in Lakewood then you had ever been back in your home town. but your bragging and pride had very quickly disappeared when they decided to surprise you and say they were coming to visit you the next month.

it was now two days before they were supposed to be here and you were still very single and had no idea how you were going to pull this off, when you were hit with an idea of getting one of your good friends you had met here, Audrey, to fake date you whilst your parent were around. they were extremely homophobic and that was the reason you had ran away in the first place. but if they were to show up and find out you were dating another girl, that would a bit of an extra “fuck you” to it. so when you had asked and she said yes you were over joyed for you had liked her for a while but didn’t think she felt the same, and this gave you a way to be coupley with her with out actually be dating.

anyway you and Audrey were cleaning around your apartment and making last minute changes when the buzzer went off signalling someone was here. you let them up and smoothed out your dress and opened the door when they knocked. you were enveloped in a hug by your parents which was quite shocking to you seeing as the last time you saw them they were telling you that you were going to hell for liking girls. you pulled away and led them inside, “oh! um this is Audrey, she’s my girlfriend!” you told your parents pointing to the girl you had liked for so long. she awkwardly waved and said a quick “hello.” your parents had glared at you before saying a quick and rude “hello” back to her.
the night was over and your parents were staying in a hotel so when the door had closed you walked to the couch and collapsed. Audrey came and sat very close to you and held your hand while picking up the remote and turning on the tv.
“you know my parents are gone you don’t have to sit close and hold my hand anymore.” you had said to her quietly breaking the silence between you two.
“I know, but I want to.” she replied short and sweet.
“um, hey Audrey? can I tell you something? and please don’t be weirded out or anything but I need to tell you.” you decided you needed to tell her you liked her. no more faking it.
“yeah shoot, I’m all ears.”
“so I might kind of sort of like you, and the only reason I asked you to fake date me tonight was because I’ve liked you for a while and I needed an excuse you hold your hand and hug you and feel like you might actually like me as more then a friend.” you closed your eyes almost terrified of what her reaction might be. as you were thinking of the worst possible reaction she might have you were interrupted by a pair of lips on your own. it took you a second but you somehow managed to kiss her back.
“I like you too. in fact I was very excited when you asked me to fake date you, but what if we tried out actually dating?” she mumbled after she had pulled away from the short yet amazing kiss.
“I would love to try out actually dating!” you smiled and she smiled back. you shuffled closer to her and leaned your head on her shoulder looking to the tv, with the biggest smile on your face.


OMG the artwork in the back. Again, please excuse it. My friend really is not a fan of cats …even though my cat is so sweet

Overlord x Re: Zero

(Disclaimer: This is NOT written by me. I merely translated it into English. This is written by username 1943炸弹超爆发 and originally posted on Baidu forum’s Overlord section. The original link in Chinese can be found here.) 

Chapter Six

“Um Lord Ainz, that boy’s about to be grabbed? Where is that fake-boob’s servant anyways?”

Aura is chomping on cakes that were served by Pestonya, and staring at the screen with a bored expression.

“Shut your trap, shorty! She…she’s on her way! Be patient!”

“Yeah yeah, granny.” Aura stuffed another cake in her mouth.

“Shalltear…” Ainz smoothed over his none existent hair and asks:

“What’s up with your doppelganger?”

“My-my apologies, Lord Ainz, but I’m not sure myself. Let me…ah, a <message> dropped. Please excuse me.”

Shalltear paused for a few minutes, whispered something in the air, and then lets out a satisfied smile.

(Uh oh…)

Although Ainz didn’t hear her exact words, he has a feeling if Shalltear thinks something works, it probably will work backwards.

“Shalltear, report the content of that <message>.”

“Just some trivial matter. My judgement should suffice. No need for Lord Ainz…”

“Did I not make myself clear? Report the content of that message!”

“Ye-yes!” shaking with fear, Shalltear quickly stood up.

“My Doppelganger asks how to get the boy’s attention…”

“And how did you answer?”

“Why, using one’s body always works on young males…”

(Of course…)

Ainz feels his non-existent stomach is aching again, and he blanked out on the rest of Shalltear’s explanations. All he knows is that if he doesn’t immediately put an end to this, it will surely end in disaster.

“Shalltear, you must cancel your order immediately. Use a more normal way to attract him, like…maybe pretend you lost something, and ask him for help…”

“I see, Lord Ainz is seeing that far ahead.”

(Eh? Did I say something strange again?)

Albedo was staring at him intently, making Ainz feel rather uncomfortable. Judging from her flapping wings, it must mean…

“Although my intelligence is limited, I can still take such an obvious hint from Lord Ainz. May I share my grasp on Lord Ainz’s wisdom?”

“Uh, sure. Go on ahead.”

“As you wish, Lord Ainz.”

Albedo turns to everyone present.

“What Lord Ainz means is, to use charity and compassion to attract the teenager!”

“So…?” Shalltear tilts her hair and asks.

“Looks like you still fail to grasp the Supreme Being’s wisdom…” Albedo shook her head.

“Attraction through beauty and lust will not last forever. Once you cease to be fresh, you won’t attract anyone, you know?” Albedo casts a look to Shalltear, who failed to sense her sarcasm, so she carried on. “But inner beauty has the power to touch a person’s heart. In the long term, this will ensure the teenager’s continuing attraction, and he will leap into any situation, however dangerous, to the help the girl.”

The crowd murmurs in agreement as Albedo finishes her speech.

“As expected of Lord Ainz…”

“His wisdom is truly infinite…”

(How ingenious indeed…)

The fog inside Ainz’s mind clears after Albedo’s “explanation”. This other entity that shares his name is a real genius for thinking up such brilliant strategies.

“Such it is, Shalltear. Give my order then: use compassion to touch the boy’s heart, and then put herself in danger, so the boy will leap to defend her.”

“Understood, Lord Ainz. I shall deliver the message at once.”

(Chapter Seven will be posted later today. Stay tuned!)

Created and submitted by kinkypolyfeminist:

Hi! I thought I would share these pictures of my finished 210l/55g crabitat, which I added the finishing touches to tonight. (Please excuse my inept collaging skills, Tumblr would only let me add one photograph.)

This tank is 40in long, 16in deep, and 20in tall. There’s almost a foot of substrate, which still leaves 9in or so for climbing space. The two water sections (salt on the right with the unakite and fresh on the left with the rose quartz) were made by siliconing acrylic into place, have approx 8l of water in each, and are filtered with cheap sponge filters. The fern and the bromeliad are both live, although I’m not 100% sure how well they’re doing - I might replace them with aquatic plants like Java fern or Amazon sword at some point down the line. My partner made the locking lid out of more acrylic (his website is if anyone wants similar).

The acrylic, second hand tank, filters, substrate, etc, cost me approx £130. Including décor (but excluding labour), the whole build cost about £200. I already had the light fitting and light from the crabs’ previous house. 5 crabs live in it and they seem to be having a really great time.

External image

If anyone wants to replicate, it’s not THAT hard, but make sure you thoroughly water test the water sections before adding substrate. I didn’t and had to take all 100kg of substrate out to re-silicone.

Shameless plug - my animal/petblr sideblog is I haven’t updated it in a while but I’m getting back into it. Follow me and give me motivation. :P

This is wonderful! I’m guessing none of your crabs can fit under those heavier rocks in the water area? As long as they can’t potentially get stuck, that’s a really ingenious way of being able to add extra water to a crabitat which would mean less refills. And they have so much digging space! I bet you have some happy little crabs :)

Thank you for sharing!

Sidekick AU: Valentine’s Day

Oh dear cheesecake. So I was minding my own business when my brain presented this scenario.

It’s the night before Valentine’s Day and Chat tells Ladybug over their communication channel to make sure she’s outside at a certain time the next day. She’s like ??? okay? 

(This is early in their partnership, like they’re already communicating verbally but haven’t met each other in person.)

So the next day she’s out in the world as Marinette and kind of suspicious when all of a sudden every electronic billboard and screen in Paris blacks out and then freaking THIS SONG STARTS PLAYING


and Marinette’s like oMG 


and Marinette’s just blushing and giggling because this stupid boy who she’s never even met before is trying to woo her (and succeeding tbqh)

Something we don’t talk about enough is the Margot & Will friendship. I need you to send me headcanons. ALL OF THEM PLEASE.

Ok, I’ll start:

  • The snappy remarks about That One Time™ going back and forth
  • Having post-fall meetings to catch up on each other’s life and their respective murder spouse
  • Drinking together
  • Rolling their eyes together at Hannibal and Alana’s unresolved issues
  • Riding together, enjoying the nature and the silence
  • Will taking Morgan fishing once he’s a bit older
  • JUST Will interacting with Morgan, teaching him stuff, acting like an uncle or something
  • Margot giving Will advice about his relationship with Hannibal
  • Margot and Will playing tennis??? Idk it’s my aesthetic 
  • Will wants to impress Hannibal with a nice suit or something but he has No Idea about this stuff, so he contacts Margot, and they go shopping together
  • Will and Margot taking dancing classes together 
  • Exchanging info about the weather in whatever countries they are “How’s Argentina?” “Oh, it’s nice. What about Qatar?”
  • “Hey Margot, we’re celebrating our anniversary soon. Think we could borrow your yacht for a few days?”
  • “Hey Will, there’s this guy who won’t stop hitting on Alana. Think you and Hannibal could take of him?”

I just want them to stay in touch and hang out together and gossip about their spouses and be Sassy Bros p l e a s e 


Honestly though Riza he’s got a point >w<

I’m so sorry @theishvalanalchemist your text post deserved a much better comic ;_;

it’s 7am and I haven’t slept but

when dex and nursey get married nursey calls dibs on picking their first dance song, dex figures it’s going to be something weird but whatever makes the love of his life happy right

nursey tells dex that it’s some typical slowed down pop song or something and dex rolls with it

come the reception, the newlyweds take to the dance floor and the tell tale opening of Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing starts playing bc dex loves dad rock and gdi nursey knows how to push his buttons

dex, because he is Soft and particularly emotional today (it’s his wedding damn it), starts bawling bc nursey has to be extra and sing to him while they’re kind of just swaying in place and he’s so in love and nursey starts crying too bc this is the best thing to ever happen to him and