The Louden Swain concert at Supernatural Vegas Con 2017, Day 3.
~Jensen Ackles (Dean Winchester) singing Whipping Post.~

Please excuse any jittering, or moving of the camera. I was having to shoot from far away, between or over people’s heads. So I often had to move the camera when people in rows in front of me got in the way.



I don’t have anything exciting to update about the Lightning Thief musical yet today EXCEPT THAT IT OPENS TONIGHT! TODAY’S THE DAY! I CAN’T BELIEVE IT’S HERE! but the show’s Instagram and Twitter have a quest to find posters in the subways. It involves a lot of spontaneously jumping off trains and pretending it’s totally normal to casually take selfies with posters at subway stations. please excuse my expressions, it’s so many selfies I’m getting sick of my face

I’ll have a more exciting update later tonight after I ACTUALLY GET TO SEE THE MUSICAL!

Boku No hero Academia Light Novel No.2 Translations

t/n: I overly underestimated the difference in Japanese syntax structure to that of English, and it was honestly so hard trying to translate it in a way where it’d make sense, but not stray too much from what the original writing was trying to portray?? idk but, nonetheless, I’ve come to discover my enjoyment through translating ^_^ though I’d just want to point out my Japanese is far from native, I’m terrible and have become absolute poop over the last couple months, so please when reading, please understand and excuse grammatical errors, mistakes etc. 

I also want to mention that updates or translation won’t be frequent or anything :( as I’m doing this alongside my thesis atm, but will make the effort to update parts/chapters when I have time.

and last but not least, if you can, please try to refrain from reposting and, or at least credit this post! but yeah, thank you very much and I hope you enjoy! ^_^ <3

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Mayor Angel of Eden (Yes, Angel is my real name lol)

• Orange Tulip
• Doctor’s mask
• Orange Overalls (made by me)
• Pleather pants
• Black ankle socks
• Steel-toed boots

• Quirky & creative
• Lucid dreamer
• Spends free time writing poetry
• Loves harvesting & farming
• Values all of his friendships
• Skilled in the art of pottery
• Lover of God
• Supports autism & anti-bullying
• HUGE cat person
• Mysteriously shy but isn’t afraid to speak up
• Listens to emo/punk/rock music

(This took me WAY too long to make but, this is my first Character Reference, so please excuse how choppy it may look. He is also based off of me.)


Please excuse the fact that I haven’t had a shape up in weeks. Today was my first post op appointment and I finally got to see what my chest looks like without the drains and and (most of) the bandages of. There are no words to express how I feel. I’m sure you can see the joy in my eyes. I’ve waited so long for this moment. Spent countless hours on YouTube and instagram looking at all of the folks who have gone through this step before desperately wishing I could be in their shoes and now my moment finally came. I’m overjoyed with my results I think my chest looks great. 2017 just keeps coming with the blessings. Shoutouts to Dr. Rockmore! He did an amazing job. Thank you to everyone who has checked up on me it means so much. This body has been a prison for so long and the only word to describe how I feel now is liberated. I have things to look forward to now. And if you would’ve told me that I could feel this sense of joy 12 years ago I wouldn’t have believed you. Anyway here’s to 2017 and shirtless summers and lots of douchey instagram pics. ☺️🎉🍾 #wepoppinthebiggestbottles

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Savannah: What? Oh nothing, nothing, (chuckles) it’s just that … Honey, did you not know?

Vivian: Know what?

Savannah: Well, maybe it’s time to lay off the macarons just a little bit. I mean, you’ve gained like, twenty pounds since this school year started alone! 

Vivian: Well I … I mean … It’s not that bad …

Savannah: It’s sooo bad.

Connor: We thought we were doing you a favor by telling you, Viv.

Savannah: Here, lemme give you my number. Call me anytime and we’ll hit up the gym for an hour or six.

Vivian: Thanks. Erm … will you excuse me, please?


carrieunderwood: My workout buddy…mama’s in @caliabycarrie and the big man is in his fire truck PJs…whatever works! #StayThePath PS, please excuse my yoga form…I don’t do much yoga, but like to stretch…

Please excuse me for this personal post, I don’t really like to make many, but I just wanted to give a huge shout out and thank you to @noellemonade for the beautiful self-portrait icon I commissioned from them. I’ve been following them since the very beginning and when they opened up their services for commissions recently, I jumped at the chance. If you were interested in this gorgeous art style I would highly recommend checking out their page. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you, @noellemonade. My heart almost burst out of my chest when you sent over the finished product. I couldn’t have asked for anything better. 💕

Commissions info here. 

Carrie Underwood’s 2-Year-Old Son Joins Her for Workout — in His Fire Truck Pajamas
Carrie Underwood has a cute workout buddy. (GIF: Instagram)

Carrie Underwood’s workout partner would get us to the gym daily.

The country singer, 34, shared a video from a recent sweat session that included her adorable 2-year-old son/“Jesus Loves Me” duet partner. The fitness-focused celebrity was stretching it out on the mats, doing some yoga moves and beyond, and Isaiah was by her side recreating her poses — in his pajamas.

My workout buddy…mama’s in @caliabycarrie and the big man is in his fire truck PJs…whatever works! #StayThePath PS, please excuse my yoga form…I don’t do much yoga, but like to stretch…

A post shared by Carrie Underwood (@carrieunderwood) on Mar 22, 2017 at 4:06pm PDT

“My workout buddy,” she wrote. “Mama’s in @caliabycarrie,” referring to her athletic line, “and the big man is in his fire truck PJs…whatever works! #StayThePath. PS, please excuse my yoga form…I don’t do much yoga, but like to stretch.”

Isaiah, whose dad is NHL star Mike Fisher, kept his eyes on mom’s moves and tried his best to recreate them. Considering he’s 2, he did an excellent job.

Carrie and Isaiah stretching it out. (GIF: Instagram)

Underwood’s “big man” celebrated his second birthday last month with a Sesame Street-themed birthday bash. In a post on his birthday, she noted, “On one hand, it’s so fun to see him learn and grow but on the other, it’s all happening so fast!”

Seeing him hitting the gym makes us agree. It’s all happening so fast!

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Kay, i feel so sad cause in Tweeter i saw so many hateful comments from V/kook fans. They were basically bashing Jimin and saying how hes so annoying and how they would kill him in order for V/kook to be together, also being mad cause JM interrups their moments. I know not all V/kook fans are like this but people can be so IMMATURE! at the end of the day theyre all friends and love each other, GET A FUCKING GRIP Stop bashing a member just cause u think he's "ruining" your OTP. Protect Minnie 💚

Fuck right, people need to chill. They’re all friends and shipping is us in our own bubbles.


If you hate a member cause “it gets in the way of my ship” then please excuse yourself from the fandom.


I was tagged by my sister(I call her my sister even though she may not think so but oh well lol) @agustd-23 please excuse my ugly face!

I tag the crew: @savage-yoongi-gives-me-life @jhs1994 @saintminyoongi @blood-sweat-and-sin @hobiismycupoftea @sugamysavagebaby @minyoongiismyinspiration @cum-for-hoseok @mythicalmarauder @beeguk @w00nkiee but you guys don’t have to do it! Y'all are just pretty af💕


2017.03.23 // monsta x I’m crying

anyway I was really bored bc spring break (yay spring break!!!!) and so I did this even though I had originally wanted to rewrite notes oh well.

beautiful is so good and the whole album is gold and the music video is so artsy looking aND SHOWNU’S FIRST LINE and KIHYUN ON THE CHORUS please excuse me as i cry in the corner