(i know the first couple of panels are absolute garbage but please stick to the end the art gets better)

What if blind specter was a lost ghost child just trying to find his way around the world alone when he stumbles across some tracks and meets with the phantom express. Head of the Train’s (and in general the phantom express’) job is to transport those who have died to the afterlife, but what if the child was born a ghost? Unsure of what to do, the Phantom Express let’s the child stay, and they all start to grow fond of him. 

(I wanna write more about his backstory and his personal relationship with all of the crew but it’s really late for that, maybe i’ll do that tomorrow)

It’s the kissing.

A kiss that shakes your entire foundation and sends your heart beat into an abnormal rhythm, it is so damn intoxicating you just don’t want to come up for air and you clutch at each other’s clothes.

Kissing that is so electrifying that hours later you can still feel the throbbing and tingling of both of your lips together.

That’s what I miss the most.


To everyone in Japan, please don’t worry. Don’t be unsettled by the missile from North Korea. Be strong. I hope you all to be safe and happy. It will not get bad. It’ll be ok.


“why do you love lance so much?” why do you NOT?! look at him! this boy can light up any room he enters



Hi there little flowers! I hope you’ll like this lil guide I made :)

Thank you so much @inkanddestroy for this post (where you can find other ways to draw sigils and how you can activate them) you baiscally taught me how to draw them.

I love you guys.

“Hugo–do you KNOW Ladybug and Chat Noir??”

or: Life must be pretty cool when your parents are secretly superheroes ;)

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