Part 1

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The sun was just rising, the orange tendrils of light penetrating the dark blue of the night sky. It was getting brighter by the second, and since the curtains on the windows were not pulled shut, the light was beginning to awaken Simon Snow- though it was around 15 minutes before he actually HAD to get up.

anonymous asked:

hi, I'm the endings' anon. i meant that if you complete the good ending and then go for the bad/normal ending, is there like a folder to distinguish which call or chat is for each ending? or they re write above the first ending?

Hello Anonymous, the only way I’ve noticed to distinguish the endings is going to the Chat History and checking the 11th day, as the RFA Party usually has a heading reading what ending you got (eg. Good Ending, Bad Ending 1, etc.).

If there is anyone else who knows how to distinguish the endings please let me know!