Stims I Like stimboard for Anon! This was a super sweet request!! I decided to go with fluid-movement geometric gifs bc they’re my all time stimmy faves!! 

Credit in desc!

(Be super careful if you visit the blogs and have epilepsy/are sensitive to flashing lights or are triggered by fast gifs!! Lots of rainbow flashing! Fast flashing is great for me, but really dangerous to a lot of people. please be careful!!)

First off Happy Valentine’s 😍 I hope yours was wayy better than mine 😂

But this is a little update thing mostly because I haven’t updated in awhile.

So, I know I know Ashley what the actual fuck! I want my damn Dolan Imagines! And im sorry I’m sorry… Please dont hurt me. I’m having a rough day. And I am sorry I wanna update some more and I know I take months off and get into it but hey.

I have figured out a schedule for both of my accounts. Why you always lyingggggg okay yes its true I still haven’t and I’ve just been updating on my other because there’s way more people I have to write for.

But hey hey hey I’ll update soon! Maybe…. I’ll try tonight okay I’ll try and I can’t promise but thank you for still following me. 1.1k that’s a lot gosh.

Happy Dolan Twin Tuseday!

And damn look at my daddy. Hod those pants. God that shirt. There so tight. Mmmmmmm 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

Your love sprouted flowers in my lungs and it both suffocated me and made me feel alive. The flowers thrived with your love and care and careful handling. You tend to my flowers inside my mind. They sprout across my whole body. I am a work of art. You made me this and you could destroy it so easily. My love is fragile so take care. Please play fair. Dont hurt my precious forget me nots. And I wont forget all youve done for me, youve set me free.
—  Erin

chainsaw-lass101  asked:

Xyrus to Time: No sad story made me this way, I am just stronger, smarter, and deserving. Others are little bugs beneath my heel. *she looks down at him being 6 ft tall*

Something about this gave me dejavu. He backed up in fear, he wasn’t sudden what they’d do to him. “…p…p-please…..d..d-d-dont…h-hurt m-m-me….”

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please dont leave please dont leave oh god please youre all i have i love you i love you please dont break my heart please dont hurt me please dont love him more please dont hate me im sorry im sorry i love you i shouldnt exist you deserve so much better please dont go i need you i need you i need you

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