TLOS Tour: St. Louis - July 17th, 2016 // Left Bank Books
photos are all mine - please do not take (without credit)
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To the man who has ruined and saved my life,

A hero, an icon and favorite to many,

Happy Berfday Birthday to John Winston Lennon,

Who today would’ve turned 76, the old man he would’ve been!

(This is my own video that I had made in his honor, please do not take without permission, repost, or take without any credit! Also slight flash warning)

Song: Birthday - The Beatles


DAY THREE I actually wasn’t planning on going to the show today, but three hours before the show started I decided to go because WHY NOT. ALSO THERE WERE 5TH ROW CENTER SEATS AVAILABLE SO I HAD TO.

SHOW HIGHLIGHTS: When Hedwig asked the audience how her hair was, literally the entire audience shouted out something and she was just taken aback and was like “okay all I heard just then was BBFDKJBHSJKFSH” and he said try again and literally three tries later he couldn’t understand anyone because people kept shouting over each other it was hilarious. He carwashed an oldish guy in the same spot he always does, about 6th row on the left side, he licked a guy and when we went in for the kiss with the girl in the front row, he pulled in her friend next to her by the hair and kissed both of them wow amazing I was jealous. THE BEST PART THOUGH was when he went to do the punk rock spitting water gesture, and as he was drinking water the woman got her jacket and covered herself and everyone started laughing, so midway through drinking he kinda said “that’s not gonna help” with his mouth full of water man it was funny. There was also a part just before Hedwig tricks Yitzhak into thinking Barbara Streisand is there where she calls him a dog or something, and Yitzhak like growled at him and then they had a face off an ended up making out, amazing.

So being in the 5th row was amazing, I could see the sweat dripping off him and lemme tell you, SEEING THOSE LEATHER SHORTS UP CLOSE IS A GODSEND. Origin Of Love and Wicked Little Town Reprise were also incredible up close honestly this man is a god I swear. In other news Rebecca still continues to be the sweetest and most talented little peach ever. She signed everyones things at stage door, stayed for ages and took selfies with so many people. Darren came out after about one and a half hours and also stayed for ages signing everything  for everyone <3 Also I feel it needs to be mentioned how AMAZING Darrens different voices are, his Luther one in particular. And Tommy. Honestly incredible. What an actor.

Last show is on Tuesday I wanna cry, this show is honestly my absolute favourite <3