I apologize for releasing this like this (I wanted to do it with the next chapter of Seeing in Black), but now I am for rights to ownership reasons in case it has been stolen. I drew this for the upcoming chapter of Seeing in Black and plan to use it as a cover photo.

I brought this drawing I did as a poster to mincon for Misha to sign, and it is now missing. If anybody on tumblr is attending, please return this to me. It’s 18 x 24, and it’s in a cardboard tube with a Scotch™ label on it. It has my signature on it and I would appreciate if anybody found this to alert the creation staff as they are aware of this situation. My name is Ashley and I’ll be very grateful to whoever returns this to me. 

I’ve really worked hard for this and I’ve paid a lot to have it done professionally. It would have been around the auditorium area or in the back center row of the main auditorium. (The staff couldn’t find it in the Mark/Sebastian or Tahmoh autograph rooms). 

Prompt:300 words or less, write a story with the starting "You know, the world looks so much clearer though the bottom of a glass"
  • You know, sometimes the world looks so much clear though the bottom of a glass. Thank you, by the way. I know you can get in a lot of trouble for bringing alcohol into a hospital, so this next drink goes to you!
  • Hmm? Oh, next Chemo is in a week or two, don't worry. The doctors say that i dont got alot of time left in me… Its eye opening really. Looking at that clock on my wall every day and seeing the ticks go by, knowing that every time that little hand moves, the closer i am to succumbing to this disease. I regret a lot of things. Things i haven't said or done. Im still in the prime of my life here, i havent done much.It hurts knowing that all the things that i see out the window of my room, or i see on that little old tv in the corner, i wont be able to do.
  • The alcohol makes it better though. It lets me forget about all of the stuff. I can be at peace for a little while…. Yea i know i sound like a drunk. I'm a man with a month to live, can i get a little enjoyment?
  • You're always such a spoil-sport. I know you do care about me, but it's not looking good for me. You need to start living your own life, you've been cooped up here with me for so long, i'm surprised none of the doctors have thought you where a patient! Seriously though, if you can't live for yourself, then live for me...please.
  • Oh, and leave the bottle.