Smoke + Mirrors
  • "I'm sorry for everything"
  • "Am I out of touch?"
  • "I'm going to mess this up"
  • "I can't help you when I'm only gonna do you wrong"
  • "There's always time to change your mind"
  • "I'm dying to feel again"
  • "Take me away"
  • "I know that I did you wrong"
  • "I'll make it up to you somehow"
  • "I know I took the path that you would never want for me"
  • "I gave you hell through all the years"
  • "I bet my life on you"
  • "Don't tell me that I'm wrong"
  • "Please forgive me for all I've done"
  • "I am a head case"
  • "How did it come to this?"
  • "Don’t tell me to be strong"
  • "I’ve been told just what to do"
  • "I know all your reasons"
  • "Oh quiet down, I've had enough"
  • "I guess it's now or never"
  • "Tell me all your secrets"
  • "Not what I had in mind"
  • "Maybe I’m broken"

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Wanda none of this was your fault... you can still have a life and vision and be happy.... I love you.. I need you to do something for me though....I'm running away *you notice the bags on my back* tell Kurt and LizzieMay and anyone that comes looking for me to just go back to there lives please, I don't want to hurt them again

You are not going anywhere. If my friends can forgive me for what I’ve done then so can yours.

Give them a chance to decide for themselves before you go, okay?

Life Is Strange sentence pack [EP4]
  • "You probably wanted to avoid awkward conversations like this."
  • "I still want to laugh and talk shit with my best friend."
  • "At least I'm alive here with you."
  • "You are such a geek. That's why I love you."
  • "This isn't how I want things to end."
  • "It wrecks me to see you in any pain, but I don't have any right to do this."
  • "I'd rather go out on a wave than a rock."
  • "I'll just drift asleep, dreaming of us here together... forever."
  • "I'm so proud of you for following your dreams."
  • "I love you, ___. See you around..."
  • "I tried to make things different for you..."
  • "You have made things different, like my whole life."
  • "You're my best friend."
  • "When we grow up, we're taking over the world."
  • "I'll always have your back. Always."
  • "You get one kiss and now you're all over me..."
  • "You sound high, but thanks for the morning grope."
  • "Don't you wander off into the dark..."
  • "I'm so ignoring you."
  • "Get the fuck outta my face."
  • "As you've noticed, this whole town is messed up."
  • "God, I should have killed that bastard back there."
  • "This can't be real..."
  • "That smell..."
  • "I loved her/him so much..."
  • "How can he/she be dead?"
  • "What kind of world does this?"
  • "I'm with you to the end. You know it."
  • "Beautiful. I don't give a shit."
  • "The world is ending, cool."
  • "You're not listening! Something major is going down!"
  • "Dude, have you been drinking?"
  • "I get salty when things don't go my way."
  • "I don't care if you hate me or not, but you have to believe me."
  • "Maybe I'm jealous because you don't give a shit what anybody thinks. And I do."
  • "Hey, I can't focus if you're yelling... please."
  • "We could die, okay?"
  • Feyre [singing]: I don't tell you what to say. I don't tell you what to do.
  • Tamlin: Feyre...
  • Feyre: *sarts swaying* Just let me be myself, that's all I ask of you!
  • Tamlin: Look, I hear you but-
  • Feyre: I'm young and I love to be young!
  • Tamlin: I understand bu-
  • Feyre: *puts hands up* I'm free and I love to be free to live my life the way I want!
  • Tamlin: Feyre.
  • Feyre: To say and do whatever I please
  • Tamlin: Fey-Feyre?
  • Feyre: He-hey. Oh no-o-o-o-o-o! Oh no no! Oh no no. You don't, you don't, you don't own me. *glares at Tamlin when done*

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You should tag the ships...

No, I really shouldn’t.  People keep saying I should tag the ships, the fandoms, the characters, etc. for the stories I reblog but don’t actually take a step back and realize just how long and impossible that would be for me.  I cannot do that.  If you want to know the ship please either read the story, read the tags of the original post, or see if the author states what the ship is in the post.  I cannot tag for everything.  So please, please, please.  Everyone stop asking me to do the impossible.