I frickin s2g this is a phanfiction irl

But the kind you cry over

M a k e    u s


na splash



M̧͙̦̤̙͕̿͋ͧ͑̐̑ͬ͠  ̴̲̹̰͇̠́̒͡ͅ I̡͔͔͚̜̘̒̋ͣͨ́̕   ̭̱̻̭̓́ͯ͐̔̓̑ͯȘ̝̦̹̝̻̠̿ͥͮ͘͠͡ͅ   ̲̩̙͍͚ͧͫͤ̑̏̅ͪ̓́E̛̳̞͖̽̃ͯͤ̿͛ͨ ̻̗̙̻̠̥͍̳̈́̃̂ͯͬ̔  R̙̝̹̤̳̓ͦ͢ ̢̍̋͏̜͈̼̗̼  Ỵ͇͎̙̖͙̈́ͤ́ͣͦ̿̇̈́͜͠

tao and wang yuan giving each other a hi-5 (ᶿ̴͈᷇ॢ௰ᶿ̴͈᷆ॢ)

literally all i want in season two of crazy ex-girlfriend is for darryl to have another party and for white josh to help him get ready for it, so they can do “having a few people over (reprise)” together


They dance together, are always side by side, laugh together, And they fight, fun together, are in the good and the bad, look and smile, hug each other and smile… We are preparing for And they fight final… Bone a kiss… I hope and dedusido is it good… Because so far they have made us move us with several things… Although but happens would not be so disappointed…

Hello! I imagine you wonder where I’ve been all this time.. That isn’t important, what IS important is that I’m here! I’m eager to meet new faces and hopefully find a better way of surviving on this island… Can’t wait to meet all of you again!

[That’s right, Wilson’s back! dontart is once again online and now open for asks and interactions.

A speedpaint was made of this drawing here [x] as a small treat! Enjoy, and I welcome all of you back, as well!]

Prayers and positive thoughts

I am a 68 year old lady who has been shipping MnM since June.  I follow a lot of you and some of  you follow me.  Some of you may know that I am battling ovarian cancer and after 9 weeks of chemo I will have surgery on Monday.  If you are a person who prays I am asking for your prayers and if not, if you could just send positive thoughts. Thank you.

Also, if anyone leaks whether Maks and Meryl are at the anniversary taping or dance together, please let me know.  I have  not given up on them yet and hope I am still around when they figure out what we already know.

For Freyja

Blessed are the lips of my Lady for She bestows Her kisses on the lonely and lost. Freyja’s golden tears are gifts to the multiverse. Thankful and humbled am I to be in the presence of a woman so generous and great. She has shed tears for me. I offer Her my resilient heart in return so that She may boost Her own strength.

She is the song in my limbs, the joy in my laughter, and the vigor of my grief. Freyja takes the wounds of me and transmutes them to gold. I offer Her my shedded snake scales so that She may remember all of me for always and forever.

May She remain with me for aeons uncounted and into the timelessness.

May we always dance together. Please, dear gods I ask You, may I always dance with Freyja.

O Beloved Goddess, thank You for Your embrace.
Avicii - Hey Brother (Lyric)
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imagine your muses and their siblings/ sibling figures dancing to this.

Any girls who know how to sing and dance really well???
I’m trying to start a girl group ages 18 and up
Living in the Virginia area?
I’ve wanted to be in a girl group my whole life
So if you wanna be in one just Hmu for further details.
I’m looking for 3 or 4 other girls (: