you probably dont rly know me but u probably know this drawing 

now i love this drawing, not bcuz im particularly proud of it or anything but bcuz i always try to contribute to ff ships cuz i love them, and im so glad a lot of ppl are into this ship too albeit volpina hasnt shown up but w/e

ever since ive uploaded it ive gotten into a ton issues. i’ve had people used them for shitty icons for rp blogs, ive had ppl trace it, ive had ppl stolen it for their mixes, for their headers, uploaded it to weheartit and god knows what else that i dont know about yet

all i ask of yall is to PLEASE ask me before using it so i can actually, yknow, KNOW WHERE MY ART IS BEING USED. and to please credit/link back to the original post. lets not become that fandom that constantly steals art ok. thanks.


Random uploads from AX! I have way too many of the Jojo gathering I was at, and some of those turned out blurry. Maybe I’ll sort it out later and upload those but for now here’s some other photos from my days at AX!

If you recognize yourself/someone else, please message me and I can give credit where it is due! 


mindfangvevo as…well, Mindfang!

pandarox123 as the *awesome*Genocide Jack! Genocider Syo!