150726 BTS TRB LA: Miss Right

Compilation of all the clips I got for “Miss Right”!

As you can see, Hoseok was super playful and interacted with the audience a ton! He was constantly dancing and goofing around with us, and he looked super happy! ^^ You can also hear him teasing the fans about their singing LOL. Taehyung was also the cutest thing and kept going to the upper stage and pointing at the sing-along parts for us to follow. Jimin is a huge flirt for the audience and Jungkook was jamming out to the music the whole time!

i love following bastille’s lead singer dan smith because, well, even this lesbian can admit that he’s extremely attractive

he’s also hilarious on twitter?? like most times he reminds me of a tiny cute alien who’s come down here to earth to bless us with his beauty — who has no idea about american pop culture after the age of david lynch (to be fair, i don’t think most americans even understand current pop culture. it’s entirely perplexing..)

but on top of that he’s just adorable??? and really cute when he gets excited about stuff?? like what the heck, who gave him the right

and he talks to his fans on such a regular basis just to ask how they’re doing –and to ask about the media they’re consuming

he’s so sweet and charming and i love it. his presence lights up my twitter feed and it’s gr8, thx dan