So I’ve finally reached my first 100 followers! I know that’s probably not that large of a milestone for some people, but it is for me. Here I will list some people that are really worth checking out, so please click the links and head on over to their page! I apologize if you aren’t on here, it probably just means we haven’t known each other for very long or haven’t rped much. I love you all!

castieleton: My best friend for about a year now, I absolutely adore her! She’s always there for me whenever I need her most, she’s sweet, kind, and not to mention beautiful ;) I honestly don’t know who or where I’d be today if I didn’t have her by my side. I love her so much! Oh, and of course her Castiel is amazing XD Deanna loves him more than anything.

hellsxking: My buttercup here is honestly one of the nicest, most approachable people I’ve ever met. She always knows how to cheer me up when I’m feeling down and is always willing to listen. I love her Crowley, he and Deanna always have the best witty banter.

wingsvesselsandwhiskey / locked-and-scared: BAE!!!!! His Jimmy, Castiel, and Adam are all amazing. Seriously, you need to go follow them NOW. He deserves tons of attention and followers. Definitely worth seeing on your dash.

sammooseywinchester: My sweet Sammy <3333 I’m speechless, all I can really say is that she is perfect. One of the best Sams ever.

trenchcoatangelofthursday: My dear friend whom I love so much, she’s always there to lend an ear and help out. Probably one of the most IC Castiel’s I’ve ever had the pleasure to rp with.


Now that I got that off of my chest, here are the other people that I absolutely adore.

dontfxckwithbaby soldierofperdition howihavefallen angedelimpurete xdemondrinker two-fingers-of-craig imnoleader irebelledxforthis coldhardcrowley southerngentlevamp incognitomessenger liketheriflewinchester fakingxperfect demonicxsquirrel comatosedropout nerdycelestial absentisxanima saunteredslowlydownward thewiccanmechanic hungryhungryterrors thenovakmartyr mynamessamandriel smightymcsmighterton morpheusdavol 

It’s that time of year again! We are now accepting applications for Translators and Subbers. We want to further improve BTS-TRANS, so if you’re interested, please apply above by clicking on the link.

Currently taking applications for:

  • Korean to English Translators
  • Japanese to English Translators
  • Chinese to English Translators
  • Subbers (Timers, Typesetters, Encoders)

Please do not apply if you are not experienced and/or have no idea what these jobs entails. 

Applications will only be seen through the form linked. Once an application is submitted, an Admin will contact you once your application has been reviewed and processed. Generally, it should take 1-2 weeks before receiving a response. If you applied and did not receive an email within that period of time, please contact us at:

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please feel free to contact us via email, Tumblr, and/or our Please note, a deadline has not been set.

We would like to wish everyone good luck and to please remember to spread the word. We would really appreciate it!

Thank you.

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It would mean the world to embrace my role model of 7 years & have a shake it off dace party with her! // Hi guys! I have been a huge fan of Taylor and have looked up to her ever since I was young. She’s lifted me up with her beautiful words and influence and has empowered me in every stage of my life. Due to some personal circumstances, I’ve never been able to attend a concert or to tell this amazing woman how much I love her. I have this really cool opportunity to (hopefully??!??!?!?) win tickets to her June 12 or 13 show, and I thought that I could reach out to the tumblr community of wonderful and supportive swifties. Please click this link to help my dream come true! Thank you so much!

Classic Preppy Style

Before I proceed with my outfit details, I’d just like to announce again (for those who missed it) that I have been nominated as Fashionista of the Month representing the Philippines at Star Central Magazine. Please vote for me by clicking this link:

This was one of the days I wanted to look all basic, classy and preppy.

So I decided to pair my basic skirt with my sleeveless chambray button down shirt from @shopstylehub and my favorite plus overused mandals from Parisian.

Shades: @fpcloset
Top: @shopstylehub
Skirt: @fpcloset
Shoes: Parisian

Now that I have captured your attention with this gorgeous, young woman, I’d like to ask for a favor. A radio station nearby is giving out free tickets to the 1989 tour to the person with the most votes. Now, the way you get votes is by asking someone to simply click on a link to open the website that’s it.

Now if any of you could please take a moment out of your day to open this link, it would mean the world to me;

If you do click on that link, I want to say in advance;

But if you don’t click on that link, this will be a very similar picture of my reaction;

Yes, I did just guilt you. So if you care about the people in this fandom, please click on the link and help me.