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Hey Sasha! What do you think about the interview and what they've said about Zayn leaving? They genuinely seemed sad to me, or Liam at least. But they all had their head hung low and I'm sad. It feels more final than ever. I've never wanted to be proven wrong about something so bad. :(

Anonymous said:
after watching them talk about zayn in late late show im like 100% sure he’s not coming back… 


This is why they do what they do. 

The entire show was just what I expected and I didn’t expect much. They didn’t seem sad. They seemed guarded as they’ve been in most of their interviews for a looonnnnggg time now. Seems like they ticked off all their talking points.

  • Zayn didn’t love everything about boyband life (no specifics given). But everybody else lurves everything oh so much, per Niall. 
  • They were upset but now they’re over it. Of course Liam has to take that one. O rly? Then what were the twitter fights about? 
  • They wish Zayn well. Well of course they do. Liam took that one too.
  • Louis squashed the Naughty Boy beef. Says twitter is good for saying things you shouldn’t. Says he’s spoken to Zayn and they’re good.
  • They’re writing for the new album. They wrote a dozen songs on Four. They write! Like a real band! Did they mention they’re writing their own songs?
  • They’re only taking this break to write. Album 5 is coming and they’re writing it because they write like a real band full of men who are not boys. 
  • Louis is a single partymonster. Assist from James Corden: He has no trouble meeting women. Louis is straight y’all!
  • Liam is Louis’ wingman. Lads! They party! Laddy men who party when they aren’t writing. Work hard, play hard. Lads!
  • Cutesies with “Oh no Niall!” Isn’t Niall cute? The cutest! You love him!
  • Not so subtle mention that Louis sleeps on the bus while touring. Meanwhile Harry is in the hotel being posh, meditating and whatnot. They aren’t sleeping together, if that’s what you were thinking. *nervous sweats* 
  • They’re on tour. They play to huge crowds. They’re touring America this summer. They are on tour and you should see what you’re missing because huge crowds.  No FOMO (fear of missing out). 
  • Let’s tell the bread truck story so we can mention the DVD. Yes, buy the DVD and enjoy the hijinks. That story was told joylessly by Harry. :/
  • The closest thing to a cheeky moment was the Harry dildo to the face story. But when James quipped it wasn’t the first time, Harry gave us next to nothing. What have they done to our Harry? He shoulda been all over that. :’((
  • Let’s talk No Control. Let’s kiss some fan ass because we know we’re putting them through hell. Thanks fans! You’re great! Please don’t leave us. We know we ain’t shit right now and you’re too good for us, but please baby please baby please baby baby please. You’re the best!
  • Guess what? No Control got some racy lyrics. Let’s read some aloud. Oooohhh, this boyband has sex. Manly! Manband! Sex having men right there. 
  • Speaking of sexy, Harry is sexy. He has a new tattoo. He’d show you but he isn’t wearing any underwear. Harry is still here! He is still sexy! He’s tattooed! Manly! Harry Styles, everybody!

This made you sad??? This convinced you Zayn is never coming back? Ok then. We’re you expecting anything other than the official Modest party line? The only sad part is that Modest is still on the scene and still selling bullshit and stealing these lovely guy’s joy.