I hate having to ask for funds...

But what can a guy do to make up 400 dollars lost from a fractured foot? I don’t know…

I lost over 200 dollars worth of work for the week and on top of that had to pay 200 dollars for someone to cover me. So yeah, I’m kinda broke.

If anyone’s willing to help me out my paypal is here:

If you can spare a couple bucks, I thank you deeply.

I really hope this won’t fall into deaf ears, because I do need the help…

And in case anyone is wondering, no, youtube isn’t paying me enough yet, I only recently got .08 cents from them.

Thank you for your consideration.


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how did you do the color glitching thing in the cas edit?

ahhh, sorry for taking a month to answer this, i’ve been on vacation and am generally really shitty at answering asks… I’ll walk you through the whole process frame by frame! (don’t worry, there’s only 12 frames and some of them are repeats)

I’m using Photoshop CC, which you can see my tutorial on how to download for free here!

What we’ll be making today is this (god, I feel like I’m on a cooking show):

(Warning: this is actually a lot easier than this tutorial is going to make it sound)

I first created my image without text, then saved it as a .png.

(keeping my watermark on there because well… beware of art theft, kids (it’s happened))

I then opened up a new document with the png and started making all the frames. That (the original image) was the first frame, which is set at 0.5 seconds. This is going to be a frame animation, so open up your timeline and convert it to frame animation! I’m too lazy to explain how to do that, so if you need help feel free to shoot me an ask. Anyways, the second frame of this gif is this:

How I made this is explained here! (thank god i didn’t have to write it out myself omg) Just use ctrl+j to duplicate the first layer and create this. I set that frame at 0.1 seconds.

The third frame is the original image again, set to 0.2 seconds.

The fourth frame is this:

Which is the original image (remember to duplicate your layers so there’s one image per frame!)  with a photo filter on these settings:

The color is #ff0000, in case any of you want to use that exact color or something. This frame was set to 0.1 seconds.

The fifth frame is this:

Which is the previous layer i talked about duplicated and then set to motion blur, idk what my settings were but you can play around with that. This frame was also set to 0.1 seconds.

There’s where the motion blur setting is in case you didn’t know! Make sure your motion blur is at 0 degrees, like this:

Slide that slider around for more or less blur.

The sixth frame is this:

How I made this one was I duplicated the original layer and double clicked the layer. If you do that, this should pop up:

Basically, that [  ] R box should be checked when it pops up: uncheck it! Then press OK and shift that frame a couple spaces to the left. This frame is set at 0.1 seconds. (I know my past tense present tense in this is all over the place in this and i’m so sorry)

The seventh frame is this:

Basically just use the rectangular marquee tool to select some thin strips of the image and ctrl+c ctrl+v them, then shift them to the left or right a bit. (if that made any sense)

This frame was set at 0.1 seconds.

The eighth frame is this: 

which is, apparently, the same image as the fifth frame, just without the photo filter. This frame was set to 0.1 seconds as well.

The ninth frame is the original image again! Yay! i get to take a break from saving all those images… this frame is set to 0.2 seconds.

The tenth frame (hang in there, we’re two frames from the end of this) is this:

This is the original image with motion blur again, just less motion blur than frames five and eight. This frame was set to 0.1 seconds.

The eleventh frame is this:

Remeber the cool 3d effect we did on frame six? This is that again, just shifted a few spaces to the right! But before you do that, you’ve got to do this:

Which is the original image with added noise and motion blur. Here’s how you do the graininess like this:

You can play around with the settings to get the nicest looking grain. Personally, I don’t really like the settings I used because it made my image look spotty instead of grainy, but idk man feel free to use the same setting I did if you want.

Anyway! After you’re done with the grain, dupliacte the layer (ctrl+j), give it some motion blur, then double click it and uncheck the [  ] R box. Then shift that layer afew paces to the right. And you should get the eleventh frame! I set that frame at 0.1 seconds.

The twelfth frame (my spellchecker is mia i’m sorry if there are any spelling mistakes) is this!

Which is just the eleventh frame without the layer on top with the motion blur and all that. This frame is set to 0.1 seconds. And you’re done! (phew) Just add your text or whatever you don’t want distorted on there now.

I’d love if you credit my tutorials if you use them, so more people can learn a bit more about photoshop. Have fun with this one!

As always, feel free to ask me questions bout absolutely anything. Cheers!

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voidfoxs replied to your post “voidfoxs replied to your post “Bones watching jim sleep after a…”

ok ok but bones taking jim’s arm and it’s gotten to the point where his fingers are curling around jim’s wrist and pressing over his radial pulse point subconsciously - jim never says anything because the tension in bones’ shoulders bleeds out a bit

okok but the first time jim gets seriously injured after the whole khan incident and bones going directly into doctor mode because he can’t even handle thinking about the possibility of loosing jim again and it’s not until jim’s finally in recovery that bones totally breaks down and confesses to jim that he’s never going to be able to get the image of jim in the body bag out of his head

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Becky x Woozi pt 3: Becky and Woozi had to go on a date because all these Caratslut babies were ruining their lives. Woozi called up Seokmin and said, "Hey watch our babies." Becky and Woozi went on a date to a fancy waterfall. "I love you, Woozi," Becky said, embracing Woozi in a tight hug. "Love you too, babe," Woozi said. They made out for the whole date except for when they stopped and had carats for dinner. When they went home, they were greeted by their dumb caratslut babies. "I love you."

whoever wrote this is dead to me

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A quick question about reposting art. Is it ok to take a pic of an artist's work and repost it as long as I refer back to them? I've reposted your work before and linked your tumblr but now I'm not sure if it's ok. So would it be better to just stop?

I think these two are from the same person?  I hope you don’t mind that I reply to them together.

Taking a picture isn’t as bad as just reuploading, but it is still reposting.  I appreciate that you added my link, but when sharing with your friends, I’d really appreciate if you could just give them my link.  It doesn’t take much more effort to look to look at your page as to go to my original page.  Giving your post likes and comments does nothing to support me, and if you or your friends like my work, it’d be great to hear about it instead of never knowing.  And even if you and your friends only mean to keep it among yourselves, you never know who else might see your post, and decide to take the image and put it on their page.  This is why I prefer to keep my images on my blog; here on Tumblr, I’m at least sort of protected by Tumblr’s policies, and I have my rules written everywhere so people know what’s right or wrong. That doesn’t work on other people’s accounts on other websites.

I see a lot of work I like too, and I like sharing them with my friends.  Since I don’t ever reblog, I do this by sending my friends links to the original artist’s tweet, or pixiv page, or tumblr post.  That way they see the original image on the artist’s page, and they can like or star, and if they decide they want to share with their friends, they can also just share the link.  Even if my friends don’t have a twitter or tumblr, they can still see the image, and when they share the link, maybe someone will have a twitter account, and decide to retweet.  This helps the artist.

Sometimes, when I share pixiv art and my friends can’t read it, I’ll even provide a translation.  I’ll type up a translation and put it in our private chat, so they can look at the English while reading the Japanese original on pixiv.  That way they can understand, and star or comment on the original to share their appreciation, and again the artist isn’t hurt because I didn’t take credit or attention away from them.

I know it looks so much nicer to post the image on your blog so all your followers can see it, but to me that just feels like you want notes for yourself.  If you just want to share with friends, please consider just sharing the link.  ^ ^

Thanks for your understanding, and for telling me about your reposts.  Please take them down, and share links from now on. And in general, even if you link and credit, unless you have explicit permission from the artist it’s still a no-go. >.<

To all my followers

it’s about my pronouns. 
I have she/her listed (going to remove that now), but I do not feel comfortable with those anymore. I only listed them because ppl are going to use it and I’m kinda not too confident about coming out to people. But the less people use it on me the better cuz I’m def not a girl.
I am still figuring out my gender identity (yes, at 19, goddamn i suck at life). It is possible I am a guy or somewhere more on the man spectrum rather than androgynous. I’m not certain yet but this is for me to figure out. I am not sure if i feel comfortable with he/him (or not comfortable just yet) so please don’t use that until I say it’s OK.

So please just use they/them when talking with me to avoid me feeling uncomfortable…