Please help Jack

Meet Jack.

I rescued Jack along with his brothers when they were 4 weeks old. I bottle feed them until they were old enough to be rehomed. I kept Jack for myself because he is an amazing cat.

Jack is my buddy, he hangs out with me and calms me down when I’m upset. My parents have been taking care of Jack for me while I’m trying to find an apartment.

During the time I was away from Jack my parents got a dog. Recently one morning Jack was sunbathing and the dog was let out of the house to go to the bathroom. The dog went after Jack and broke Jack’s leg. Thankfully the dog did not kill Jack.

I took Jack into the vet and I found out his leg is broken on a joint, due to this the best option for Jack is to have his leg amputated. He is at the vet right now with the surgery scheduled for tomorrow. 

Unfortunately I have a high amount of student loans and most of my savings went to the emergency vet after he got attacked. In order for me to pick Jack up from the vet on Wednesday I need to have $3000 to pay for the surgery.

My parents have refused to help pay for the surgery saying “a 22 cent bullet is a lot cheaper than a $3000 surgery”. I have refused to let my parents kill my cat, but I do need help paying for the surgery. I have set up a Go Fund Me for donations to help Jack. Please donate if you can. If you are unable to give please share this so more people can see. Thank You!

Edit: Link to Donate

Fairy Tail Questions

Send me a number:

1. Who is your favourite female character?
2. Who is your favourite male character?
3. Who is your least favourite female character?
4. Who is your least favourite male character
5. Who are your OTPs?
6. Who is your least favourite pairing?
7. What is your favourite arc?
8. What is your favourite anime episode?
9. Who is your favourite villain turned good?
10. Who is your favourite dragon slayer?
11. What is your favourite opening/ending?
12. Who is your favourite exceed?
13. Who is your favourite celestial spirit?
14. Who is your favourite Oracion Seis member?
15. What is your favourite group/team?


Anonymous said: I, uh, was looking through your drawings, and I realized that you had illustrated the Exiles album thingy from a while back. I really liked the art, but I haven’t been in the fandom long enough to see the header image. Could you possibly give us a link or something? Thanks, and, um, sorry for bothering you about this.

It’s no problem! I drew this a long time ago (it’s almost 4 years old) but I still like it too. I really miss that point in Homestuck when these guys were travelling the barren Earth. I guess it might not seem like that big of a deal to anyone who came in late–it’s pretty simple with 8-bit music, no guest artists or anything–but like, WV: Ascend? When that update first came out it was incredible. I was so pumped. Watching it now still gives me a little flicker of that love I had for the story back then. The exiles still hold a place in my heart even though I’ve all but moved on from HS, and I was really glad to have been chosen to do this album cover.


I shared my gofundme link earlier with the caption and description. And my roommate just came in and gave me the details


He wants me to leave one of Ania’s kittens here, but I will not as they do not treat their animals with any decency and have had eight cats die in the last year. Which means,

I will be needing a home for myself, my dog, my cat, and (temporarily) three kittens. I was hoping to be able to store some stuff and take off with just my dog and cat and live in a motel room while a friend (who would be local to wherever I ended up) would be paid to take care of them. I cannot, in good conscious do this. These kittens are my responsibility. 

I even had an offer to use whatever money I get to take me and (just) Gypsy to California. That won’t work. I can’t leave any lives in a position of vulnerability or neglect and be able to live with myself. And I can’t stay in this house long enough to find them homes. 

My only solution is finding a place in this area

I *might* have $500 soon from this survey thing I’m doing. I will not definitely know until after I’ve reached that mark (I am only $150 away! It’s easy and quick to join if you have a paypal, fun to do, no invasive questions, and it’s free. you have nothing to do and there’s no risk. Here’s the link–don’t forget to scroll!!) But that isn’t enough

The costs would be

  • Pet deposit–at least $100, but I’m guessing $200, however, they may let me pay for that in each month
  • Deposit–at least $300
  • First month’s rent–at least $300
  • Utilities–at least $150 to get turned on, but probs closer to $200

That is AT LEAST $800. If this Survey site does, in fact, work, then I will only need to raise at least $300. 

I’m begging you, REPOST this. Donate if you can. Spread this around. Signal boost it. I don’t have any other options.

There is a plus to this. If I can get the funds gathered, I WILL be able to get a job because I’ll be living MUCH closer than 18 miles to the nearest job. I can’t keep getting a donation every few days. The cost in gas to go pick it up and then spend it on food is killing me. It’s gone as soon as I get it. And I really, really, really appreciate the donations, but I need more than just living. I need food and gas and all small and scattered donations go to that. I apologize for always whining here, but I need help. 

Ask if you have any questions
Help me get a breast lift!
Hi, my name is Laura, I'm 25 and I have suffered from saggy breasts ever since my breasts started to grow and I've wanted to have a breast lift for over 10 years now.

- - - -

Hello friends. I started a fundraising to get myself a much needed breast lift. You can read more about it on FundRazr and if there’s anything you need to ask, go for it. I’m happy to reply.

I know the power of the SPN family, and it can do some real miracles, so I am asking for your help as well. Please, help me. If you can’t contribute, at least share this.

There is no deadline to this, so if you want to donate later, save the link and come back anytime.

If you want, I can draw something for you as a thank you, if you don’t want to be left empty handed.

Thanks a bunch. m(_ _)m

// Super Fun Possibly Long Thank You

// Two hundred followers :D This is the part where I say thank you to the awesome people who followed me up to this point and didn’t leave because you literally had three or four choices for Irelia blogs I’m apparently a funny person and I write well. Obviously I love all of you for not leaving but these people get special mention because they came to mind and I felt they should know I think they’re just the best:

alcoholicronin NEEEEERD- I mean, this idiot has been my best friend since days of future past and will probably continue to do so until we’re fighting each other in a retirement home.

crescentslash When our muses aren’t trying to kill each other, you are just the most fun person to talk to xD Also I can’t stress this enough your writing is literally flawless.

the-darkin-mender Our threads are the just the best :D Even though I don’t respond as often as I should >.> Also I could just hug you every time we talk our skype conversations are too good.

papa-swain You catfished my muse and we became friends Idk even how our friendship works but somehow we’re still- SPOOKY SCARY SKELETONS

ionianbeauty I will never click another link from you ever again- I mean, I couldn’t have asked for a better adopted mother xD


ask-the-unforgiven We made an anime somehow that I need to reply to but you’re Yasuo game is on point you have no idea

I’m missing people I know but its’s one AM and I forget things sometimes, but seriously thank you all so much :D

Yes hello me again… I’m so sorry to tag you all in posts like this, but I just wanted to do a little something.

As you probably know, I reached 800 followers today! And within that 800, there are around 15 whom I speak to on a daily basis (all of yourselves included). So as a personal thank you to the people specifically tagged in this post (aka my children whose happiness is what causes me to be happy), I’ve decided to give something back to you all.

I will take requests from each of you for either:

- A one shot (based off of any prompt/headcanon, character/pairing of yoyr choosing (any genre… angst, smut, fluff etc);

- Character+bg edits such as (FAIRY TAIL SPOILERS AHEAD)

- Flower crown edits, such as

-Or ya know… whatever else I can help you with!
I hope this isn’t weird or anything, I just wanted you all to know how much I appreciate you all… it isn’t much, but I hope it shows you how happy you all make me (:

Taking requests from~

be-m0 leviathan71l cloud-of-mist stardustgalaxy darque-otaku pr0fess0rpanda appreciatefairytail natsu-x-gray kickthebucketlist renee-kimberly rushi-ryuu firedragonsnore erensbae

I have returned!

…to fill your dash with stupid posts and arts! I know, you didn’t miss me. Too bad.

I will make more detailed posts about my vacation later, but for now know I’ve regained my lost motivation and I had a wonderful time visiting my family.

(I will be reblogging some stuff I missed such as guest posts shortly. If I end up spamming your dash I’m sorry!)