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taylorswift Our Story begins in Denver, 

It’s funny, because most vividly, I remember Fearless I wore these cowboy boots even though they were way too small, and danced the whole time. We bought a copy of the album that night and reading the lyrics in between streetlights on the drive home.

By the time Speak Now rolled around,  already hating middle school. Being yourself isn’t the coolest thing in the world for a 6th grader, and I was really bad at doing anything else.

Another 2 years came and went, and I found myself at Red. The hardest part of my life were those 3 wretched years of middle school. I painted myself Red and nearly died when Taylor looked at my section.

I bought the tickets for me and my mom to see Red in Nashville a week before the show on a lim. We laughed and cried and screamed All Too Well with Taylor. That night was flawless. 

I’ll be in 10th grade for 1989. Every era raised me in a way, and got me through. I’m going to 1989 with my best friends and my mom. And as I made those blue flappers, I realized that I wouldn’t be doing so if it we’re for Taylor: I would have came home and done nothing when I scream Mean for hours. I would have stayed in a toxic friendship if she wouldn’t have shown me what that was in Breathe. She showed me how to have a great relationship with your mom, and that it’s super cool. I’ll never date the boy on the football team because I know in my life, I’ll do greater things.

Taylor is the reason had fringe glued to my hand for a week. Taylor doesn’t know I exist: but this is our story. She can’t change what happened in those 6 years, but she taught me how to shake if off, and for that, I cannot ever thank her enough. 

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