Hey guys, Koax Cards are back in stock and they’re $3 for a set of five – including shipping!

These are cards that I, an autistic person with ADHD, invented to be a subtle way to stim or distract yourself in public, like for when you’re bored and have nothing to look that. You can count the marks, connect the dots, follow the arrows, follow the shapes, or see what images you can make out of the pareidolia card. 

My mom has been giving them out to autistic people she meets and they’re really getting a lot of enjoyment out of them, and I’ve been using mine for three months. They’re a nice alternative to staring off into space and they’re the same size as a business card, so they’ll fit in your wallet. 

Anyone can buy them, and if you don’t want to buy them, anyone can reblog them! Who knows, it could help someone out, like it’s help so many other people.

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what would push each member of the fab five to kill me

antoni: I only ever eat sandwiches and pot noodle

bobby: all my furniture is covered in ink and parchment

jonathan: my non-existant skincare routine

tan: I wear the same outfit constantly with no variation

karamo: my stress is essentially a seperate functioning being by now

(this? a new meme? it probably won’t be but I can dream)

what if colorful language meant using colors as swears?

you vermillion rapscallion, you repulsing shade of puce, what the smaragdine, tera cotta pot! 

oh, poppy, this tawnytalking toddler is an outrageous umberbothered pewterpopping picklepester alabaster snot. 

tuscan sun, bronze and bone, denim dot, you graylicking fool. 

go lilac yourself, and to sepia with that.

quick update

this post has been sitting in my drafts for a while and i’ve been debating on whether or not to post it. and i know y’all are sick of seeing these kinds of posts but it just has to be said and i’ll be honest, i’ve lost inspiration for writing cm fanfics. i have requests that are from months and months ago and i feel terrible about it. i’m taking a cm writing hiatus until the new season starts and maybe that’s when i’ll have new ideas. unfollow me, do what you want i don’t care, but i just don’t have any original ideas anymore. but i do have some good news in this post ! i’m going to start writing for tom holland and peter parker ! i already have a few ideas for them so i’m very excited to start posting them ! i love all of you guys and i hate to disappoint you, but i hope that we can cooperate and get through this. i’m sorry to all of you for this :( - kayla 💓💫




sorry for the non-art post but as hurricane Florence continues slowly through the Carolinas, a hoax that started circulating in 2017 is making rounds again and I’ve already seen it on tumblr even though appliance experts and flooding victims advice NOT to store your important items inside a dishwasher

people spreading this misinformation are prefacing it with ‘’my cousin/aunt/whatever who survived hurricane Katrina said…” so it sounds like sincere advice from a trusted person who actually tried it, and I don’t get WHY they feel the need to lie about something so simple when it could endanger people

A dishwasher isn’t waterproof. It is not designed to keep flooding water OUT.

Dishwashers can also get loose under hurricane winds and end up somewhere outside the house.

People WILL lose their most priced stuff because of this!!

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I need to get out of here

I have never made any type of post like this and it’s going to be long and annoying but I just can’t fucking take this anymore. I’m Sophie, I am a 19 year old latina girl who has been living with an abusive man double my age for the last couple of years after running away. I feel trapped here and I have no means to leave safely at all. I’m mentally ill and on disability which doesn’t leave me with any room to get away from him and he is extremely controlling even when it comes to money and what I should have to owe him for living with him.

I have no family to lean on and the friends I did have, he has cut me off completely from them. He’s smashed my phone when he got paranoid leaving me with nothing and no one. He monitored my phone and my social media so I have had to make separate accounts to try and hide him from seeing what I post. Not only that but he is racist, he hates women, believes in white supremacy, thinks that all girls should only be with men and give themselves to men whether they want to or not.. it just goes on and on and never stops. He always talks about genocide, thinks women ask for too much, ect. He has actually gone to jail in the past for assault. He threatens me with violence if I don’t do the things he asks for all the time and my mental health has gone downhill since I came here. There are so many things that have happened that I can’t even talk about.

I am always being taken advantage of, threatened, manipulated into sex, into giving him money, just so that I won’t be out on the streets with no where to go. This type of life is making me want to kill myself if I can’t get a change soon but I am terrified of the thought of leaving him. I want to get a restraining order so that he can’t come after me, but if I do that I will have no place to live because I can’t afford the apartment I live in if he’s not here. I need help getting out. There is no way I can afford to pay a deposit, pet fee, and first months rent on a cheaper apartment with the income and type of life I have right now. He knows about how much money I bring in a month, and with my bills and everything I have very little. I know what I need is a lot, my goal is around $500 dollars even though that won’t begin to cover it, I don’t expect much help at all. Even a couple dollars I have that I can hide from him will hopefully add up.

I was at risk of being homeless when I met him because of leaving my family. I thought that because he had issues too that he was a good person at heart but I can’t take the way that he treats me anymore, it has only gotten worse. If you don’t believe me, or think I shouldn’t be asking for this kind of help or think this is all my fault just block me. I have had too many people act like I am over exaggerating or that I’m crazy. I will just block you.

my paypal email is sophimazziotti@gmail.com if you can help at all and if you cant i understand I know everyone is struggling and other people need more help than I do but I would be so thankful if you would please please reblog this post for me. Thank you.


For those who don’t know, Hurricane Florence is barreling towards the East Coast right now, directly towards The Carolinas and Virginia. If it hits as a Category 4, it will be only the second Category 4 to hit in North Carolina history, the first being Hurricane Hazel in 1954. Needless to say, we aren’t prepared. As far inland as Raleigh, my hometown, could see up to a foot of rain and just shy of 100mph winds for several days. Some people have gotten out, but others, such as myself, cannot, and are having to ride this out on our own.

If you know anyone who lives in this area, or know someone with family in this area, call them, talk to them, see if they’re okay and if there is anything that you can do.

If you live in this area and cannot get out, stock up and hunker down. Personally, I’m going to be riding it out alone. My roommates are heading home, but I can’t, as the building I am in now is safer than at home, and my home is still in the path of this storm. My roommates are leaving me their food, water, and any supplies they have that I could use. Some people aren’t so lucky. Here’s some things to consider when preparing:

  • There’s already a shortage on gas, bottled water, bread, soup, etc. so go out TODAY and get what you can if you haven’t already.
  • Make sure you know the evacuation routes and have a bag packed. Pack medications, important documents, food and water, and anything else you will need.
  • If you stock up today, DO NOT BUY MILK OR EGGS. These items are refrigerated and will spoil if the power goes out, so go for non-perishable food. There are supposed to be widespread power outages over half the state, so keep this in mind when stocking up.
  • If you live on the first floor of a building like I do, try to get as much off the floor and up off the ground as possible. That way if water does get in, your personal belongings have a better chance of surviving. THIS INCLUDES POWER STRIPS!!!
  • If you are in an evacuation zone and have not gotten out yet, PLEASE TRY TO NOW. Even if you don’t know where to go, just come inland as much as you can. Shelters are already set to open here in the Triangle as soon as tomorrow, I believe, but the coast is the worst place to be. You need to get out while you can.
  • If you have a bathtub, clean it well and fill it with water tomorrow. This will give you another source of water even if you are unable to find any at the store.
  • MAKE PLANS FOR PETS! My dad is worried about our dogs because they hate storms and are older, and he has no clue what to do about their bathroom habits, so try to plan for this if you can!! Make sure they will have plenty of food and water for this storm, and take into account any anxieties they may have about the storm. Don’t leave them behind.
  • If you have a porch, deck, or patio, clear off and put away any furniture you have to minimize what the wind can pick up.

This isn’t a full list, I’m sure, but these are things that my family and I are thinking about. Just know that this is a serious storm, possibly the worst in Carolina history, and it will be deadly. Take every precaution you can.

Lastly, please reblog this. Even if it isn’t your type of blog. Even if you don’t think anyone that follows you in from this area. Please reblog this. It could save someone’s life, and it’ll help a friend somewhere.

im sick and tired of everyone still acting as if autistic people dont exist in todays society or participate in popular subcultures just bc ppl dont want to listen to us talk. we want to be represented as much as everyone else, and actually even more.

i see posts talking about how peter parker is trans with thousands of notes, a lot of them from cis allies. i hear a question about stucky in almost every interview/q&a/con that the cast does. i even see posts like ‘x character is adhd’ with tons of notes because adhd is more socially acceptable than autism. people will break down every aspect of someones character just for tiny hints that they’re trans or gay or whatever, and while i do love trans and gay headcanons being widely accepted, especially by the creators of the content themselves, i still cannot think of one single instance where a character who was coded autistic was confirmed …besides sheldon cooper. i watched bruce banner have basically a meltdown on screen and wrap himself in his shirt, the way i do when i have meltdowns, and no one said a thing. i watched newt scamander avoid eye contact throughout the entire movie, stumble over his words, have a hyperfixation on animals/creatures, etc etc etc and no one said a thing. 

i feel like im just shouting into the void here because its still so unfathomable for people to understand that autistic people exist. we’re here, we’re consuming the same media you are, we’re desperate for diversity just like you are. its never even crossed the minds of the creators/actors that the quirky shy awkward character they’ve created is just autistic– because, wait, peter parker doesn’t talk in a monotone voice like spock, how can he be autistic?!!?!?

literally no one. gives a shit. about autistic people. at all. please just listen to us. give our autistic headcanon posts as many notes as your trans headcanon posts. be aware that autistic people who think their favorite characters are autistic aren’t just ‘projecting’ or ‘overanalyzing’, and you shouldnt just humor us because you pity us. realize that autistic people can look many different ways and just because a character doesn’t act like sheldon cooper or spock, doesn’t mean they’re not autistic. just please realize that we exist.

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This is pride Rue McClanahan (Blanche from Golden Girls). Reblog for 100 years of gay luck

(this doesn’t apply to pedophiles or terfs if you reblog you get 100 years of bad luck)


There are not any links but I will give you the images and translate them for you, I swear on my life this isn’t a scam on my part, my mother sent me this information and she promises it is legit and not a fake, please I promise those are real.


Translation: Financial support. The municipality of Rafina-Pikermi (one of the ravaged areas) announced the activation of a specialised bank account in collaboration with Piraeus Bank, for the support of the citizens that were affected by the fire.

Piraeus Bank -ACCOUNT ID NUMBER: 5186092291418 . IBAN (dunno what that is, my mom says it’s like an account ID necessary for the transaction to happen): GR20 0172 1860 0051 8609 2291 418 


Translation: The Greek Red Cross has proceeded to the activation of a bank account for the relief of the victims of the fire.

Account Information: EUROBANK 

BANK ACCOUNT NUMBER: 0026.0240.31.0201181388

IBAN: GR6402602400000310201181388

hashtag is the greek word for wildfire, it’s active for those exact purposes now. 


Thank you for reading this far. I am praying that these money will reach the victims, as soon as my parents get paid or as soon as I get some commissions I will send as much money as I can as well. 

Have a beautiful day, and once again please spread this like fire, as ironic as that sounds…

So it’s officially been a year since I’ve been homeless…

This past year has been incredibly intense, from being evicted from my home of 12 years and watching my neighborhood be dismantled by gentrification

To hopping from motel to motel with my mom sister and two dogs paying thousands of dollars for the shitties places

To having my dogs being exposed to such traumatic shit and having one of my dogs being attacked and beaten with a pipe by a psycho meth head and almost dying

To having having found a roommate (an old “friend” from high school) who ended up kicking me out because of THEIR OWN racist trump supporting family

To having so hide and sleep in closets so my sister didn’t get kicked out for having too many guest over

To having injured myself at work and wrongfully fired….

My life has been so upside down and in the beginning I was so ready to kill my self, I’ve lost literally everything, friends, confidence…

But things do seem to be looking up. I’m currently in a month to month motel room with my family that’s $1100 a month which isn’t too bad but I’m also working on fixing my credit which is about $300 a month so I’m asking for donations or at least to share my story. 21 was not a good year for me but still after this I can see things getting better.

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