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Originally posted by elitchu

I’ve probably watched The 100 a billion times by now, and still really fail to see anything but a platonic friendship between Bellamy and Clarke, AKA, Bellarke. (because what platonic friendship gets a ship name, but screw it, it still has to just be platonic.)

I mean, that’s just the normal way platonic friends say goodbye, right? Right.

And this scene is completely platonic, I mean so what if he’s protecting her above himself? He was literally willing to die if it meant saving Clarke for just a few seconds longer

Just some platonic friends drawing strength and comfort from one another.

I mean, I’m sure she ran into Bellamy’s arms because he’s her platonic friend.

That look of loss and hopelessness is totally for platonic purposes– the hopelessness in his voice is just cause she’s his friend.

Wow the hope and relief in Clarke’s eyes is so platonic.

Lol what a great platonic friend, risking his life by dressing up as a grounder and following her to free her. And that look of utter and pure relief as his eyes found her… Yep.

Hm, whats this? Another line of platonic platonicness? No please, please don’t. I’ll do anything, I’ll stop fighting, just please don’t kill him.

Oh, and this scene, where Clarke proves Bellamy wrong for his earlier words, and Mercy kills Atom, when Bellamy didn’t even have the strength to do it– the way he looks at her in admiration and you can see in his eyes that he now things of her in a whole new perspective– nah, that’s platonic too.

What’s this, Bellamy comforting Clarke because he knows how much she wanted to say goodbye to her mom?

Oh, right, she also talked to him for 2,199 days straight even though she never got a reply.

Right, this is where she couldn’t even fathom pulling the trigger when the gun was aimed at Bellamy, when if it were anyone else, she would have pulled it– let’s not forget she was going to let her mother kill herself to keep herself from taking the chip but couldn’t pull the trigger when Bellamy was putting everyone in the bunker in danger, whoops.

And how could we forget how they both tried to platonically say they loved each other but got interrupted by the other each time.




100% (he’s watching, waiting for her to come at the very last millisecond)

For sure




Eliza and Bob may deny the fact that there is romantic chemistry between their chatacters, and Jason can go ahead and keep messing with my feels, but you can’t sit there with all of this evidence and say Bellarke isn’t real.


Another OC spam, kids ;^)
1. Ruby Aura Quartz (Human AU) - a quiet humorless girl. She likes to drink tea with milk and read motivating novels. She doesn’t get a lot of jokes, but is a great listener. (Adopted fan character)
2. Michael - Son of Ryan (my character to be shown later) and Satoru ( @/teamskulltrash’s character ) He is quiet also, but is lowkey clingy. He has a twin by the name of Toby and he is very over protective of him. Oh and hes a merman in most AU’s (co-owned original character)
3. Mark - An amputee, missing his right arm and right eye. He is very independent and a bit mean. But he is nice once you get to know him. ( Original character)
4. Emily - a laidback stoner, who is also a nurse and gets paid to visit people’s houses to seduce them to ruin their lives or make their day better. She acts a bit lustful, but she just wants to chill. ( Original Character)
5. Sara - The mother of Ruby (My character to be shown later) and ex-wife of Rob (my character to be shown later) She is a really strict country girl, but likes to have fun and go out. (Original Character)
6. Badger/Maxwell - You already know about Max, but I’ll tell you about him again. He is an asshole who hates almost everyone except Sage (his boyfriend @/whiteartblood’s character) and his cousin Fiery (my character to be shown later) He works at the bank and slowly, but surely steals from them. (Fan character)
7. Nemora - A cheerful girl, who acts like a kitten. She is always managing to hurt herself somehow, but its always minor. She gets excited to see people and animals and if she really likes you, she’ll make kitten noises at you. (Adopted Original Character)
8. Jesse - A chill naga with a bad lisp on his Ss. He likes to hang around the beach and get stoned. He also is a huge hippy and believes in true love. (Original Character)
9. Landry - A nonbinary adult that has a really bad attitude towards life. She is rude and sarcastic to anyone and everyone she meets. She is a grey-asexual, so she does date people, but very, very rarely. She honestly is so anime ish, not because she likes anime (which she does) but bc im stupid and i thought it’d be cool to give her white hair, purple/red eyes with X pupils. But anyways, she may not show it, but she is a bit sensitive. (Original Character)
10. Henry - He is a very old, very noble and highly respected Vampire. He gas quick wits and amazing fighting skills. He has a hard time falling in love and is more lustful than anything. He’s lived so long he doesn’t care what sex you are, just as long as he can fuck. When he does fall in love, he tends to mark the person as his servant, instead of making them a vampire, so they can still live as long as him but not be burdened by death or injuries or his curse of having to drink blood. He is very loyal and will protect his lover/servant at any cost. He is also a widower. His original wife and child died, due to hunters, because she was a vampire and their child was half blood, and he wasn’t. After that Nick (my character to be shown later) showed up, took him on as a Servant/Apprentice and trained him and soon turned him into a vampire after a century. Ever since then he always travels and is around to help people. He has a hatred for hunters, but is always willing to give them a chance and he very rarely kills. And since he is one of the original vampires, he is high ranking. (Original Character)

Okay ive babbled too much, anyways, I hope you like them!!