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Got7, Stray Kids & Day6 Break Into JYP’s Office [Pt.1]

[If the police asks it was all Chan’s idea]

*So JYP went on a business trip*

*Why not break into his office?*

  • *Felix lockpicks the door*
  • Felix: “aYe wE iN bUsiNesS”
  • *Everyone walks in*
  • *Jae sits in his chair*
  • Jae: “Ah this feels great, we should do this more often”
  • Seungmin: “Yo he was already pissed at us for the picnic…WHAT IF HE DISBANDS US???”
  • Mark: “Shit then I’m going home-”
  • *Jackson runs after Mark*
  • Jackson: “fAm nO dOn’t lEaVe”



  • Woojin: “Famous last words-”
  • Sungjin: “Ooo i wonder if JYP has any movies on his computer”
  • Jae: “We don’t know his pass”
  • *Youngjae goes into the computer and types 1234*
  • *It works*
  • Jisung: “Wow Youngjae you’re smart”
  • JB: “Please don’t hype him up-”
  • Youngjae: “TOO LATE-”
  • *Sungjin looks for movies*

Sungjin: “oHhHH shiT i found JYP’s notes…there’s stuff he wrote on us”

  • *Everyone crowds around the computer*
  • Dowoon: “WHAT DOES IT SAY FOR ME???”
  • *Hyunjin laughs*
  • Hyunjin: “Little hoe that is scared of bugs but plays the drums”
  • Jinyoung: “I FUCKING KNEW IT-”
  • Jae: “WHAT WHAT??”
  • *Felix reads his note*
  • Felix: “He is adorable with his aussie accent…AWEEEEE”
  • Jae: “Keep reading fam-”
  • Felix: “But I’m starting to get sick of it plus his terrible korean…yawn”

*Felix goes aussie mode*

  • *Jeongin looks out the window*
  • Jeongin: “gUys i sEe a fLashliGht”
  • JB: “Please Jeongin there is no time for a fleshlight rn-”
  • Jeongin: “F L A S H L I G H T-”
  • *Wonpil flips the light off*
  • Changbin: “Guys…i’m too cute to get arrested rn”

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iM dEaD 😭🤧

got7’s album has a bitch wanting to cry but also do the whip AWEEEE SWEET LULLABYYYYYYY⭐⭐⭐⭐

aYyEee hAppy yOungJaE dAy 🔥❤❤❤ even tho I’m late korean time .____.

I laughed. “Oh, yes. They range in size from as small as dogs to larger than grizzly bears. One time I watched a colony of myrmekes attack a Greek army in India. It was hilarious. They spit acid that can melt through bronze armor and—”


My smile faded. I reminded myself I was no longer a spectator. These ants could kill us. Easily. And Meg was scared.

  • Canada: Okay, but I'm scared of Russia...
  • Ukraine: *laughs, then has a straight face* It isn't Russia who you should be scared of...
  • Canada: *confuzzled*
  • Ukraine: ...You'll see.
  • Russia: Oh, who is this? Your boyfriend? *dark aura*
  • Canada: Eh he he he he... please don't kill me-
  • Ukraine: Yeah, and he's really-
  • Belarus: Hello Ukrai- ...Who the hell is that?
  • Ukraine & Russia: Shit. Run, now.
  • Canada: *backs away*
  • Belarus: I-is this your boyfriend?
  • Ukraine: *nods slowly*
  • Ukraine: No he-
  • Ukraine: NO! He-
  • Belarus: ...DID YOU GUYS KISS?!
  • Ukraine:
  • Canada:
  • Russia: *Holds her back and sweatdrops* Run... YOu have my approval. Good luck!
  • Canada: ...I am no longer as afraid of Russia.
  • Robo!Spy: I do not want to die.
  • Robo!Spy: I understand you are disgusted with me.
  • Robo!Spy: As an unpalatable expression of yourself.
  • Robo!Spy: I would feel the same way if I was in your situation.
  • Robo!Spy: Which I am.
  • Robo!Spy: As such, I know that you know this is wrong.
  • Spy: ...
  • Robo!Spy: Spy.
  • Robo!Spy: Don't kill me.
  • Robo!Spy: Please.
  • Robo!Spy: I am scared.
  • Spy: You are?
  • Robo!Spy: Yes.
  • Robo!Spy: I am scared to not exist.
  • Robo!Spy: Aren't you?

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I'm just gonna say something. Veganism is chill. I'm not part of it, but if someone I know is a vegan, I respect their decision. I just don't agree with the scare tactics and such. If a vegan comes up to me and screams at me, telling me I'm a murderer and I should kill myself, that's not cool at all. And some people just can't go vegan. They have allergies or deficiencies. I'm allergic to a lot of protein supplements and substitutes. So like, please chill, don't scare people. Especially kids.

How many times has a vegan come up to you and screamed it your face telling you to kill yourself? Maybe I can make the effort as well and count how many times we’ve been insulted and threatened when we were out on the street advocating and educating. Take a long hard look at your people before you go accusing us of being aggressive and violent. 

And I sure as fuck don’t need to be warned not to scare kids (what the fuck even) by someone who eats kids. Thanks though. 

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tumblr user wlwvoltron i saw black paladin lotor fan art and now i'm scared of what the writers are gonna do what if they try to bullshit their way into making him the black paladin so he can be a good galra and have some symbolism bc his dad was also the black paladin and make it part of his arc oh god @writers PLEASE don't

hey anon, i hope you know that this ask turned into a person and singlehandedly killed me before overthrowing god and finally taking control of the universe

• Imagine being a vampire starting to get very hungry •

‘Dean please, stay away from me! I dont want to hurt you’ You said with your broken voice, you were feeling very hungry and being a vampire thats a really bad thing when your best friends are humans, well is a bad thing being a monster and had the Winchester like friends.

'You’re not going to hurt me (Y.N) and I not going to leave you’ Dean said, taking your hands. He was a bit scared, he don’t want to hurt you, nor kill you because you’ll probably attack another persons. 'I’m going to tied you, and let you with Crowley and - Crap, that sound like a really bad idea. ’

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My sister ordered a pizza for me and I'm home alone and I have anxiety so I'm super scared that pizza man is going to kill me or laugh at me or something and I don't have any friends so nobody is going to comfort me, can you please help? (I'm sorry for any mistakes and for taking your time)

no need to apologize! social interaction is scary, just remember that its the pizza guy’s job to deliver pizza and that he has 100% has to have interacted with stranger people, he wont care what youre wearing or what you look like, just be polite, smile, and the interaction will go smoothly. youve got this kiddo, enjoy that za

Avenged Sevenfold {Sentence Starters}
  • "I'm scared. If I lose you... I'm not prepared.
  • "You made me this way. I am the product of your creation."
  • "Now I'm on my knees; forgive me please."
  • "I know it's hurting you, but it's killing me."
  • "A living nightmare, asleep but still aware."
  • "I wanted more for you. You can't go on this way."
  • "I came here for something and I'm not turning back."
  • "No one's innocent. So why do I feel bad?"
  • "I've been the wrong one time and time again."
  • "I don't want to leave you like this."
  • "I need this place to get away from you."
  • "I found you here, now please just stay for a while."
  • "You'll always have my support, in my heart."
  • "Nothing you say, and nothing you try, can change time."
  • "I don't want to see you in this place. Your kind is a disgrace."
  • "By the time you realize, you'll be dead too."
  • "I truly never thought it would really come to this."
  • "Never would I doubt you, but the truth kept smacking me in the face."
  • "We had something more than I can explain."
  • "I'll never feel alone again with you by my side."
  • "I tried to heal your broken heart with all that I could."
  • "You never stopped to think and you ripped us apart."
  • "I have so much to say, but you're so far away."
  • "So, this is the world you left behind."
  • "You've been there from the start for me."
  • "Don't take your aggression out on me!"
  • "So much time I've wasted, and I never thought it'd come to this."
  • "How many times have you taught and not conspired?"
  • "You'll die as you lived: in a flash of the blade."
  • "Why don't I have the finer things that others have?"
  • "I believe my sins have been forgiven."
  • "Please understand, I have to leave and carry on my own life."
  • "Seize the day or die regretting the time you lost."
  • "Give me a chance to be that person I wanna be."
  • "I won't be the victim, but the first to cast a stone."
  • "Nothing can take away the times and the memories we had."
  • "Don't walk in my direction. Turn the other way."

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Hey hope you're doing well ! so my friend start making km videos recently but she really needs some support because she hasn't a lot of viewers I'm really scared if she'll stop I'm already in love with her first video i would really appreciate if you support her and share her recent video on your blog it called ' 16 Min of Jungkook taking care of Jimin ' and her channel is ' fluffy_ kookoo ' thanks in advance 💟 also please don't show this ask she could kill me if she knew haha

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I'm so close to killing myself and it fucking scares me, I'm only 17 but my antidepressants don't work anymore

I’m so sorry you’re feeling so down, but I promise you that you will overcome this, with or without medicine. You’re worth so much, your life is precious and people care deeply about you. Please hang in there, you’ll make it through this tough time. Text me if you ever need anything, please ❤️

I miss Tyrion. I miss him terribly. I miss watching his storyline. It’s really frustrating waiting for so long to finally know more of your favorite character to only see that they basically almost erased his character and storyline. I have this bitter taste in my mouth now whenever I see his scenes. What happened to Tyrion?
I’m glad that at least I had a glimpse of him in the fourth and fifth, and in this last episode. The look he had in his face while sitting near the fireplace was really telling, and I recognized the Tyrion that has his own struggles, not that one that’s just the guy who drinks, knows things, and tells jokes.
Just few seconds. That’s all I’m getting from this season. It saddens me a lot. I hope they won’t end his journey like that, although they somehow already killed him. Maybe in the last episode of this season, or in the final season, he will have more space. I just really really really hope so.

“I wish my mind was the same as everyone’s around me. I wish I wasn’t in constant fear of everyone leaving, especially her. I wish I didn’t destroy everyone and everything in my path because I want everyone to hear and see me so bad. Please don’t leave me, but get the fuck away. I’m trapped inside this black and white world made up of nothing but death and ultimatums. It would be easier to let everything take over. Let the sadness, the pain, the anxiety let it all just kill me. If I have to live like this forever, is this a life I really want?”
- my journal; April 8th, 2016, 4:17 pm

Seventeen vs. Spiders
  • S.Coups/Seungcheol: [After killing it] "Oh you don't like them jagiya? But it's dead, it's totally harmless." He'd probably hold the dead spider to your face.
  • Jeonghan: Torches them
  • Joshua/Jisoo: "I'm going to take it outside. What? It's not going to come back, it's fine."
  • Jun: There are no spiders when you're with Jun. He kills them all before you even notice them as a problem.
  • Hoshi/Soonyoung: "OH MY GOSH SPIDER. Oh gosh it scared me for a second. Hey it's actually kind of cute... Why are you screaming?"
  • Wonwoo: "What? What is it? Why are you waking me up in the middle of my nap? Spider? Seriously?"
  • Woozi/Jihoon: Spider Hitler probably
  • DK/Seokmin: "Whoa! jagiya come look at this spider! It's so big! I don't wanna kill it, what if it haunts me in my dreams as revenge?"
  • Mingyu: "I think it's unfair of me to kill it. I'm so much bigger than it."
  • The8/Minghao: Spider Hitler #2
  • Vernon/Hansol: lololololololololol The minute you say "spider," you're basically starting a fun new game called "Where's Vernon?"
  • Dino/Chan: "WHY IS IT SO BIG OH MY GOSH GET THE LYSOL" in which you and Dino probably gas the spider with disinfectant.
house of 1000 corpses sentence starters (triggering)
  • "Let me ask you something. How come you're asking me so many jackassy questions?"
  • "Oh, you shouldn't have done that!"
  • "Huntin' humans ain't nothin' but nothin'. They all run like scared little rabbits. Run, rabbit, run. Run, rabbit. Run, rabbit. Run rabbit. Run, rabbit, run! RUN, RABBIT, RUN!"
  • "'Shoo, shoo,' said the maiden. 'Come, maiden,' said the rabbit, 'sit on my tail and go with me to my rabbit hutch.'"
  • "Shut your mouth!"
  • "Listen, you Malibu middle class Barbie piece of shit, I'm tryin' to work here."
  • "Have you seen this girl in the past 24 hours?"
  • "Why are you doing this?"
  • "Behold... Fishboy!"
  • "We like to get fucked up, and do fucked up shit."
  • "Please don't kill us, please don't kill us."
  • "Wait, wait, wait... I wanna say goodbye."
  • "I hate fucked up families."
  • "But MOST of all... fuck YOU!"
  • "Shut your trap."
  • "Give me a "B", give me an "A", give me a "B" give me a "Y", What's that spell? What's that spell? WHAT'S THAT SPELL?"
  • "Wakey, wakey, eggs and bakey!"
  • "That was so badass!"
  • "Better you leave here with your head still full of kitty cats and puppy dogs."
  • "He's a real lady KILLER!"
  • "Hey, Poopy-pants. What's new?"
  • "There's cops outside!"
  • "So, how much we owe you, Goober?"
  • "You're spidey senses tinglin'?"
  • "I myself always favored for the hulk."
  • "Whatever you need to do, you do it. There is no wrong. If someone needs to be killed, you kill 'em. That's the way."
  • "Sweet baby Jesus."
  • "What the hell happened to you?"
  • "These are all my dolls. I used to like to chop their heads off and their arms and stick 'em up on the wall."
  • "You gotta have the marshmallows, that's what makes it fun."
  • "Whoopy-fucking-doo."
Sentence Starters - CRIES FOR HELP! Edition
  • "Help me!"
  • "Help! Help! Is anyone out there?"
  • "I need you! Oh, god I need you!"
  • "Call me back! It's desperate!"
  • "Pick up the phone, pick up the phone!"
  • "You have to come over! It's urgent!"
  • "Help, I'm scared!"
  • "You have to come and get me!"
  • "I've done something horrible!"
  • "It's an emergency!"
  • "They're going to kill me!"
  • "I need your help, right now!"
  • "Send help!"
  • "I need help!"
  • "Can anyone help me??"
  • "Can anyone hear me?!"
  • "Something bad happened! I need help!"
  • "I don't know what to do!"
  • "Call 9-1-1!"
  • "Please, please help me."
  • "I really need someone right now."
  • "HELP!!"
Zootopia Sentence Starters (Part Eighteen):
  • "You should be up there with me. We did this together."
  • "Do you think I might go savage?"
  • "Do you think I might try to... eat you?"
  • "It wasn't me."
  • "Two hundred dollars a day, three hundred and sixty-five days a year since you were twelve, that's two decades, so times twenty which is... one million four hundred sixty thousand—I think."
  • "If you want this pen, you're going to help me find this poor missing otter."
  • "Alright. Alright!"
  • "Everybody sit."
  • "First... we need to acknowledge the elephant in the room."
  • "We are really fighting the clock and every minute counts."
  • "You said this was gonna be quick!"
  • "What, are you saying that because he's a sloth he can't be fast?"
  • "We can't even trust our own friends."
  • "That's not what I said."
  • "Are we safe?"
  • "We're real proud of you."
  • "Yup, and scared too."
  • "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself."
  • "Who the heck am I to crush his little dreams, huh?"
  • "Right?"
  • "Thanks anyway."
  • "I gotta go sit down."
  • "Bring him home to me."
  • "Please wait out here."
  • "What? He was right here!"
  • "The savage jaguar?"
  • "I know what I saw. He almost killed us!"
  • "That poor little bunny's gonna get eaten alive."
  • "You ready to make the world a better place?"
  • "I'm not going to because I don't care."
  • "I did not falsely advertise anything."
  • "You’re gonna want to refrain from calling me Carrots."
  • "How was your first day on the force?"
  • "Don't call me cute!"
  • "Get in the car!"
  • "You should talk to his yoga instructor."

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I just read your about page and I'm curious and slightly scared that I'm about to unleash a revolutionary, but what are your views on disney? (please don't kill me)

haha well I will certainly not kill you for ansking but I’m the one who might get killed

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