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If a wlw said she'd rather hang out with men of color than with white women, does it seem like she has internalized sexism? A girl said this in a wlw group meeting at my school and it kinda made me uncomfortable that a woman said that while in a room of just wlw and no men?

Are you white? 

True, but who gives a rat’s ass what people say…just be the best person you can be to yourself & to others. The rest doesn’t matter.

stop white washing—let them glow

Please don’t forget the privilege that white mentally ill/neurodivergent/disabled people hold over mentally ill/neurodivergent/disabled POC. They’re more likely to get diagnosed, more likely to receive support from their community, parents, school, friends, more likely to receive representation in media and more likely to have other resources and societal benefits that POC may not get. Please include this in your narrative when you talk about mental illness and disability. Its key and should not be forgotten, especially when reaching out to all of us

Conversation in Shadowhunters Writing Room

Head writer: “We are going to have everyone hook up! We’ll explore every possible couple.”
writer 2: “Oh so we’re going to do like Jimon and Clizzy?”
HW: “What?? No. Like Raphael/Izzy or Clary and that blond white dude thats like her brother maybe I cant keep track, or Valentine and Izzy”
w2: “So just the straight couples..”
HE: “Well yeah we have Malec, we filled our quota”
w2:“But sir Malec is so popular maybe we should consider-”

you know what tumblr fandoms should consider more?


there needs to be more lesbians