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Please don’t forget the privilege that white mentally ill/neurodivergent/disabled people hold over mentally ill/neurodivergent/disabled POC. They’re more likely to get diagnosed, more likely to receive support from their community, parents, school, friends, more likely to receive representation in media and more likely to have other resources and societal benefits that POC may not get. Please include this in your narrative when you talk about mental illness and disability. Its key and should not be forgotten, especially when reaching out to all of us

i’ve been thinking recently about how a lot of current media uses black music to describe white people

like nina simone’s “feelin good” is so fucking iconic but how sick am i of hearing that brass line play while someone opens the door to a ferrari and a bare white leg in a high-heeled shoe steps onto the pavement, you know? that song is so sexy and emphatic and it’s BLACK it’s SUCH A BLACK SONG, it is a sexy black emphatic hot weather song, you know

idk i saw a preview for the new transporter movie the other day and it starts with all these shots of like expensive watches and fast cars and designer clothes and like sexy shiny untouchable what-have-you and it’s all to a soundtrack of rap music and it turns out it’s about this british white guy??? it’s so fucking incongruous??? again it’s music that describes BLACK wealth, BLACK crowds, black sexiness, black car drivers, black voices and faces and bodies, that is what makes you sit up and take interest, and then it’s actually a bait-and-switch to be about a white guy

just another example of all of us valuing black culture but not black people, you know? we’re evoking everything that is compelling about blackness without actually portraying blackness at all

you know what tumblr fandoms should consider more?


there needs to be more lesbians 

stop white washing—let them glow

  • me: *giving presentation about racism*
  • me: racism is different from prejudice because racism is a whole system of belief and prejudice is from one person
  • me: white people don't experience racism because we built the system of oppression
  • me: your worldview is limited, you don't know everything
  • some white dude with a mullet: ok but in my specific hometown black people outnumbered me and sometimes were mean to me because I was white so I think that's racism
  • me: .......
  • me: do I need to start over? Let me know where I lost you.

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have u seen kubo and the two strings??

Uh, okay. So here’s the thing with Kubo and the Two Strings: everything I’ve heard about it praises it’s beautiful animation and great story telling and wonderful incorporation of Japanese mythology and aesthetic. All the characters are Japanese. And here’s the thing: it has an all white cast (minus Grandpa Takei as a background character).

The whitewashing of specifically Asian roles has kinda been a big thing this year, with the whitewashed casts of Doctor Strange and Ghost in the Shell. The fact that Kubo and the Two Strings is animated makes no difference. They could have easily cast Japanese/Japanese-Americans, and if not, at least Asian Americans. Suicide Squad managed it.

As pretty as the animation looks and as curious as I was about the film prior to the cast release, I cannot in any good conscience see the movie and support it, for the same reasons that I will not be supporting Doctor Strange and Ghost in the Shell. White washing is not okay, using my culture to generate roles for white people while erasing Asians is not okay.

Am I too basic to recognize it in my self?

white mom, in Boulder, when confronted about her reusable Prana bag

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