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Everyone be on the lookout for allura-is-a-hoe !!!!!!!! They are taking gory, disturbing images and tagging them with popular Voltron ships. If you see them, block them. Don’t actually go to their page. I went on to check and now I have an extremely upset stomach. Please reblog to inform others!!!

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Please remember Be More Chill and Dear Evan Hansen are two different musicals and not the same musical.
Meaning Be More Chill posts, unless crossovers, do not belong in the Dear Evan Hansen tag.
Also meaning Dear Evan Hansen posts, unless crossovers, do not belong in the Be More Chill tag.

It makes it harder for people to find things related to the actual musical when things that don’t belong in their tag are there.

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I love it when you guys reblog things from 2011 and now it's 2017 and absolutely nothing at all is the same. But yet you say oh they love each other so much they haven't been in the same room. They are nowhere near each other ever at all and neither have been at anything for the other at all but yet they're married and so in love come on it's 2017. Sure he came to the X Factor for Louis but so did Niall and so did Liam and so did everybody else and the day Jay sadly passed he was nowhere near

Anon, darling, don’t get me wrong. I’m tired, I’m annoyed, I’m stressed, I barely manage to keep up with fandom stuff because I’m super busy, I don’t know what’s even going on in details lately, but I’ve never once shied away from saying I’m absolutely convinced the boys are still together and happily so, be it 2010 or 2017. Who’s your you guys, why are you making such a pointless comment on my blog, can I ask? If I want to say they’re still madly in love with each other in my personal space and reblog 100 gifs until my finger breaks, I don’t see how this is gonna concern you, I’m sorry. Also, please, let’s not make statements like Harry/Louis was nowhere in sight when the other went through a very hard moment. Can we please not discuss things we have no idea about and that’s none of our business. Thank you. 

//// one thing what really bothers me and I don’t get why they do it but when ppl draw Jhin ship pictures with dudes he’s somehow always the smaller one. Not just any smaller, but often barely reaching the other’s shoulder…

Guys, Jhin is tall af. He’s a gangly, sinewy monster, looming over most people, that’s how his character is designed. You simply can’t do physically the things he does (theater work, heavy lifting, carrying and firing a magical elephant gun, and you know, all the murdering) if you are his build and but like 160 cm tall. One needs body mass to do l that. He also might be a lot heavier than he looks like - muscle is much more dense than fat. And he’s pretty ripped too.

So yeah it would be great if this would be taken into consideration. Riot intended him to be tall. It is a character trait like his mask or gun. It affects his personality, his feelings towards his own appearance and how his environment see him.

It’s like making Darius or Garen short or weak looking, or like making the extremely agile Katarina large and overweight. You get me…

July/August Tuesjade Prompts!

July 31rst- PJs!
There’s nothing better than a long day finished off with comfy pjs and a hot shower… wait, no, there’s nothing better than Jade! Speaking of, what do you think her pjs look like? Is she more casual or does she have it all put together in a co-ordinated outfit? What would she be like at a sleepover? We wanna see how you think she end the day! Tag your post with #tuesjade so we can spread your love for Jade!

August 7th- Genesis Frog
Lets go frog hunting! In this wet weather we’re sure to find a few! This one with the glowing eyes looks cute…! He’s our best boy! And our entire universe, literally! But Jade was the one who found him and it was her destiny to! :o What do you think she likes about this sweet boy? How do you think she came across him? Take this how you wanna and tag it with #Tuesjade so we can see your lovely bois!

August 14th- Dreambot!
I wouldn’t be able to sleep well if there was a robot lying on top of me either! We all know Jade’s relationship with her dreamself has been.. complicated.. But that doesn’t mean it hasn’t been fun! She looks really cool- I bet Dreambot Jade is really strong :3c Write about or draw the adventures of an offshoot babe and tag it with #tuesjade so we can experience early homestuck again ;-;

August 21rst- Space Aspect
There’s a certain aspect of this prompt that I really love… Hmm. Space players and essential and beautiful- and Jade is certainly no exception! She can manipulate the very being of anyone and anything with her immense power- she’s had to babysit entire planets! What a good mum! We wanna hear about and see what you think she does with this power in her day to day life.. or maybe something a lot bigger! We can’t wait! Tag your creations with #tuesjade and we’ll tell the world about it! <3

Sorry this one is coming a bit late! ;-; We were really busy these past two days but we hope you’ll have time to create the beautiful Jade love you come out with every month- you guys are the best! Are you okay with the four prompts or would you rather we did more or less depending on the month? Let us know!

How Could You?- Request Imagine

Fandom: The Vampire Diaries

Pairing: Damon Salvatore x Reader

Warning: swearing, slight heartbreak, fluff

Word Count: 1278

Summary: Damon cheats on you with Elena and then tries to make up for it

Request for @hailey5h

A/N: Hope you like it and please send me a message if you want me to write you an imagine, preference, or one shot for any character on any fandom and I’ll do my very best

A/N: Also shoutout to @hailey5h for giving me my first request!

Damon lay lounging on his bed when you walked in. He perked up as soon as he saw you.

“Hey,” he muttered softly. You jumped and landed next to him, curling into his side. He hesitantly kissed the top of your head. You looked up at him, your brows rising.

“Is everything okay?” you questioned, looking concerned. He pulls away slightly.

“Yeah, I’m fine, I’m just a little stressed out is all, you know we have that weird professor wandering around town, doing whatever he does.” You smile and lean forward, pressing a lingering kiss to his jaw.

“I bet I can take your mind off of it.” you whisper.

“Oh yeah?” Damon said, smiling for the first time since you had entered.

“Yeah.” you stated. Pulling your shirt over your head, revealing a lacy black number that just barely covered you. Damon’s eyes looked you up and down, drinking you in, enchanted by your boldness. He raised himself onto his knees, as you were, and pulled your hips in towards his.

Your hands fell through his hair and tugged, just the way you knew he loved. His hands were everywhere, holding your face, pulling the ends of your hair, gripping your waist. You moved the covers back on his bed  to get more room when something caught your eye.

You pulled away from Damon and lifted the blankets to reveal a white thong. You picked it up and looked at him, the tears already forming.

“This isn’t mine, whose is it?” you accused. His face fell, knowing he had been caught. He reached out for you, but you quickly moved away, almost falling over. You continued to back up until your legs slipped off the side of the bed and your feet touched the floor.

“Who did you sleep with, I want to know!” you screamed at him, tears blurring your vision.

“Y/N, please listen to me, you have to listen, it was a mistake, please, it’s complicated.”

“Complicated? How dare you use that word! It’s not complicated, you cheated, you took my heart and you threw it away. How could you? I thought, I thought…” you drifted off, still in shock.

He leapt off the bed and tried to come closer, with every step he took, you had taken two. You didn’t want to be anywhere near him.

“That night that you worked late…Elena came over, she and Stefan had just had a huge fight, and we drank and she kissed me, but I was thinking of you the whole time!”

You scoffed at him. “As if that makes it okay?” you screeched, hurling the wad of dirty underwear at him. “As if that means what you did didn’t count, that it didn’t matter, that even though you were thinking of me, you still couldn’t process through that thick skull of yours that what you were doing was wrong?” Your back had hit the wall. You looked at him. His mouth was slightly open, his face red, tears brimming his eyes.

“I have to get out of here.” you whispered, turning towards the door. You swung it open and right before exiting and said, “I would look for Stefan to get revenge, but he would never do to Elena what you just did to me.” and with that you left the house.


The next couple weeks had been terrible. You turned to your friend Caroline and she stayed with you to make sure you didn’t do anything stupid. She let you cry on her shoulder and yell about him until you became so exhausted breathing was a chore. Your chest had been hurting for days, endlessly it seemed, with no cure in sight. Sleeping had become hard as well. Caroline let you cuddle into her for comfort, but she wasn’t him. Her heartbeat was different, her hands felt different as they brushed through your hair, or held your shoulder tight against her.

At the end of week three, Caroline came bursting through the door of your house, clearly pissed about something. You looked up to see her pacing through the foyer of your house.

“What’s wrong?” you asked from the couch. She jumped as you spoke.

“Oh, Y/N, I didn’t know you were down here.” She smiled brightly, as if she were trying to erase what you had just seen. Suddenly, a loud bang could be heard from the backyard.

You stood and she immediately tried to pull you back down. “What’s outside that you don’t want me to see?” You stood up once again, shaking off her hands, walking through the kitchen to the back door.

“Y/N, trust me you really don’t wanna go out there and see.” she pleaded, hoping you would hear the way her voice shook and realize she was only looking out for you. Instead, you put your hand on the doorknob. Caroline groaned a little and said, “Just remember, I tried to warn you.” You hesitated but then threw open the door.

The first thing you saw was little lights wrapped around the porch and scattered all throughout the trees of your backyard. You gasped as your eyes followed the lights, down to the ground.  Next you saw a huge blanket covering the ground. An enormous picnic basket sat upon it and a bottle of wine stood just beside it. The final thing you saw was Damon standing in the middle of it all, hands nervously gripping a bouquet of flowers. You looked and him and opened your mouth but he stepped up to you and interrupted you.

“Please let me go first. The past few weeks for me have been terrible. Stefan kicked me out and wouldn’t let me near the house, telling me what I have done to you and Elena is almost unforgivable. He said I would be welcome back if you had decided to forgive me. Caroline has been stalking me whenever she’s not with you, making sure I don’t come close to you. The only reason I am standing here is because I was able to convince Bonnie to help me distract her while I set this up here. So here I am, trying to win back your forgiveness. So, here it goes, I am endlessly sorry, I will never be able to say it enough. I can’t believe I ruined something as perfect as you over a mistake, that never should have happened in this first place. I will say it, I fucked up. Big time. I love you, even though that may be hard for you to believe, I do. So much, and if nothing else, I just wanted you to know that and I’m sorry.” He looked down and you just stared at him. You stepped toward him until you were less than one foot away. You reached out and tilted his chin up, forcing him to look at you.

“I love you, too,” You whispered and kissed him so passionately that he stumbled back a little to catch his balance. He wrapped his arms around your waist and crushed you into his chest. He pulled back only to pepper your face with more kisses. He kissed you again and again until you were laughing.

“Okay, okay, you two, enough!” Caroline snapped from the porch. “If you ever hurt her again Damon, I swear that I will rip your freaking lips off!” He chuckled in response and pressed another kiss to your forehead.

“I promise.” he whispered, “You are mine and I am yours and that’s it.” You nuzzled into him, the pain in your chest fading quickly until it was no longer there. You had found the cure.

Hope you liked it @hailey5 and please to anyone who wants to leave me a request, I would love to write you one!



Hello, lovely members! The poll is now closed and Every Family has a Secret has won! We’ll be writing up the plot and working on the main, but we should be up and running within the next few days.

In response to a few asks and OOC posts, we’d like to speak out as to why this change is happening… The Modern RP was not our to begin with, and the main was deleted by the original admin without our knowledge. We’re changing the RP out of respect for the fact that it wasn’t ours. However, the Family Secret plot, all in all, is hardly different from the current/past RP. In fact, we’d just be adding a plot to centralize it a little bit and bring longevity to the RP as a whole.

We’ve had a few messages that were confused about the nature of this plot, so I’ll explain it a little better. Families will all have a collective secret that their secrets are based around - ie. if the father in a family murdered their spouse, one child’s secret could be that they witnessed it and didn’t say anything; the other child could be considering turning their father in, etc. Overall, this is still a secret RP, but we’re going to add this new element to it.

Yet again, feel free to bring along your characters from this RP - small adjustments might need to be made to their secret, but it’s largely the same.

We hope to see you in our new RP!
LINE Art Online Storefront
I produce different forms of art and seek to start up an online storefront where I can sell prints and my original artwork.

Hi, everyone! I’m not so active in the tumblr community anymore, but I’d appreciate if some of my old buddies could spread this around to their friends and so on. I’ve launched a kickstarter in the hopes of getting enough money saved up to buy a number of things I will need to start up and manage my own stock in an online shop selling my artwork. It’s a high startup cost, and being from a family that isn’t particularly high on income, I believe this to be the best way to go about achieving this goal.

For backers, rewards include prints, original artwork, and custom character drawings, depending on which tiers you select. This is a huge goal of mine, so it would mean the world to me if this could go around – even if you can’t afford to contribute, a reblog can go a long way.

I’ll do WoW characters, D&D, FFXIV, etc. Anything with people to draw, and I’m in. Of course, with this being a kickstarter, you will not be receiving any completed work until after it’s been funded. If the goal isn’t met, I get zero money.

I’d really love to make this happen, and start off my [academic] year with a boom! Thank you guys!

Friendly reminder that NCT 127 came out to perform for fans at kcon and deserve respect like any other kpop group and shouldn’t have to hear people chant another group’s name while they’re still performing. Especially if said group already performed and there was absolutely no reason to chant their name in the first place