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170815 The War Fansign: Kyungsoo fanaccounts

Me: When did you start to raise Meokmul and Huchu?
KS: Ah, because I’ve always liked dogs~
Me: Ah…. I meant the opportunity to!!
KS: The opportunity to! (eyes get big) My parents used to dislike dogs! But I was determined and kept pushing until they said yes.
Me: Ah~ so they’re at your parents’ home??
KS: Yes~~

@LOVELYRIM0408: I forgot everything as soon as I made eye contact with Kyungsoo… I told him my wedding was in December and his eyes got even bigger as he congratulated me extremely earnestly haha. [On my request] his suggested nuptial song was For Life and when I asked if he could come sing it personally for us, he said “I’d like to….” haha. Kyungsoo, thank you sincerely for your suggestion and blessing

Me: You know how Mr. Jo Jungseok calls you a s..son of a bitch in Brother?
KS: Ah, yes !
Me: I have these dog-bird figures.. [t/n: s.o.b. and dog-bird are both spelled ‘gaesae’]
KS: Ah? They’re really called gaesae?
Me: Yes!
KS: There’s really something called gaesae??
Me: Ah there’s not actually something called gaesae, these are just figures !
KS: (looks at boxes laughing) Ah so I have a chance of getting one of these four?
Me: Yes ! Please open it later~
KS: (was already opening it) Pfthahahaha

The dog-bird Kyungsoo got was the pug-bird ! When he asked me if “there was really something called gaesae..???” he was really serious about the question…

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[Miraculous Ladybug]: Dressed to Kill

i….am procrastinating this paper super hard….so i started a one-shot series. isn’t that fun?

bit of a T rating, but if you don’t mind that, enjoy :)

Link to Archive of Our Own: [AO3]

Title: Dressed to Kill

Summary: “You got a fucking manicure before a job?”

Chloe held one of her hunting blades in between her teeth while she loaded a magazine into her gun. “Shut the fuck up, they were giving mani pedis away for twenty euros, how was I going to say no to that?”

Chlonette Assassins AU

1. Flirting on the Job

“You got a fucking manicure before a job?”

Chloe held one of her hunting blades in between her teeth while she loaded a magazine into her gun. “Shut the fuck up, they were giving mani pedis away for twenty euros, how was I going to say no to that?”

Marinette rolled her eyes and peeked around the corner, staring at the two guards stationed at the door at the other end of the courtyard. She finished screwing her suppressor onto her own gun and checked her pockets for her compression gloves. “So if some asshole has me in a chokehold, you’re not going to punch him in the face because you have to protect your goddamn gel manicure?”

“I never said that,” Chloe groaned. “Obviously I’d clock him straight in the nose, but I will expect you to pay for my replacement manicure since you shouldn’t be getting yourself into that situation in the first place.”

“Oh nice.”

“I’m a single woman, I deserve to pamper myself, sue me.”

Marinette fastened the velcro of her gloves and counted the knives she had strapped to her thigh. “That’s your own fault. I offered to sleep with you literally last week and you said no.” She checked her watch. “Shifts change in 3 minutes.”

“Roger,” Chloe replied automatically. “Also, fuck you, you told me you’d sleep with me because, and I quote, you found my dry spell ‘cripplingly pathetic.’”

“I mean, it is. Offer still stands,” Marinette winked. 

“Please, if anyone’s going to be doing the fucking, it’s going to be me,” Chloe snarled. She pulled her phone out of her pocket, tapped around her apps, and brought up full schematics of the building they were about to sneak into. “Alya just sent us a map. Adrien says lights out in 30.”

“Perfect.” Marinette readjusted the duffle bag on her back. “Any place that’ll give me a clean shot?”

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Forgive Me. [JHope/Hoseok; Angst]

“If I could see you again I, I want to show you everything I have. My heart that’s beating to hold you tight, I want to convey it all to you, I, for real for real, until you hold this sincerity in your embrace once again.” - J-Hope

[From “Hug Me” Taehyung & J-hope version; Trans cr; @BTS0222]

The sequel to “Hug Me”. [Please read that first.] 

Summary: How can one gain forgiveness from someone who is no longer in a position to give it? How can one be forgiven if they refuse to forgive themselves? How can one move forward to the future… if the past was so much better?  

Hoseok x Reader/ Hoseok x his daughter; Angst

A/N: So this is the REAL thing that I was writing during my plane ride >.< since it was safe to write with public eyes around lol I’m sorry for the April Fool’s joke, but anyways, here is the angst that no one asked for. :) 

Originally posted by hobiga

         Hoseok was never the same again after the death of his wife. No longer did his smile radiate like the sun, no longer did his laughter ring infectiously. Days after his wife’s death, he locked himself inside his house with his daughter, tormented by the questions of her young mind.

           "Where’s mommy?“ she constantly asked.

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Berkut/Rinea C-S Support

Written by  agentmaplficent

Author’s Note: While Rinea is not in Heroes, I find myself wanting to see them happy and together, after my Berkut and Azura support. So I figured that the Askr Kingdom permits certain visits from characters who haven’t appeared.


Berkut: Please… Please let that announcement be true! Rinea, Rinea, my darling, are you here?!

Rinea: Lord Berkut!

Berkut: Rinea! Oh my love, how I’ve longed to see you once more!

Rinea: Dearest Berkut… The Summoner of this place has said that visits cannot be forever.

Berkut: To hell with the Summoner! Rinea, please, you and Fernand will stay with me for my duration here.

Rinea: Berkut… I am afraid that is not possible, but I will be at your side and shall not leave it, unless there is a higher calling that demands your attention.

Berkut: Nothing has my attention more than my beloved in front of me.

Rinea: Oh, Berkut… Come, my darling. I have heard there is a garden here. May I see it?

Berkut: Yes. The birds are not as lovely as those from your domain, but if they satisfy you, then I am pleased.

[Berkut and Rinea have reached support rank C.]


Rinea: I didn’t know that you knew a singer, Berkut.

Berkut: A singer? Ah… You mean Lady Azura.

Rinea: ‘Lady Azura’? She is royalty then?

Berkut: Yes, royalty, but she confounds me more than any other of these so called ‘Heroes’.

Rinea: And why is that, Berkut?

Berkut: She discusses about her fate so acceptingly, she even understands WHY it must be. She will do so for Lord and Lady Corrin.

Rinea: Her fate… Is she destined to die?

Berkut: That appears to be the case, my lovely. I do not understand why! She is a Princess of Nohr, the princesses Camilla and Elise confirmed it with me, along with princes Xander and Leo. She does not seem to care about her stature!

Rinea: She accepts her fate for… Lord and Lady Corrin? They’re twins with the same name?

Berkut: No. Lady Azura’s world is divided into two paths, where Corrin is a woman in one, and a man in the other. It confuses me, yet they both do not seem to care for their position at all!

Rinea: Perhaps they are not so concerned with their ranking. Maybe it’s only about the people in that world… I mentioned Lady Azura since she has greeted me warmly, and has stated that I was as beautiful as you described me.

Berkut: Agh-! She dares talk behind my back!

Rinea: I thought it was rather sweet… She says that you have told her that you care for no woman but me… Is that true?

Berkut: Of course it is. I have only spoken to other women when needed, and none have caught my eye more than you.

Rinea: Even… Even this Lady Camilla?

Berkut: Rinea… A flaunting woman like her is nothing. You, my dear, are a concealed treasure that I will keep to myself.

Rinea: Oh Berkut… I love you so much it hurts.

Berkut: My heart always burns with my love for you.

[Berkut and Rinea have reached support rank B.]


Berkut: Rinea? What have you been doing?

Rinea: Ah! L-Lord Berkut! I-I was um…

Berkut: And why are you… in a wedding dress?!

Rinea: I switched clothes with Lady Lyn! I told her that I was betrothed, and she wanted to see me in a wedding gown.

Berkut: I see…

Rinea: L-Lord Berkut? You are staring at me, beloved, my face is burning!

Berkut: I admit that I don’t wish to stop starting. You look… beautiful, my Empress. I wish to see you in one when we return to our world.

Rinea: Lord Berkut…! As do I, and I would love to waltz with you. A wedding waltz… How romantic.

Berkut: We can always practice now. Milady, may I have this dance?

Rinea: Milord… The pleasure would be all mine.

[Berkut and Rinea have reached support rank A.]


Summoner: Alright everyone, the week is up! Please come with me to return back home!

Berkut: Damn this time limit! I cannot believe I only had you for such a short time, Rinea.

Rinea: Berkut, I long for more time, but it appears as though the visiting week is over. And now I must return home with Fernand.

Fernand: I shall keep her accompanied, Lord Berkut. No man shall make advances on your Empress.

Berkut: I am greatful, Fernand.

Rinea: Fernand? I shall go with you, but may I have just a few more moments with Lord Berkut?

Fernand: You may, my Lady.

Rinea: Come closer, Berkut.

Berkut: Yes? …!

Rinea: I hope that kiss… will motivate you to work harder.

Berkut: Rinea… I swear to you: I will defeat these bothersome Emblian soldiers, and I shall take Lady Azura to our world so she may sing for us. At our wedding. Your wedding gown shall be one of the most memorable.

Rinea: Oh, my love… Til we meet again, I wish you the best.

Berkut: Until we meet again, my love. I wish you well.

Summoner: Lady Rinea? Fernand? It’s time to go.

Rinea: Farewell, my Emperor…

Berkut: Farwell, my Empress… I shall return to you, and hold you in my arms…

[Berkut and Rinea have reached support rank S.]

The Birds and The Bees OTP Edition:
  • child: Mom.
  • me: What is it?
  • child: Can you explain what sex is?
  • me: Yes my child. You're at that age where you need to know the truth. Please follow me.
  • me: *sits down at table with child*
  • me: *pulls out high-tech smartphone*
  • me: *looks up Chapter 125 of Tokyo Ghoul :re*
  • me: *places it in front of child*
  • me: This is what you call an OTP or a ship. These two right here are becoming "canon."
  • child: Canon?
  • me: Canon means when a writer for a fandom or series makes two of the main characters love each other very much and make them never live without each other until the end of the series.
  • child: I still don't understand.
  • me: *makes child read chapters 126-129*
  • child: Oh my god.
  • me: *drinks water while feeling happy but bitter with no regrets*
  • me: That is love and sex with a side of anxiety.

okay, but what if when he adopted dick and dick started fighting crime, bruce had tried to stick to the bat theme?? after all, birds and bats don’t really have a lot in common, besides being flying animals that eat bugs. instead of being robin, they would’ve picked something to do with bats. everyone know what a baby bat is called? a pup! hence…. batpup!

his costume would be the robin costume except grey and black and it’d be fuzzy like  a baby bat. like… baby dickie just running around in a fuzzy suit doin flips. yes.  

The Mods


- an actual hoe

- does not know how to internet

- a grandmother (will learn how to knit for you, child) (Cano: aaaww)

- forgetful but has a planner

- will spend 2 hours in the shower singing showtunes (but the water’s off bc SAVE MOTHER EARTH PLZ) (Cano: me)

- pretends she can draw but can only letter oops (Cano: mE)


-musical trash

-confused all the time

-speaks in references (Cano: same) (Effie: stop stealing my title)

-there are so many interests i wanna pursue

-draws too many nerds

-normal? is that a disease? (Maria: normal’s just a setting on the dryer,,, EDGY)

-can’t sing or dance or act but still tries (Tac: shut the up your singing is good) (Cano: Seconded!) (Maria: you’re doing gr8 honey keep it up)

-doesn’t say “I love you” enough

-loves hugs too much (Cano: yes)


- Introvert

- 0 fashion sense

- In wayyyyy too deep in wayyyy too many fandoms (Cano: high-five!) (Maria: three way high five?)

- Early bird

- Night Owl

- Breaks everything they touch (Tac: please touch my art form teacher’s skull) (Cano: yEs please) (Effie: same)

- Productivity who? (Cano: can relate)

- Good grades who?

- Likes being alone (Maria: relatable)

- Hates being seen alone


- Mom (Maria: MY CHILD)

- k I n k y

- College!Alexander Hamilton but also not in college but also not really Hamilton y'know (Cano: sON—)(Tac: DON’T CALL ME SON)

- tries to draw and write

- hug :> (Cano: YES)

- internal and external screaming probably (Maria: big mood)

- Venn diagram of things you tell her not to do and things she does??circle



- Sucker for debate

- Pathological pen-spinner

- Suffers from Iamaspinelesspushoveritis and Crippling Procrastination™️

- Is really sorry (Tac: nO-)

- Has commitment issues

- Takes things way too seriously

- Hugs are the best

- Is kinda squishy (Tac: best bby) (Maria: C U T E !!!)

- Eats way too much for her own good (Maria: once again, relatable)


- Usually TheReferencer

- Hello naughty children it’s angst time (Maria: h e c k y e a h)

- “dO NOT” (Tac: let’s do the thing)

- (but also please do)

-haha productivity who’s that never heard of her

-hug? (Cano: Y E S) (Maria: GROUP HUG) (Tac: GROUP SQUISH) (Cano: SQUEAL)

Ivar x OFC Fanfic!

Pairing: Ivar x OFC (There is only a handful of characters that I own everything else belongs to History Channel)

Rating: Eventual Mature Rating (I like it slow burn)

Author’s Note: Alright, I’ll be honest with all of you…I’m very nervous about posting this Ivar x Oc fanfiction. But with the encouragement of a very special sister wife I’ve posted the very first chapter of this fanfic! I hope that everyone truly enjoys the story and can forgive the first chapter for being a bit slow. If anyone has any questions or comments please shoot me a message and I’ll get back at you as soon as possible. <3

Everything was different here. The air was crisp, the skies clear showcasing a soft blue and sporadic clouds with a gentle shine. The grass, though moist from the fresh rain that cascaded down only moments ago smelt of flowers and the blooming of spring. Quiet calls of birds to their mates and the soft steps of deer filled the air. Yes, things were very different here. There were no screams. No moaning of the dying and no one to watch as you slowly wither away in a cage with a twisted grin on their face. It was peaceful. Whatever this haven may be, she was glad to feel safe again. Everything was perfect, just perfect…

Hands. That was the first thing the girl felt, grazing her skin with a blazing path from shoulder to shoulder as if someone were gripping them. Then it was scent, the smell of sweat and pine filled her nostrils as the hands begun to shake her softly. Finally, her ears twitched to life, a voice. Whomever this deep voice belonged to called out a name, a name that held some type of spell on her, willing her out of the paradise that she previously found herself in.

“…wake up…”

She shifted slightly in the grass, arching her back to find some sort of comfort, only to have the soft blades of grass leave her sensitive skin. In its place, rough sturdy wood slapped against her back, making her hiss slightly from the contact. The hands shook her harder, the back of her head lightly smacking the floor giving the girl a slight headache. As she grumbled, slowly lifting her head to the side, she noticed a bright light forming behind her lidded eyes. The girl blinked once, then again. Her eyes focused on the bright light, now a hole in the ceiling which was the source of her earlier blindness. Her half lidded eyes slid to the man holding her shoulders, covered in grime and filth, the man sighed softly. His chapped lips curved into a soft smile as he rested his large hand on the back of her neck and pulled her close.

For some reason, the embrace comforted the girl, and she rested her tired head on his padded shoulder, letting out a breath of air she hadn’t noticed she was holding in. The man released the back of her neck, retracting from the female to give her some space to sit up properly, his hand now on her upper back as the girl struggled to sit up.

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For Asgard (Chapter 25/?)

Summary: What if Odin had banished Loki to Earth instead of Thor? The story of how you, the Reader, meet and help Loki on his quest to return to Asgard.

One Two Three Four Five Six Seven Eight Nine Ten Eleven Twelve ThirteenFourteen Fifteen Sixteen Seventeen Eighteen Nineteen Twenty Twenty-OneTwenty-Two Twenty-Three Twenty-Four

The sun lights the realm of Asgard far too brightly the next day. Even so, you ignore it and end up sleeping well into the afternoon. That’s how upset you were over this whole stupid Amora/Loki situation you had walked in on.

There’s a loud banging on your door.

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Dress Up

Anonymous Requested: A drabble with Jungkook in the dressing room where you both pick out Halloween costumes for each other that they know the other person will hate? Smutty or fluff doesn’t matter 😘

You hated this idea. There was a possibility that you’d never hated one idea so much until this moment. You were standing in front of a Halloween store with your boyfriend practically jumping from excitement beside you.

“Don’t be grumpy,”

Your body gave a jolt at the feeling of his lips against your ear. You turned to look at him, the edge of his lips lifted in a smirk at catching you off guard. You brushed him away like he was a fly at your ear and stuck your hands back into your pockets. You were sour you couldn’t deny it.

“Do we really have to get couples costumes?”

Jungkook simply smiled as he wrapped his arm around your shoulder and pulled you close to his side. His feet pulling you forward no matter how much you tried to stay in place.

“What is so wrong with couples costumes?”

“You mean besides me meeting your friends for the first time dressed as a cow or a socket?”

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the longest infinity (2/10)

Summary: Rosaline Capulet does not believe in soulmates. But on her 23rd birthday, she starts dreaming of him - but finds that when she wakes she can’t remember his name. Is he in a rival Fraternity? Or is he her artist roommate - or that Hufflepuff her friends tried setting her up with? She sees him every night in her dreams but she needs to figure out who he is outside of them.

Benvolio Montague has always wanted a soulmate. He’s had dreams since his 23rd birthday but never of her. Just when he’s lost all hope, he sees her face. She wants to be friends with benefits. But she’s also the history teacher across the hall - and she’s the person trying to kill him. But no matter what, it’s always her. He only remembers her face, but he won’t stop until he finds her.

Notes: Thank you so much for the feedback on chapter 1. Please continue to leave comments/reblog with tags because it really does feed me and encourage me to continue. Also, yes, I’m alternating covers. I liked them both, sue me.


He thinks he hears shouting, and when something crashes downstairs, Benvolio sighs. He doesn’t move.

Then, loudly - a mangled bird call. “KA CAW! KA CAW! It’s here for you, Benvolio - ” Mercutio’s cut off with a sudden yelp. “Ow! Fine! She’s here for you, Ben!” His voice lowers. “Damn woman. That hurt.”


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Caught (Daveed Diggs x reader)

This is my first fanfic so please tell me how it is. There is a lot more written, but I am just sharing this much to see if y’all like it. I will post the rest if y’all do.  (I know it says Daveed x reader, but in the story I put Maddy, but you can read it with what ever name you want.)

Word Count: 4565

Enjoy and please send requests!:)


You stand behind Daveed in his dressing room while he sits in his chair facing his mirror. You are playing with his curls not realising you have a small smile on your face.

“Do you like my hair love?” he asked.

“Oh, what? Sorry, it’s really soft and I’m a sucker for curly hair.” you respond.

“By all means keep playing please, It’s, dare I say, satisfying.” he says

“Clever,” you say as you roll your eyes.

“Why don’t you do something with it? Don’t get me wrong, the scalp massage is wonderful, but why don’t you do something with it?” Daveed suggests.

“Okay, I can do that. What about braids? I love braiding hair.” you say with a hint of excitement.

“Oooo la la, can you cornrow?” he says with a smirk on his face.

“Of course, you wish is my command,” you laugh.

You start sectioning off his hair and begin braiding the middle of section. You look up in the mirror once you started and noticed the pained look on his face.

“Am I pulling too hard?” you say half sympathetically half sarcastically.

“No, darling, beauty is pain. Amirite?” he responds with a little strain in his voice.

“Darling?” you asked.

His face turns a light shade of red and he quickly responds with, “Just trying to not make you feel as bad for hurting me.”

“Mhmm..” you say.

Daveed pulls out his phone and begins to scroll through his social media accounts and responds to a few fans tweets and comments.

“My girl doing my hair after a wonderful show.”

You look up and giggle a little.

“What are you doing Diggs?” you say covering your face as you notice he is videoing.

“Say hello to the gram!!” he says excitedly as he grabs your hands to move them away from your face.

“Hello,” you say shyly with a small giggle.

“Maddy here is doing my hair, she’s pretty great if I do say so myself.” Daveed says into the camera and moves his head around to show the camera.

“Stop moving around and let me finish or I’m going to pull harder.” you threaten.

“Yes ma’am!” he exclaims and hurries into his seat.

You go back to braiding his hair and glance up again at his phone notice it’s a live video. He starts answering some of the questions that pop up in the comments, but you don’t pay attention you just concentrate on the braiding at hand. After an hour or so you finish.

“I’m finished. Do you know you have A LOT of hair?” you asked.

“I would have never guessed it.” he says sarcastically as he looks into the mirror,  hand on his chin.

“Ha Ha so funny,” so snark back.

Daveed looks at you and you look at him once you feel his eyes on you. You loved Daveed and was so happy that he enjoyed having you around. You have known him all your life and were really close until you went separate ways for college. He went to King’s College to major in Drama and you went down south to the University of South Alabama majoring in history to get away from the hustle and bustle of the big city, but Lin asked you to help you with the show so you could make sure he was getting everything right and giving the show more authenticity. Lin was also close with Daveed after they met each other in college, that’s how we became close again. It was only one of the first couple of shows so we weren’t back to where we were, but I was just happy to have him back in my life. You are pulled out of your thoughts by Daveed’s hands gripping your waist and pulling you into his lap. He was so much bigger than you he could almost fit both of his hands around your waist.

Your face turns red and you notice his smirk. God, that smirk. You glanced over at the clock he had on the dresser and noticed how late it was.

“Whoa, I didn’t realize how late it was.” you say.

“Jeez, I had no idea either.” he agreed.

“I should get going, the walk to my place is kind of lengthy. You’re lucky you get a bed here. I hate walking the streets by myself this late.” you say as you look down at your hands.

“You could sleep in mine. I mean I would sleep here too because, you know it’s my bed, ” he suggested as he moved some of my hair to behind my ear. He put his hand under your chin and turned your head so you would be looking at him.

“I mean if you want to,” he says.

“Sure, but one thing.”


“I have to sleep naked.” you say awkwardly as you look back down at your hands.

“Okay, but I’m not making any promises that I can keep my hands to myself.” he flirts.

“As long as you don’t get too handsy, it might be okay,” you flirt back.

The two of you look at each other and give a smirk. He then leans into you and your lips crash together. He stands up with you and walks over to the bed and gently sets me down and lays me back. There is one hand to my right and the other is roaming my body.

“I hope this is okay,” Daveed says. “I have wanted to do this for a while. You are just so beautiful and seeing you walking around with your hair in a messy bun and looking over everything and sometimes giving history lessons about random things makes you irresistible to me.”

“Can I be honest with you?” you say. “I have wanted you for forever, all the way back to high school, but I didn’t want to hurt our friendship and how close we were.” you spit out.

“Me too,” he says to your amazement, “I have always wanted you to be just mine.”

You stare into each other’s eyes for a few seconds and then begin to kiss again like before. Daveed starts to remove some of your clothing and you do the same to him. You slide off his boxers and grab what he has between his legs, but he grabs your wrist and moves your hand away. He takes himself and put it between your legs as you let out a small moan.

“Do you like what you feel, my love?”


You lean up and put your arms around the back of his neck and move to position yourself to be on top. He gives you a grin and moves his hands from your thighs to your waist with a firm grip. Daveed helps move your hips and he licks his lips every so often. You can tell he is getting close so you start to move your hips a little more than what he was helping you do and you see his eyes roll into the back of his head. He quickly flips you underneath him and lets go on you chest and stomach.

“Fucking christ, babygirl!” he yells in between a few moans and grunts.

He gives he a devious look and starts to go down on you.

“Your turn, my sweetness.”

As soon as he starts your back arches. You don’t know what to think, should you be happy or upset that he was so good at this? At the moment you didn’t really care because you could feel yourself quickly getting close. Before you know it you are moaning his name.

“Daveeeeed. Oh my, Daveed.”

“Yes, darling?”

“You’re amazing.”

“As are you. I had so idea your body was as beautiful as your face and mind.”

You clean off and cuddle together before drifting to sleep. The two of you are sleeping peacefully wrapped up in each other until you hear someone banging on the door before it opened. Daveed quickly pulled the covers up over you to keep you from being embarrassed by someone seeing you naked. He sits up and notices its Lin, Anthony, and Oak.

“See, I told you he’d be in here.” Lin exclaimed.

“What are you guys dong in here, do you have any idea what time it is?” Daveed said as he rubbed his eyes.

“Yeah, but do you?” Anthony asked a little annoyed.

“It’s almost 10 am!” Oak said.

“Anthony, why do you sound upset?” Daveed asked still adjusting to the lights.

“Because some people didn’t get sleep!” he said, raising his voice. “Check the other rooms before you decide to make all that noise again.”

“Oh, wow I’m sorry.”

“Why didn’t you take that to your apartment?” Lin questioned.

“It was late and my apartment is quite a hike,” Daveed responded.

“Fair enough,” Lin replied.

“Can we just start going over the script again?” Oak chimed in.

“Yes, please!” Anthony agreed.

“I will call Maddy, she isn’t here yet either. While we are waiting on her you can get dressed and ready,” Lin added.

“No, no, no, I can call her. I need some coffee. I was going to ask her to pick me up some anyway, why not kill two birds with one stone?” Daveed said quickly.

“Um, okay?” Lin said with a confused look.

Anthony stood behind Lin. He was turned to the door about to leave when he turned to face Daveed with a funny look on his face. Daveed knew that look. He knew something was up. Anthony pulled out his phone and dialed your number and waited. There was nothing. Luckily you put your phone on silent last night while Lin was talking to the cast last night after the preview. Oak and Lin turned towards Anthony to see what he was up to and while they did Daveed looked at you with wide eyes and you did the same.

“Uh, guys, can I get dressed?” Daveed asked

“Right, right we will get going.” Anthony said hesitantly.

A few moments after the door shut you sat up and Daveed kissed your lips a couple of quick times and then rested his lips on your forehead. You climbed into his lap and wrapped your legs around him and laid your head on him. He rubbed your back gently after tilting your head up to kiss you again. You lifted your hands to run your fingers in his soft curls, but was met with braids. You had forgotten that you braided his hair and pulled away to look at Daveed.

“That was close,” you said with a huff.

“I KNEW IT!” Anthony yelled as he swung the door open to reveal Lin, Oak, and himself standing outside the door.

They quickly all turned away because the blanket was no longer covering your body nor Daveed’s. He pulled you in closer and you could feel your face getting redder by the millisecond. You both knew there was no way to keep the love between the two of you a secret for very long, but you thought you would have a few days before everyone figured it out.

“C’mon guys, really?” Daveed sighed.

“We were gonna tell you eventually,” you said quietly turning just you head.

“Whoa, Maddy?!” Lin, Anthony, and Oak said.

“What?” you asked.

“I, um, it’s just, well you always wear baggy clothes, I never knew your body was like wow.” Lin said rubbing the back of his neck.

“Hey eyes off, she’s mine!” Daveed protested, “Will you please leave now so we can get dressed?”

“Yeah, sure thing,” Anthony said sheepishly.

They exited the room again and when they were on the other side of the door you heard one of them say, “Holy SHIT! I wish I was him.” and the others agree. You looked up at Daveed and gave him an awkward smile. He let out a small laugh at you and smiled back.

“I am sorry Maddy,” he said, “I didn’t know they were barge in here like that. I should have locked the door last night.”

“Hey, it’s okay. We didn’t know that was going to happen, I just wish we would have been able to tell them on our own instead of them finding out on their own,” you explained.

“Yeah, I’m sorry,” he said again.

“Do I really wear baggy clothes all the time?” you ask.

He thinks back, “Yeah, kind of,” he recalls.

“Oh, wow. Maybe I should update my wardrobe,” you say.

“Only if I can come with you and help,” he says with a wink.

Daveed stands up with you still in his arms and spins around and gently tosses you on the bed. He picks up his shirt off the floor and puts in on you.

“Here, is this baggy enough?” he says jokingly

“Hmmm, I think it’s a bit snug,” you say laughing.

He was a lot bigger than you so the shirt fit you like a dress almost. You got up and started to mockingly model the shirt. You both laugh and he pulls you to him and kisses the top of your head. He takes back the shirt and puts it on himself. You begin to get dressed and before you are done there is a knock at the door. You give a worried look to Daveed, and he gives the same one to you.

“Who is it?” he called out.

“It’s Lin. Are you coming, or are you busy?” he jokes.

“I might need a little longer,” Daveed jokes back.

You slip your shirt on and Daveed walks over to the door and opens it.

“Ah, finally! Can we get started now? Everyone is waiting,” Lin says.

Daveed looks at you for confirmation and you nod your head.

“Yep, we will be on stage soon, I promise,” he tells Lin.

“Okay just hurry please,” he responds.

“Hey, Lin!” you call out as he walks away.


“Do I need to be out there with everyone, or do I have time to go get coffee?” you ask.

“Only if you bring me some back!” he shouts from down the hallway.

“Do you want anything?” you ask.

“Sure, whatever you get,” he says, “Here let me pay.”

“Are you sure? I can get it.”

“No, take it. I still feel bad for them walking in here this morning.”

“Okay, if you say so.” you say taking the card, “I will be back in a few.”

You walk up the hallway and part ways with Daveed when he gets to the stage door. He rubs your back and goes to the stage. You keep walking and turn left to go down the main hall and out the door.

The coffee shop was next door so you were back within 10 minutes. You back down the hallway all the cast members rooms are on.  You hear music playing and Daveed rapping his first part in Aaron Burr, Sir. You can’t but smile a little. You go through the door and peak onto the stage and see Lin watching intently as all his hard work is coming together. He stands at the front of the stage singing his parts as they come up so he can watch. After the song is done I walk up to him and hand him his coffee. Daveed walks over and I hand him his coffee also.

“Hey everyone can break,” Lin says before drinking his coffee.

“This is good, I think I should let you get me coffee more often,” Daveed says to you.

You blush and give a shy, “Thanks.”

“Hey now, where is our coffee?” you hear Anthony call out as he walks over towards you followed by Oak.

“Sorry, I didn’t know you guys wanted any, besides you don’t deserve any after bursting into Daveed’s room earlier,” you said sassily.

“Actually I think I do deserve coffee. You know you two weren’t the only two here last night, trust me I should know. I didn’t get a wink of sleep, thank you,” Anthony said as a matter of factly.

You looked to Daveed for rescue. He came closer to me and put his arm around my waist. He leans down and kisses your lips. You kiss back, and by this time most of the cast is walking back to the stage and they notice you and Daveed. He pulls you tight and you hear Lin, Anthony, and Oak groan.

“Really guys, I don’t want the visual the audio track was enough for me,” Anthony says as he covers his face.

“C’mon Diggs let’s get back to rehearsal, the sooner we are done the sooner you can get back to Maddy,” Lin says stepping to break you two apart.

“Amen!” Daveed says.

You giggle and blush as he kisses your hands before he walks back to the center of the stage. This time Lin joins them and he tell them that they will run through the whole thing. You make eye contact with Lin and roll your eyes while grins. Daveed looks like he could die when he hears what Lin said.

A few hours later you walk with Daveed back to his room and he goes to give you a hug and you accept it until you feel all of his sweat cling to you.

“Don’t I smell great?” he asks sarcastically.

“Delightful,” you shoot back.

“Would you like to go to dinner tonight?”

“Sure, but first you must shower,” you insist, “Please take those braids out too, I miss your curls already.”

“Anything for you my dear.” he adds.

“What time do I need to be ready?”

“Well its 3 now so how about 7?”

“Perfect, I can go get a new outft, take a nap, and still have time to get ready.”

“I am coming with you remember?”

“Okay but you still need a shower first.”

“Yes ma’am. I’ll run down the hall and shower off, but first you need to undo these braids.”

“Come here.”

You finish taking out the braids in 15 minutes and he goes down the hall to shower. He comes back in no time and is in a change of clothes. He grabs his bag and a water and then my hand and we walk out of the theater. We go down the street and found some shops to stop in and look. Then we walk into Express and find something. It’s a peach, off the shoulder, lace romper. I came out of the dressing room and Daveed looked at me wide-eyed and mouth opened.

“You need to get more things like this. Your body is so wonderful my love. Why do you always cover it up?”

“I don’t know, just always in a rush and throw things on.”

“Well my next day off we are going shopping. I want to show everyone what’s mine.”

You blush. He made you heart race at that statement. You go back into the dressing room and put on your baggy shorts you got from Old Navy and your stretched out Pink Floyd shirt. Before you left you looked in the mirror and pulled your clothes tighter so you could see the difference. You had to admit it, the boys were right… you did look good. You let a small laugh out at yourself as you picked up the romper and headed to the register. I kissed Daveed and agreed to him picking me up at my apartment at 7.

Once back at the apartment you took a shower and made sure to shave your legs perfectly. Even though y’all slept together last night, this was still technically the first date and you were very nervous. You put on the new romper and just a little bit of make up. As you finished rubbing in the lotion you applied to your legs you heard a knock on the door.

“I’m coming!” you yelled as you grabbed your purse on the way to the door and opened it.

“Whoa,” Daveed says.

“You act like you didn’t see this on me almost 2 hours ago.”

“Well you just look so wow,” he stares, “Maybe we should just stay in tonight.”

“Dav, I didn’t buy this so you could take it off as soon as I put it on.”

“I know, I am only kidding. Let’s get going shall we?”

Daveed was so charming. Sometimes it felt like he never came out of his Lafayette character, not that it was a bad thing because what girl doesn’t love a frenchmen? Who were you kidding, he was always like this even when you went to highschool with him. Boy were you glad Lin found you and brought you two back in each others lives.

At dinner there isn’t a dull moment. You could tell Daveed was nervous because he kept fidgeting with everything. He didn’t even fidget this much before a performance. His hands were shaking so much at the beginning he almost spilled his water.

Once y’all finished dinner he suggested going back to his apartment. You agreed and started the trek. On the way he stopped and brought you roses and was always telling you something he loved about you or how much fun he was having or bringing your hand to his mouth to plant a sweet kiss. You didn’t know what to do because no one had never done this to you. Finally at the door he tries to unlock the door, but drops the keys on the ground. Once he gets it unlocked he opens the door to the apartment filled with lit candles and rose petals all over.

“What is all of this?”

“Well I still feel bad about earlier and this is more how I thought of us being together the first time. My babygirl deserves the very best.”

“This is so sweet. When did you have time to do all of this. Is this why you have been so nervous? Did you think the apartment was going to burn down because you did this before dinner?”

“That’s the other thing, I made the boys come here while we were at dinner and when we were almost home they started lighting the candles.”

“This is just… wow.”

“Could you really tell I was nervous?”

“Of course. Don’t you remember who calmed your nerves before you started doing plays and musicals? You sure have come a long way since then, you don’t get nervous anymore. You just go out there and kick ass.”

“Well that’s because you are so amazing, darling.”

At this he tucks some of your hair behind your ear and moves his hand behind your head to pull you in and kiss you passionately. You move as close as you can and you feel his hand move to the small of your back and try to pull you even closer. He almost loses his balance. You both laugh and then he takes your hand and leads you towards the couch. Before you sit on the couch he asks if you want to put on something more comfortable.

“But I don’t have any clothes here, and I surely don’t want to wear some other girl’s clothes.”

“I wasn’t going to give you some other girl’s clothes, I was going to give one of my shirts or something. I know how baggy you like your clothes.”

“Right, I knew that. Sorry.”

“It’s okay. C’mon follow me.”

“Candles in here too?”

“Well only if you want. Everything is up to you love.”

“How about a movie once I change into something more my style?”

“Sure thing. The shirts are in the second drawer. Do you need anything else?”

“Um shorts or something.”

“Top drawer.”

Daveed left the room and you rummaged through the drawer to find a shirt and settled on a Space Invaders shirt which was bigger than the one from that morning so you assumed it was once from high school. You closed the second drawer and opened the top one. All you saw were boxers. You loved wearing boxers, so much in fact you even owned a few pairs of your own for lazy days you didn’t feel like putting on real pants. There were so many pairs of dark colored boxers, mainly briefs but a few looser normal boxers so you found the smallest pair and slipped them on. You exited the room and went back to the living room. Daveed was scrolling through Netflix to find a movie.

“What do you feel like watching?”

“It doesn’t matter, I like most movies.”

“Even horror?”

“No. I LOVE horror movies.”


“Yeah, I know, it’s weird.”

“It’s okay, I dig weird.”

“Good because I dig you too Diggs.”

“I see you found a shirt from high school. Sorry there wasn’t much of a variety in the boxers, I usually sag a little bit I didn’t want to have them clash with my out fit.”

“What a diva.”

“Someone in this relationship needs to be the fashionable one.”

Relationship, that word took you by surprise. It stuck in the back of your head for the rest of the night. Did he mean like serious bf/gf? You really wanted that but you didn’t want to get in the way of his performing.

After scrolling through you agree on Lights Out. You’ve seen this movie bu forgot most of it. Daveed has never seen it. He leans forward and set the controller on the table. When he leans back he grabs the blanket off the back of the couch and puts it around you after he pulled you to him. Y’all snuggled together on one side of the couch, but by the end of the movie you two ended up laying on the couch and you woke up to Daveed trying to reach the controller.

“When did I fall asleep?”

“Close to the beginning of the movie, that’s why I laid down.”

“Wow, I am sorry.”

“It’s okay, although I could have gone without the snoring.”

“Snoring?!? Oh my gosh that’s so embarrassing.”

“You don’t snore loud, it’s a cute snore.”

You giggle and then let out a yawn.

“Are you still tired?”

“Yeah, I haven’t been sleeping much lately. I don’t really enjoy sleeping alone in my apartment.”

Daveed wraps you up in his arms and carries you to his bed and lays you down, kisses you on the forehead, and tells you he will be right back. Once he leave the room you take your borrowed clothes and snuggle into the bed under the blankets. He returns a few minutes later and climbs into the bed next to you.

“Whoa, Maddy.”

“What?” you respond with your eyes closed.

“Why are you naked? I  thought you were tired.”

“I am. I sleep naked, remember?”

“Sorry, I forgot.”

“It’s fine. Again, it’s weird, I know.”

He leans down and kisses you with his soft lips. You open your eyes at this and smile. You move towards him and he embraces you. With your head on his chest and his arms around you holding you tight with one and rubbing your back with his other, and you dose off. You loved this. You could get used to falling asleep with Daveed wrapped around you, and his muscles were just wonderful. You fell asleep quickly and peacefully. You never want to fall asleep without him, you felt so protected.

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Oh shit what if Jacks bio fae papa really is optimus??? O_O And that is why he took in both him and his mama?

You have to understand, being separated from your spouse for a few centuries or so really does take its toll.  A fae gets lonely.  Sometimes, not very often mind you, but sometimes Optimus leaves the comfort of his court to walk among the humans for a night or so.  They’re so vibrant and joyful and petty and selfish and brilliant and about a million other things all rolled into one.  He finds himself inexplicably drawn to these ridiculous and wonderful creatures. 

He meets June on the last night of the summer festivals.  She’s breathtaking, standing off the the side of the crowd, with flowers in her hair and moonbeams on her skin.  And after several  breathless dances and shy, whispered endearments, they find themselves outside the village, naked bodies pressed into the wet grass as the sound of lilting music drowns out their moans. 

He doesn’t stay after that night, the responsibilities of his court being far too great a pull.  After about a year, the the incident is nearly gone from his mind, until one day a woman is found wandering, lost and exiled, through the forest with a baby in her arms.  And Optimus knows.  He knows.  Because even aching, and bleeding, and exhausted, she’s still breathtaking.  And that child in her arms is far too beautiful to be any ordinary baby.  

He doesn’t approach her, not directly, whether out of fear or guilt he can’t be sure.  He doubts she would even recognize him in this state anyway.  Optimus lets it be known throughout his court that the woman and her child are his guests and are not to be harmed in any way, though he gives no reason.  But a group of his most trusted followers see to it that June and her child (who they eventually learn is called Jack) are taken care of in their new home.  The chief among these being Arcee, though despite her initial reluctance, develops not only strong feelings for June over time, but a protective fondness for Jack as well. 

Hole in the Fence (Coldwave with goats) - 2

Fic: Hole in the Fence (ao3 link) - chapter 2/4
Fandom: Flash, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow
Pairing: Mick Rory/Leonard Snart

Summary: Mick Rory’s life was changed forever by the fire he didn’t escape.

(in which Mick Rory retires, raises goats, and saves the world more than a few times)

WARNINGS: medical procedures, hospitalization, detailed description of injury recovery, emotional trauma, hurt/comfort


Mick stares.

The goat, perched delicately on Mick’s belly, stares back down.

It is a very small goat. It’s pale white and speckled dove grey all over, except for a darker blotch on its eyes and again right above its tail.

The goat bleats.

It’s a little trilling sound.

Mick blinks.

“Hello to you, too,” he says.

The goat bleats a bit more and headbutts Mick’s face very lightly.

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My Little Mermaid (Part 2)

Request: Hey there could you plzz do a part 2 of my little mermaid ,it was amazing. You’re writing is amazing by the way!!

Request: Part 2 of my little mermaid plzzzz???I can’t wait😱

Request: My little mermaid part 2 plzzzz, it was so good

Request: pt.2 to mermaids peter pan plzzz and when will it be installed ?? thx btw ur imagines are AMA.ZING ❤️❤️💕💕💕💜💜💜


Part 1

“The sunset is beautiful” he had to agree, “I never did stop and just look at it.” he mumbled. Peter was always busy, hunting down the truest believer and looking for new lost boys.

Ariel had left them a few minutes ago, Peter sat on her place on the rock. Y/N leaned back and stared at the setting sun. “Lean back too!” she grinned at him, Peter shrugged and did until they were on the same level.

“I envy you, Peter.” He turned to look at her, she was radiant. Beautiful. Unlike her sisters back at the party, he wore no make-up. The light of the sunset made her glow. “Why is that, Princess?”

She dismissed him, “Please don’t call me that… Y/N is fine.” Peter nodded, “Sure, Y/N.” She smiled at him, “I envy you because you can fly.” He blinked, “You want to fly?”

Y/N noticed some birds flying over, “Yes,” she giggled, “Aren’t me and Ariel weird? She wants legs to walk on land and meet her prince charming, but she got cursed and lost her voice to an evil witch.”

“And you?”

“I always see you, you know. I’ve always thought that you looked so happy in the sky, so free… like a bird.” The sun was setting lower, the sky slowly turning darker. “I want to know what it feels like to be free”

“… I may not be an evil sea witch, but I think I can make your wish come true.” she looked at him with hopeful but doubtful eyes, “Really?” Peter nodded, amazed by how beautiful her eyes were. “I just need you to do two things.”

She sat up, “Anything.” Peter slowly sat up and cupped her cheek. “Think of the happiest moment in your life and… Believe.” Y/N’s eyes widened, her mind drew a blank when she tried to think of the happiest moment in her life. “Can’t think of anything?”

Shaking her head, she leaned into his palm on her cheek. Peter leaned in and planted a kiss on her forehead, he watched as her cheeks turned pink from her blush. The sun was now gone, the sky was dark and only the moon and the stars were their source of light.

“How about now?” Smiling, Y/N gave him a quick peck on the lips before turning and jumping in the water. Peter sat on the rock, dumbfounded. His hand traced his lips and smiled.

He saw her head pop out of the water, “Now that you have the happiest moment in your life, when do you want to begin?”

Revolutionary I

*I had this idea in my head and I could picture the boys during the Revolutionary War and they’d hate it. Obviously Niall’s not British, but for the sake of this little excerpt let’s just pretend he gets roped into the war.


You knew it wasn’t right to think so, but the soldier that wandered close by your home was incredibly beautiful. His uniform hugged every sinewy muscle and made your heart flutter. He hadn’t left his post by your home for almost three days now. You were curious as to why…your home being located in the middle of the woods. You watched him each day as you continued your studies and tried your best to keep house and stay out of trouble with the war going on. You weren’t completely sure what the problem was. Actually, you knew the problem: the colonies couldn’t get along with England any longer. You thought it was all very petty and silly. You chose not to choose side because you had no problem either way with the outcome of this. You just wanted the violence to stop. Your brother was in charge of you after you lost your parents and you were direly worried he would get roped into this awful war. You noticed the soldier outside sitting by his fire and you could only imagine how cold it was. You looked at your brother sitting in the workroom as he made shoes for soldiers for both sides. “Can I have a pair of those?” you’d ask. You knew they were good. Your brother was good at what he did. He made a lot of money by making these shoes, making a name for himself. “Don’t do anything unsavory with him,” he’d say knowingly as he handed you a pair. You’d blush. “How did—?” “Brother,” he’d roll his eyes and point to himself. “Not blind,” he’d remind you. You’d blush brightly and slip on a coat and shoes to walk through the snow carrying a basket of things to give him. You’d venture over to his fire and he’d gape looking up at you. He’d stand and take his hat off. “Evening, Miss,” he’d say gently. You’d be startled by how blue his eyes were. “Evening,” you’d answer. You’d both stare at one another for a few moments before you’d clear your throat. “You have a beautiful home, love,” he’d say sweetly. You’d blush. “Thank you,” you’d nod gently at him. “Um…It’s freezing out here, I brought you—” “Oh Miss, I could never,” he’d say shaking his head. “No, please, I feel just awful that you’re stuck in the cold while I’m warm in bed,” you’d tell him. He’d hope he was staring at you with love because no one had asked about him in days. He was fighting for the British, but he and a group of friends really didn’t care. Neither did you. You hated the violence. “I-I brought you tea,” you’d continue. “And some shoes, and few muffins,” you’d say and his heart would burst with love for you. “I-I saw you when we were passing through,” he’d whisper. “They were going to attack your home, but…” he’d blush. “I saw you,” he’d whisper. You’d stare at him in disbelief. “Oh, wow…” you’d mumble. “Thank you…” you’d whisper. “I couldn’t let them hurt someone so beautiful and innocent. You were tending the garden…and your brother…is it just you two?” He’d ask. You’d nod shyly. “I’m sorry for your loss,” he’d whisper. You’d smile gently at him. “Thank you,” you’d nod appreciatively. “Which side are you on?” He’d ask. “My brother and I are kind of neutral,” you’d explain quietly. “Hmm…for the best.” You’d nod and look at him freezing his pretty little bum off. He’d switch his shoes, his socks torn. “These are lovely,” he’d whisper. “They’re so broken in,” he’d say in surprise. You’d smile. “He tries,” you’d say kindly. He’d smirk and you’d bite you lip. “Uh…I’ll…one moment,” you held up a finger and quickly scampered back to the cottage. “You have my blessing you know,” your brother would call as he tossed a log into the fireplace. “Nice lad,” he’d smirk at you. You’d blush more and grab a blanket before hurrying back to your soldier. He’d stare at you. “You’ve shown me more kindness in one day than I’ve seen in weeks,” he’d tell you softly. You’d blush and smile shyly at him. “I think I should return the favor, Miss, don’t you think?” He’d ask flicking his gaze from your lips to your eyes. You’d blush and nod. He’d wrap the blanket around the two of you and pull you to him to kiss his lips. 


“No!” You’d scream as they tried taking away your brother. “No,” you’d cling to him. “Miss,” the dark haired young man would gently pull you from him. You’d snivel and cry and take deep breaths. “I hate you!” You’d scream at the man. He’d feel awful. You were so fragile and beautiful. But it was his job. Not taking your brother in would result in him getting hung for treason. Zayn would gently pull you from him and press a knife to beneath your chin as he’d lean to your ear. “I’m not going to hurt you. Ever. Beauty like you is too unreal for words. I will not let your brother die, but you need to play along, or we’ll have a problem,” he’d pull away from you holding you tightly to his side. You’d swallow thickly and your brother would shout profanities at Zayn. Zayn would ignore him and stare at you for a few moments before he followed after your brother.

You’d sulk in your house taking care of the younger kids wishing your brother was home. “Sissy,” your youngest sister would pull on your skirt. “There’s a man outside,” she’d tell you. You’d push her behind you and you’d walk to the door as the other little ones gathered behind you. Zayn would tip his hat. “Miss,” he’d nod. You’d stare at him. “I’m sorry,” he’d whisper. “You’re not sorry,” you’d hiss at him and usher the children back inside. “You just want to tear families apart, that’s all you care about that you’d get paid,” you’d say tears filling your vision. He’d stare at you. “Are you quite finished?” He’d ask quietly. You’d hit his chest filled with rage. You’d shout things at him that you barely understood through your tears and he’d take it and when you were falling down he’d lift you up and set you on the porch swing. He’d kneel before you. “I’m not going to let him die, I promise you. I would never intentionally hurt you, love,” he’d say looking into your eyes with his hauntingly hazel eyes. You’d swallow looking at him shyly. Your eyes were red with tears. “There are going to be a lot of soldiers around here, I’m going to keep you safe, and then I’ll return your brother. I promise,” he’d whisper. You’d stare at him and swallow as he’d head off to the woods.

Each passing day you’d notice Zayn off in the woods. He’d deter other soldiers from the house and he’d sit by a fire at night. You hadn’t seen him eat in days. When the children were asleep, you crept to his fire alone and you’d stare at him carrying a basket of food. He’d smile gently at you. “Hello, love,” he’d whisper softly. You’d sit down and hand him the basket. He’d take it tentatively and open it slowly. He’d swallow his mouth watering at the sight of fresh bread and jam. It was better than an soldier’s rations. “Thank you,” he’d say gratefully. “Why are you helping me?” You’d whisper. He’d munch greedily on the food his stomach happy to have something in him. “You’re kind,” he’d say. “I pretended to threaten you, you tried to protect your brother, your siblings, and you still bring me food,” he’d mumble to himself. “I have a few sisters myself,” he’d tell you. You’d nod. “I miss them,” he’d say softly. “I would never tear away a sister from her brother willingly. I will get him back to you,” he’d promise and he’d set the food down and take your hands in his rough ones. “Please trust me,” he’d say softly. You’d look into the eyes of someone you thought was your enemy. But he was protecting you. You’d nod and he’d sigh with relief and kiss your forehead. “Thank you, I promise you won’t regret it.” You’d really hope so. “Zayn?” Someone would call. Your heart burst with worry. “Don’t worry, it’s just Niall,” he’d say. “Hello, sweetheart, I’ve heard so much about you,” Niall would smile at you. “This is the bird right?” He’d ask Zayn. “Yes, this is my bird,” Zayn would smile at Niall blushing shyly. You’d swallow and look at your house. “I have to get back…do you…do either of you need anything?” “No, we’re fine,” Zayn would say softly. “Thank you for the food,” he’d whisper. “Go ahead and walk her back, Zayn. I got it covered,” he’d say sitting in front of the fire. Zayn would hold your waist and guide you back. “You talk about me?” You’d ask. “I always talk excessively about the things and people I love,” he’d say quietly standing on your porch. You’d stare at him. “You swear he will come home?” “I swear,” he’d whisper and cup your face between his two hands and kiss you sweetly.


You would wake up in your home. It was stifling. Your lungs felt like they were collapsing. You’d cough and roll out of bed. It was slightly less suffocating. The house was filling with smoke at an alarming rate. You’d crawl toward your door and feel like it took ages. Then you would be swung up into strong capable arms. “You’re safe, darling,” a deep voice hummed in your ear. You’d bury your face into the fabric against your cheek. A blast of cool air hit you like a wall and you choked for air for the second time. The man holding you wore a blue uniform, a bit raggedy. “Saw them light it,” he’d shake his head as he grabbed you his canteen. “I’m so sorry you were in there,” he’d whisper and brush the smoke from your cheeks. “Are you okay?” He’d ask. You’d cough and nod as you sipped his water some more. “Is there anyone you can stay with?” He’d ask. You’d blush and shake your head. You had been hiding in the old abandoned home after your brother and father were sent off to fight. The man who saved you would sigh. “I’m Liam, love,” he’d say quietly. “How did you end up alone?” He’d ask. You’d swallow thickly. “My dad and brother told me to hide,” you’d explain. “They knew if they found out we were…were against the King they’d kill me to get to them.” He’d wince and sigh softly. “Alright, so where’s your things?” He’d ask. “Home,” you’d whisper. “Cross the way there,” you’d gesture. He’d pull a pair of shoes out of his satchel and hand them to you. “They’ll be a bit big, but we’ll go slow,” he’d promise. His eyes were so brown and inviting. You really wanted to go back to sleep. It was so late and it was cold. He’d take a blanket out of his satchel and wrap it around you. “I’m sorry it’s so cold but we have to keep moving,” he’d tell you and lift you into his arms. You’d shiver as he hurried through the woods. “Aren’t you c-cold?” You’d chatter. “Please don’t worry about me, I’m trained for this,” he’d tell you. “Not well,” You’d mumble as you buried your face in his shirt. He’d smirk. Upon arriving at your home Liam scanned the area and then drew a dagger from a secret pocket in his shoe and pushed you behind him as he stepped inside the empty house. You hooked your finger into his belt loop as he crept through careful not to make any extra movements to distract him. When he clarified your home was clear you quickly started a fire and only lit one candle to see by. You knew your home was stocked, so you started searching for things that you could give to Liam. A token of gratitude. He’d sit by the fire warming the chill in his bones. “Why aren’t you with them?” You’d ask. He’d stare at the fire. “I’m not with the army,” he’d tell you. “They killed my family,” he’d mumble. “I want to kill the man that killed them. I won’t let him kill anyone else. They’ve been eyeing your abandoned home,” he’d tell you. “I knew you were there,” he’d say. “If you trust me, I can stay with you until your brother and father return,” he’d tell you. “A young female shouldn’t be alone.” “Being alone with a man, unmarried…it’s not much better,” you’d murmur. You should be terrified of this man, he was clearly ready for revenge. Perhaps you could dissuade him and maybe he could just join the troops. He’d smile at you sweetly. “Would you like to be married?” He’d say softly. You’d blush furiously. “I beg your pardon?” You’d whisper quietly. He’d cheekily wink at you. “Go sleep, sweetheart,” he’d whisper. “I’ll keep you safe,” he’d promise. “And when your father gets back,” he’d smirk at you. “I’ll be asking him for your hand,” he’d vow and your cheeks heated looking at the brave man that saved you life. “You…I know it’s sad,” you’d tell him. “But I’d be really happy if you didn’t kill anyone so you’d have to leave me too,” you’d mumble trying to sound less desperate. He’d chuckle. “I won’t leave you, darling,” he’d whisper. “Why me?” You’d ask. “You had enough sense to not live here alone. And you lasted much longer than I’d expect of any young lady I’ve ever met,” he’d tell you. “And you’re truly breathtaking to look at,” he’d say looking back toward the fire. You’d blush and grab him a few more things to make himself comfortable on the couch. “Thank you, darling,” he’d whisper. You’d nod and gaze at his warm eyes. They were solid, beautiful. You’d lean forward and he’d put a thumb on your chin. He’d press a kiss to your cheek. “There is nothing I want to do more than kiss your sweet lips,” he’d whisper. “But I need your father’s permission or he’ll never let me near you,” he’d remind you. You’d blush and nod. “Okay.” “Believe me,” he’d murmur as he’d smile at you. “I really want to…” he’d trail off as he gazed at the fire and you ascended the stairs to bed. Boy, did you want to.


There was no one in his troop that wanted to be there less than he did. He would do anything to be out. He’d be thrilled to leave. “S’alright, Niall,” Liam would mumble in his ear. “We’ll be done soon enough.” “Easy for you to say…” he’d grumble. “You have a future and a wife waiting for you,” he’d grumble bitterly. “Maybe you should look too…lot’s of stranded maidens…” Liam would joke as he held his fiancee’s hand as he and Niall guarded her like a princess. “Careful,” Liam’s fiancee would whisper. Niall would chuckle and Liam would kiss her forehead. As they walked through town together, Niall stopped in front of a bar. And there he saw you. He’d stare at you a moment as you gazed down the road without light in your eyes. “Afternoon, Miss,” he’d tip his hat at you. You tilted your head to him. “Hello,” you’d smile weakly. He would stare at you a moment and then he’d see why you were so weak. You were shivering, tired, and you looked hungry. Niall would turn to Liam. “I’ll meet you later,” he’d murmur. “Alright, love,” he’d whisper and carefully lift you into his arms. He’d hurry through town and to his troop’s post. “Civilians aren’t allowed, Niall,” Zayn would say knowingly. “She’s dying,” he’d hiss at his friend and carry you into his tent and set you on his cot. He’d cover you with blankets. The warmth the blankets gave almost ceased your shivering immediately. You desperately wanted to sleep. But someone’s hands were holding your face. “Hey, no sleeping. Not yet,” the piercing blue eyes should have cooled your body more, but they just made you hotter. He’d press his canteen to your lips and you greedily sipped the liquid. As you drank his water he’d hurry around looking for something to feed you. He’d found some bread and a few other things to eat and he’d quickly return to you. “Try this, darling,” he’d whisper and then went to get you more water When you were full and fully awake he’d wrap a second blanket around your back pulling it closed in the front. “Thank you,” you’d whisper your voice cracking. You could think clearly again. You didn’t like your chances for survival. Niall put your death off another two or three days. “Why are you alone?” He’d ask. Your eyes would fill with tears and you’d sniffle. “They’re dead,” you’d cry brokenly. “I…” your body would shake again as a sob wracked your body. “Hey,” Niall would whisper and rub your shoulders. “Deep breath.” “I’m going to die,” you’d breach on hysterical. No one had spoken to you in days and your heart ached with the unavoidable revelation. You had days to live without a proper man in your life to take care of you in the patriarchal society. You weren’t stupid though. You were teaching yourself to read and you knew quite a few trades. But no one would hire a woman. Niall’s heart would break staring at you. You were absolutely beautiful. He couldn’t stand to see you cry. He’d hardly know you and this was the most beautiful and awful sight to see. He’d cup your face and stare into your eyes. “Love,” he’d whisper. “I’m not going to let you die,” he’d tell you strongly. “You are not going to die. I’m going to take care of you,” he’d whisper. “I promise,” he’d vow. Your sobs would slowly subside to tiny sniffles as you gazed at your blond-haired savior. “You were smart enough to look for a job. It’s unfortunate most people don’t hire women. Everything will be fine,” he’d promise. “I won’t let you die.” “Why do you care?” You’d whisper. “You’re a beautiful girl and I want to take care of you, do you trust me?” He’d ask. You’d swallow. You don’t know him. He was kind enough to save you this one time, and his eyes were beautiful. Maybe he was okay…You’d nod. He’d sigh with relief and smile at you sweetly. “Okay, princess,” he’d whisper. “We’ll find a way…” he’d kiss your hand and his promise made your heart steady. Niall would always take care of you. Everything would be fine.


“What are you doing?!” You’d ask your sibling as they darted out to the troops passing in front of your house. “I wanna go!” He’d whine and jump in front of them. You’d scurry after him. One of the soldiers scooped him up and held him in front of him. “Where are you off to?” The soldier asks your younger brother. “I help,” he’d lisp. You’d blush as you approached the soldier before you. “Sir,” you’d curtsy before him. He’d smile at you with sweet dimples cratering each cheek. He’d set your brother on the ground and he would take his hat off and bow deeply before you. “Miss,” he’d say kindly. Your heart exploded, no one ever treated you with such respect…not when you were without men around you. “Mister,” your brother tugged on the soldier’s pant leg tucked inside the tall boots. “Honey,” you’d scold your little brother. “He’s fine,” the soldier would whisper and kneel down to your brother’s height. “I like your uniform,” he’d tell the soldier. “Thank you,” he’d grin and take the hat off and hand it to your brother. “You can keep this,” he’d offer. Your little brother would grin excitedly and jump into his arms. “What do you say?” You’d ask him. “Thank you, Mister,” he’d giggle. “You’re welcome,” he’d smile and rub his back. “Harry!” Someone would shout. “I’ll be along!” He’d call back. “That’s Louis,” he’d tell me. “Good guy, if you’re ever in trouble, let them know you know Louis or Harry,” he’d say quietly. You’d nod. “I’m sorry we bothered you,” you’d say softly. “No problem, darling,” he’d smile at you and bow again. “I’ll see you again, I promise,”  he’d wink at your brother before heading off to the rest of the troop.

“STOP! PLEASE!” You clung to the soldier as they searched the house for anything they could use. “PLEASE!” You scream. “Don’t take him! He’s all I have!” You’d cry and sniffle. “Have some dignity, woman,” the soldier snarled at you as he shoved you off into the wall. You hit the side of the wall and sink to the floor. You’d sob hoping your brother made it outside and had enough sense to hide. Meanwhile, Harry watched as little boy came screaming from the direction of your house just as Harry and Louis were strolling by. Harry would capture your brother and hold him a moment before passing him to Louis and hurrying into your house, his heart pounding with worry of what might be happening to you. With a call back to the pair, “I’ll be right back,” he’d push past other troops and hurry into your house. Suddenly, you were scooped off the floor and stood on your feet. Harry would be there gazing into your eyes. “I told you to tell them you knew me,” he’d kiss your forehead. He’d hold you behind him and walked into the room. “Get out,” he’d order strongly to the members of his troop. Harry was a giant, at least two heads taller than you. He was gentle to you and his brother, but you felt a tremor in your chest when he commanded the troops out of your home; he was very intimidating when needed. “You are doing a wonderful job here, love,” Harry would caress your face when the others trekked out of your house. “Why are you alone?” He’d ask. “That’s not safe and you know it, don’t lie to me,” he’d whisper. “I have to find my brother,” I’d whisper. “He’s with Louis,” he’d grab my arm as you tried to escape him. “He’s fine, now, why are you alone?” He’d repeat. You’d swallow thickly. “They killed him,” you’d whisper. “Who did?” He’d ask rubbing a soothing thumb on your cheek. “You did,” you’d pull at the epaulets on his uniform. “You killed him,” you’d whisper. “I’ve had to keep it a secret from my brother,” you’d start to sniffle. “I’ve been doing fine,” you’d wipe your eyes. He’d kiss your forehead. “I hate your people,” you’d whisper to him. “They’re your people too,” he’d whisper softly hating that his troops were making you this sad. “No,” you’d sniffle violently. “I’m not on a side,” you cry. “Everyone’s just going to end up dead,” you’d croak. He’d pull you into his arms and comfortingly rub your back until you calmed. “Louis’ fiancee lives a bit a ways from here. I’m sure they’d be happy to have you,” you’d whisper. “I’m unmarried,” you’d remind him. “I have a brother,” you’d continue. He’d kiss your ring finger and cup your cheek. “So we’ll take care of him until he’s old enough,” he’d murmur. “I have to fight, but I haven’t killed anyone yet. I’m doing my best to keep it that way,” he’d whisper. “It’s not fair to innocent people like you who have their lives torn apart because we can’t be gentlemen about these things.Let me help,” he’d offer. “You can’t be alone,” he’d remind you. You’d swallow and stare at his sweet, friendly, kind face. You’d nod once smally. He’d kiss the tip of your nose and hug you close.

dangleoid  asked:

I have no idea who the male main bird that you use is called, but i love it please make more!

that’s dovne!!! my ★☆★☆ fursona ★☆★☆

(and ye i specifically designed him to be fun for me to draw so of course there’ll be more hahaha)