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Stop reblogging the YOI translations from @yolo-on-ice please!

They are reposting AND editing comics from artists who don’t allow the reposts of their works! It’s even written clearly on their profile for some :

We have tried to contact them twice and they ended to close their askbox!
So now we are convinced they ignored our messages and don’t care much.

Writing “please like and follow the artist” is useless if the artists didn’t approve the use of their hard works in the first place!!!
It’s just very disrespectful.

We are gonna contact the artists about it, but we count on the fandom to not support this blog any longer!

Do not reblog their posts and block the user

Thank you for reading and be careful~

Do not support reposts, respect the artists and encourage them on their pages!

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Kaeri’s Otayuri Fic Rec List #2

Due to a lot of people requesting for more Otayuri fic recs from me, I have decided to make these rec lists a weekly thing! I’ll probably post one every Saturday with ten fics (maybe more, maybe less, it depends) included. 


They are ALL so good and wonderful, and I feel so blessed that there are so many wonderful writers in this fandom. My rec list is just a compilation of my personal favorites for people who don’t have time to go through the tag regularly! 

I hope you guys enjoy (I know I sure did hohoh…)! <3

Back and Forth (oneshot, sfw) by kiyala (don’t think they have a tumblr) 

THIS FIC KILLED ME. IT JUST UTTERLY WRECKED ME. GOD. There will be one scene in this fic (and you’ll know which one when you get there trust me…) where you will just be UNABLE TO CONTAIN YOUR SHRIEKS OF LAUGHTER AND AMUSEMENT… Be ready for your heart to melt into a puddle of warm, squishy goo. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

what hoodies are made of (oneshot, sfw) by @thepoetsarejust

I already recced this fic on tumblr but I shall rec it again. I am also in the process of drawing fanart for this fic. That’s all I have to say. (No, really, GO AND READ THIS AND DIE FROM THE SHEER HOTNESS AND UST OF IT OKAY, YOU WILL HAVE NO REGRETS I PROMISE).

Stupid Ideas (oneshot, sfw) by JeSuisLePomme (don’t know their tumblr either rip)


In Your Hands, Your Thoughts (oneshot, sfw) by @nooowestayandgetcaught​ (hello Rie! <3)


Resolution (oneshot, sfw) by kiyala

Another masterpiece by kiyala… I’m crying over how fucking ROMANTIC THIS IS. THIS IS MARRIED COUPLE SHIT RIGHT HERE OH MY GOD. I’M DEAD.

A Beginner’s Guide To the Dangers of Making Out with Your Fellow Athletes at Parties (oneshot, sfw) by @ineptshieldmaid

THIS FIC IS A+++ GOLD. I literally could not stop screeching the entire time I read this fic GOD THIS WRITER HAS THE WITTIEST VOICE EVER. I LOVE IT. I love this fic.

play to the fullest (oneshot, sfw) by @rovmustang

Another fic from one of my favorite writers I’m crying??? I love how subtle yet powerful their writing is… Every sentence is one part of an intricate puzzle. Anywho, THERE’S MEDAL KISSING IN THIS FIC…!!! SO GO READ IT!

On Love: Agape (oneshot, sfw) by Kima (don’t know their tumblr ahhhhh)


Sonata in A Major (oneshot, sfw) by @the-teacupshatters

I’m not gonna lie… this fic completely SHATTERED ME. The feels are fucking REAL guys. The writing is also GORGEOUS AND MESMERIZING and just… AHHHHH. I have no words. THE FEELS THO. GROSS SOBS.

Family Ties (oneshot, sfw) by @scripturamortem

This is really, really cute…!!! And freaking HILARIOUS haha it definitely brightened up my day!

Please go and kudos all of these lovely fics! Also, please, PLEASE comment if you can; all these writers deserve so much love, support and praise for their hard work.

A huge thank you to all the writers on this list (and all fanfic writers in general) for sharing their beautiful creations with us! I love and appreciate you guys so much <3

[SPOILERS] NDRV3 - Killing Harmony Chapter Summaries

Alright lads, time for me to get crackin’ down and write this for all of you who may still be confused but please, do note that my knowledge about what happens is limited to translations provided by people I share a Discord server with and though I’m summarizing what we all collectively figured out, all of the credit for this goes to the amazing translators in the server made by @officialamami who did a wonderful job providing leaks for the fandom and whether right or wrong, they really do deserve credit for their tenacity and determination. With that settled though, I think it’s finally time for me to start writing. Now everyone do like Juzo Sakakura’s dub VA says and hold onto your ass because we’re about to go to fuckin’ trippyland, hope you bring something to eat and/or drink because there’s going to be walls of text below the Read More… If anyone has a more clear understanding of what happens, please PM me or put it in the notes so I can fix the information accordingly.

NOTE: I am constantly editing this post as I learn more information so by the time someone else is reading this, there may be new information. What I’m basically saying is, until we get official English translations, I’ll keep coming back to this post and editing it so there’s a 100% clear understanding of everything that happens. If you read this post before, I advise you read it again, there may be new information. 

Keep reading

I love giving and receiving fic reviews, but for a long time the whole process of writing a review used to be very fraught because I wanted to show my appreciation but I didn’t want to leave a generic “Loved this, please write more!” like every other comment the author had already gotten and was probably sick of. (Note - as an author, we do not get sick of these comments. We do not get sick of any comments.) But I figured something out a while ago and I figured I’d share it. How to leave a good comment on a fic: PICK A LINE.

Literally any line. Pick it as you’re reading. If a phrase or a sentence or a paragraph jumps out at you, highlight it and hit Ctrl+C. Then save that puppy until the comment section, paste it in, and let the author know why you liked it.

“___” My favorite line, it was hilarious!

“___” I’m gonna cry! Poor Character B!

“___” That is totally something Character A would say.

“___” omg this totally sums up their whole relationship, doesn’t it?

I’m a writer who is friends with a lot of writers. I have never met a writer who didn’t fucking love this. Worried that you’re not leaving a comprehensive review? It’s okay. Tell the author about the five-word sentence that you loved in their 10K word fic, and they will glow. I’m telling you this is foolproof. Take the stress out of commenting. Pick a line. Make a writer’s day.

Sterek fandom, please gather around me. I have to talk to you about something extremely important.

Because today my friends, I discovered that something called the “Teddy bear hospital” exists.

And it’s even more adorable than you can imagine.

(It’s actually a French association, where parents bring their kids, who then have to find with the doctor what’s wrong with their favorite toy, check all the boxes on a chart with different diseases, then bring the teddy bear to the dentist, the radiologist, the surgery…

It’s mainly to teach kids not to be afraid of doctors and hospitals, and help kids that have to spend a lot of time in hospital understand what really happens there. The doctors are all medicine students, and like my sister, mainly dying inside from the cute)

Now can you imagine Sterek in that?

Stiles pushing the stretcher with the little bear on it, one paw wrapped in bandages because they suspect broken bones. Stiles following a little girl with really clear eyes and actual pigtails, smiling like a crazy person because of how cute the kid is, pointing decidedly at the different doors for her teddy bear’s next appointment.

And on the other side of the stretcher, Derek, the uncle/single dad, slowly melting in a puddle of besotted goo because of this guy in his doctor blouse, with the moles, and the smiles, and listening to freaking teddy bear’s heartbeat.



Stiles and Derek, the medical students that meet during the event. Derek being the surgeon (because he’s kind of worried about handling kids) (and of course he’s amazing and the kid adore him but he worries anyway because he’s big and scary and Laura told him he has too much eyebrow for one person).

Stiles being the charming radiologist, that comes into Derek’s surgery room clearly to torture him. Because he comes in with the most radiant smiles (and Derek always smiles back, even if they have seen each other thirty times already and even if he still doesn’t know the guy’s name) and a kid clutching at his hand, before helping them into little surgeon outfits. Derek can’t even look at him directly; it’s that stunning a view. He doesn’t understand how someone that must spend 23 hours a day studying and leaving on junk food can glow so much.



Stiles and Derek are single parents that bring their kids to the Teddy bear hospital, and both get promptly sent to the waiting room by their independent four and five years old.

They both meet in the waiting room, where they are the only one not enjoying these few moments of freedom, but pacing all over the place like trapped animals. Both of them have really bad memories of hospitals, and they bond ver it after  buying their fourth coffee in the vain hope of distracting themselves.

They get caught making out in a supply closet by a nurse. Both of their kids give them very disappointed looks.


Laura bringing Derek there without any explanation. Because she’s 6 months pregnant, and Derek will be there to see his nephew coming into the world, hospital phobia or not.

So Stiles raises his eyes from his planning to find that the little Derek is in fact one big, strong ball of muscles, pale eyes and blushing cheek, and closer to thirty than 3. Stiles immediately decides to forgets the “only kids from 3 to 8″ rules and calls dibs (because he saw Jeanine’s greedy eyes).

Derek may well be a weirdo, but he’s a beautiful one. Who mumbles when his sister kisses him on the cheek and actually resists for a few seconds before handing Stiles the teddy bear. It’s absolutely adorable.

Then Stiles starts the list of fake diseases and diagnoses a bad burn on the bear, when he catches Derek’s expression. The man looks completely broken and sad, and trying very hard and badly to hide it.

So Stiles backpedals so hard he physically gets back, hands in the air, and changes his diagnosis to a sprained paw and a bellyache. For the hour long visit, all of Stiles’ colleagues look at them both with bewildered eyes. Derek looks hounded, head hunched and either fixed on his shoes, between embarassement and real anxiety. He stay close to Stiles, and Stiles looks at his beautiful face and marvels. Sometimes, Derek even takes notes.

Stiles is madly in love after forty five minutes.

I don’t know I don’t have the time to write this, but if someone feels like it, please, pleeeease tag me in it.

I need it. For reasons.

Quote Writing Prompts
  • 1: "Yeah uh - Yeah no, that sounds awful."
  • 2: "Please... Don't leave me here. Don't leave me alone, without you."
  • 3: "So, that went well."
  • 4: "You're awful. I love it."
  • 5: "What the hell do you think you're doing, exactly?"
  • 6: "Is that... lipstick, on your collar?"
  • 7: "Did you do this?"
  • 8: "You know what? This place feels like home."
  • 9: "Oh shit. Am I - Am I in love? That's not supposed to be happening. That's not right."
  • 10: "Who are you? Where am I? What is this? WHAT IS GOING ON?!"
  • 11: "Dear (name), First of all, I'm so sorry. I really am."
  • 12: "I can't do this anymore."
  • 13: "So what, you're just gonna leave?"
  • 14: "Did you honestly think I wouldn't figure it out?"
  • 15: "You really think you can beat me? That's cute."
  • 16: "I'm tired of you. I really am, at this point."
  • 17: "Oh, just digging myself a nice grave, you?"
  • 18: "Shhhh. This is my favorite part."
  • 19: "Hey, can I hold your boobs for a sec?"
  • 20: "I think I may have found a song that accurately describes how I feel toward you."
  • 21: "Is that necessary?"
  • 22: "I don't like it."
  • 23: "I'm getting bad vibes... We should go."
  • 24: "HA! Loser!"
  • 25: "You wear me out, kid."
  • 26: "Is this a joke? This is a joke, right? You're joking."
  • 27: "The washing machine broke, I almost lost my keys, the car got dented, and a wasp got into the house and hijacked the bedroom for four days! Four. Days."
  • 28: "You're the greatest thing that's ever happened to me."
  • 29: "You kiddin'? That's brilliant, c'mon!"
  • 30: "So what do you say to this: you, me, a nice big glass of milk, a thing of cookies?"
  • 31: "My hero."
  • 32: "That was harsh."
  • 33: "You better pipe down. I'm not laughing."
  • 34: "So you're really gonna do this, huh? And nothing I say can change your mind?"
  • 35: "So uh. I noticed you're kinda naked. Is that intentional, or... ?"
  • 36: "Why is there a dog in the living room?"
  • 37: "They mixed up our reservations. One room. One bed."
  • 38: "Oh boy. I'm on the weird side of YouTube again."
  • 39: "You, my friend, are a filthy sinner, and I approve wholeheartedly."
  • 40: "Did you mean like... this?"
LGBTQ+ Representation in Anime
I am writing a paper about western anime fans' perception of queer media representation or the lack thereof in anime/manga/other Japanese pop culture media that becomes popular overseas. This survey will ask you questions about where you are from, how you self-identify, and your level of knowledge of Japanese culture. It will also ask you questions about your perception of anime in general, as well as optional questions about a few specific anime.

Hi tumblr! I’m writing a research paper about western anime fandoms and their perception of queercoding, queerbaiting, and queer representation in anime/manga media. If you could please fill out this survey I’ve put together on the subject for me, I’d be really grateful!

The survey is completely anonymous, and the results of it won’t be posted anywhere online, only my classmates and professor will see them, so you don’t have to worry!

Thank you so much! The more responses I get, the better, so spread this around!

some more writing major nursey

bc nanowrimo started today and i didn’t work on my project at all :)))

  • nursey does not have time to be on the samwell literary magazine, but he likes to submit things to it
    • they take 5 submissions per person per issue. there are 2 issues per year. nursey submits 5 poems one minute before the deadline every time
    • it becomes somewhat of a contest among the staff of the Well Enough (or whatever godawful name they have) to guess which poems are nursey’s (submissions are blind). they try not to publish many pieces by the same author, but he always manages to sneak at least 3/5 in by changing his style enough so they don’t guess it’s him
  • he waxes so philosophical during poetry workshops that the poetry stoners approach him afterward because they think he was high
    • he was not high
    • he only shows up high to classes if they’re gen ed
  • he absolutely does the “poet for hire” thing. he sits out in front of one of the academic buildings with a card table and a typewriter. nobody knows where the typewriter is from. nobody knows where it goes when he’s not selling his poems
  • his favorite fun fact is that half of shakespeare’s sonnets were written about a male subject, including the “shall i compare thee to a summer’s day” one
  • there is a post floating around here somewhere about bitty always missing the baking competitions at samwell for games. the same thing happens to nursey w/open mic nights
  • he has at least 1 friend who does stand up comedy. half of writers are ex-theater nerds and stand up is where they send those in early adulthood
  • he’s the kind of guy that calls you in the middle of the night to ask what your earliest memory was bc he’s basing a character off of you
    • “crisse… i don’t remember. probably being on the ice.”
    • “thanks dude”
    • “i didn’t tell you anything.”
    • “nah, brah, i just wanted to hear your speech patterns again”
  • walt whitman is his gay icon. the live oak poem is about penises bye
  • sometimes he gets caught staring at smh team members, but once they realized it was because he was trying to describe a hair color or a facial expression or something, they got used to it. mostly.
    • dex: nursey, why are you looking at me
    • n: this narrator’s constantly annoyed with everything and i’m trying to do it justice
    • d: watch the fucking game or go upstairs
    • n: also i gave him your abs ;)

anonymous asked:

C-could you please not reblog art where the characters are white washed? You recently reblogged one where Lance is borderline but Hunk is pretty pasty. Thank you.

Sigh. This isn’t what I wanted to write about tonight. That said, maybe it’s time.

I think I’ve made it clear that this is an anti-discourse blog. That includes race discourse. I think it’s a side of fandom that has done MUCH more harm than good, and I would like it to go away entirely. I understand why it exists, and I would never tell someone else how to use their time, but I will not agree and I will not engage.

I think I know which art piece you’re talking about. The artist was using a rather pastel color palette. It looked like the paladins were sitting in a bright patch of sunlight, relaxing and hanging out together in a lovely room. And that’s all. Yes, Hunk and Lance’s skin tones were lighter than they are in the show. But so was everything. It was clearly an artistic choice and I have no problem with it.

I’m sorry it bothered you. But I’m not going to delete the post. Neither do I intend to keep an eagle eye out in the future to avoid “white-washed” fandom art and avoid reblogging it. I’m sorry if that’s an issue for you. Feel free to unfollow me. I’m not going to train myself to look for problems.

I think the entire mentality in recent years of fandom in general and the Voltron fandom in particular to hunt down “problematic” fan creators and punish them is not only awful and damaging and unhealthy, but also dangerous in a way. Most of the things fans are complaining about their fellow fans doing wrong, or even the show itself, are very minor. By searching so hard for things to be offended about, by finding them and reinforcing them with likeminded fans and working yourself up into a frenzy over them, you are TRAINING yourself to be offended. You are teaching your brain to be pleased and satisfied when you find things that upset you, because the rush of energy and anger feels good. And that just makes you find more and more and more.

This is not a good road to go down. It leads to misery. It leads to depression. It leads to believing that the world is awful and only getting worse, and no matter how much you fight it you can never make a difference, because there’s always going to be some other “problematic” thing to get worked up over. And it’s just going to keep getting worse and worse.

It’s the same way I feel about the “microaggression” thing you hear about in the larger American culture. Racism is bad, and I hate it. But someone asking where you’re from? Not racism. Most of those things I see listed as microagressions are tactless and a little rude, but they aren’t crimes. By teaching ourselves that they are, we’re only making things worse and worse for ourselves and for each other. Morgan Freeman said it best. The best way to cure racism is not to seek it out and decry it, but to find commonalities and learn to love each other instead. You’ll never change a racist by yelling “RACIST!” at them over and over until they shut up. That just makes them hide away in likeminded communities and discuss how awful you are and how abused they are and how they’re right in every bad thing they’ve ever thought about you. You change a racist by showing them that we’re all the same, and our differences are things to be enjoyed and celebrated and shared, not sequestered and hoarded and gloated over like gems.

This is something you learn in therapy for mental illnesses like PTSD and depression, by the way. It’s similar to the counseling I got. Part of the problem with PTSD is hypervigilance, the way your brain is constantly on the look out for things that threaten you. The more you notice, the more tense and alert you become, and then you see more. It’s the same thing with the whole fandom callout culture. I worry a lot about kids who come into the internet fandom bright-eyed and happy, eager to share and discuss the things they love, only to be beaten down by these eagle-eyed folks who see problems everywhere they look that need to be attacked. And these kids are learning to fall in with the crowd, because not to do so is literally dangerous to their mental and emotional health.

We need to train ourselves in the opposite direction. We need to learn to accept each other with a few little bumps and bobbles here and there. If you have criticism to offer, do so, but in a constructive way. And if the creator doesn’t agree, accept that. Accept that their work is just not your cup of tea, and move on with your day. You will be much happier and healthier for it, I promise.

One of my fandom friends was basically hounded out of the Voltron fandom with hate messages she got for one of her fics. The reason? Lance wasn’t Latino enough. Because he was singing showtunes with Blue instead of more “Latin” songs, I think was the crux of the complaints. Mind, this was before he was even revealed to be Cuban, so it was based entirely on fanon. This friend of mine is biracial and grew up in a mixed Latino family. Her godson is a gay Latino, and she based the characterization of Lance on him, because he loves showtunes and his relationship with his partner reminds her of Lance and Keith. The persecution of this friend of mine based on her artistic choices in a cute little ficlet about Lance and Blue having fun together still upsets me and breaks my heart. I want it to end.

I’m sorry if this little essay offended anyone. As I said, feel free to unfollow me if my stance makes you uncomfortable. I hold no grudges. But this is something I feel quite strongly about, and I’m not going to change. And congrats if you read this whole thing! It was quite a piece.

You Make It Real For Me

Draco Malfoy x Reader.

I just used my permanent tag list, but please feel free to ignore this one if it’s not something that interests you x

Title comes from this song

So here it is as promised my lovelies, my first non MCU fic to post but a fic that I wrote just over five years ago and I’m really curious to see if you like it or if you would like me to start writing for other fandoms, as always please feel free to let me know and feedback is honestly food for my soul and very much appreciated.

Summary: Set four years after the Wizarding War, Draco is in serious need of a friend after shutting himself away from the rest of the world, that is until you turn up!

Words: c 3,155

Warnings: Mentions of drunkeness, angst and fluff!

Originally posted by evansmaximoff

You checked the address on the piece of parchment in your hand once more before gently knocking on the old oak door, the only thing separating you from the warmth inside.

You tugged tightly at your leather jacket which was offering you no comfort from the biting cold of the January evening. You silently cursed yourself for even coming here in the first place, you considered walking away now before he answered, before it was too late, but before you could turn away the huge door was pulled open and you met with two pale blue eyes. The shock on his face was apparent and you took in his abnormally dishevelled appearance, his usually flawless clean shaven face was covered in stubble and his blond hair was longer than normal, completely out of character for Draco who usually looked immaculate.

“How did you find me?” he questioned in surprise.

“Your Mother wrote to me, she asked me to come,” you answered back quickly, almost too quickly for it sounded sharp, defensive almost.

“Oh,” he stated shaking his head “Uh won’t you come in?” he offered standing to the side to allow you to pass by him into the hallway which you did gladly as he shut the door.

“Can I get you a drink, tea? Coffee?”

“Tea would be great thanks,” you smiled up at him and for a second his gaze hesitated on you before he snapped to his senses and beckoned you towards the kitchen.

The kitchen was small, two armchairs sat either side of a stove and you immediately gravitated toward it as it radiated heat, Draco set about the task of preparing the tea. There was so much you wanted to say to him, to ask him but it was as if the sentences were stuck in your throat, for now you let them be.

You turned your attention to the armchair on the left, a tartan blanket lay carefully folded and a red cushion rested atop of this, however what was positioned on the arm of the chair was what truly surprised you, a copy of Wuthering Heights lay, with a bookmark firmly resting at where Draco had stopped reading, you gently picked it up and with a smile you looked towards him, busily pouring hot water into two cups.

“Milk, two sugars,” you offered, your voice breaking the silence that had fallen between you, he smiled in return and offered you your cup which you sipped from gladly. He leaned against the counter and turned to face you, his own cup resting between his two hands.

Holding up the novel which you had been holding you smiled at him “I can’t believe you’re reading this.”

“I can barely believe it myself. I’m rather enjoying it, you were right about Muggle fiction!”

“Draco Malfoy admitting that I am right. I don’t quite believe it,” you teased.

Draco sighed before returning “There is a lot about me you wouldn’t believe lately.”

Keep reading

just fyi

If you like a fic that you’ve read, please reblog it.  Likes are nice and all, but they don’t get the fics up on other people’s dashes. 

It’s really discouraging when people like and even leave comments on my fics about how much they liked my writing, but then don’t even bother to actually share it

Writers are much more motivated to produce more content when they get exposure. 

Booty-Shorts Bitty

Okay so this is something I’m going to post on in waaaaaaaaay more detail in a later post (it is in the planning stages as I write this; I have a ROUGH OUTLINE and ALL MY EVIDENCE pulled together), but I want to just raise the point about Bitty and his booty-shorts. 

They’ve become something of a fandom trope in his characterization, and not without reason; there’s that Infamous Picture from the time he made Jack trip over the stairs coming out of the Haus, and then there’s the Bunny Costume (with accompanying Deep Vee). However, something that’s been a bit lost as this has become a popular element of his design among the fandom has been that Bitty wasn’t always this way. 

Bitty’s recent love of short-shorts and provocative tops is just that: RECENT. Freshman year Bitty, and Bitty for the majority of sophomore year as well, was extremely modest in his sense of style, owing (as I’ll argue later) to general body-insecurity and discomfort, as well as his aversion to physical contact. There’s actually a point in the narrative from which you can track Bitty’s growing comfort with putting himself out there in terms of his dress. This took a long time, and a lot of encouragement from his friends (primarily Lardo). 

He started with short shorts, and in a context that would make sense for him to wear something a little daring: Spring C. As we know, it went over well for him, and he ended up liking short-shorts a lot, to the extent that they start showing up in his wardrobe with growing frequency. And then gradually he gets even more adventurous, eventually buying and wearing The Bunny Costume for halloween. 

So, I think what we can conclude is that Bitty’s shorts are kind of an expression of his growing comfort with his own body and self-expression. 

Again, I’m going to talk about alllll of this in way more detail later, but I just had to get this one point out there before I completely forgot about it (as I doubt the shorts specifically will factor into my later Big Meta Post with citations). 

Poly Ship Meme

Because most ship memes are for pairings, and those ships with 3+ people need more love and attention!

Can either send a poly ship to fill out every question or send a poly ship + a number, and can be used as prompts rather than as a questionnaire for either drawing or writing

(YES I am doing this so send me a poly ship + number!!!)

1. A large spider has gotten into the house/apartment. How does each person react?

2. What are their sleeping arrangements? Do they get multiple mattresses, several rooms? Line a floor with mattresses and then make the entire room a bed? Who are the blanket hoggers? The ones who flail?

3. How do they celebrate the holidays? What are the favorite holidays in the household for each person? Are there ever any disagreements about which holiday is the best? Do any of them go all out with decorations and participation in events? Does anyone ever suffer in silent agony that they’re being forced into holiday sweaters or fed too many holiday foods, but out of love they keep their mouth shut?

4. How do they all keep house? Do they assign chores, and if so, does anyone ever slack? Does anyone ever say, “let’s clean” and (most?) everyone suddenly hops off the furniture and pitches in?

5. Something contagious is going around! How will each of them handle being sick? Who are the ones who insist on working even when they’re not well? Who are the ones who stay away when they’re healthy? The ones who play nurse?

6. The mess that is deciding where to eat out and what to order.

7. One or more of them comes across a stray animal. How do the family members each react? Who tries to find the previous owner? Does anyone want the others to mind their own business? Do they end up keeping it?

8. They take a trip to the zoo. What is each person’s favorite animal, and who gets excited about seeing theirs? Who downplays it? Who is willing to wait while the other drags everyone off to their favorite animals, and who tries to tell everyone they’re going to stick to the set path from beginning to end, and everyone will get to see their favorites soon so calm down?

9. Describe everyone going on a camping trip. Who enjoys it? Which one(s) set up the tent? Who would get lost in the woods but is only a few feet away from a gas station?

10. Who tells the ghost stories or watches the ghost stories, and who are the ones who need a cuddle sandwich to get through the night every time they encounter anything the least bit spooky?

11. Who steals everyone else’s clothing? Who can’t tell their own clothing from other people’s anymore?

12. One of them starts singing. Who joins in? Who absolutely refuses to join in? If any of them can’t sing, does everyone roll with it, or do they stop and beg that person to stop as well?

13. Who is the warmest to cuddle with? Who is always cold? Who wants the heater up, who wants the heater down, who wants to save money but is cold as fuck and piles under layers of clothing and blankets in the house? Who dies in summer? Who wants to turn up the AC and wait out until winter?

14. When grocery shopping, who budgets and makes lists? Who happily throws things into the cart and figures it’ll work out? Who estimates their general spending as they pick up items, but they throw in a couple of splurges? Who oversees that the splurges don’t go too far and tells the other(s) to put some or all of the items back on the shelf?

15. Something broke down! Are any of them handy around the house with fixing things? Who thinks they can do it on their own and what level of success do they have? Who breaks down and calls a professional out?


Title: Something Like This (chapter 46 - COMPLETE)
Author: Emma Grant ( @emmagrant01)
Fandom: Check, Please! ( @omgcheckplease)
Pairings: Jack/Bitty, Bitty/OMC, Jack/OMC
Background pairings: Shitty/Lardo, Parse/OMC, past Parse/Jack, past Jack/Camilla, Bob/Alicia, OMC/OMC
Summary: Jack thought his first year in the NHL would be 100% about hockey, but the reality is so much more complicated. Or: What if Bad Bob didn’t say anything at graduation?
Rating: Explicit
Length: 7500 words this chapter, about 280K words total

Links: Start with Chapter 1 | Chapter 46

So this is it! The story ends here, after a year of writing and nine months of posting this on an almost-weekly basis. Thanks so much to those of you who followed and commented while chapters were being posted. I can’t begin to describe how much your words motivated and inspired me over the last year! (OMG, a year. I have been writing this story, and pretty much only this story, for an ENTIRE YEAR. I’m not exactly sure how that happened.)

Actually, the story doesn’t really end here. There’s an epilogue that wasn’t ready to be posted today; that will probably be posted next Wednesday, just for old times’ sake. Also, I have plans to write more in this universe soon, starting with the continuation of Vegas, Baby. Look for that sometime in January.

I haven’t had much time to respond to comments the last few weeks, but please know that I appreciate them so, so much!

I wish I had 5H in my life when I was a teenager

Disclaimer: This isn’t about the music industry or anything, but I am in a bit of a sentimental mood and feel like sharing something very personal. Now that I have this small platform, I just feel the urge to share a bit of my story. Please don’t read if you are going to shit on me for writing a personal essay!

I must admit that 5H is more of a guilty pleasure for me than a full-on fan girl thing. Mainly just because I’m in my twenties now and sometimes I think I’m too old to be acting like a teenager and messing around on fandom tumblr. But the thing is, I truely fell in love with these girls’ voices and their personalities, and now they just provide me with a bit of escapism from my serious job and everyday life. I feel really protective of them and feel the need to keep an eye out for them as they struggle through the rocky terrain of the music industry. I also love the fandom (well.. most of it anyway lol). You guys are all so open, caring and creative (and hilarious). I also love that in-between reblogging memes and funny stuff people like to talk about society and politics. That’s literally so cool. Especially here on tumblr, I love the family vibe. There’s such a sense of community.

I was thinking about all this and thinking “god I wish I had this when I was 15″. Tumblr wasn’t even a thing I knew about then, and I didn’t have any particular pop stars that I idolised. I went through a pretty hard time as a teenager. I grew up in a rough neighbourhood, so that didn’t help. But when I was around 14/15 I found myself in a nasty abusive situation. I was exposed to a fair bit of violence at the hands of someone who in theory should have loved and protected me. I basically internalised every punch and insult that was thrown at me, and sunk into a deep self-loathing and depression for a couple of years. I had some good friends but I never told them what I had been through. The only thing that really kept me going was music - making music and listening to music. My guitar and my headphones became my lifeline. When you are in these situations, when you are trying to get through a hard time in your life, or even just trying to get through the day, you hang on to whatever piece of meaning or hope you can find. Maybe you find that meaning in a guitar. Maybe you find it in a person. Maybe you find it in writing poetry, or playing basketball, or walking your dog, or watching your favourite TV show. Or maybe you even find that meaning in following your favourite girl band.

I just want you to know that if you come home from a hard day at school or work and the first thing you do is go on your laptop to watch interview videos, or reblog fifth harmony gifs on tumblr, and this puts a little bit of happiness and meaning in your life, then that is totally valid. Don’t ever let anyone make you feel that your love of a girl group is silly or useless. I wish so much that I had this when I was younger and going through a tough time! You are so lucky to have these girls and this fandom in your life. Don’t ever let anyone take that away from you. Don’t let the recent events and all the negative PR bullshit take that away from you either. Life is hard. The world is an unfair place. So if it puts a smile on your face when you get a snapchat notification from Ally, Dinah, Lauren, Normani or Camila, thats great! Hang on to that! Be young and carefree. And if you need to, make use of the community here on tumblr. 

That’s all I wanted to say. Just wanted to share some of my story and encourage you to remember why this fandom is so important to so many people. Keep supporting the girls as you always have. Do whatever you can to put a smile on your face in these troubled times.

Love - Meg

On fandom, love, & reading

Hi friends. This is a new forum for me, and I’m not quite sure what my voice is going to sound like, so bear with me. If you’re annoyed with this post, and with me, I’m just going to have to go ahead and direct you to my friend @ivyblossom because she’s the one who asked me to write this. So please, have at her.

Before I say anything, though, because I’m not interested in smoke and mirrors or cloaks and daggers, I’ll tell you this: my name is Marie. I am 32 – no wait, shit – 33 years old. I am a librarian, and a medievalist, and a feminist, and the mother of a one-year-old, and a thousand other things. I am married to a lovely man, though am in possession of a sexual identity that fails to make itself clear even to me. None of this really matters, but the preamble makes it easier to begin to say anything at all. I have been a fangirl always, and in fandom for a while now – I’d say about 15 years – but I’ve always stayed out of the fray. I read, I commented, I admired, but never said anything outright, never tried to initiate a conversation. Now I’d like to have a conversation.

You guys, I am sad about fandom. This fandom. I am so disheartened watching the fallout from this past season of Sherlock. I am disheartened not because – or not only because – it is now clear that there was never an intention on behalf of the show to give us an explicitly queer Holmes. I am disheartened, and I am heartsick, because of the deep sadness I see in the fandom, and the in-fighting between those who are angry and those who are seeking something redemptive – or at the very least interesting! – in TFP. I didn’t hate the episode. I thought the plot was absurd and stupid and pretty abysmally written, but I didn’t hate the episode because I appreciate what it was trying – and for the most part, failing, I think – to do. But I’m not here to talk about that. I can, if I ever get up the nerve to post anything ever again. I have a lot of thoughts about how TFP moves Sherlock closer to canon Holmes, and toward Conan Doyle’s own characterization of his stories as romance – not romance as love story, but real romance as a literary genre consumed by history, and family, and identity – but that’s for another day.

Look, let me tell you: I am nothing if not a Johnlock shipper. This has nothing to do with whether or not I see these two characters together because I do, I do, I do. Nothing can or will change that for me. And yes, I believe that we are right to want and to expect better queer representation in the media. We are right to want and expect to be shown worlds that match the granular, non-binary, indefinable realities of our relationships. We are right to want and expect a queer Holmes. And I believe that Sherlock constitutes a huge missed opportunity to give us that – but I do not believe that that opportunity was missed last week. It was missed years ago, when it became clear that the show was consistently moving away from an explicitly gay reading of John and Sherlock’s relationship.

Okay, wait, I have to back up again – I’m sorry. Like I said, new at this. Back to fandom. Here is my fundamental understanding of what fandom is: fandom is a radical and radically queer set of reading practices. Radical in that it prizes the means of production from the hands of the author and puts them in the hands of the reader; radical in that it allows for us to blur the lines between personal and communal; radical in that it demands such profound intimacy between its adherents. It is this last that has always been the most important to me, and is to my mind the beating heart of fandom and its ability to heal (how many of us have said or heard “fandom saved my life”?). In short: fandom is communal reading as an act of love.

This is what I really want to talk about: reading and love. I’m not sure I have more than a sentence or two to say, actually. Maybe a question. Look, I am not in the business of telling people that they are doing fandom wrong. I’m not sure that there is a way to do it wrong. But watching the tortuous and protracted reading of real world events during and following season 4, all the energy that has been expended collecting hints and clues potentially dropped for us by the writers and the showrunners – will there be a fourth episode?; why are there so many obvious plot holes?; does Piccadilly Circus have a message for us? – is not a version of fandom I fully recognize. All these breadcrumbs people are so painstakingly gathering are, I think, leading back to the wrong text. 

There is a whole beautiful, messy, deliciously flawed narrative laid bare for us now, and it is ours, fully ours. All our energy could go into reading and re-reading these stories, thinking deeply about them, taking them up and playing with them, or better yet creating new and better versions of them. So why are so many of us trying to tell ourselves stories about Moffat and Gatiss rather than John and Sherlock?

Things I have been reading... (Jan)

Okay, so this one is MASSIVELY late but I blame my pneumonia for the delay and totally not the fact that I was so busy reading stuff that I have only just finalized January’s list!!!  So here are a few things that I have been reading this January and I think you might like them too.  I have been sucked into a few new fandoms thanks to @bkwrm523 , @thorne93 and @sdavid09 and so the last section has kinda grown more diverse.  If you read or write something and you think it should be on my list then please tag me or send me a link or print it out and send it by raven.  Well, without anymore of me rambling, here’s my favourite fics in January 2017.

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Cuddled Love@sdavid09  I want to cuddle with Dean after this fic!  If you are having a bad day then just go read this and it will make everything better *well maybe not, but you will feel happier after reading it*

Dancing on my Own – @jelly-beans-and-gstrings I’m a sucker for a choose your own ending and this one is fantastic.  So who would you choose? Sam or Dean?

Dirty Thoughts of an Archangel@dont-hate-relate-pls  By now you should all know how much I adore Gabriel and this fic is just an amazing mixture of cute, awkward and hot. I may or may not have read this one several times.

A Kiss for the Night –  @thethingwewrite This is a smutty Crowley for you should you be that way inclined.  I really liked reading this one, I have a soft spot for the King of Hell.

Whats-His-Name– @l8nitl0vr I think this is one of my favourite Lucifer fics.  For me I think the characterization is spot on and I could totally picture him being like this, plus I would probably do what the reader did too.

A Little Too Late -  @lucifersagents  This series has had me hooked all the way through. There are so many things that keep you guessing and it is so well written I’m kinda sad that it’s finished.

Woman of Letters - @like-a-bag-of-potatoes  I love this series, everytime I see theres a new part it brings a smile to my face.  One of my all-time favourite writers and all round lovely person.  If you aren’t already following her I highly recommend you do.

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Matchmaker–  @callamint Bucky and Natasha playing matchmaker is my new favourite thing and this series is brilliant.

Imagine Wade Wilson introducing you to Matt Murdock - @imamotherfuckingstar-lord  This. Is. Amazing.  Seriously, this little imagine is sooooo good.  I love @imamotherfuckingstarlord anyway because she’s one of my favourite writers but her Deadpool is simply sublime.

Iron Icarus@serzhantjamesbuchananbarnes  Jeeeeeezzzzz, this one hurt my heart.  Poor Tony doing pretty much what Tony does and you want to punch him and shout at him and then give him a huge hug and wrap him in bubblewrap, or maybe that’s just me.  Beautifully written and well worth a read.

Homesick - @thorne93 This series is the perfect blend of fluff and angst.  A reader with amnesia, Steve picking her up in the park, the introduction of Bucky… Go read this right now and then you too can know the delicious torture of waiting for the next part.

Sassy Stark - @redlipstickandplaid  Every imagined what it would be like to be Tony Starks daughter?  Imagine no longer, this fic is super cute and the relationship between the reader and Tony is exactly how I would picture it.  Loving this series.

Mess with Them - @redgillan  I love Friends, I love Marvel, I love this series.  The relationships between all the characters is so on point and fluffy!  

No Regrets@mar-gega  A lovely little series where Bucky is definitely awkward and clueless and it is gorgeous.  

The Lonely Tree @sarahwroteathing  This is one of my favourite series of all time ever and I am super sad that it’s over but the ending is just perfect.  I fell in love with Steve all over again with this fic and I hope you will too.

Road to Schkeuditz@aubzylynn   Being stuck in a car with Steve, Sam and Bucky as you drive across the country!! Set in CACW this is what ‘may’ have happened as they drove to Leipzig airport on their mission to clear Bucky’s name.  I like to think that this is how that journey went.

For Your Convenience@brighterlights  Oh. My. Goodness!!!!  Steve or Bucky?  Bucky or Steve?  This amazing series had me going from one to the other, back and forth.  It is such a good read and I think you should go binge read the entire thing now.

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Star Trek:

Shore Leave@imamotherfuckingstar-lord  This series officially killed me.  I am now dead.  How are you supposed to live your life after you get involved with McCoy AND Kirk?  I will never be able to write smut as well as this genius but as long as I can read her work I think I’m okay with that.

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Other Fandoms and Fics:

Wrong Number@totally-turtle-imagines I thought this little fic was so sweetand I’m kinda hoping that there may be more parts. I’m beginning to suspect I might be team Donatello when it comes to this fandom.

Flirt –  @plumfondler I’m not usually a massive Lance Tucker fan but this fic just seemed perfect for him.  I don’t think I could just be friends with him either.

Muffins@just-a-little-crazy  So a little foray into the Gotham fandom here and a little fluff with Victor Zsasz.  Even ruthless hitmen deserve muffins.  

Even the Playing Field - @sdavid09  So I have totally fallen in love with Fili after falling back into the Hobbit fandom.  The relationship between Kili and Fili is so well written and I really enjoyed reading this, it brought a goofy smile to my face.

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  • VLD fandom: You don't like Shiro if you ship shaladin!
  • Me: Okay but call Lance ur son, even tho you ignore his culture, don't bother with any research about cuba—his actual culture—, whitewash him, and argue with actual cubans whenever we try to educate you. and yet you call lance your son???? hah okay then sure?????? lmao don't call lance ur son if u do that shit please