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This Can’t Be The End

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Summary: You and Dean are transported to the year 2014, only to find the world in ruins and nearly everyone you love dead. In your time, your feelings for Dean are unrequited, but in the future, things are much different. (5x04 rewrite/reader insert)

Pairing: Future!Dean x Y/N Singer

Word Count: 5,700

Warnings: ANGST (Seriously guys, proceed with CAUTION this is the angstiest thing I’ve ever done. It hurt me writing it, it nearly killed @deanssweetheart23 who is forever and always my lovely beta) SMUT (That’s right, I actually wrote smut and it’s probably terrible) LANGUAGE (Future!Dean swears a lot) Mention/suggestion/implication of suicide.

A/N: This is not only for angst weekend, but for @jayankles Bailey’s birthday challenge! Congrats on the blog-versary and the followers, hun! I’d also like to sincerely apologize to you for the severe levels of angst… please read something happier for your birthday. 

A/N/N: Again, first real time doing smut, I’m sorry it’s probably terrible. This is an episode rewrite, and a great deal of the dialogue is from the episode - full credit to the spn writers. And I’m not kidding, this shit is angsty. Hang on.

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fanfic: dinner’s served

…I may have been in a bit of a bad mood here. That is a real possibility.

It’s not related to SRF. Somewhat older Deerper, Hunter Bill, no shipping, blah blah blah. Fuck it. Dark, violence warning, also Bill is a psychopath. That part is canon. 

The second his hoof clinked against the metal spring Dipper knew he’d royally fucked up. A metallic clink was not a natural noise seamlessly blended into the ambient sounds of the woods at early evening. It was a noise he now associated with hunters, one in particular that made his skin crawl whenever he spoke and whose proximity sent his nerves into overdrive; a hunter whose grip he’d finally managed to wriggle out of. He was now literally running for his life; he knew the hunter would be hot on his trail the moment he realized the cage in the basement was empty.

It was also a sound associated with traps.

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dream of the lotus in bloom: chapter 12

Summary: Amon kidnapped Korra when she was three and fourteen years later she’s so fucking done with his shit
Word count: 10,115 god help me
A/N: going for broke with this monster chapter.  it’s both hopeful and extremely dark. tons of makorra. i split it into two parts and linked the second half as a private post at the bottom of this one. the next chapter is the last one wow amazing

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Korra looks at her fist, the skin on her knuckles split and bleeding, and throws another punch at the wall. The first punch cracked the plaster. The second one dented it. Every one after that leaves a dark red splatter. She keeps going long after her hand loses feeling, sheathed in numbness.

She shouldn’t have listened to the radio. She was hoping for the music hour, something wordless she could sink into after a full day of interrogation with Chief Bei Fong, but the music hour didn’t happen. Instead, Korra got the newscast: After the Avatar revealed herself at the probending championship game, as none other than the daughter of anti-bending Equalist Amon, benders and nonbenders alike took to the streets in riots that lasted until early yesterday morning.

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