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an official ranking of every alien emoji on emojipedia

victim to the blur tool but he’s working it. good self-esteem. kind eyes. 7/10

a simple round boy. love the artistic liberty taken with eye colour. what’s shocked him?? 6/10

a nice green colour. eyeliner on point. has had plastic surgery?? 6/10

cool gradient. nose is a bad touch. i can’t trust him. 5/10

bad. an imposter. isn’t even green. 3/10

nice and round. nice and green. a kind smile. but he’s plotting something. 6/10

not green either!! but he just wants to learn. look at those soulful eyes. 5/10

nice big eyes. again, nose is a bad touch. 5/10


get this kawaii anime bullshit away from me. 1/10

determined. love the confidence. 5/10

i hope they fired whoever drew this. -51/10


A few more requests!  Just sketches this time, these character are (In order top to bottom): Queen Cassandra, Empathy, Solareclipse, and Starfall.

Empathy belongs to Crazyanimal2002, Solareclipse and Starfall belong to Glitterrainwing, and I can’t actually remember who Queen Cassandra belongs to but YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE LET ME KNOW.  

Edit; The glorious queen belongs to Space-dragon1001.


skam lockscreens! made by: sickpsds

the fan art in those lockscreens were not made by me. all credits go to whoever drew them.
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to the anon trying to give me a bad impression of another person by just giving the blanket statement of OH X PERSON IS ABUSIVE DON’T REBLOG FROM THEM:

go soak your damn head.

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I feel like leaving islam i'm tired of being all alone

Im sorry to hear that you feel alone. If ever you would like to talk, im always here for you!
The shaytan has a way of lowering our iman and making us feel lonely Subhan'Allah. Please dont sacrafice your akhira for dunya. Especially if you know islam is the truth.

Most of the time when we feel down, upset, lonely or depressed, Allah has allowed us to feel that way so that we turn back to Him and rely on Him. Our problem as humans, is we rely on others to keep us happy, but when they leave us, our happiness leaves us also.
That is why true happiness is knowing Allah and seeking knowledge to attain closeness to Him. And Allah will never leave us!

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We should love for our brothers what we love for ourselves ♡

Please Take A Moment

Whoever you are reading this,
I know I’m just some random miss.
But, I do not know who or where to turn to,
So here I am - and I’m asking you,
To take a moment just for me
To pray and hope my doctor will see
What is wrong and hear my plea.

I admit I’m scared to death,
Unsure of taking my next breath.
I am afraid I will not get better
Which is why I’m writing this letter.
This comes from my very soul,
My fears and concerns I can’t control.

It’s been six months of waiting
To see this doctor, it’s frustrating.
Today is the day I get some answers
Knowing there’s no cure for all cancers.
I am aware that I’m just some girl
But, here I am giving this request a whirl.

Maybe the specialist won’t find anything,
Or maybe I’ll finally understand everything.
I am not asking you to holler for help,
I just ask for even a little yelp.


Title : Darling?

Characters : Jimin of BTS & You

Genre : Smut (Porn with a little bit of plot)

Rating : M

Summary : Something is odd, because Jimin has never been to your place without Yoongi.

Word Count : 4,174 words.

A/N : *Hides in a far corner because I can’t comprehend what I’ve written.*

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My Other Works : Bread Pudding (Jungkook of BTS), Submerged (Dream!Namjoon)Luna (Taehyung of BTS)Good Cop (Jungkook of BTS) , My Favourite Pair of Eyes (B.I of IKON) , Friend from College (Zico of Block B)

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Dear Clique,

We’re heading into a new era, I know. I also know about the freaky livestreams made by ‘TheBlurryEcho’ or better known as ‘1922dec16′. We’re all trying to figure out what the hell is going on. Who is BlurryEcho and what do they want? Now I stumbled upon something and I don’t know how many of you know this blog but, you may wanna see it…

Yes people, this is a thing. However, there are codes on this blog, specifically, morse code. Each one is either dark,creepy, or confusing. Sometimes all three. So, if I wanna get this story done short, I need help. I wanna decipher these codes so we can stop BlurryEcho. Whoever they are, they clearly mean bad news. So please, reblog this and send it to others and if you don’t want to, you don’t have to.



I’m really excited! I may have made too much stuff! haha!! crap!! ah well!!

Anyways, all prints will have a discount if you purchase 2 or more or if you purchase them as a series of a set! The discount for purchasing 2 or more also applied to the charms and lanyards.

The Evangelion and CCS merch bundles are something I’m really excited about!! However, due to an extremely limited quantity, the bags in both bundles will only be available for purchase when you buy the entire bundle. Sorry about that!!

Also, this will be the last year I’ll be selling my Madoka print set!! If you’re a fan of the series/the prints, grab em now! I won’t be reprinting these!

I’ll be tabling with the wonderful and amazing Sayonararolling this year! Our table name is “THE LOW CAL CALZONE ZONE” !! I’ll be cosplaying Tomoyo from CCS on Friday and Asahi from Haikyuu on Saturday!! I really hope to see you guys next week at table B100!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GET PUMPED!!!!!! YEEAA!!

— ♡ a masterlist of verse names !

out of boredom and enjoyment of coming up with verse names, i had decided to share with everyone a masterlist of verse names i’ve collected for my future ships and to help others. this masterlist is heavily based upon on lyrics from various artists ; while there are a few of my own which i created in there. this masterlist contains 110 150 192 verses (updated june 5th, 2016) names and may get updated periodically. feel free to use whoever many you want, but please like/reblog if you found this useful. 

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Under the cut are about 160 small/medium hq gifs of the babe ALFRED ENOCHThere should be absolutely no grey boxes/frozen gifs/repeats. None of these gifs are mine and belong to whoever made them. Please like/reblog if you found this useful. 

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