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Whatever you can do, please legally watch The Bold Type! Episode 4 is next week and we’re almost halfway through the series. Don’t sleep on it or they might just cancel this amazing show.

We’ve been ranting about wanting good poc and wlw representation. The Bold Type features it all including feminist men and supportive friends. A show like this doesn’t come often. So let’s help the ratings out by watching and sharing the show!


So it has come to my attention that some people are calling for a boycott of Wynonna Earp over the gooverly/wynonna kiss. You want to cancel the one show that has treated their lesbian couple better than any other show to date over a peck on the lips? If you think it’s ok to boycott everyrhing you don’t like, if you think it will be ok to go harass Andras and the actressess over this then unfollow me. I firmly believe that Dom and Mel would have voiced concerns over the scene and I am as convinced Andras would have listened. .

You need to understand that this was not a waverly/wynonna kiss. It was a gooverly/wynonna kiss. It makes sense. The demon wants to be in a position of power but it needs a host that is dark enough for it to have the right habitat. What does it say about Nicole that the demon didn’t transfer to her? It can’t cause Nicole is FUCKING GOOD. Wynonna is good but also flawed and grieving and the demon will feed on that.

And isn’t it ironic that Wynonna the demon slayer is now possessed?

I have seen the argument that now homophobes will latch onto this to call us perverts. Because they will lift it out of context. Newsflash: the first people to lift it out of context are the people getting their knickera bunched up over an incest that isn’t there. I am looking at one particular “famous” user on here with whom I can’t even have a discussion cause apparently they are blocking everyone disagreeing on this. And they don’t even watch the show.

If you are a fan of the show you should be able to read the subtext.

Also spare me with the “this is what happens when the straights write a queer character” bullshit. Do you need to be a serial killer to write murder stories? You think Stephen King dresses as a clown overnight and drags kids to their doom? What about if someone told you that you an LGBTQ person can’t write queer romance until you fell in love. Wouldn’t you call that bullshit?

So Andras went from hero to zero in one scene. Check yourselves. You are here complaining about content that she created in the first place so you could complain about it. Without people trying we wouldn’t have anything. And their sexual orientation doesn’t matter one bit.

And this is the reason why instead of growing our content dwindles. Because writers are afraid to try, because when you do try and get it wrong you get death threats. You only need one “famous” internet celeb to whip up a mob except that on the internet you can say whatever the fuck you want without repercussions. At least a lynch mob in real life can be lynched back.

You know, all you need to write good characters and good plots is empathy (and research). Something lacking on both sides of the fence. But at least Andras is trying and if I learned something from the way she handles things it won’t be easy but Wynonna and Waverly will have a resolution about it. Because as soon as Waverly figures what has happened you bet your ass she will try to save her sister.

Because they are Earps. No matter what a birth certificate may say.

So don’t you dare ruin this fandom, which is the best fandom I have been in ever, because even different ships support each other. You don’t want to watch fine move along. Leave us be.

Look how well the boycott turned out for the 100 uh? (a show in which the show director actually queer baited people) If you feel like it please reblog. I am looking for an actual discussion with whoever wants. Or drop me an ask


skam lockscreens! made by: sickpsds

the fan art in those lockscreens were not made by me. all credits go to whoever drew them.
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A few more requests!  Just sketches this time, these character are (In order top to bottom): Queen Cassandra, Empathy, Solareclipse, and Starfall.

Empathy belongs to Crazyanimal2002, Solareclipse and Starfall belong to Glitterrainwing, and I can’t actually remember who Queen Cassandra belongs to but YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE LET ME KNOW.  

Edit; The glorious queen belongs to Space-dragon1001.

an official ranking of every alien emoji on emojipedia

victim to the blur tool but he’s working it. good self-esteem. kind eyes. 7/10

a simple round boy. love the artistic liberty taken with eye colour. what’s shocked him?? 6/10

a nice green colour. eyeliner on point. has had plastic surgery?? 6/10

cool gradient. nose is a bad touch. i can’t trust him. 5/10

bad. an imposter. isn’t even green. 3/10

nice and round. nice and green. a kind smile. but he’s plotting something. 6/10

not green either!! but he just wants to learn. look at those soulful eyes. 5/10

nice big eyes. again, nose is a bad touch. 5/10


get this kawaii anime bullshit away from me. 1/10

determined. love the confidence. 5/10

i hope they fired whoever drew this. -51/10

to the anon trying to give me a bad impression of another person by just giving the blanket statement of OH X PERSON IS ABUSIVE DON’T REBLOG FROM THEM:

go soak your damn head.

Below the cut are 100x100 icons of Padmรฉ Amidala from Star Wars Forces of Destiny. Please like or reblog if using also credit would be appreciated. More will be coming soon.ย 

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Anyone listening ?

Whoever is reading this! I need help!

I’ve been struggling financially and my bills keep piling up! Im a disabled black queer femme and coming across work I can do is hard! I used to work as a receptionist at a dealership but the managers mistreated me and were extremely racist and sexist, I would constantly come home in tears. I had to quit. Right now my car payment is due and I don’t have enough to complete it. The stress is giving me anxiety attacks. If anyone is listening please help me out! My venmo is yocelanegra and my PayPal is

Stop stealing artists’ works

I saw this on Pinterest:

I really liked it, but as you can see, there’s not a link nor the name of the artist.

This is the original work, with the signature at the bottom.

I trust you can see the difference, whoever did that cut the imagine and posted it so we couldn’t see the signature of the artist.

This is a draw correctly shared:

There’s a link, the name of the artist and a button to go to the page of Tumblr.

However, you need the consent of the artists to share their works on other social networks.

Many blogs with wonderful artists have been closed because of this.

You cannot edit without the consent of the artist, you cannot take their signature away of the draw.

Don’t just put a random link:

I followed the link and it just made the image bigger:

Artists won’t get to see this:

You are discouraging the artist everythime you do something like this.

Stop it

Artists have the right to know.

They have spent hours working on their art just for people to post it without credits.


This is for hatedanorexicgirl and anyone else who needs it! :) I’ll try to post screenshots later to help. Let me know if you have any questions <3

1. Open safari, or whatever Internet app is on your phone.
2. Go to
3. Login to your account, but do not go to the tumblr app. Stay in safari, or whatever Internet app is on your phone.
4. In the top right corner, there should be three horizontal lines in a square shape. Click on this. A menu will pop up.
5. Click on settings
6. Click account. A new window may open, this is okay.
7. On the bottom left side of the screen, there will be a list of all of your blogs. Select the blog you want to disable anons on.
8. A screen should show the settings of the blog you selected. Scroll down to “ask” and turn off anons.
9. Your settings will save automatically. You can log out of tumblr and close safari, or whatever Internet app you are using, and go back to the tumblr app. You will no longer be able to receive anonymous asks.

I hope this helps whoever needs it! Please reblog this so it can help anyone who may be receiving Anon hate! Let me know if you guys have any questions, I’m happy to help! :) Stay strong, everyone!

Dear Knife Anon who kicked off the hate today:


I don’t know you. I don’t know who you are or anything about you, and I won’t pretend to. All that I know is that you felt the need to send something hateful. I don’t know you. I’ve never fucking done anything to you. I run a blog and if you don’t like it, or you don’t like me, there is this super fucking cool thing called not fucking looking at my blog. It costs $0.00 to not be a fucking prick to someone you don’t know.

Again, I don’t know you, but you don’t fucking know me either. You don’t know what I deal with on a daily basis. You don’t fucking know my past or anything about my life. And since it was online and anonymous, you don’t get to see the real impact of your words or deal with the repercussions. 

You know what you fucking have right now? You have an S/O who’s afraid to tell someone who you are so that you have to own up to your fucking actions in case you break up with them, and you have the fucking satisfaction of making someone relapse.

I know this is a fucked up, petty, and downright bitchy post to make, but I’m so unbelievably fucking pissed about this. I opened my ask back up for positivity. I did not do anything to warrant your fucking words. And I know that you blocked me because you got scared at the possibility of me blocking your IP address from your blog, so you won’t see this here. So you fucking know what? Whoever wants to, please fucking reblog this for knife anon to see.

Again, I know this is petty and bitchy, but you do not get to do shit like that and not suffer the fucking repercussions of it.